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  • 5 discrete business modules
    120 hours home study/module
    No prior knowledge required - access on demand to all
    Individual modules to meet personal needs
    In-house Computer Based Assessment
    (No written exams)
    Any time of the year
    100% objective questions
    Accredited Assessment Centres
    In-house for CIMA Training Partners
    Select tuition providers
    2 hour assessments
  • Without going into too much details at this stage, there are 3 levels to the CIMA qualification, with awards at each level.
    There are 15 papers in total with 10 at the professional level plus 3 years relevant practical experience to become a CIMA member.
    The flexible entry requirements mean that it is attractive to IT specialists / Engineers/Creative/ in addition to Accounting & Finance Students.
    TOPCIMA is the final Test of Professional Competence, the ultimate test of practical ability prior to the qualification.
    The CIMA syllabus has:
    Sole focus on training people in business (private and public)
    Is internationally recognised
    And gives employers what they want i.e. Chartered Management Accountants with the leading edge skills to drive businesses forward.
  • Cima certification dof

    1. 1. Objective : Dept. of Finance is introducing CIMA Certification Course for the Finance Employees in Government Departments & Entities across the Government of Dubai. The aim of this Course is to develop relevant skill of Employees in Government Sector according to business needs. Developing a global, consistent learning framework for Finance Employees in Govt. of Dubai
    2. 2. CIMA is the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants. CIMA is also proud to announce our recent joint venture with the American Institute of CPA’s, making us the largest professional network internationally with 550,000 minds. CIMA is nearly 100 years old and has received a royal charter due to the importance of the qualification, and that means that if you qualify with CIMA, you are known as a “Chartered Management Accountant” or “Chartered Global Management Accountant”. CIMA is recognised by THE WORLD BANK, as The World Authority on Management Accounting. CIMA is recognised by NARIC - the National Agency responsible for providing information, advice and expert opinion on vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from over 180 countries worldwide, as being the equivalent of having a “Masters” Degree in Management Accounting.
    3. 3. •A CIMA Member can : •Link business and finance •Understand and influence how the different parts of the business need to come together •Communicates with, and works in, departments across the business •Guide decision making, grounded in finance •Measure performance of all kinds not just financial •Make complex information user-friendly •Use internal and external information •Plan for opportunities and help solve problems •Keeps learning to keep up-to-date •“Trusted to do the ‘right’ thing”
    4. 4. Key benefits to the Government & Employees : Consistency – providing a common development platform to develop a consistent approach. Flexibility – CIMA provides a broad business and finance capability meaning that Department of Finance can move people around divisions. Career development – this programme provides an additional incentive and support mechanism for operational to management level. It also provides a further way to assess and develop leadership capability. Utilisation – the increased breadth of business, strategic, financial and performance knowledge that CIMA provides should flow through into increased and more efficient utilisation. Superior Client Support – CIMA has evidence of superior client support from firm’s who formally use CIMA training as part of their development programme.
    5. 5. There are 2 options that are proposed for the different levels of staff within the Dubai Government Option 1Staff who will qualify for this Option will be, who got the Certification in Public Finance from DOF & DSG nominated by DOF. Can enroll for this Option This course will start in Arabic Language and further pursed in English. - Fees Structuring : for Local staff • 20 % of Fees will be pay by staff (Any Local Candidate who Passes the Exam will get back his Payment) • 30 % of Fees will be paid by the Department. • 50% of the Fees will be paid by the DOF. For Non Local Level 1 course fee will be deducted monthly from the salary. - 4 Level Certification Programme • Level 1 will have normal Classes with Tutors from PWC Academy • Other 3 Levels will be through E Study ( in English or classes through additional charges
    6. 6. Option 2Staff irrespective of qualification background can enroll for this Option -Fees for this course will be deducted from salary of the employee monthly for non Local and for Local will be reimbursed after completion of the course. - 4 Level Certification Programme - All the Level will be through E Study ( or Classes through additional charges.
    7. 7. CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Fundamentals of:
    8. 8. The CIMA Professional Qualification January 27, 2014
    9. 9. The enterprise pillar Outcome: Economic, social and political context of international business Summary of subject areas covered - focus on management and strategy: Nov 2010
    10. 10. The performance pillar Outcome: Budgeting, project appraisal, forecasting, taking future financial projections and providing information for managers to evaluate expected performance and actual outcomes Summary of subject areas covered - focus on cost accounting systems and risk management: Nov 2010
    11. 11. The financial pillar Outcome: Understand a wide range of international standards and regulatory and ethical context of financial reporting and the principles of taxation Summary of subject areas covered – focus on financial accounting and analysis: Nov 2010
    12. 12. CIMA Diploma in Performance Management, in Arabic • • • • • • • • • Specialized knowledge, in high demand Relevant for finance and non finance professionals Now available in local language, Arabic Short term solution, on professional development (2 Papers only) Diploma in Performance Management is not in isolation, it is in sync with the Professional qualification, giving you the option, to continue towards the CIMA membership in an accelerated mode, by giving 7 exemptions Ideal opportunity to familiarize with terminology in your preferred language, prior to proceeding towards CIMA membership Increase / improve your career opportunities Available for tuitions with PwC Academy On successful completion of the 2 modules, candidates will be entitled for an international award of CIMA Diploma in Performance Management
    13. 13. Study support from CIMA • Recommended reading and resource list • Exam questions and technique tips • Post exam guides • Study guides • Q&A from past ‘email a tutor’ event • Financial Management magazine • Article archive • Velocity student e-magazine •
    14. 14. Option 1 Level 1: 4 Months (Mar – May) and (Sept – Nov) 2012 International Award & Title: CIMA Diploma in Performance Management Course Fee: GBP 290 + USD 3,000 = Approx AED 12,900 Level 2: Within 6 – 8 Months (Jan – Nov) 2013 International Award & Title: CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting Course Fee: GBP 79x2 + GBP 45x2 + GBP 70 + GB 97 = Approx AED 2,490 Level 3: Within 6 - 8 Months (Jan – Nov) 2014 International Award & Title: CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting Course Fee: GBP 79x2 + GBP 45x2 + GBP 97= Approx AED 2,070 Level 4: Within 12 Months (Jan – Nov) 2015 and (Jan-Mar) 2016 {excluding T4 Part A} International Award & Title: CIMA Associate & CIMA AICPA Joint Venture – ACMA & CGMA Course Fee: GBP 85x3 + GBP 107 + GBP 45x3 + GBP 97x2 = Approx AED3,876 (includes exam registrations, e-learning modules and annual subscription) Discounts can be offered by PwC Academy, based on no. of students registered and for CIMA e-learning modules)
    15. 15.  Option 2 Level 1: 5-7 Months (Mar – June & Sep – Nov) 2012 International Award & Title: CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Course Fee: GBP 47x5 + GBP 45x5 + GBP 70 = Approx AED 2,370 Level 2: Within 6-8 Months (Jan – Nov) 2013 International Award & Title: CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting Course Fee: GBP 79x3 + GBP 45x3 + GB 97 = Approx AED 2,814 Level 3: Within 6-8 Months (Jan – Nov) 2014 International Award & Title: CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting Course Fee: GBP 79x3 + GBP 45x3 + GB 97 = Approx AED 2,814 Level 4: Within 12 Months (Jan – Nov) 2015 and (Jan-Mar) 2016 {excluding T4 Part A} International Award & Title: CIMA Associate & CIMA AICPA Joint Venture – ACMA & CGMA Course Fee: GBP 85x3 + GBP 107 + GBP 45x3 + GBP 97x2 = Approx AED3,876 (includes exam registrations, e-learning modules and annual subscription) Discounts can be offered, on e-learning based on no. of modules purchased)
    16. 16. ENCOURAGE PROGRESSION – GRADUATION CEREMONY CIMA is keen to encourage a graduation programme every year to recognize efforts of candidates that have successfully completed the respective level of CIMA qualification and are geared with relevant skills to ensure superior work performance in the organization and accelerated career growth. At the ceremony candidates will be motivated with CIMA and Department of Finance Certification Awards by honorary members. Hence suggest Department of Finance to host a Graduation ceremony February of every year - Previous year exam successfully completed students will be awarded March of every year – Performance Appraisal of staff, based on learning & work performance
    17. 17. Thank You