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TEMPO is a vibrant and youthful magazine; in layout, content and spirit. Brimming with community, music, fashion, art, food, lifestyle and innovation.
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TEMPO Magazine February 2013 Issue

  2. 2. www.tempoplanet.com04 notes & cyberchatter05 uspace06 what’s hot 12 Occasionally in life you come across those rare08 tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipod individuals who are not satisfied with following the tried and tested, but plunge themselves into risk09 social meets and the totally new.10 my style blueprint11 music obsession Tempo this month celebrates three people who12 cover story –paper magic caught our eye, for their individuality, their vision and their courage. Henry Bennett is a restless14 city bites soul; a performing artist and teacher who explores15 innovation competition: musahamiti new dimensions in music and art. Farah Al Fardh16 youth talk is an Emirati who stumbled upon paper quilling,17 people calendar an esoteric European art form and has applied a creative energy into promoting it region-wide.19 doc in the house / remixing rumi Palestinian Mohammed Sawan is a talented rocker20 heart, art and soul who wanted to start a band but, unable to attract22 game hedz / tech talk the right people, decided to go it along anyway: the23 trending result is Obselion, a one man band with the sound of a full metal ensemble.24 moving forward26 the planetarians Speaking of game-changers, I had the great27 media fortune to meet a lot of inspiring entrepreneurs28 what’s in your bag recently at the Booth-Booz conference on women’s entrepreneurship. Read about it in this issue.29 horoscope30 miss khulood We salute those pioneers among us; and recognize their energy, passion and resiliency.15 20 Embrace your creative soul Abu Dhabi. Sana Bagersh Managing Editor bagersh@tempoplanet.com MANAGING EDITOR EDITORIAL Sana Bagersh CONTRIBUTORS FEATURES EDITOR Ahmed Samir Dr. Alma Kadragic Ali Suliman EDITORIAL Azza El Masri COORDINATOR Ajir Shujahi Blakniss MARKETING Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers DIRECTOR Dr. DMS Manjul Abhishek24 DESIGN & LAYOUT Mark De Castro Nabeela Huda Saif Nasir PHOTOGRAPHER Samarpan Chakraborty Angeli Castillo Sanah Chauhan DISTRIBUTION Shahid Saeed COORDINATOR Melaku Muluneh Sharon Carvalho DESIGN BY } download www.gettag.mobi to your smart phoneADDRESS run applicationTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet.com. If you need to find out where you can pick up your click on tag beside each article tocopy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. have fun with online content, videos & cool tags!NOTE TO ADVERTISERSAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626email: advertising@tempoplanet.com Scan the QR CODE using your smart phoneDISCLAIMER for Blackberry this is done throughTempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any BBMresponsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Readerpublication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher.MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 TO ADVERTISE IN TEMPO, CALL: 02 491 8624
  3. 3. POST YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ON OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES Tweet@abudhabitempo Like us on Facebook RESULT OF LAST The cover story (Tempo’s January MONTH’S VOTE: issue) on the UAE Rally Drivers was very inspiring for a race lover like me. – Jim Sebastian Theresa F Weber @ ‫‏‬ TheresaFWeber Love your work guys! Keep up the @AbuDhabiTempo Tempo asked how did you good job. – Mohammed Rashid Can’t wait to read welcome the New Year? January issue and @ Dean Hoke @deanhoke almakads article on the 68.0% WITH FAMILY Very nice piece on Kate Grasell by @AbuDhabiTempo about Abu beauty of Arab films Dhabi Infant Massage Course she is #abudhabi . Your mag is 32.0% WITH FRIENDS conducting. a great resource! Azza E @aetheawesome 0.0% BY MYSELF @AbuDhabiTempos Jan issue is here! I reviewed@jodimeadows INCARNATE: "a beautiful story that FUN FACT 0.0% By Tony James AT WORK raises a thought-provoking question" #review No word in the THIS MONTH’S Author Jodi Meadows’ response: “ Jodi Meadows @jodimeadows English language QUESTION: - @aetheawesome Thank you! :) rhymes with month, If you could construct the @AbuDhabiTempo " orange, silver, and perfect Valentines date, Constance Van Horne purple. what would be her/his @cmvanhorne overriding quality? Great @Tamakkan this evening looking forward to next month Guess ten words 1. Funny already! without rearranging 2. Intelligent any of its letters 3. Attractive DO YOU HAVE A BIZ SUCH AS from the word A COFFEE SHOP, CAFÉ, HOTEL ETC THAT CATERS TO THE “THEREIN” TEMPO CROWD (THE COOL 18-35, UPWARDLY MOBILE therein, herein. DEMOGRAPHIC)? IF SO, YOU the, there, he, in, rein, her, here, ere, TO VOTE MAY QUALIFY FOR A TEMPO GO TO STAND. CALL US ON 02 491 8624 Answers: TO FIND OUT MORE! tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 862404 | www.tempoplanet.com
  4. 4. TALKING BOOKSwww.tempoplanet.com By Azza El Masri TIME TRAVEL - KING ON KENNEDY2013: 11.22.63YOUR HANDBOOK FOR LIVING A BETTER LIFE by Stephen KingBy Ali Suliman Hodder, 2012HEALTH mistakes. That will ruin your present. Many attribute• Drink plenty of water • Life is too short to waste time hating Stephen King to• Eat Breakfast like a king anyone. Dont hate others. being the father of• Lunch like a prince • Realise that no one is in charge of your modern American• Dinner like a beggar happiness except you. horror literature, • You dont have to win every argument. and inspiring an entire genre inLIVE WITH 3 Es: Agree to disagree (or being mistaken). books and movies.Energy, Enthusiasm & Empathy His book “11.22.63”• Make time to pray, meditate — feed SOCIETY is refreshingly your soul. • Call your family often. different. This• Worry less, play more. • Each day give something good to others. is not another horror novel, but his first• Read more books than you did in • Forgive everyone for everything. It will foray into mainstream sci-fi: a book about 2012. make you a better person. time-travel.• Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes • Spend time with people over the age of each day. 70 & under the age of six —it will give you If you know your history, you’d know what• Get enough sleep — you’ll need it. perspective. 11.22.63 stands for. It is a date that has• Take a 10-30 minute walk daily and • Try to make at least three people smile each changed the course of American history; on while you walk, smile. day. November twenty-two 1963 US President • Accept that what other people think of you John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas,PERSONALITY is none of your business. Texas.• Don’t over-do things. Mind your limits. LIFE King was just a teenager when it happened,• Your energy is too precious — don’t • Do the right thing! but the memory of that time is indelibly waste it on gossip and envy; you • Know that however good or bad a situation etched in his mind, and his writing already have what you need. is, it will change. brilliantly describes his memories with• Dream more while you are awake. • Present yourself well. poignant detail. You can smell the sweat, feel• Forget issues of the past. Dont • Make your inner most self happy, and you the depression, the prevalent racism, and the working-classmen’s hardships – as well as remind your loved ones of their will be happy. King’s eloquent pathos. The book 11.22.63 starts in 2011, with JakeONE UNIVERSE: Epping, an English teacher from LisbonTHE FLOWER AND THE HUMAN Falls, Maine, who has just come out fromBy Samarpan Chakraborty a bitter divorce and who is chosen for a dangerous mission: catch Lee Harvey OswaldA flower, an expression of a fulfilled tree and prevent the Kennedy assassination. AndThe completeness of its life, a flower don’t mess up.Its beauty is like the untapped competence of a human bodyIts blossoming is the celebration of human inclusiveness Jake leaves behind the information era and his identity to go back to the times of soaringIts colour, its vibrancy, its life American industrialism, the Cold War, ElvisHe looked at a flower and realized he is a flower and the marriage ideal of the 1950s. This isYet not blossomed, yet not complete where he meets Sadie, a high school librarian with a troubled past. But this is no romanceI saw a tree and I saw me novel, I assure you; Jake is on a quest andMy life in harmony with the tree although his feelings for Sadie often makeI closed my eyes and I saw him reconsider his purpose, he never wavers.The tree and me as one entity I devoured this book greedily, and (ISince birth we were destined for this harmony confess) I abandoned chores and scholarlyShe gave me life with every exhalation commitments. There are very rare booksAs I gave her mine that hook you from the first sentence, butFor centuries half of you and me were living in a tree Stephen King is an expert in that. If youBeing, breathing and blossoming within the tree like big books (and I do mean big), and you like a good story then please embrace theAnd yet we go about exploiting what Mother Nature gave us genius of Stephen King and get his latestWithout a price, never considering it a loan, just for us novel 11.22.63 now because King proves, yetLet us stop for a while and expand our senses, we see again, to be one of the best storytellers of ourThe tree as a part of you and also a part of me. generation! www.tempoplanet.com | 05
  5. 5. www.tempoplanet.com YOUR GUIDE TO THIS MONTHS’ HOTTEST EVENTS H.H. SHAIKH SULTAN BIN ZAYED AL NAHYAN CAMEL’S FESTIVAL February 1 – February 15 GOURMET ABU DHABI Sweihan Area, Al-Ain February 5 – 20 TRI YAS Venues: Across Abu Dhabis finest February 8ABU DHABI ART HUB H.H. Shaikh. Sultan Bin Zayed dining restaurants Venue: Yas Marina CircuitJanuary 12 – February 7 Al Nahyan Festival for the Yas IslandVenue: Abu Dhabi Art Hub traditional camel races, beauty Gourmet Abu Dhabi – the annualAbu Dhabi contests and sloogi race in culinary festival which runs Tri Yas 2013 is the region’s only Sweihan city, have dedicated across 20 of Abu Dhabi’s leading first day and night triathlon –A first-of-its-kind live and special shows for Asayel restaurants from February 5-20 swim legs will be in daylight in thework art community for local (pedigree) and Majahim (dark- features a masterful collection of Yas Marina, bike and run legs willand international artists today skinned) camels, and the well- the world’s leading masterchefs take place under full flood lightsofficially opened its doors, known and rare camel beauty . On the sideline of the event is on the Formula 1 track and on Yasunveiling a robust events calendar contest. The festival also has the 2013 Gourmet Stars Awards Marina Circuit roads respectively.and unique programs integrating a traditional souq and a camel – an annual highlight of the UAE This follows the same race formatart perspectives with the auction with various contests for capital’s annual culinary festival. as the Formula 1 Etihad Airwayscommunity. traditional handicrafts. Thirty-nine finalists have been Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Transition selected for the 10 hotly contested will be in the Formula 1 pits toDetails: Details: public accolades. provide a unique experience.www.adah.ae www.abudhabi.ae Details: Details: www.gourmetabudhabi.ae www.yasmarinacircuit.comYAS RACING SERIESFebruary 14Venue: Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFSBring your own car out to a Yas Track Day and feel like a champion and February 24 – March 2push your vehicle’s limits on our highly advanced Formula 1 circuit. Venue: National Theatre, Abu DhabiManeuver the configurations of this sensational track and get familiarwith its turns and corners. You will be based out of Support Pit’s air- Under the patronage of H.H Sheikha Reem Bint Ahmed Bint Hamdan Alconditioned garages with qualified Yas Racing School instructors to give Nahyan, the legendary live performance of Snow White and The Sevendriving tips and light coaching. You can follow one of YMC pace cars Dwarfs will be showcased at the National Theater in Abu Dhabi. Thisfor a few laps to get to know the circuit and the best routes through the spectacular play uses the highest technical equipment that offers opticalcorners. The half-day and full-day sessions allow you to test your skills illusions, which have amazed audiences around the world. It expands theand the performance of your car in a safe and controlled environment. imagination of children by showing a different and exciting perspective of this legendary children’s tale.Details:www.yasmarinacircuit.com For more details, visit www.skyevent.ae06 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  6. 6. MUSIC View the #1 song in the UAE TEMPO’S MUSIC CHART LETS YOU DISCOVER THE LATEST TOP 10 SONGS IN THE EMIRATE, WHILE KEEPING EYE ON YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS.SUIT & TIE (FEAT JAY Z) 1JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE HALA SALEH is a 20 year old student who can’tLITTLE THINGS 2 start her day without listening to music.ONE DIRECTION 1. Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz) – Macklemore and Ryan LewisI KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE 3 2. Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Taylor SwiftTAYLOR SWIFT 3. If I Didn’t Know Better – The Civil Wars 4. Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz) – Kanye WestDRINKING FROM THE BOTTLE(FEAT. TINIE TEMPAH) – CALVIN HARRIS 4 5. Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash 6. The One That Got Away – Katy Perry 7. Fortune Teller – Maroon 5DON’T STOP THE PARTY(FEAT. TJR) – PITBULL 5 8. Glad You Came – The Wanted 9. Good Girl – Carrie Underwood 10. Kezzabeh – Joe AshkarMY LIFE 6(FEAT. EMINEM & ADAM LEVINE) – 50 CENTHO HEY 7THE LUMINEERSIMPOSSIBLE 8JAMES ARTHURDIAMONDS 9RIHANNALOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN 10BRUNO MARS1. Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z) – Justin Timberlake 1. Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z) – Justin Timberlake2. I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift 2. I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift3. Ho Hey – The Lumineers 3. Drinking from the Bottle (feat. Tinie Tempah) – Calvin Harris4. Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars 4. Impossible – James Arthur5. Don’t You Worry Child (feat. John Martin) – Swedish House Mafia 5. Don’t Stop the Party (feat. TJR) – Pitbull6. Don’t Stop the Party (feat. TJR) – Pitbull 6. Kiss You – One Direction7. Beauty and a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Justin Bieber 7. Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars8. Home – Phillip Phillips 8. Clown – Emeli Sande9. Daylight – Maroon 5 9. My Life (feat. Eminem & Adam Levine) – 50 Cent10. Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welsh) – Calvin Harris 10. Skyfall - Adele08 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  7. 7. In Abu Dhabi there’s a tight little group that is passionate about onething: language! Meet ‘AD Speaks:’ a multinational community thatpromotes the idea of all languages, communication and friendships. THE MANTRA THE IDEA: HAROL People from all over the world WE ALL WANT TO (Columbia, Syria, Canada, Arrived from Columbia without the knowledge, SPEAK. WE ALL WANT Russia, France, India, and so or understanding of the TO SHARE. WE ARE ALL on) come together to learn the English language. He language you’d like to have, joined the AD speaks WILLING TO LISTEN. and have a good time while a while ago he can now speak the language with doing so. unquestionable ease – he THE LOCATION AND TIME: Roul’s Cafe at Central Market. They meet every Tuesday can keep up with any 7-9 for the entire group. Sunday 10-12 for women only. conversation. KHALED From Egypt. Learning French and English. He says AD Speak is a fabulous experience, and said it is one of the best experiences he had in Abu Dhabi. He teaches Arabic to others. HANAA From Syria says she’s had great help the group in learning English. She also hopes to learn THE ORGANIZERS: Patricia, Carol and Rosa Spanish and French. JANINE From Canada. Trying to learn the Arabic language said a challenge is to find and understand your own learning style. Her Arabic mentor commended her great ability in handling the language. Connecting: www.facebook.com/ADspeaks www.tempoplanet.com | 09
  8. 8. PHOTOGRAPHS BY: ANGELI CASTILLOSAM J. MACHIN29 } MUSICIAN FASHION STATEMENT: I heard Jess C Scott say “A fit, healthy body is the best fashion statement,” but that sounds like a lot of effort to me! So I just try to look at all the bands I grew up listening to, and then pick and choose the bits of style that I like. DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE IN LESS THAN 10 WORDS: Indie Rock, London, not Boy George. FAV BUY OF THE PAST MONTH: Probably my denim shirt from H&M. I was looking for ages for one the right colour and fit, and now and again H&M comes up with the goods. WHICH IS YOUR FAV STORE TO SHOP IN? I’d say Bershka, Pull & Bear, H&M, and Springfield is where I can usually find something to spend my money on! DOES THE UAE HAVE STYLE? Well, I suppose there is a tendency for quite a show-off kind of culture with all the money knocking about here, but now and again you do see some pretty ballsy outfits! DO YOU HAVE ANY FASHION PET HATES? I never quite see the point in people having those Chinese or Japanese symbols as tattoos, especially when they don’t speak or understand it! A lot of people in the UK have them these days, like for instance their children’s names or something, and naturally 99% of the people who see it will also not know what it means….so what’s the point?!10 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  9. 9. MUSIC OBSESSION: MUSIC THE MAGIC OF OBSELIONBy Nabeela HudaIt began back in 2006 when a young why not go for it? And I was very happy with the impacted me a lot. He himself is a musicianMohammad Sawan found himself at final product. and a music producer and he knows a lot abouthis friend’s house listening to his friend music. I was ecstatic to learn that he loved my EPplaying the electric guitar. He was “ How I came up with the name ‘OBSELION’ is especially the song “The Cure”. But early on I wasenthralled. Soon afterwards, a 23-year- interesting. I spent a week trying to think of inspired and entranced by my friend’s guitarold artist with an undying love for music cool, catchy, and unique band names. I woke up strokes. I loved the energy. The first music myemerged. one day and headed to the washroom to freshen friend taught me was the intro to ‘In the End’ by up after a rough night and all that was screaming Linkin Park. From that point on I loved musicMohammad Sawan was born and raised in in my head was “OBSELION”. It didn’t make more than I ever thought I would. Since then myAbu Dhabi. After he graduated high school he much sense to me but it sounded incredible! life has completely changed.applied for a job at Virgin Megastores to save I googled the word and there was absolutelyup for college and music. Now he performs nothing about it, no definitions at all. So while “The Calm Fire contains six tracks andgigs around town, as the one-man band called brainstorming endlessly with my high school is 23 minutes long. Two of the tracks areObselion. teacher, Mr. Wayne Brown, he exclaimed, “You instrumentals, a mix of dub step and post know what, the right definition for Obselion is rock. And the other four tracks are just pure“ I had been trying to look for and reach new "Uncontrollably Devoted to Passion." And that face-melting metal-core. A line from my songpeople to jam with and to start a new group. stuck ! Dear Dreamer says” ‘I will never give up on myI couldn’t find anyone, so unfortunately, dreams. And I swear from what I feel, somedayor fortunately, I had to do the entire thing “ A high point for me was my participation in it will be real’. I say believe and achieve youron my own. Imagine a 5-piece band but one the talent-hunt, Yas Rock Factory that was held dreams”.guy composing each instrument and writing by Flash Entertainment. I won a spot and goteverything! Beat by beat. Note by note. Word the chance to play on the Flash Forum stageby word. What resulted was my Extended play alongside several other great UAE bands from The Calm Fire is available online at(EP) “The Calm Fire”. I was lucky that a good all genres on the same night 30 Seconds To Mars www.obselion.bandcamp.com tofriend of mine, Abbas Al Mossawi, agreed to took performed. download it for free.help me and provide vocals since I’m not good at http://obselion.bandcamp.com/singing high notes like him. I thought to myself “ Thinking back, I believe that my English track/the-calm-fireif there’s a chance to make this EP sound better teacher from my last year of high school www.tempoplanet.com | 11
  10. 10. PAPER MAGICUAE QUILLER, FARAH AL FARDHBy Sanah ChauhanAlthough new to the Arab world, “That was when I twisted my ankle and was invitations from other channels. Farah wasthe art of paper quilling dates back advised bed rest for a month. I had to find a invited to channels like Rotana Khalijeya, Al way to pass my time. I came across a book called Arabiya, Noor Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Al Aincenturies. What started off as a Paper Twirling on Amazon, which included TV, Dubai TV, Sharjah TV and Decisionhobby for Italian and French nuns everything from the instructions to the Makers TV.during the Renaissance is now an materials required for the craft.”increasingly popular art form being In January 2009 Farah launched the first everpracticed all over the world. This She showed her artwork to her relatives, friends Arabic/English website on the art of papergentle art form involves rolling up and colleagues, and they all encouraged her quilling. “I called the website “Farooha,” my to develop her skills. Soon she started to sell nickname, and soon I was getting lots of trafficstrips of paper into shapes and designs her artwork through an online forum for UAE and inquiries.” In fact the website became sothat are used to decorate wedding women. “The first of my artwork to be sold were popular that it went on to win the Tamaiazinvitations, birth announcements, in the shape of colourful sheep! And during the Award from Mawarid Finance in May 2009 ingreeting cards, scrapbook pages, and month of Ramadan, I sold 350 sheep! That was a the presence of Sheikh Majed Bin Mohamed Alboxes and even art displays. great beginning for me.” Maktoum.At the vanguard of the paper quilling movement FROM SHEEP TO STARDOM In 2009, Farah joined The Quilling Guild inin the UAE is Farooha Humaid Al Fardh, Her success with the sheep art resulted in many the UK and was the first appointed regionalthe only Emirati paper quilling artist to be queries regarding in an online forum, and soon representative from the UAE. She then joinedrecognized both locally and internationally. Farah began posting DIY Paper Quilling articles the North American Quilling Guild, the JapanTempo caught up with her to learn more about online to explain how to make basic shapes and Quilling Guild in 2010 and the Dutch Quillingthis unique art. designs. These articles spread word of mouth Guild in 2011. about the artform throughout the Arab worldAN ARTISTIC DISCOVERY and was especially noticed by one of the forum SPREADING THE WORDFarooha, 33, always had a passion for arts and members, who happened to be an employee at Farah’s endeavours to spread the art of quillingcrafts throughout her school life. She graduated Sama Dubai TV. in the Arab world have been successful. After herin 2002 from Zayed University’s College of television appearance on Sama Dubai TV, FarahCommunication and Media Sciences but was The Sama TV reporter invited Farah to present was invited by Dubai Women’s Associationintroduced to paper quilling in 2004 quite her artwork on a TV show called “Marasi” to conduct quilling workshops. She also hadby accident… and soon after that Farah received a deluge of a kiosk in Modhesh Fun City for two months12 | www.tempoplanet.com
  11. 11. called “Al Fardh Crafts” where she sold many In 2010, she conducted a workshop at Zayedcraft books and tools related to paper quilling. University, which was part of the “Refresh” Festival and in the same year also participatedIn a bid to promote quilling in schools Farah in the RAK Economic Department creativityconducted workshops in Ras Al Khaimah for art and talent exhibition. Farah was especiallyteachers from different emirates to promote the thrilled when she was asked to participate in theart in their own classes. “In all the encounters UAE’s 40th UAE National Day, and where shewhere I demonstrated the art, people were seeing organized a quilling demonstration.quilling for the first time. It was amazing to seehow people reacted to my work.” She says her next step is to start teaching classes formally. “ There are a lot of art enthusiastsIn July 2009 Farah participated at the First Doll who are looking for new creative options toExhibition at Dubai Festival City where she was explore.” She adds: “I know that all it takes is tothe only Arab among 15 artists from around get people started as quilling is very addictive.the world. Through this exhibition Farah It’s like that commercial for Pringles: Once Youstarted creating 3D figures or miniatures and Pop, You Cant Stop. I want everyone to try it andintroduced the first Emirati 3D figures. experience the joy that it brings.” www.tempoplanet.com | 13
  12. 12. PRESENTS LOTSA DOSA By Nabeela Huda ARE YOU IN SEARCH OF A DISTINCTIVE INDIAN CUISINE? THEN YOU SHOULD TRY THE ‘DOSA,’ THE FERMENTED RICE BEAUTY THAT IS THE STAPLE FOOD OF THE SOUTH INDIANS, AND THAT IS SIMPLE YET DELECTABLY VERSATILE. HERE’S A QUICK GUIDE: WHERE: SANGEETHA WHERE: ARAB UDUPI WHERE: ARYAAS WHERE: FOODLANDS WHAT: Masala Dosa RESTAURANT RESTAURANT WHAT: Rava Dosa BUILD: Perfectly round Indian WHAT: Masala Dosa WHAT: Aryaas Special Dosa BUILD: Buttery thicker and crepes with two dips: coconut BUILD: Paper-thin Masala BUILD: Vibrant conical crispier, with aachar (pickles). mint and coconut chili. Dosa with a choice of dips and beauties in every colour ‘aloodaal’ (lentil and potato COMMENT: Foodlands on COMMENT: Searching for mixture) COMMENT: Located in Airport Road in Abu Dhabi and a rich, authentic experience I Karama, Dubai, Aryaas offers Salahuddin Road in Dubai, is went to check out Sangeetha on COMMENT: One of the oldest an extensive menu of dosas, a pleasing family restaurant very busy Electra Street. What I Indian restaurants in the UAE, uttapams (Indian pancakes), and that offers a variety of Indian found was the most unaffected Arab Udupi still leads the South idlis (rice cakes) using authentic cuisines (as well as some that are Indian experience ever! The Indian pack. My order of masala ingredients of rice flour, lentils Persian and Chinese). In search double floored small space and dosa when it reached my table or semolina. This popular of the mighty dosa, I couldn’t the servers dressed in culturally was a sight to see! Spanning an restaurant is a treat to the mouth wait to try out their version. resonant apparel reminded me entire arm’s length (kid you and to the wallet. Their gorgeous What I was served were rava of the Indian ferry sailors of not), it was an impressive sight. dosa came in multiple colours dosas that were very buttery, hot, the 90’s. Within 10 minutes my I loved it, not only because of (green, yellow and orange!) along soft and waiting for your teeth order arrived. It was served in its value-for-money to size-of- with a wonderfully pungent to sink into them. Thicker than a large circular hot aluminium dinner-plate ratio (literally), ‘sambar’ chutney of coriander, most regular dosas, these were plate. If I could have Masala Dosa but in terms of taste as well! I coconut and tomato. The dosas also somehow crispier but just for the rest of my life, it would enjoyed the flakes that tore off were a delight to eat, with juices perfect with the accompanying need to be exactly like this! It was the bread, the dips that were of dripping everywhere. seasoned squishy potatoes. incomparable fermented rice, consistent thickness, and texture RECOMMENDATION: RECOMMENDATION: If and it came with a mushy filling of the dosa. Make sure to lick the last bit you’re going to binge, the taste of mashed potato and coconut RECOMMENDATION: of sauce from your fingertips makes the ghee factor worth it. mint dip to die for. A little more expensive then because the chutneys are far too RECOMMENDATION: Sangeetha, but one taste of it and precious to waste! RATING: Great food at a bargain price you will regret not having tried - you can eat enough to feed a it earlier! RATING: nation! RATING: RATING:14 | www.tempoplanet.com
  13. 13. INNOVATION COMPETITION:MUSAHAMATI FOR YOUTHBy Ajir ShujahiMusahamati is a competition launched HOW DOES IT WORK? motivational for members of the community.by the Abu Dhabi Awards aimed at Well, first you need to apply. Participants choose Research is very important: you will need topromoting innovation among youth a category and then define a specific issue that provide sufficient qualitative and quantitativein Abu Dhabi. Khaled Al Falasi, they aim to resolve and results they intend to analysis and research to support the idea. achieve. The categories are: EnvironmentalSenior Strategic Communication Preservation & Awareness; Culture & Heritage; Another question to ask yourself is: is my ideaOfficer at Executive Affairs presented Technology & Innovation; Healthy Lifestyle scale-able? That is, is it flexible and adaptable?Musahamati at Tamakkan, and Tempo and Social Responsibility. Submissions are Can it be reproduced elsewhere? Cost-efficiency,caught up with him to find out more only made via an entry form available on www. too, should be considered: submissions thatabout this exciting initiative... musahamati.ae. demonstrate low cost and high benefits are preferred.KHALED, TELL US ABOUT Then, if you’re selected, you must attendMUSAHAMATI. the Shortlisted Workshop: the shortlistedMusahamati, meaning ‘My Contribution’ in submissions are invited to a workshop, where WATCH THE EXCITING VIDEOArabic, encourages the youth in Abu Dhabi to they will be offered advice from experts. CAMPAIGN DESIGNED BY BRANDMOXIEidentify an issue within the community and The third step is final proposal submissionprovide a creative solution that will make a from shortlisted participants:participantspositive change. Recognizing that youth are an have threeweeks tosubmit final proposals.integral part of our community and the Emirate Then, you will have to provide the finalof Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Awards launched presentations:shortlisted participants presentthe initiative ‘Musahamati’ as a competition is proposals to the judging committee. Finally, theopen to citizens and residents, between 16-23 winner will be announced! Initial support will beyears old. provided to bring the idea to life.WHAT ARE ITS OBJECTIVES? WHAT CRITERIA DOES THEThe initiative has been designed to encourage a APPLICANT HAVE TO FULFILL?sense of social responsibility amongst the youth Good question! All submissions will be judgedin the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We aim to promote against the following criteria: how achievable Be sure to send in your submissions beforecreative thinking and community solutions by they are – practical, meets community needs. the deadline which is February 23.showcasing participants and winners as local How sustainable – efficiently maintained overinnovators and role models. Also, we hope to a sustained period; offers the potential for Follow @musahamati andinstill the Abu Dhabi Awards values of giving, a lasting effect; not a one-off initiative. Is it #musahamatiselflessness, commitment and inspiration. original, inspirational? Ideas must be unique and www.tempoplanet.com | 15
  14. 14. TECHNOLOGICALLY ENLIGHTENMENT: AFFECTED DEATHS STANDING YOUR GROUND By Ahmed Samir By Saif Nasir Not much goes untold these days. So much of our lives People will always try to enforce thoughts and opinions on is broadcast to everyone we know electronically: who we you, thinking they know all there is to know about you, know and become “friends” with, who we’ve met, where we and all that can be done in response to a life’s situation went, and what happened. We’re witnessing the death— facing you. or at least, farthest possible truncation — of enquiry and privacy; the former dying because we rarely have to ask Maybe it’s their dumb human propensity to proclaim themselves to know something (we can find nearly anything about infallible, but it is your responsibility to stand your ground firmly, someone on their profiles), the latter seeing its demise and not let others’ opinions shake your confidence. Those around in the phenomenon of the internet-sharing of you will try to change you, but it’s your (our) collective job to fight back if we truly truly believe in the actions we take. nearly everything! This idea of influence branches out and reaches far, and to many Why do we feel the compulsion to share everything online? Is it areas. In the end, they all intertwine and lead back to the same point: arrogance, and we think everyone inhabiting our social-pages wants don’t let the outside world change your opinion of who you are, how –or, worse still– deserves to know? Or is it a latent god-complex you act, what you do, what you believe in, the decisions you make, and we’re aching to delineate every facet of our existence to our and so on. “followers”? The name “follower” connotes a certain subservience, doesn’t it? Are we really looking to share our mind’s contents by tweeting, or are we all secretly looking to build our deserved fan- base? Unabashed self-advertisers, the lot of us! And it’s impacting conversation, too! The real world kind of conversation (distinction for in-person, face-to-face conversation). Instead of actively participating in it – listening, assimilating what I’m told, replying accordingly – when, say, I’m told a story about something that happened earlier, I’m reduced to replying with, “I know, you already tweeted about it” – or – “Yeah, you posted pictures of it on Facebook,” or some other equally abominable variation of the same. There — the practice of revealing, in-conversation storytelling is dead, too! The modern human finds himself in a state of uber-connectedness never before experienced by any of his hierarchal kin. Seconds after you think of that witty remark and tweeting it, someone half the world away would be chuckling at it, and your visit to that new It is your life to live. The choices you make might be faulty, but restaurant, they know about that too, along with your relationship they are your choices that you made of your free will, and that is status, and, much to something every person has, and that is ultimately how you will the indignation of the learn; that is how you will become better as a person. You live thoughtful few who and learn, as they say. So recognize that to be human is to make remember them, your mistakes. birthday as well. It’s a violent deluge of Countless times in my writing, painting, life, people would not give personal information me advice, but would rather try to forcibly make me do what is in unfolding itself for their minds as they are convinced that this is the best thing to do. whoever wishes to be Very often I forget that it is within my capability to refute and deny informed (calling all them what they want. stalkers!), and you have to wonder if it’s They will push. Just push back harder. Keep in mind that I am not good for so much to advocating disobedience; we all need to listen to our elders, and we be bandied around have to listen to the words and guidance of others. Consider them. like cheap candy. If you feel like the option presented is a better one, then follow through and act on it. Think things through, always. Don’t let others For the time being, though, this information explosion is staying, cause you to be confused or in the dark, because that’ll be nothing and it’s clear, too: unless I decide to be a hermit and revoke every more than a catalyst to have you make regrettable decisions. As concession to technology, I won’t have my privacy back. Well, there’s Victor Hugo said, “The soul in darkness sins, but the real sinner is an idea… he who caused the darkness.”16 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  15. 15. my january to do list my january eco pledge 1 2 Wild Wadi’s Swim Columbian sensation @ Burj Al Arab Shakira’s BirthdayFEB 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Alessandro Lauria Al Ain Fun Fair UAE Wooden Omega Dubai Desert Gourmet Abu Dhabi Powerboat 5th Emirates Classic @ ADNEC Abu Dhabi Art Hub Yas Track Day Classic @ Abu Dhabi @ Yas Marina Circuit Championship Car Festival Convention Centre @ Abu Dhabi @ Emirates Gulf Club 5-20 @ Break Water, @ Emaar Boulevard Al Ain Abu Dhabi 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Les Contradictions N.B. MEFMA Annual Lovable Rachel from de la Vie Dubai Jazz Festival Call for Artists Conference @ The Address, friend’s, Jennifer Camel Festival @ The Mojo Gallery Valentines Day @ Dubai Festival City @ Arsh Art Gallery Aniston’s Birthday @ Sweihan Ar ea Jan 14- Feb 28 14-22 Dubai Marina 1-15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Arjun Suria Micheal Jackson Dubai Duty Free Barry Hilton in Stand- History Show II ME Tech Barbados beauty Meydan Race Nights Tennis Championship Up Chameleon featuring Kenny @ Madinat Jumeirah Rihanna’s Birthday @ Nad Al Sheba @ The Aviation Club @ Souk Child actress Wizz @ Souk MadinatJumeirah and love, Dakota MadinatJumeirah Fanning’s birthday 24 25 26 27 28 Nada Snow White and the Dubai Polo Figure it out Short Work & Sweet Yas Drifts Night Seven Dwarves Club Series @ Dubai Festival shops @ Du Dubai @ Yas Marina @ Abu Dhabi @ Dubai Polo & Centre bai Circuit National Theatres Equesterian Club Jan 14 –Feb 27
  16. 16. doc in the house remixing rumi Dr. DMS | A doc from the Bronx Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers A POET’S TWIST ON THE ANCIENT CLASSICS OF RUMI. PAUL D’ TAKES A CLASSIC POEM AND"YOU LOOK FINE, REMIXES IT TO GIVE IT A CONTEMPORARY SPIN.WHATS YOUR PROBLEM?" The Breeze At DawnAND “DOES THIS HURT?” by Rumi The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Dont go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Dont go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doors where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Dont go back to sleep. The Pillow that Became You by Dorian "Paul D" Rogers You consist of downy feather. Became a fifth of your original size and just a fraction of your weight. Youve lost all the melanin that hued you, Now youre neutral and lily white.Do you think that everyone manifests pain the same way? How can you More plump.tell if a person is in pain when they’re not screaming or actually telling Less personal.you? These are in fact, legitimate questions that every doctor faces and More silent treatments.that many researchers try to answer. It is a genuine medical conundrum Less arguments.and causes a lot of stress to everyone involved, including doctors. You make me want to go back to sleep.You would think it was straightforward, but the more one looks into This is my gradual way of letting you go.it, the murkier the facts become. Does gender make a difference? As a The white flag over tea and cookies.child, I always assumed that girls were “sissies,” because they would cry There were too many gunshots before.with a little rough play. Did they cry because they were hurt? Or because Artillery shells carpeted the bedroom floor.they were annoyed? Fast forward a few years and women are now often There are no true winners in war.praised for their high pain “threshold”. I often hear “It’s not as bad as It was the fighting that killed us.childbirth,” (or other such similar references to child birth) with giving I hold you tightly nightly, daily if my schedule allows.birth presented as the most painful human experience. Lovers wonder why I dont cuddle with them, or share intense stares.How about cultural expressions of pain? I have seen some cultures They swoon if I dont spoon,screaming “whoop, whoop”, while slapping the top of their heads during flip over on their backs and roll their eyes like dice.minor procedures, while others remain calm and collected. We often Maybe Id be more sensual in bed if you were hidden.credit more flamboyant cultures with low thresholds, and histrionic Too big for the dresser drawer.behavior, but I wonder if it’s not so much about the level of pain, but I could tuck you under cover and blanketrather the expression of it. and make love over the sheets like the heartless do. Youve made me a celibate wreck.Then, there are the traumas: the awake gunshot victims, amputees, burnvictims etc, who at times surprise us with their calm presentation. Are Im officially single but unofficially still yours.they in pain? Hell yeah! Folks describe them as “being in shock”. But why Your remain my singular regret.are they so calm? Occasionally staff assumes they are comfortable and Maybe its better this way.thus give them nothing. Ages have past and now your scent has aged on my bed sheets. Smells of crushed rose and trampled intentions.So how do we tackle this problem? Usually using an incredibly stupid I mention you as small talk on road trips and airplane ridesquestion: “on a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst pain you can when travelers ask why I brought you along.imagine for example being stung by killer bees and set on fire at the sametime, what do you rate your pain as?” Amazing advancement in science! I want to go back to sleep. Let me wean with this baby bottle.You can even safely try it at home. Believe it or not, that’s what hospitals Let me fast with cloth and cushion like the children do.are starting to do everywhere. Obviously it’s flawed, right? Sure, but that Stay inanimate for me just a little while longeris all we’ve got. Medicine is an art. I hope that it will never be reduced so I can heal in absentiato the pathetic checklists that are being served to us in plentiful supply of the woman that is probably way over me.these days. If you could do this at home, then I’d be out of a job... www.tempoplanet.com | 19
  17. 17. HEART, ART AND SOUL: MUSIC HENRY BENNETT By Ajir ShujahiHenry Bennett, a 27-year-old INTRODUCE HENRY TO US.performer and teacher in AbuDhabi, fits the profile of the I am a singer, pianist and cellist and enjoyimpassioned artist who is bursting all kinds of experiments with sound and thewith a need to express himself immersive arts. I hate television but loveartistically, and to find recognition French cinema. I play football once a week and like climbing mountains in remote partsfor his unique and refreshing of the world. I love meeting new people. I amperformances. Born in Liverpool easily overwhelmed with emotions and proneto English/ Iris parentage, Henry to bursting into tears over the most basicwent to cathedral school in Oxford expressions of humanity.and studied music at universityin London. Tempo caught up IS IT TRUE THAT YOU LEFT HOMEwith him to learn about his latest AT THE AGE OF EIGHT TO PURSUE MUSIC?artistic forays... Yes, I left home at eight to pursue a singing scholarship - my parents let me make the decision myself! The first major hurdle was of a baby giggling, or conversely as disturbing overcoming my homesickness. I cried myself as a childs screams in the night time. I deeply to sleep every night for two weeks and had to admire truly independent thinkers for being be separated from the other children because themselves. A personal hero of mine is the I was keeping them awake at night. After my composer Oliver Messiaen who had a rare tears had dried, nothing seemed quite the same neurological condition called synaesthesia ever again. Leaving home was one of the hardest which caused crossover between his senses. things that ever happened to me but I havent He literally saw colours in music and devised looked back since! I like to constantly challenge a system of composition which adhered to his myself - all the career related obstacles that have unique spectral understanding. come my way have been of my own making. I believe that the biggest test is always getting to His music conjures up a bizarre new world of know yourself. uniform abstraction; its an alien landscape with laws unto itself. He was a devoted man WHO OR WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF who was fascinated and enthralled with nature, YOUR INSPIRATION? spending many hours notating bird-song in his garden. He was famous for his incredible Im greatly inspired by the imagination and improvisations on the church organ and was the inventive scope of children. Theres nothing first to incorporate electronic sounds into the more heartwarming than hearing the sound symphony.20 | www.tempoplanet.com
  18. 18. HOW HAS YOUR EXPERIENCE AS WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELFTEACHER BEEN? IN FIVE YEARS?Wonderful so far. Its been rewarding from a In five years Ill be 32 which seem pretty old,personal and emotional perspective and also so I should probably have written my firstin relation to my development as a musician. second and third symphonies by then! I willI find the teacher-student relationship to be continue to explore new parts of the worldsymbiotic. You both learn a great deal from but hope to settle on a concrete aestheticthe experience. I always see a little of myself which will define my work. I am constantlyin my students and have greatly enjoyed developing ideas about new ways to makehaving the opportunity to meet people like music and have yet to find an identity whichme from all over the world. It was fascinating caters to all of my creative needs. Perhapsto live and work with non-english speaking I will become the first king of all trades!university students in Central China. Much Im now contemplating taking masters infaster than I imagined it possible, we found opera. Who knows what the future holds?ways to communicate in a way that transcended Whatever it is it will be fun I am sure.language. Music truly is a universal dialect.TELL US ABOUT YOUR RECENTPROJECT IN MANARAT AL WHAT DO YOUSAADIYAT. SAY TO ASPIRINGOn January 16th I debuted my project Recycled MUSICIANS ANDRhythms at Manarat al Saadiyat. It is aninteractive musical experience which I installed READERS?as part of Eco-scape in association with theMinistry of Cultures Eco-future exhibition.I collected donations of hundreds of empty I would like to make anbottles, cans, coat hangers, old pots and pans,cutlery, bottle tops, bits of piping, old tools and appeal to young musiciansmuch more which were used by kids to buildtheir own musical instruments. We recorded and Tempo readers tothe sounds and overlaid them to create an become more active in theimprovised soundscape- it was really cool! Imnow looking forward to taking the project on community. There are sotour and into schools. many ways to revitalize your life by being more creative. Turn off your television. Turn off your computer. Go to an art gallery. Start a band. Take singing lessons. Make a collage. Join a choir. Write poetry. Tell stories. Invent plays. These experiences can change the way we see the world for the better. They open our horizons and broaden our understanding of life. If you are a school or art house and are interested in hosting Henry’s Recycled Rhythm event please contact rhythmsrecycled@gmail.com www.tempoplanet.com | 21
  19. 19. game hedz tech talk Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-TechiesDEAD SPACE 3 MSI NETBOOKDead Space 3 is out and you should be playing in the dark and shivering with fear. U180 N2600 MSI U180 a 10.1-inchWe played the demo before the game came out and immediately had reservations netbook powered byabout weapons customization. I didnt need customized weapons in the first two - Intel’s Cedar Trailwhy would I need them now? That, and it seemed to be way more time consuming platform is prettyand complex than it needed to be. I think lots of gamers are going to pass up the much what you wouldbench customization and just go for existing blueprints. expect from a small and lightweightThe other downer was a strong feeling of deja vu. Yes different enemies, yes a new netbook.environment but - meh. So what? That said, the demo was only a very, very, verysmall peak into the game - and developers never give away any important stuff indemos. So, maybe the post mortem will be far more positive. It has LED backlit 1024X600 screen, packs with Intel’s Atom N2600 dual-core Processor, GMA 3650 graphics, up to 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, 320 GB of Hard Disk Drive and so much more. This pretty versatile device is priced at AED 999 at various Carrefour stores across UAE. LENOVO IDEAPAD S400NOTEBOOK Lenovo IdeaPad S400 a premium looking with its metallic exterior notebook is powered by Intel’s 3rd generation Intel Core i5 1.7 Ghz CPU, 14-inch HD widescreen (1366X768) LED Display running on Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, 3 USB ports, and other features. It is also loaded with Microsoft Windows 8. The S400 is priced at AED 2299MARK OF THE NINJA at Carrefour UAE with a free bundle comprising :Touchmate Tablet,If you havent found this little gem on XBox Arcade, give it a whirl. With graphics Touchmate Mouse and Touchmate headset.in a very Samurai Jack kind of style, the story is intriguing and the game playtons of fun in this sideways scroller. You have your customary upgrades withan imaginative choice of weapons and distraction items from darts that cause NEWS & GOSSIPhallucinations to a portable box you can hide in when necessary. US$ 100 CHARGE FOR SENDING A MESSAGE TOA Ninja fighting to protect the integrity of his clan; you are sent on a suicide MARK ZUCKERBERG??mission that comes with twists, turns and a couple surprises. Its a stealth game no Sending a message to Facebook founder Zuckerberg carries a $100doubt, but you can always let the blades fly if you are so inclined. The game tends price tag, according to Mashable. That’s also what it costs to messageto reward stealthy movement and stealthy kills. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandburg, CFO David Ebersman, and several other Facebook members.Pick it up for 1200 MS points. A Facebook representative told CNN that they are testing some extreme price points as a spam filtering mechanism. The messaging fee MY FAV APP } USER: ATA UR REHMAN SHEIKH is one of several new revenue streams Facebook is testing. WINDOWS MESSENGER TURNING OFF AWQAF UAE: Starting from 15 March 2013 is the cut off date set by Microsoft to get everyone using Windows Messenger to migrate to Skype. The General Authority and Islamic Affairs and Endowments of United Arab Emirates has In November 2012 Microsoft made the announcement that they will launched its Mobile Application which offers a be switching off Live Messenger broad range of services, including Adan alerts, in early 2013 but they gave no Fatwa questions and answers, mosque locator, specific date at the time. To help Qibla directions, as well as information on hajj people migrate before March 15 and umrah. Microsoft had provided a way to talk and swap contacts between You can also download Friday sermons, books and publications. Messenger and it has added The app is available for free download on iPhone, iPod Touch, an upgrade button to replace Follow me on @shahidaasi Android and Blackberry Smartphones. messenger with Skype.22 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  20. 20. WHAT’S COOL, FUNNY AND QUIRKY ON THE NET The TubeDRIVE THRU INVISIBLE DRIVER PRANK AMAZING BURJ KHALIFA FIREWORKS 2012Sit back and don’t hurt yourself laughing at people freaking out to a ghost driving a Missed out the chance to watch fireworks live front of the largest tower in thecar through a drive-thru! world? Don’t worry, head out to youtube!PEP GUARDIOLA REFUSES TO SHAKE HANDS UAE VS. IRAQ, ARABIAN GULF CUP 2013Ouch! The Spanish football player refuses common courtesy with the Portuguese For those who have missed the finals of Gulf Cup 2013, watch all goals and fullheartthrob? That must have hurt… highlights where the team UAE lifts the Gulf Cup 2013 Blogwatch Twitter Tweeps A dedicated women magazine A fun loving and inspiring author that deals with topic such as with a huge fan following. Arabic cuisine, beauty, gardens, Follow Us pregnancy and so on. @abudhabitempo Like Us www.emaratiya.com @AlexanderMcNabb facebook page www.tempoplanet.com | 23