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TEMPO Magazine January 2013 Issue

  2. 2. www.tempoplanet.com04 notes & cyberchatter05 uspace06 what’s hot 12 This past year has been chockfull of events and happenings, both locally, regionally and07 hello 2013! internationally. At Tempo we focused on reaching08 tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipod out as never before, presenting real stories about10 city bites real people; inspiring members of our community engaged in creative projects,setting up businesses,12 cover story – fast and furious and working on social initiatives that helped14 youth talk others. We also promoted conservation and15 game hedz / tech talk sustainability, and on the personal level the16 my blueprint importance of personal initiative, integrity, and international citizenry. We talked about us, a17 viewpoint huge colourful patchwork of nationalities living18 baby downtime in this generous country; and we celebrated the19 people calendar wonderful attributes that we all share as citizens21 doc in the house / remixing rumi of this amazing planet.22 planetarians For 2013 we leave you with prayers that I hope24 media translate well from Arabic: may you have a long25 Tamakkan life, filled with happiness, health and properity... with children who are principled and God27 discovering the tree of life fearing. May your parents live long to see their29 horoscope grandchildrens children, and may all obstacles30 just a thought melt away in your path. It sounds far more elegant in Arabic :) Happy new year UAE, kul amm wa antum bkhair.18 27 Sana Bagersh Managing Editor bagersh@tempoplanet.com MANAGING EDITOR EDITORIAL Sana Bagersh CONTRIBUTORS FEATURES WRITER Manisha R. Manikuttan Dr. Alma Kadragic Manar Al Hinai Ian Mason EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Azza El Masri Ajir Shujahi Saniya Ali Ahmed Samir MARKETING DIRECTOR Emma Kirkman Manjul Abhishek Blakniss30 DESIGN & LAYOUT Mark De Castro Shahid Saeed Dr. DMS Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers PHOTOGRAPHER Samarpan Chakraborty Angeli Castillo Justin Thomas DISTRIBUTION Amnah Qasim COORDINATOR Sanah Chauhan Melaku Muluneh DESIGN BY } download www.gettag.mobi to your smart phoneADDRESS run applicationTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet.com. If you need to find out where you can pick up your click on tag beside each article tocopy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. have fun with online content, videos & cool tags!NOTE TO ADVERTISERSAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626email: advertising@tempoplanet.com Scan the QR CODE using your smart phoneDISCLAIMER for Blackberry this is done throughTempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any BBMresponsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Readerpublication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher.MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 TO ADVERTISE IN TEMPO, CALL: 02 491 8624
  3. 3. TALKING BOOKS www.tempoplanet.com By Azza El Masri POST YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ON OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES MYSTERY AND INTRIGUE: WELCOME 2013: INCARNATE WITH THE SECRET OF SUCCESS! by Jodi Meadows By Manisha Manikuttan 2012 As the year 2013 begins, a critical question difficult to concentrate on what we need The world that we will all be thinking about is, how to do. Being able to concentrate on a task is is a never- Tweet@abudhabitempo can I have a more successful life? an important life skill. Another important ending cycle: Like us on Facebook RESULT OF LAST principle of successful life is to stay motivated. with every Let’s think about the fundamentals Success consists of going from failure to failure birth, there Farrukh Naeem @ MONTH’S VOTE: of successful… What do you need to be without the loss of enthusiasm. You have to take is a death; Farrukhnaeem successful, and what are the skills that we lessons from the experiences of wrong decisions and with - @ AbuDhabiTempo Thank you can learn to achieve success? But before and make new steps toward towards life. every death, we ponder all these questions let me tell a new life is for one of the most inspiring, Tempo is an amazing you a story: A young man stopped an Often false beliefs act as obstacles on the path breathed into provoking and refreshing a new soul. sessions for writers, artists and magazine which is elderly man at an intersection and asked him: “where does this road take me?’’ The of success. Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that But what if I told you that you caretakers in Abu Dhabi. crowded with stuff Tempo asked, elderly man asked him: ‘‘where do you want to go?’’ The man replied: “I don’t won’t work”. Be confident in the tasks you perform, and in your own efforts. Try to get are reincarnated over, and over again? You die, yet you live to for youth and more how do you go to work? know”. The elderly man said: “then take over depression, mood swings and bad moods. experience a fresh start, time UAE News @UAENews any road. What difference does it make?” If you want to increase your chances of being a and time again. - UAE is worlds 4th most of local happenings 30.0% MY OWN CAR successfulperson, then you must develop your attractive location for Similarly all of us can wander aimlessly self-confidence. Welcome to the world of Incarnate, also -Tariq Badarudeen through life unless we know where we are known as Range. There are dragons, infrastructure investment #UAE #Business 25.0% BUS going. Indeed, goals are necessary to move Fear is another obstacle of success as it prevents sylphs, mysterious temples, and a pulsing city (literally). Come set foot into this forward towards success. They help us to you from trying. Don’t get me wrong, the focus on our talent and create ideas. If we road to success will be full of pain, hard work, mystical world: it begs to be explored! The National @ FUN FACT: 25.0% TAXI don’t use the power of concentration, we disappointment, but believe me, the journey of Jodi Meadows creates a mystifying world TheNationalUAE DID YOU KNOW...? cannot achieve our target, whether it is studying or building a business. trying will be worth it. where a million souls that have been - #UAE makes it compulsory for By Suzy Page 15.0% CAR POOL Overcome your weaknesses and embrace the reincarnated since the dawn of time see women to be on every company the birth of a ‘newsoul’, and the death of The problem is that there are so many habits of successful people. Happy New Year one of their own. or government board, as Did you know that 5.0% OTHER distractions around us that it is often everyone– I wish you all great success in 2013! Cabinet rules. all these seven words We are introduced to this land through the eyes of the ‘newsoul’ Ana, an have one thing in MY QUESTIONS apprentice that seeks to understand, just Grace @Sandierpastures - @ Abudhabitempo knows a common! THIS MONTH’S By Samarpan Chakraborty like us. However, some fear Ana – even her own mother has kept her away from great shawarma shop in QUESTION: Are you the strange calm when I stare at the bright sun? society - thinking that she is a bad omen, Abu Dhabi. 1. Banana Are you the bliss of the wind when I run? a ‘nosoul’, that explains the dragon and 2. Dresser HOW DID YOU Are you the one who holds my being beyond imagination? sylph attacks. Bahareh Amidi @ 3. Grammar WELCOME THE The celestial one, the creator of all infinite creation As Ana breaks away from her mother’s BaharehAmidi NEW YEAR? He looked back to see a child, smile and run hold, and ventures into the city of Heart - What is a poem? Its when you 4. Potato Never wiping away that smile brighter than the sun with Sam, he is the only one who believes dont have to write all the way to 5. Revive 1. With friends Looking at his youth, he then saw a frown that her birth is a good sign, and is the only one to stand up for her. As their the side of the page :) 6. Uneven 2. With family The life in him had suddenly drowned relationship evolves and blooms, the 7. Assess 3. By yourself The old man now wondering where those years had gone by question of the mysterious disappearance of the soul still nags on Ana’s mind and 4. Being at work How his smile was became a faint memory she is determined to find an answer. I ask you this now DO YOU HAVE A BIZ SUCH AS A beautiful story that raises a thought- A COFFEE SHOP, CAFÉ, HOTEL backwards, it will be the same word! Where is the child in you who lived in glee? provoking question, Incarnate will surely ETC THAT CATERS TO THE the word, and then spell the word Why isn’t there a smile that pure living in you and me? satisfy your appetite for mystery and TEMPO CROWD (THE COOL 18-35, UPWARDLY MOBILE the first letter, place it at the end of Have we all become the victims of our own dream? intrigue….at least until the release of its DEMOGRAPHIC)? IF SO, YOU In all of the words listed, if you take TO VOTE Is it not better learning from a child than teaching them anything? sequel, Asunder (which will be out soon). MAY QUALIFY FOR A TEMPO Answer: GO TO Surrender to the mystery of this new STAND. CALL US ON 02 491 8624 To me my friends, they are those beings who are closer to life than you and me world, for it’s a world you would never TO FIND OUT MORE! tempoplanet.com Closer to that state of euphoria that we all wanted to be have encountered before. An enchanting So let go of them in an open field read, Jodi Meadow’s debut novel succeeds Only then to you shall the joy of life be once again revealed. to both fascinate and put you on the edge TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 of your seat.04 | www.tempoplanet.com www.tempoplanet.com | 05
  4. 4. HELLO 2013! WHAT ARE YOUR YOUR GUIDE TO THIS MONTHS’ HOTTEST EVENTS www.tempoplanet.com AS WE SAY GOODBYE TO A YEAR FULL OF MUCH HUMAN, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DRAMA, WE WELCOME A NEW YEAR WITH GREAT HOPE FOR A WISHES BETTER WORLD. TEMPO CHATTED WITH SOME OF OUR READERS TO GET THEIR THOUGHTS… FOR 2013? By Amnah Qasim “I would like the situation in Egypt to become more stable and to graduate from the university with good grades.” -HALAABU SAYEDDSF 2013 WORLD FUTURE ENERGY “To get above 3.6 in my studiesJanuary 3 – February 3 SUMMIT SAKINA ABDUALLAH MOHAMMED RASHID and to get a new car because it UNITED ARAB EMIRATES INDIADubai January 15 – 17 ECOSCAPE: AN ART AND would make my life easier.” ADNEC, Abu Dhabi SCIENCE EXPERIMENTDubai Shopping Festival 2013, an January 16 AL AIN MOTOR SHOW WHAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT WHAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT -AYMAN QASIMinternationally acclaimed festival The World Future Energy Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi (MOTEX) OF 2012? OF 2012?and a big annual tourism draw for Summit (WFES) 2013 will bring January 17 – 20 Getting my driver’s license. The highlight has to be my wedding which took “My biggest wish for 2013 is tothe emirate, will mark its 18th together global leaders in policy, Ecoscape is a new exhibit for Al Ain Convention Centre place on 01.01.2012.year with the upcoming event. technology and business to discuss children and audiences of all ages. WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR cut down my weight.”Between January 3 and February the state of the world, develop new It features a variety of hands-on The Al Ain Motor Show (MOTEX IN 2013? WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR -ALIA AWAD3, the 32-day extravaganza will ways of thinking and shape the craft and art-making workshops, 2013) will showcase the latest Personally – I wish to graduate with honors IN 2013?paint the city with a festive future of renewable energy. interactive demonstrations that models of cars including spare Globally – I hope that poor people get better Personally – To be able to spend more time “To live peacefully and to be amood through its broad range of inspire the imagination, as well as parts, car accessories and other life and live in peace. with family.family entertainment combining For more details see Tempo’s live performances that explore the related products. Definitely worth Globally - I hope all the problems all over the better Muslim.”shopping and entertainment. special Planetarians feature on fascinating ecological themes of a visit for car enthusiasts and WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEAR’S world are resolved without any more bloodshed. -AMAL HARB the event and visit Eco Future. weekend mechanics. RESOLUTION?For more details, visit www.worldfutureenergysummit.com To focus on my major so that I graduate with WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEAR’Swww.dubaishoppingfestival2013.com For more details, visit For more details, visit high grades. RESOLUTION? “To get married.” www.saadiyatculturaldistrict.ae www.motexuae.com Honestly I don’t make any New Year resolutions -KHADIJAH ABDUALLAH because every day is new - so I welcome each day with a smile and live each day as it comes. “To have a nice and comfortable life with my husband and to start a family soon.” -AMAL HIJAZI “Peace in the Arab region primarily. Success academicallyABU DHABI HSBC GOLF and trying to help others.”CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 -ZAINAB AL BASHARIJanuary 17 – 20Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Sas Al Nakhil STANDARD CHARTERED DUBAI MARATHON PIERRE HOUSSIN SOFFIA DIOP “Going to an empty island andThe giants of golf return to the January 25 FRENCH SENEGAL simply live another year!”capital at the Abu Dhabi Golf The Pavilion Downtown, Dubai -LINA JADALLAHClub. Join the off course action WHAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT WHAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHTat the championship village, The Standard Chartered Dubai THE BRIDE SHOW 2013 OF 2012? OF 2012?which features a fantastic Marathon and Dubai Half January 30 Gangnam style!!! Changing jobs. “Start up of my own business”range of attractions including Marathon have always been a ADNEC Halls (7,8,9) -RANEENprizes, games, competitions, popular event on Dubai’s sportslive performances and family- WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR calendar. Organised in the city The annual Bridal Abu Dhabi hosts a glamorous catwalk of dressesfriendly fun. And if you want since the year 2000, it is open to IN 2013? IN 2013? “Wish to walk on the red carpet from some of the biggest names in bridal and evening wear. Withto try your hand, there’s also anyone with a yen for running Personally - Still be with my one and only. Personally - to travel more dedicated wedding dress sections from elegant modern designs to the and to get as many signaturesthe HSBC interactive zone in January’s beautiful cooler more extravagant traditional styles, Bride Abu Dhabi is a wedding dress Globally - Make people understand that Globally – that there is less gossip and moreputting area. temperatures. emporium that caters for everything a bride needs as she prepares for her saving the environment is an everyday action with regards to global/environmental as possible I can from all big day. thought. issues. the celebrities”For more details, visit For more details, visit -MURADwww.abudhabigolfchampionship.com www.dubaimarathon.org For more details, visit www.thebrideshow.com/abudhabi/ WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEAR’S WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? RESOLUTION? My resolution is no resolution!! To do more volunteer work.06 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 www.tempoplanet.com | 07
  5. 5. MUSIC View the #1 song in the UAE TEMPO’S MUSIC CHART LETS YOU DISCOVER THE LATEST TOP 10 SONGS IN THE EMIRATE, WHILE KEEPING EYE ON YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS.LITTLE THINGS 1ONE DIRECTION FARHEEN FEROZ is a 19 year old student whoI KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLETAYLOR SWIFT 2 finds her peace in music and loves dancing in her head. 1. Beneath your beautiful– Labrinth feat.TROUBLEMAKER 3 Emeli SandeOLLY MURS FEATURING FLO RIDA 2. Little things –One Direction 3. Chasing cars –Snow PatrolLOCKED OUT OF HEAVENBRUNO MARS 4 4. Superhuman- Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson 5. Wipe your eyes –Maroon 5 6. Save the world- Swedish House MafiaDRINKING FROM THE BOTTLE 7. Here without you –Three Doors DownCALVIN HARRIS FEAT. TINIE TEMPAH 5 8. Changed the way you kiss me -Example 9. So far away - Staind 10. Your guardian angel –Red JumpsuitDNA 6 ApparatusLITTLE MIXSCREAM & SHOUT FEAT. BRITNEY SPEARSWILL.I.AM 7DIAMONDS 8RIHANNABEAUTY & A BEAT 9JUSTIN BIEBER FEAT. NICKI MINAJSHINE YA LIGHT 10RITA ORA1. The Power of Love – Gabrielle Aplin 1. Impossible – James Arthur2. Locked Out Of Heaven- Bruno Mars 2. Scream & Shout feat. Britney Spears – Will.i.am3. Troublemaker- Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida 3. Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars4. Beneath Your Beautiful – Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande 4. The Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin5. Diamonds – Rihanna 5. Troublemaker- Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida6. Little Things – One Direction 6. Diamonds – Rihanna7. Die Young – Kesha 7. Beneath Your Beautiful – Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande8. Try – Pink 8. Stay Featuring Mikky Ekko – Rihanna9. Gangnam Style – PSY 9. Little Things – One Direction10. Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj 10. Kiss You – One Direction08 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  6. 6. PRESENTS GO FISH: FISHY FARE ABOUT TOWN By Saniya Ali Tempo went fishing to review some of the most well-known seafood bistros in town. And here’s the catch. WHERE: RED LOBSTER WHERE: FINZ SEAFOOD RESTAURANT WHAT: Ultimate Feast WHAT: Pink Peppercorn Crusted Sako Tuna Steak BUILD: Tender split Maine lobster tail, steamed snow crab legs, garlic BUILD: Pink Peppercorn, Tuna steak, lime coconut sauce, shrimp scampi, Walt’s favorite shrimp. parsnip mousseline COMMENT: Located in busy Dubai Mall, this seafood restaurant COMMENT: Romantic yet pretty pricey; with beachy ambience receives a lot of attention and for very good reason too. and a breathtaking view. Located inside Beach Rotana, we asked to be seated outdoors on the beachfront balcony. The waitresses were To start with, as soon as you’re seated you get served a basket of their very helpful in recommending and helping us decide on our meal for trademark cheddar bay biscuits, which taste so good you’ll forget your the evening and soon I had set my heart set on the pink peppercorn mom’s food! When it came time to place my order I was torn between Tuna steak. My steak arrived on a sleek white platter artistically the Ultimate feast and the Garlic Grilled Jumbo shrimp. I eventually embellished with rich sauces. I took a bite and the tuna disintegrated settled for the Ultimate feast because of the variety in the dish. When deliciously in my mouth. The pink peppercorn was sweet yet came my food arrived, it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed. I thoroughly with a spicy kick. The tuna’s texture was smooth and the food was enjoyed my meal and was pretty full by the end of the night. way beyond excellent. RECOMMENDATION: Amazing variety in seafood. Would love to RECOMMENDATION: Definitely worth the money. go back for more! (Full wallet please). RATING: RATING: WHERE: FISH WORLD WHERE: LONDON FISH AND CHIPS WHAT: Captain Abou Hammour WHAT: Mayfair BUILD: Breaded fried local hammour filet with a choice of chips or BUILD: Fresh battered Tiger shrimps. rice, salad COMMENT: This chain of seafood restaurants doesn’t have the Comment: This somewhat underrated restaurant is located in biggest variety but it has enough to satisfy any serious seafood Khalidiya mall, perhaps because of their branding and the names lover’s craving! I visited the Al Wahda Mall outlet and ordered they give their dishes. Fish World not only serves fish, but also squid, the Mayfair, which consists of 12 pieces of Tiger shrimp. My meal shrimps and mussels. With a separate menu for the kids, the entire arrived in a matter of minutes, and as I sat down to eat the smell family can enjoy a decent range of underwater treats. I chose the of the fresh shrimp smacked my nose and my mouth watered in Captain Abou Hammour and my order was served to me in a mere 20 great anticipation. The crisp exterior worked well with the soft juicy minutes. The crispy hammour filet was fresh and the lemon juice I shrimp inside. Cooked to perfection and generous portions. squeezed over it only enhanced the salty, well-cooked fish. The meal RECOMMENDATION: The best tiger shrimps in town! Can’t was filling and my appetite was satiated. wait to go back. RECOMMENDATION: Really good food for an amazing price. RATING: RATING:10 | www.tempoplanet.com
  7. 7. for the Spain rally! And in the Portugal rally, we placed first and second. That was by far our greatest achievement. We owe it all to the brilliant team we had that year, everyone from the racers, their co- drivers and even the mechanics who worked together so efficiently. Then in 2011, we upgraded to a Subaru, a turbo charged four-wheel drive, which is faster and more powerful than the Fiesta. That wasn’t easy for us as we were used to the smaller Fiesta, but we managed somehow. We will be continuing with the Subaru in 2013 – as practice makes perfect!” FAST AND FURIOUS: BADER AL JABRI: “I am 28 years old and currently work with Abu Dhabi Tourism MAJED: “Finland and Spain are my favourite so far. Finland is like the grand prix of rallying. sport. A small stone on the road can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and UAE RALLY DRIVERS BADER AL JABRI AND MAJED AL SHAMSI Authority. I’m also studying at Al Hosn University and will graduate with a degree Bader is the tarmac specialist, I prefer gravel.” go off- track. I dislocated my arm thrice in BADER: “...which is why I prefer Wales.” the same place at the Dubai rally but still By Sanah Chauhan in Industrial Engineering in January 2013. I continued the race. started racing for fun, but it has now become my BADER: “We’re open to all sports, we don’t passion. I live with my parents and five sisters. mind anything” Some people, once they crash quit rallying My family has been extremely supportive from due to shock or fear. Others are determined Rally racing is a motor sport which takes place in all terrains including snow, gravel, asphalt, (and yes, desert the beginning. My mother (who can’t help but be to continue. Fortunately, I’m one of those MAJED: (Laughing) “Yes, anything with a sand), and under all weather conditions. The cars used are specially modified or produced and each racer concerned about her only son) makes me smile steering wheel!” who choose to continue.” takes along a co-driver to help him or her navigate. Drivers win purely through speed, so the sport requires every time she asks me to “Take care and drive slowly” before every race!” Tempo aside: Be sure to check out the MAJED: “I too injured my back in a rally not just excellent driving skills, but smart decision-making and top-notch navigation skills as well. Though in 2011 and till today it hasn’t completely Playstation game WRC 2, where both young rallying is a well-established motorsport worldwide, it is relatively new to the UAE. MAJED AL SHAMSI: “I’m 32 years old. I racers are featured and gamers get a chance to healed. When you’re passionate about reside in Dubai with my wife and two daughters. drive for Team Abu Dhabi. something like rallying, injuries are bound I have a degree in Naval Science and served in the to occur but they should only make you Bader Al Jabri and Majed Al Shamsi are two Emirati emerging rally stars, who drive together for the same navy for 10 years before I started rally racing. stronger and more determined.” BADER: I started playing video games only team. Introduced to the world of rally racing in 2004, they started racing in 2008 and have been representing My family too is very supportive, especially my after this game was launched. Seeing our names Abu Dhabi in various rallies all over the world ever since. Tempo caught up and chatted with the two racers two girls who love that their father is a racer”. on- screen made us so proud!” MAJED: “Support from the government Bader: “My sisters and Majed’s family came to is huge. They have been very generous in ahead of their big race, The Qatar International Rally which takes place from 24-26 January. support us during one of our rallies in Australia. terms of participation in events. But there is BADER: “Rallying is an extremely risky That was the first time they saw us in action”. a limit to how much they can support us. In most rallies, drivers are way ahead of us in MAJED: “That really meant a lot to both of us. terms of participation and experience. We hope that they will be able to see us in more events and to cheer us on in the future”. Lack of practice affects our progress. We need more sponsors so that we get all the BADER: “We started in 2008 with the support we need and are able to practice and Middle Eastern Rally with a Ford Fiesta and reach World Rally standards and represent then went on to the World Rally in 2009 where our country. That is our dream! ” we competed in the Fiesta Sporting Trophy International. There I finished third and Majed BADER: “We are both extremely grateful came sixth in the standings.” to the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Abu Dhabi Racing for their support. For MAJED: “I would say 2010 was our most aspiring racers we offer this advice: find a successful year. We made it to the top five sponsor or forget about it!”12 | www.tempoplanet.com www.tempoplanet.com | 13
  8. 8. game hedz tech talk Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies TEENAGE PHILOSOPHER: LG OPTIMUS L7 LG Optimus L7 is a handsome entry- level android 4.0 smartphone, and the NEW YEAR, NEW GAMES largest smartphone in LG range. It has 1GHz Cortex A5 CPU, 512 MB Ram, LETTER TO MYSELF FIVE TOP GAMES FOR 2013! 4.3” WVGA IPS display and only 8.7mm thick. Optimus L7 is running on Android By Ahmed Samir 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich along with LG’s new UI 3.0. It has up to 4 GB InternalIf you’re reading this then the Zombie/Mayan apocalypse has not wiped us all out memory and a Micro SD Slot for up to 32GB memory card and also includes a Dear future me,and we can continue to game away in 2013! Either that or you’re one of the luckyfew survivors - so might as well get your game on. Here are the top five games to 5 mega pixel camera, FM Radio, Wi-Fi As another year wraps up and anotherlook out for this year: (b,g,n)+Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, begins, I realise that I have gotten a Assisted GPS, Accelerometer and a 1700 bit older. I don’t know you yet, but IFEBRUARY 5 & 8: DEAD SPACE 3- is released in the US and Europe mAh battery. It is available for sale at imagine you will be a lot like currentrespectively. This is going to be pretty awesome with customisable weapons, Carrefour UAE, priced at Dh 999 (withdrop in/drop out two person co-op and the conclusion to Isaac Clarkes horrific Dh 100 voucher). me, although I cannot render anNecromorph slicing journey. More action oriented than the first two installments, accurate image of you if it were toyou get cool new combats moves, new enemies and hopefully, some answers to all SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS [DUAL SIM] save my life - or grant me the richesthe deadness in space. (Horror Survival, XBox, PS3) This is yet another midrange smartphone with remarkable hardware. of the world (though I use that phrase The Galaxy S Duos a sleek and stylish phone has 1 GHz Cortex A5 with abject hesitation, because richesMARCH 12: GOD OF WAR- Ascension. Kratos is still an angry demi-god Processor, Adreno 200 GPU, a 4” 16-M colour TFT LCD capacitiveand continues to mete out some serious butt whooping. Seeking freedom and touchscreen, 768 MB of RAM, 4GB Internal Memory and Micro SD Slot don’t interest me). You see, I can’trevenge for all the things that were ultimately his own fault...he will kill a lot of... know what you will be like, but Ithings, so you know it will rock. (Hack and Slash, PS3) for up to 32GB memory card. The device is running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz certainly have hopes for you (me, thatMARCH 19: GEARS OF WAR- Judgment. The welcome prequel to the 4.0 UI and has a 5 mega pixel is). My expectation may be inherentlyGears of War trilogy features Damon Bairds journey, along with Augustus camera with LED flash and a faulty, and given the complexity ofCole Train, shortly after monstrous creatures emerge from below the ground; front facing VGA camera. It also includes FM Radio with life, happenstance, coincidence andEmergence Day we call it. It comes with a campaign and multiplayer, and lots asshooting and killing. Oh yeah ! (TPS, XBox) RDS, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, occurrence, whatever approximation GPS with A-GPS connectivity, of your character and likeness IMARCH 26: BIOSHOCK INFINITE- Making it a trilogy, a new dystopian digital compass, accelerometer, can construct may be inaccurate oradventure sees Booker trying to find, save and return (to whom we don’t know) proximity sensor and 1500 erroneous to the point of completethe mysterious Elizabeth who is kept captive by a giant terrifying bird (a finch mAh battery that supports up toperhaps). It all happens in the floating city of Columbia and promises to have that 470 hours stand by and 8 hours falsehood.disturbing combination of good wholesome values and maniacal insanity that talk time. This is a very goodmake the Bioshock series so awesome. (FPS, Xbox, PS3) midrange device for geeks who want to keep one phone but two numbers. But that won’t discourage me. I’m writing (and it never fails to so it very likely has), disappoint you. Even if it doesn’t take the Available at Carrefour UAE, priced Dh 1099. you (me) because, as subtly insidious as it I’ll remind you – course you imagined or hoped would beMAY 7: THE LAST OF US- I have this PS3 exclusive as one of 2013’s most might be, I have hopes for you. I wish things taken (which is likely).anticipated games, and think it has potential for Game of the Year if it lives up to upon you, because eventually these will be There are feelings, far from momentary, thatthe trailers and game play demos seen thus far. Grizzled Joel must take young Ellie NEWS & GOSSIP upon me. If I don’t join the ranks of those are completely distinct and immediately I hope that you are continually andacross a USA destroyed by a plague that turns people into zombie-like creatures mercilessly proved wrong by life, because who die young, I’ll become you. recognizable, like sadness and happiness and(again with the zombies!) But the most dangerous enemies are other human that will better your understanding of HACKTIVISTS GHOST SHELL DUMP 1.6M LOG-IN fear. The quintessential quality of happiness issurvivors. The story, game play and the characters look top class. (Survival, PS3) things. Those who spend their lives clinging DETAILS ON WEB Are you taller? And if baldness really is that overpowering lightness it brings the mind, According to BBC, log-in details from 1.6 million accounts have been genetic, I hope the gene skipped a generation and that of fear is its shocking immediacy. That to the knowledge they acquired in theirWe are well aware that there are a bunch of other worthy games, including TombRaider (March, Xbox/PS3), Beyond: Two Souls (Q2, PS3), Metal Gear Rising... posted on the web by hacktivist group Ghost Shell. The group gathered like it did with your cousins. If not, fret little, of sadness is that slumping of the mind, and youth also cling to gross naivety and arewe could go on, but that’s what February is for. the data during a series of attacks on Nasa, the FBI, the European you can always shave yourself completely confusion, like those aforementioned and it crudely simpleminded. Always realize that Space Agency and many other government agencies and contractors. bald. (The shiny-head look is de rigueur). feels like screaming disorientation. I couldn’t you might be at fault.Happy New Year and Happy Gaming! Included in the dump were log-in names, passwords, email addresses I wonder if you’ll ever gain weight, too, hope more than that has ended for you. and CVs, plus the contents of online databases. The group said it had I hope you grow to become deftly discerning but that’s a small concern, because you’ve and logical, insusceptible to fallacies of sent messages to security bosses about 150 insecure servers that it had MY FAV APP } JOLYWIN RODIL targeted in the attacks. always had the metabolism of a Russian I hope you continue trying to figure out logic and mental misconduct, and that you weightlifter, and you’ve always eaten like everything in life, and fail you may still continue to value your mind as your greatest it was your last day of life and you’ve never unequivocally every time you try. I don’t say this asset. Speaking of your mind, I hope you DOORS & ROOMS POLICE WARNED ABOUT APPLE MAPS Inaccuracies in Apple Maps application, which is poorly designed, grown heavier than your spindly thinness. Everyone’s quick to tell you to “eat!” and out of masochism, but to feed that inquisitive nature that I’d hate for you lose. Though you continue to feed it relentlessly. could be life-threatening to motorists in Australia, according to a BBC Have you ever found yourself struck some place report. Officers in Mildura, Victoria says they found many drivers ask “do they ever feed you at home?” and might not find the answers you seek (often About being wrong, maybe upon reading trying to figure out how to escape? Doors & Rooms stranded after following software’s directions. Some of the drivers you’re always quick to reply that you do, and because there weren’t any), the road of your this you’ll realize that this set of hopes is is a puzzle game with some scary elements. The were without food or water they do. It runs in the family, that excellent failed attempts is rewarding, and hopefully plagued by the same youthful ignorance game is largely about escape, though why youre metabolism, but of course you always knew flings you towards areas interesting and that I warned you about earlier. It may be for 24 hours. Apple’s software locked away is never made clear. Some levels feature things like bombs, which can kill you and end the was also heavily criticized by that. thoroughly worth the visit. I hope you continue just another attempt at intellectualism and game. The games focus is squarely on the puzzles, users when it was released in to see the beauty of life, despite the all too amateur philosophy that pretended it was but its largely a fun game that will make you stop September, TIM Cook Apple’s I hope you’re less confused than current me. obvious disparity of the ugliness that blemishes something great but was ultimately nothing and think. While some puzzles seem a bit unfair CEO admitted Apple had You will have had plenty of time to efface its face. more than puerile intimation. (hint: keep notes about the keys on Level 1), others are quite logical -- “screwed up” and was working out all the inconsistencies, and to arrive at and the games learning curve is very gentle. Available for free download to improve the software. Follow me on @shahidaasi a coherent sense of self. Do you remember Out of some sense of self-love that I don’t In which case, disregard everything I just on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire. your confusion? If time has done its job think is wholly outrageous, I hope life doesn’t said, and just be yourself.14 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 www.tempoplanet.com | 15