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TEMPO Magazine April 2013 Issue

  2. 2. www.tempoplanet.com04 notes and cyberchatter05 uspace06 what’s hot 12 The UAE continues to throb with the tempo of07 people calendar lively entertainment for the entire family. In a nod to this seasons celebration of womens achievement,08 tempo’s top 10 songs / what’s on your ipod we focus on three locally based female artists: Sol09 social meets Abiad and her Star TOO Experimental Theatre, on10 my style blueprint calligrapher Narjes Noureddine and on emerging11 phototripping talent student Lama Younes (who has designed the12 cover story – splish splash front cover artwork for this issue of Tempo). And in14 city bites the spirit of collaboration between the genders, and the races, we showcase a banter between American15 trending poet Dorian Paul D, and young Palestinian phenom19 game hedz / tech talk Farah Chamma who together treated Tempos staff20 muscle mania to an exciting and heart wrenching poetry repartee,21 time capsule totally organic and impromptu. We loved it so22 articulate café much we taped it and put it on our website and You Tube channel for you to watch.24 narjes noureddine25 doc in the house / remixing rumi The launch of the Shams 1 Solar Power Plant26 tamakkan garnered the focus of the Planetarians - what a huge27 the planetarians accomplishment for the countrys green movement!28 media At our humble level Tempo has also started to29 horoscope make a transition to sustainability, through the introduction of our new magazine stands, which are30 art and theatre 100% recycled from locally available waste. Tell us what you think. Live well and responsibly.20 24 Sana Bagersh Managing Editor bagersh@tempoplanet.com MANAGING EDITOR EDITORIAL Sana Bagersh CONTRIBUTORS Alma Kadragic EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Amnah Qasim Ajir Shujahi Azza El Masri Blakniss MARKETING DIRECTOR Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers Manjul Abhishek Dr. DMS DESIGN & LAYOUT Emma Kirkman30 Mark De Castro Ian Mason Nabeela Huda PHOTOGRAPHER Angeli Castillo Samarpan Chakraborty Sanah Chauhan DISTRIBUTION Shahid Saeed COORDINATOR Melaku Muluneh Somiya Mukeet DESIGN BY } download www.gettag.mobi to your smart phoneADDRESS run applicationTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet.com. If you need to find out where you can pick up your click on tag beside each article tocopy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. have fun with online content, videos & cool tags!NOTE TO ADVERTISERSAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626email: advertising@tempoplanet.com Scan the QR CODE using your smart phoneDISCLAIMER for Blackberry this is done throughTempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any BBMresponsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Readerpublication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher.MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 TO ADVERTISE IN TEMPO, CALL: 02 491 8624
  3. 3. POST YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ON OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES Tweet@abudhabitempo Like us on Facebook RESULT OF LAST Azza E. @aetheawesome The MONTH’S VOTE: new @AbuDhabiTempo site is up and running! And its gorgeous! Take a look: tempoplanet.com Terry Weber @ I want to be a part of this wonderful TheresaFWeber Check magazine. I love everything about it out @AbuDhabiTempo - Hidaya Abdulla new innovative website Tempo asked if you Tempo is doing a great job and with tempoplanet.com. believe the Oscars the new website…WOW ! -Shinoj P A this year represented The leading community OH! I love HAMDOON ! He mag in #UAE Congrats international themes reminds me of my younger brother. @Bagersh #Tempo editor! adequately. Thankyou Tempo for covering this story. Its perfect ! -Sara Salam 70% YES Love the works of Rumi & Dorian’s too -Vanessa Coelho 30% NO As an Emirati I feel very proud! Thanks Muneer, keep up the great work. Your video is awesome! THIS MONTH’S -Abdulla QUESTION: WOW !!! Muneer man amazing job. Have you attended any Thanks TEMPO !!! of the events at the -Nainita Abu Dhabi Festival Love the new template/format! this year? Hope to see more of this. -Alyn Mason 1. YES 2. NO Filipino banker Cheryl Esteban, 35 DO YOU HAVE A BIZ SUCH AS standing next to the A COFFEE SHOP, CAFÉ, HOTEL NEW TEMPO STAND: ETC THAT CATERS TO THE TEMPO CROWD (THE COOL 18-35, UPWARDLY MOBILE “Hi! I found one of the new Abu Dhabi DEMOGRAPHIC)? IF SO, YOU Tempo stand at Al Wahda Mall near TO VOTE MAY QUALIFY FOR A TEMPO the parking exit. It’s a beautiful stand GO TO STAND. CALL US ON 02 491 8624 that is made of 100% recycled wood! TO FIND OUT MORE! tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 862404 | www.tempoplanet.com
  4. 4. TALKING BOOKSwww.tempoplanet.com By Azza El Masri MR. THE MUSIC RACING PENUMBRA’S OF LOVE AGAINST 24-HOUR By Samarpan Chakraborty TIME BOOKSTORE By Nabeela Huda by Robin Sloan 2012 Every book holds a new adventure. And every bookstore is a maze with an infinite number of doors leading to it. In this musical moment called life She sits on the finely furnished chair with And so, in Robin I promise to hold you her body leaning forward, her chest resting Sloan’s debut on the larger side of the table. novel, does this In the fog seemingly dense adventure begin. I will be your clarity Looking out of the window, she sees the big clock and watches its hands move slowly. In 2008 San Francisco, Clay Jannon finds She thinks about how fast time flies by. How himself meditating about his doomed I can be the philosophy to your web-design career when he stumbles upon a every minute races the next, and how theres conflict job vacancy at the most peculiar store: Mr. no stopping. Theres no resting in this world, The thought coming out of the abyss not even for a split second. The running road Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. doesn’t look back at the runner who just I will be still just like the water flowing tripped on it. Its owner, Mr. Penumbra, is an unusual oId into the ocean man with strange secrets. Picture a cozy, For it is my destiny to be nothing in She shifts her eyes and sees across the dark bookstore that endlessly stretches this emptiness Parliament building and onto the busy road. vertically, that sees few yet regular clients The road paves the path for thousands of who only appear at the wee hours of the In nothingness, there is something travelers going upon their daily routines. night borrowing books that have never And in that something, lays There they are, polluting the environment, been heard of. Indeed, the bookstore houses everything she thinks. Honking to hasten the pace, incomprehensible mysterious books that or yelling at the top of their lungs to curse lead Clay and his friends to embark on Beyond the limit, infinity, infinity with almost little or no road manners. They a unique quest. They would discover an are always in a hurry, she thought. Perhaps underworld literary society that spans the Like the reflections on the mirror globe. However, this literary world is not racing time to get to where they have to be? That goes beyond the mirror itself to be taken for granted as it holds dark Or where they want to be. Impatient whiners Into dimensions untouched by logic whove lost against time, yet again…? immortal secrets. Encompassing the completeness of life She stands up, gently pushing the chair Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is a behind and walks to the windowpane. Her book you – the 21st century denizen – can And in the understanding of this dark black hair gently rests on her shoulders relate to. Robin Sloan touches on the real experience and her twinkling hazel eyes drift to the to deliver us a beautiful ancient world; he I rid myself of all limit and grievances blue sky. The puffs of white clouds move manipulates all that’s at a common man’s across the sky with no rush to reach their disposal to gift us the extraordinary. For this is an involvement going destination. Geeks, dorks, nerds, and booklovers - this beyond physicality one’s for you. The novel mixes new and old: She shifts her thoughts and wonders how the traditional reading experience with the Where you dissolve yourself of vast the sky is and how it seems to canopy hyper-reality of ebooks, Google, Kindles, identities the earth. But she corrects herself, the sky is and Nooks. an empty space that leaves much to explore. All you have left is a memory This is a compelling read that will remind She wonders about the depth of its beauty Of a peaceful heart and tearing eyes and the incomprehensible factors governing you of the exquisite sensation of holding an And the everlasting burst of ecstasy its existence. actual paperback, and immersing yourself Roaming freely without care into within its pages. your body She smiles to herself, reassuring herself that there is much more to this world than just E-Readers might be the future, but there is racing time. nothing like picking up a real book. www.tempoplanet.com | 05
  5. 5. www.tempoplanet.com YOUR GUIDE TO THIS MONTHS’ HOTTEST EVENTS MIDDLE EAST FILM BRUNO MARSWORLD BEATS AND COMIC CON 2013 LIVE IN DUBAIMarch 22 – Apr 6 April 5 – April 6 April 12Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Dubai International Marine Club Dubai Media City Amphitheatre,Island Abu Dhabi Dubai The largest popular cultureWorld Beats is a 16-day event festival in the Middle East, Nominated for the Grammyat the Park that brings a world YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR focused on film, TV, comics, Awards 13 times, super starof music and rhythm with COMPETITION (YEC 2013) manga, animation, collectibles Bruno Mars is set to perform atseveral acts representing Asia, April 3 – April 6 and pop art, is back! The Middle Dubai Media City AmphitheatreAfrica, Europe, Americas. The Abu Dhabi East Film and Comic Con is one on April 12. Having sold over 45performances include Japanese of the regions prominent events million singles worldwide, andand West African drummers, Dubai SME has announced the in this category! Following the with more than one million viewsbrand new stomp act, capoeira launch of the 9th cycle of the success of its premiere event, the on YouTube, Mars is one of thedancers, jam skaters and kids arts Young Entrepreneur Competition second annual MEFCC will feature most exciting performers today.and crafts activities. (YEC 2013) in three different celebrities, artists, music, art and His Dubai concert will be his first locations: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and exhibitors from across the globe. in the UAE.Details: Ras Al Khaimah. The four dayswww.ferrariworldabudhabi.com event brings together students Details: www.mefcc.com Details: www.brunomars.ae from different private and public high schools, colleges and universities across the UAE, who will set up their stands and sell their products in a competitive environment. The competition aims at educating students on the basic principles of starting and operating a private business, and to inspire the students to become entrepreneurs in the future by creating a simple entrepreneurial environment. Details: www.yec.ae HEARING LOSS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE April 23 – April 24GO YAS LADIES ONLY TRAINING Zayed University, DubaiApril 3 – April 24Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi Aimed at addressing the perceptions about the basic requirements of the hearing impaired in the UAE, Kalimati Speech and CommunicationGo Yas exclusive ladies only training nights at Yas Marina Circuit is Center is organizing a conference about hearing loss. Kalimati Speecheverything from an evening stroll to some serious training. Walk, run and Communication Center devotes a large part of its program to raisingor cycle free for all ages and are welcome to attend any or all of 4 dates awareness of speech and language therapy in general and hearing loss andreserved for ladies only. Get fit and have fun, this activity is suitable for deafness in particular. "Hear My Voice - Understanding Hearing Loss"all abilities. will be held at Zayed University, Dubai.Details: www.yasmarinacircuit.com Details: www.kalimati.org06 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  6. 6. APRIL 2013 SADIKA DAWOOD > 30 years old > South African TeacherAL GHARBIA WATERSPORTS ABU DHABI INTERNATIONALFESTIVAL 2013 BOOK FAIR 2013April 18 – April 27 April 24 – April 29Mirfa-Al Gharbia, Abu Dhabi ADNEC, Abu DhabiAl Gharbia Watersports Festival is Abu Dhabi is rapidly becoming the huba 10-day extravaganza filled with of the Arab book trade and the point ofwonder, water and world-class reference for booksellers, publishersathletes. From kiteboards and surf and distributors in the Arabian Gulfski kayaks in the waves to chilled-out region. The Abu Dhabi Internationalcamping and concerts on shore, the Book Fair offers great access to industryfestival is destined to be the wettest professionals and key market players in APRIL 4-5wildest week in the UAE. Besides the the region. The Wave Competition Ainsporting competitions that include @ Wadi Adventure Alwakeboarding, beach volleyball and Details: www.adta.aebeach football, the festival will also offera water sports photography competitionand night camp activities with musicconcerts and festive food stations as wellas a traditional souk to satisfy eagershoppers.Details: www.algharbiafestivals.ae APRIL 6-7 The Race Competition @ Abu Dhabi Sailing Yacht Club BIRTH OF A MUSEUM April 22 – July 20 Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi APRIL 19 Abu Dhabi Metallica Live in d, @ du Ar ena on Yas Islan The exhibition presents important works Abu Dhabi of art from the Louvre Abu DhabisABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL permanent collection, some of whichENVIRONMENTAL FILM have never been seen, or revealed, before.FESTIVAL Almost 130 artworks will be displayedApril 20 – April 25 at Manarat Al Saadiyat, giving anAbu Dhabi insight into the museum’s narrative and collection ahead of its 2015 opening.The Abu Dhabi International Born of an agreement between the AbuEnvironment Film Festival is an Dhabi and French governments, Louvreinternational gathering of the film Abu Dhabi will display art, manuscriptsand environmental industry. The Film as well as significant historical, culturalFestival is an initiative of Media Lab, and sociological objects. The iconicfrom the office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin building, designed by Jean Nouvel, isHamdan al Nahyan and is co-organized conceived as a complex of pavilions, APRIL 28by Media Lab and Informa Exhibitions. plazas, alleyways and canals, evoking a Sheikh ZayedThe Festival is supported by UNEP, city floating on the sea. Hovering over Book Award 2013IFAW, IUCN, ASIFA, EAD, WFSJ the complex will be a form inspired by @ ADNEC, Abu Dhabiand many more. The objective of this traditional Arabic architecture: a vast,prestigious event is to raise awareness shallow dome - some 180 metres inof global environmental challenges in diameter - perforated with interlacedthe region and support the film industry patterns so that a magical, diffused lightthat covers this sector. filters through.Details: www.adieff.com Details: www.adta.ae < Angeli Castillo TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 www.tempoplanet.com | 07
  7. 7. MUSIC View the #1 song in the UAE TEMPO’S MUSIC CHART LETS YOU DISCOVER THE LATEST TOP 10 SONGS IN THE EMIRATE.MIRRORS 1JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE RUKSANA AJIR is a 26 year old Fashion DesignerRIGHT HERE (FEAT. DRAKE) 2 who feels that music is the perfect stress busterJUSTIN BIEBER 1. Everything I Do I Do It For You - Bryan AdamsWHEN I WAS YOUR MAN 3 2. Leaving On A Jet Plane – John DenverBRUNO MARS 3. When You Say Nothing At All – Ronan Keating 4. I’ll Be Right Here Waiting For You – Richard Marx22TAYLOR SWIFT 4 5. As Long As You Love Me – Backstreet Boys 6. Ring My Bells – Enrique Iglesias 7. Fields Of Gold – StingDAYLIGHTMAROON 5 5 8. Powerless (Say What You Want) – Nelly Furtado 9. Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira 10. Single Ladies - BeyonceARMY OF TWO 6OLLY MURSONE WAY OR ANOTHER 7ONE DIRECTIONJUST GIVE ME A REASON (FEAT. NATE RUESS)P!NK 8RELOAD (FEAT. CHIP) 9WILEYGANGSTA 10KAT DAHLIA1. When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars 1. What About Us (feat. Sean Paul) - The Saturdays2. Suit and Tie (feat. JAY Z) - Justin Timberlake 2. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake3. Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess) - P!nk 3. One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - One Direction4. Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera) - Pitbull 4. When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars5. Harlem Shake - Baauer 5. Just Give Me a Reason - P!nk6. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 6. Pompeii - Bastille7. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato 7. Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler8. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy 8. White Noise (feat. Aluna George) - Disclosure9. Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida) - Olly Murs 9. I Could Be the One (Nicktim Radio Edit) - Avicii and Nicky Romero10. I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) - Icona Pop 10. Boomerang - Nicole Scherzinger08 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  8. 8. Abu Dhabi Photographers have been meeting from before December 2009. Initially the groups activities were limited to online photo sharing and comments from other members. But as time passed the group held its first proper meetup in September 2011, and has been meeting regularly ever since, to discuss newABU DHABI PHOTOGRAPHERS opportunities and to hold photography workshops. SHAHID SAEEDTHE MANTRA: ARE YOU PASSIONATE? ADP FOUNDER AND ORGANIZER Nationality: PakistanTHE MEET-UPS:ADP organizes different meet ups every “ADP is a great community for photography fansmonth covering many topics from portraits and open to everyone for whom photography is ato street photography. In the past, ADP has serious hobby”.held trip-based meet-ups at Al Ain Zoo, AlAin Paradise, Al Ain Souq Al Qatara, Ras AlKhaima and Liwa. It is working on holding acamping plus photography meet up in Mirfa.THE IDEA:To help everyone who owns a camera and hasa passion for photography but is struggling toproduce quality photos. MUNIR EL KADI CO-ORGANIZER Nationality: Iraq “ADP is a community about extending caring, respect, knowledge, culture and courage. We tell our members to bond together as a group, and to keep clicking!” SHERILAL MOHANAN CO-ORGANIZER Nationality: India “ADP welcomes all those who have a JENIFER HASENKNOPF passion for photography, regardless Assistant Organizer of their level of knowledge aboutLEONID YAITSKIY photography!”CO-ORGANIZER Nationality: CanadaNationality: Russia The recent meetup, “photography using available light,” was attended by 25 group members and five models. Matthew“At ADP we exchange knowledge on small Dols, an assistant professor at Zayed University Abu Dhabi,tricks. We travel and meet people, and we try AMJAD RASOOL conducted the theoretical session to explain flow of light andnew things. We fail and we succeed but most Assistant Organizer how to get a good amount of light using reflectors soft boxes Nationality: Pakistan and other light sources. This was followed by a practical photoimportantly we do what we love to do!” shoot session. CONNECTING: www.adp-uae.com www.tempoplanet.com | 09
  9. 9. ENGLISH AGE: 46 MUSICIAN CHARLES CUTHFORT FASHION STATEMENT: “MOSTLY BLACK WITH A HINT OF BLACK AND DR. MARTENS” “Clothes are a real expression of the person and my mood gets affected by what I wear which is why you will rarely see me out of dark tones. I feel really awkward in colours.” PERSONAL STYLE: “James bond fighting Sid Vicious over Gwen Stefani”. FAVOURITE BUY OF THE PAST MONTH: “Black military jacket from Max. I bought three of the same one to be on the safe side.” FAVOURITE STORE IN ABU DHABI: “I think if you know what your style is, it’s easy to shop anywhere from H&M to Hamdan centre… or even Giftworld. So long as you are selective, expensive doesn’t always equal good.” DOES THE UAE HAVE STYLE? “Style over here seems to be only influenced by exactly what’s in the shops. There’s not much interpretation, although I think that’s changed in the 14 years I’ve been here. There are now a lot of people who have style and who like to mix it up a little.” FASHION PET HATES: “Crocs, wide ties, t-shirts (with insane social comments printed on them), polo shirts, cycle shorts, women who buy the wrong size jeans, anything yellow or turquoise. Anything Versace or Cavalli.” < Angeli Castillo10 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  10. 10. PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE By Shahid Saeed PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHY: Point your camera towards the person then explore different angles. Check to see where the lighting is perfect, which positions work better, and which backgrounds are nice. Take shots from all-around. Featuring the work of photographer > LEONID YAITSKIY> TITLE: The Moment> MODELS: Nermis Stas> LOCATION: The Heritage Park, Abu Dhabi> SETTING: Aperture Priority Mode> PURPOSE OF THE SHOT: “A candid picture can capture feelings, emotions, sense and natural beauty”.> CAMERA MODEL: NIKON D90> F-STOP/APERTURE: f/4.5> ISO: 200> SHUTTER SPEED: 1/2000 secs.> POINT TO PONDER: “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away” (Eudora Welty) > TITLE: The Frame > MODELS: Sujjit > LOCATION: The Heritage Park, Abu Dhabi> TITLE: Couple > SETTING: Aperture Priority Mode> MODELS: Maram Dallow and Nermis Stas > PURPOSE OF THE SHOT: “Clever framing that > LOCATION: The Heritage Park, Abu Dhabi leaves those viewing your image wondering a little, or> SETTING: Aperture Priority Mode imagining what is behind your frame can be quite effective”.> PURPOSE OF THE SHOT: “While taking picture of two people you should show > CAMERA MODEL: NIKON D90them at their best, looking relaxed and comfortable in their relationship”. > F-STOP/APERTURE: f/4.5> CAMERA MODEL: NIKON D90 > ISO: 200> F-STOP/APERTURE: f/1.4 > SHUTTER SPEED: 1/400 secs.> ISO: 200 > POINT TO PONDER: “There are no bad pictures; thats > SHUTTER SPEED: 1/4000 secs. just how your face looks sometimes” (Abraham Lincoln).> POINT TO PONDER: “A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know” (Diane Arbus) www.tempoplanet.com | 11
  11. 11. SPLISH SPLASH CANVAS MAGIC By Ajir Shujahi Many of Lama Younes’s friends know the 23 year old Syrian as an English literature university student, who is currently studying business administration. But the wild side of Lama is artistic and explodes with paintings, doodles and graffiti… Tempo: How do you express yourself artistically? Through my work. I attempt to feed my curiosity of ideas, objects forms, philosophy, facts and fantasy. I try to create a link between old and new. I use my doodling as a form of organizing my thoughts. Through mixed media art I try to link the past, present and future. I draw on familiar imagery, dreams and imagination. Tempo: Where does your inspiration come from? Spending time in my head is important. From when I was 12 Id tune out my surroundings and just spend time in my own thoughts. I still do that. Im often scribbling down fragments that later act like trigger-points for artwork. Im very fidgety and I seem to work best when my hands and head are occupied, so I always doodle. I seek inspiration in anything around me: books, music, art, people...I especially relate to Salvador Dalis artwork The First Days of Spring because of its intensity.12 | www.tempoplanet.com
  12. 12. Tempo: What are the challenges youve faced?The starving artist is one of the oldest clichés for good reason. But for me, theimage of the tortured artist is a myth – you dont need to be miserable to createart. Your creativity is like a tap: if you dont use it, it gets clogged up. Even if youhave talent, technical training, time, and tenacity, its quite possible that youllnever really earn a living from your work. A visual artist finds success in thisfield, as in all the arts, not through artistic talent alone but through the abilityto network and market oneself.Tempo: Your future plans?I have many plans that are on the right side of my brain. However, none of themare practical…yet! (she smiles impishly). Time gives us a glimpse to the future.In the short run I hope to graduate so I can have more time to explore differentart mediums.Tempo: Any final thoughts?I believe that training brings an artist freedom. When you learn thefundamentals of your craft, you are limited only by your imagination. Withouttechnical training, youre stabbing in the dark. Sure, you might create one ortwo truly great works of art, but theyll be unrepeatable accidents. You cancreate anything your mind dreams up only if you know how. Also, persistenceis the most critical factor in any success. QUICKIES: Oil or acrylic? Acrylic Car or canvas? Canvas Funky or abstract? Abstract Art exhibitions or fashion shows? Hmmm… Partying out or dinner at home? Dinner at home www.facebook.com/LamzArt Lama_youness@hotmail.com www.tempoplanet.com | 13
  13. 13. EASY TO MAKE DISHES FROM SOMIYA MUKEET’S KITCHEN Breakfast: Main Course: Dessert: FRENCH TOAST BARBEQUE MOLTEN LAVA CAKE VEAL CHOPS WITH VANILLA ICE Ingredients: CREAM Brown bread (3 slices) Ingredients: 1 egg Veal chops: 500g Ingredients: Cinnamon powder 1 tsp Barbeque sauce: 1/2 cup Eggs 3 Brown sugar 3 tbsp Salt Sugar 1/4 cup Vanilla essence 1 tsp Pepper Butter 50g Milk 1/4 cup Tarragon 1 tsp Vanilla essence 1 tsp Baking soda 1 tsp Salt 1 pinch Method: Flour 1/4 cup • Mix all ingredients well until sugar Method: Chocolate 150g dissolves. • Soak the veal chops with baking • Dip the bread slices and fry in butter soda plus water for about an hour. Method: on medium heat until both sides are • Wash the chops and pat them dry. • Melt the chocolate and the butter done. • Marinate with salt, pepper, on a double boiler. • Serve with fresh strawberries and tarragon, barbeque sauce for 4-6 • Whisk eggs until light and fluffy, cream. hours. adding sugar and salt and vanilla • Pre heat oven to 180 c and bake until its dissolved. the chops • Add the chocolate mixture to the • for 60 minutes or until well done. egg mixture. • Brush with some butter and • Fold in the flour. barbeque sauce 10 minutes before • Divide the mixture into its done. 4 ramekins. • Serve with bread and fries. • Bake in a preheated oven for 10-12 minutes at 180 c. • Serve with vanilla ice cream and strawberries.14 | www.tempoplanet.com
  14. 14. WHAT’S COOL, FUNNY AND QUIRKY ON THE NET The TubeUAE ECOLOGICAL ABU DHABI-TIME LAPSE FILM (SHORTER VERSION)FOOTPRINT ANIMATION-EWS WWF An amazing time lapse short film on Abu Dhabi. First released in 2011.A cool animation explaining the UAE’s ecological situation. Still breathtaking!SAND ART IN A GLASS CONTAINER 29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVEArt made with colored sand in a glass container. Stuck with same old creativity? Here is the solution; 25 ways to stay creative! Blogwatch Twitter Tweeps A informative blog that shows the " Butheina HK is a Fulbright Scholar complete timeline of Arab history. at New York University from the UAE Follow Us who is focused on Media, Culture and Communication and who wears her heart on the sleeve." @abudhabitempo Like Us www.scaruffi.com/ politics/arabic.html @butheina facebook page www.tempoplanet.com | 15
  15. 15. EXPLOREwww.tempoplanet.com SEARCH my abu dhabi
  17. 17. game hedz tech talk Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA Samsung’s cameras are innovative but there’s no doubt that the Galaxy Camera is the most ground- breaking product in the market. It is an Android smartphone that is equipped with a substantial 16-megapixel 21 x zoom lens with image stabilization. The camera has 4.8 inches 1280x720 pixel LCD, QuadAPRIL’S COOL core 1.4GHz processor, 1Gb RAM, 8GB internal Memory. ThecameraSo April is cool for two reasons: 1. Not many new releases this month - so can also record full HD 1080p video, it supports 3G/4G, Wi-Fi & GPSnot a hot month for games and 2. One new release that should be very connectivity and slew of other features. It runs Android 4.1 Jellybeancool indeed! up-to 280 hours standby time on 3G. And it costs AED 1999 at Carrefour across the UAE.But first, a post mortem for March:Tomb Raider touched shelves to mixed reviews. While many enjoyed the ASUS VIVOBOOKopen world feel, adventure/survival slant to this prequel, some thought it S400CAbecame a pure shooter and strayed away from its adventure/puzzler roots. The Asus S400CA is a 14-inch touchWhat with the popularity of shooters like Modern Warfare and Battlefield screen and a solid,gaining loyal multi-player fans, I think the developers were hoping many mostly metal bodywould flock to the TR multiplayer. Are you interested? ultrabook. It comesDead Space 3 also received mixed reviews, but maybe the DLC Awakened with Intel Core i3/ i5/i7 Processor,(which should have been released in the second half of March) will make up 2Gb/4GB RAM, 14”for any shortcomings? I enjoyed the full game and am now playing through 1366x768 LED backlitas Carver. My advice: watch the credits all the way to the end and play with touch screen display,a fairly dark setting. It’ll make all the difference. As for the Awakened DLC, Integrated Intel HDif it’s as good as Severed (DS2 DLC) then huzzah! Look out for a review Graphics 3000/4000next month. Graphic Card, 320GB/500Gb Hard Disk Drive, HD Web Camera, Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit LAN port, SD card reader, HDMI & VGANow that cool game I mentioned? If you’re a fan of the DC comicverse then out, 1 USB 3.0 & 2 USB 2.0 ports, built-in speakers and microphone. Ityour dreams are coming true! Injustice: Gods Among Us is a cross platform comes with preloaded windows 8 and the performance is very good asgame featuring villains from The Joker and Harley Quinn to Solomon compared with same range ultrabooks.Gundy, and heroes including Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman and more.It’s a fighting game, but comes with a built in story to complement therelentless whooping you will be handing out. NEWS & GOSSIPIt’s hotly anticipated by fans of the fighting genre so pick one up when it OUR BEST OF MARCH 2013comes out April 16. • iPhone 5 was the best smartphoneTill next time - game on! CY • Nexus 4 was the best Android phone • HTC 8X was the best windows phone • Nokia’s Lumia 920 was the best Smartphone camera MY FAV APP } AASIF SHAIKH • Microsoft Surface RT was the best Windows Tablet • Asus Eee Pad Transformer was the best Tablet • Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro was the best Pro laptop EMIRATES NBD MOBILE: • Apple MacBook Air was the best laptop • Lenovo X1 Carbon was the best Ultrabook If you are an EmiratesNBD customer, then • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 was the best budget laptop you may like their recently launched mobile • Origin Bitfenix Prodigy was the best Gaming PC app that gives you a secure connectivity • Alienware M17x was with your account and provides almost all the best gaming laptop online banking features - from checking • Radeon HD6970 your account balance, to transferring was the best desktop payments, to making credit card and utility bill payments. It also provides a list of graphic card ATM’s and branches, and offers a currency • Asus Rampage III Extreme was the best Follow me on converter for global currencies. @shahidaasi mother board TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 www.tempoplanet.com | 19
  18. 18. MUSCLE MANIA HEALTH By Ajir ShujahiLeeroy Arron Colaco, 24, is an Indian “When I first joined Abu Dhabi country club Exercising regularly turned out to be a hobbypersonal trainer who has gained local in 2009 I was complete fresher. Everything was and I started seeing a difference in myself. It very new and different for me. It was a little was when I went to high school that I startedcelebrity as a bodybuilder. Leeroy difficult in the beginning to get along with seriously bodybuilding as a sport. I was just 15moved from India to the UAE in 2009 people from different countries and cultures, years old and I started going to a gym.and currently lives with his parents but our gym manager Captain Hassan gave me When I started working out country cluband brother, and works at the Abu a lot of advice on how to train and deal with Captain Hassan encouraged me to excel inDhabi Country Club. He chatted members. He was a world champion body bodybuilding. That was unusual for me becausewith Tempo about his background, builder and Mr. Universe in 2002 and 2003, so back home it was more a hobby. He’s become myeducation and his chosen sport… he was the perfect person to ask for guidance. inspiration because I can see for myself what it He helped me to prepare for a competition in takes to be a champion bodybuilder - believe me“ I completed high school and college in Goa last December where I won the title of state it’s a tough sport and I am truly lucky to have hisGoa, India and then got my personal trainer champion and came in second at the Western guidance all the time.certification from the American Council of India bodybuilding competition held in MadhyaExercise (ACE) through MEFIT, Dubai. Pradesh, India. Captain Hassan helped me with “At the beginning my parents were not very my training and my dieting for eight to six happy about the career choice as I was a Bcom“Aside from bodybuilding I used to do weight weeks up to the competition. graduate. They wanted me to have a white-collarlifting and power lifting and competed at job, and not bodybuilding! But now they are okuniversity level competitions. “My work as fitness trainer at the Abu Dhabi with what I’ve chosen. The club has got the best- country club has been wonderful; you get equipped gym in the UAE, something I wouldI was a regular medal winner for my college in to know lot of new stuff and learn training not find in Goa. The facilities have helped meall the three sports for three continuous years techniques. It’s a nice learning experience that improve my fitness levels and focus better onand I represented my state for the nationals at has helped me to improve as a fitness trainer. bodybuilding.university level. Apart from lifting weights, onmy off days I played football (I am a big fan “I was inspired by my cousins who were working My next goal is to be best in India. I know it’sof Manchester United), listened to music and out. I used to be amazed at their bodies. From going to be difficult but it will definitely bewatched movies. then I started doing light exercises at home. possible. I’ve already started training.Leeroy Arron helping out a customer at the gym. Leeroy Arron helping out a customer at the gym.20 | www.tempoplanet.com
  19. 19. ABOUT ME LIFE MUSIC FOOD TRAVEL Dj Froid (Dave for Drivers License purposes) HOW CAN THE RIGHT MUSIC MAKE A PARTY BETTER? Age: Really? Music is one of the truly universal things Profession: DJ/Remixer that we can all connect with. It taps into our feelings, our emotions, and sometimes Producer/Entrepreneur even our primal instincts. Need proof? Nationality: American The next time some good music is playing at a venue, restaurant, or someplace you Motto: Your life is an wouldn’t normally dance, try to ignore it. occasion...rise to it! WHAT’S YOUR CURRENT LAST SONG Always do your best! You SYNDROME (LSS)? never know who is watching! Current LSS’s are ”Kick, Push” by Lupe Fiasco and “Beam Me Up” by Cazzette. Want to understand the torrent of music genres that floods my head? There’s aBASIC INFORMATIONS WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN sneak peek. 10 YEARS? Deeply involved in music; DJing some, IF THERE IS A PLACE, HANGOUT,YOUR MOST VALUED POSSESSION: still performing when I can, as well as CAFÉ, MALL OR HOTEL (ANY PLACE)Gave up most of our “possessions” when producing and working with various THAT YOU FEEL AT HOME-WHICHwe moved away and don’t really feel like artists. The plan in that time frame would PLACE WOULD THAT BE?we have much that is so valued it cannot put us in Japan. That is what’s on the There was something about Kyoto, Japanbe replaced. If I had to choose: selfishly, current long-term life goal list. that felt like “home” to me. Went to theI would say the contents of my laptop(music, photos, etc.) Emotionally, a brush mall, walked the streets, strolled through WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF PEACE? the grocery stores, tried some small, localart picture my wife and I got several years For everyone to be able to live worry-free restaurants, had incredible interactionsago while on vacation. and fear-free lives. with the people; everything about it wasWHERE CAN WE FIND YOU HANGING perfectly comfortable. WHAT ITEM DO YOU KEEP BUYINGOUT MOST? EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE PLENTY? WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECTThese days, the gym. Spices and hot sauces. I love to cook and WEEKEND? always seem to see a new spice or sauce at I’m a mood and feelings type person soONE THING YOU CANNOT the market. this can go anywhere. I can have a greatLIVE WITHOUT:Music weekend dancing the night away with LEAST LIKE? friends at a club, or spend a quiet weekend Anyone who cannot carry on good, on the couch with my wife having a movieTHE PERSON WHO INSPIRES YOU intelligent conversation. marathon. Both of those have been perfectTHE MOST:My grandparents. That generation is weekends.tough and we have so much to be thankfulfor today because of their hard work, WHO IN YOUR LIFE DESERVES A BIG OLD THANK YOU?sacrifices, ingenuity, and tenacity! The biggest one for sure would go to my wife.FIVE THINGS YOU NEED FOR She married a dreamer and we are not alwaysSURVIVAL (LIST MATERIAL the easiest people to live with. Big ThankTHINGS ONLY) You’s also need to go to everyone in my lifeThis is always such an interesting question journey who has ever encouraged, taught,to interpret. Are they “real survival and/or supported my musical education andthings” (a good knife, lighter, sturdy dreams. From my parents, family, and bandclothes, etc.)? Or are they modern “kind teachers, to DJ mentors and friends who have stood patiently by during practices, concerts,of” survival things (iPod, cell phone, shows, and even the disasters. When no onechocolate)? I guess that’s the point ;) knows who you are, you can truly tell during those times who cares for you.TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 www.tempoplanet.com | 21
  20. 20. ARTICULATE CAFE POETRY HE SAID/ SHE SAIDAward-winning poet Dorian "Paul D" being able to easily bond with the members community in Dubai. So, I ended up formingRogers enjoyed coffee and stimulating of the group, before having even read any a vague Palestinian identity that I seem tobanter with poetry phenom Farah poetry. After reading my piece, they gave me question from time to time. What does it meanChamma. The two chatted, compared notes a standing ovation – not because the piece was to be Palestinian that has been constantlyand jammed together in an organic poetry- extraordinarily good, but because the audience in exile? How much do I understand of thefest that intertwined their lines in powerful was very responsive and supportive. Palestinian conflict? I find these questions veryjuxtaposition and imagery. thought-provoking and therefore constantly PAUL D: I think you may be taking for include them in my poetry.PAUL D: You are the youngest member of granted the fact that people are impressed withPoeticians, a Dubai-based poetry collective and the wisdom you display despite the fact that you FARAH: Do you have a similar experiencethe first of its kind in the UAE. How did you get are so young. You were born in Dubai but and when you write your poetry?involved with them? are of Palestinian decent. Some of your poetry, “I Am No Palestinian,” for example, deals with PAUL D: I share some of the same experiencesFARAH: I heard about the Poeticians Palestine and your search of self-identity within growing up in self-segregated South Georgia.through a friend and decided to contact them. that context. You had blacks and whites and few people ofI was fourteen back then. Hind Shoufani, other ethnicities. It wasn’t until my late teensthe founder of Poeticians, told me that their FARAH: It can be quite confusing to be a that I felt comfortable in my own skin. I gotevents are usually 18+ yet accepted to give me Dubai-born Palestinian especially when not most of my acceptance through poetry. You havea shot. My experience with the Poeticians was having had the possibility to visit Palestine. a lot of conviction and passion in your words.very pleasant from the beginning. I remember Given the fact that there’s a large Palestinian What do you attribute these qualities to?22 | www.tempoplanet.com
  21. 21. FARAH: Ever since I started performing because I feel like I am slowly losing my ability “ORGANIC DUETS”poetry, my perception of it changed completely. to poetically express myself in Classical Arabic,It went from being a simple soothing pastime which has been almost completely replaced by SHE SAID…that I enjoy, to a sort of passionate way of dialectical Arab and foreign languages. I’d also I want to free this poemcommunicating with those who are around me. choose it because I feel like it’s a language that From every linguistic chainOnly when I formed this perception did I start to has been especially made for eloquence and I do not want it to have a rhyme schemefeel a very strong conviction being portrayed in poetry. There is something very beautiful about And maybe not even a namemy words. When I stand in front of an audience, the melody and the strength of its words that I I am not going to categorize itI feel like I owe them this passion and conviction. haven’t found in either English or French. Nor place it in a social frame I am going to make it as amorphousPAUL D: Your writing is very introspective PAUL D: At Paris Sorbonne Universitys As the windand polished for an eighteen year old. When did Abu Dhabi campus, you have recently been Its words so hard to tame.you memorize your first poem and who are you mobilizing local university students as headmajor inspirations? of student activities. What are some cultural HE SAID… programs or dreams that you have in the In the World of Words metaphors justFARAH: I only started memorizing my poetry pipeline? bully on simileswhen I got exposed to the art of “spoken word”. I making them pick up trash in abandonedthink I memorized my first when I was thirteen. FARAH: I just hosted a student poetry showcase that went extremely well! I am yards in front of all the partsI started watching poetry videos on YouTube, currently trying to put together a student-based of speech at the bus stop.especially those of Mahmoud Darwiche. Mymajor inspirations currently are Hisham El Jakh, poetry group that would in some sort revive any Nouns just claim everything and theSarah Kay, and Hala Ali, a fellow Poetician. I young spoken-word talents that are in adjectives just hang around themusually watch these people perform their poetry the region. and listen.in order to get inspired to go write something of These adjectives have the power to ruinmy own. I always feel like I have been immensely your name or make you powerful encouraged and supported by those who in the world of words.FARAH: How about you Paul? When did you are around me, especially members of thestart memorizing your poetry? Poeticians, and would like to do the same to SHE SAID… anyone who finds that he/she has the “poetic I am going to make it run in the streetsPAUL D: I was eighteen when I memorized dream” that I had when I was a little younger. I am going to make it runmy first piece. I was inspired by the Black on Without having any commas to stumbleBlack Rhyme poets around me when I attended I am hoping to be able to start putting a tangible upon. It’s going to run without having anyuniversity in 2000 – that was when you were like programme into place by the end of this year. full stops, check points or brackets to wavethree and a half years old! It was so inspiring to There are around fifteen talented writers at the on. This poem will not have a passport norsee poets with so many different approaches. Sorbonne and in NYU that I see as emerging any other filthy documents to get aSome had more of a rhyming, hip-hop sound. poets. That’s why I find that the student-based stamp on.Others were more story tellers. Still, others poetry group would serve as a great platform forhad strong visual images. I was a literal sponge students to get out there. HE SAID…soaking up different styles. People like Roger In the world of words, the verbs just cantBonair-Agard and Patricia Smith blew me away. PAUL D: That is so exciting that there is an emerging scene. I can’t wait until there is a sit still, always instigating. strong middle school/high school poetry scene Little epiphany looks so pretty with herPAUL D: You speak multiple languages.If a poem could only be spoken in one along with a university scene to complement the barrettes buttoned to her braided her.language, which one would you choose? What adult poetry scene that is flourishing currently. She wears poodle sweaters and swears shecharacteristics of that language make it a What would you suggest to youth that are is the cutest girl in P.S. 102.beautiful vehicle for poetry? interested in pursuing poetry as a career or She passes by all the boys in the halls so passion? obviously eager for attentionFARAH: What’s great about writing poetry That they don’t even notice her anymore…in different languages is the fact that each FARAH: I would suggest for them to alwayslanguage engages you in a different writing make sure that their passion is not shadowed byexperience. Given that my current Law and the idea of fame or wealth and that they write Click to watch the video thatPolitical Science studies are in French, I find poetry to better understand themselves and Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers andthat my French poetry usually revolves around those who are around them. Once they’ve given Farah Chamma prepared onpolitical and social ideas. If I were to choose only their poetry a valuable reason to be, they should the spot for the Tempo staffone language, I think I’d choose classical Arabic. start taking any opportunity they findNot because Arabic is my mother tongue but their way! www.tempoplanet.com | 23
  22. 22. NARJES NOUREDDINE PASSION FOR THE WRITTEN WORD ART By Amnah Qasim Narjes Noureddine is a young Emirati female calligrapher who has studied from calligraphy masters in three countries, and who is striving hard to make a name for herself as a serious practitioner of the cultural artform. Here’s her journey as told to Tempo... "I was born in Abu Dhabi in 1975. I their essence in my art. I also scrutinized have a diploma in banking studies, and well-written scripts for long periods of have worked in banking until 2007. time, and then I used to paint them in my Then everything changed…my sole mind. My father encouraged me right calling became calligraphy. In 2000 I from the beginning, and advised me to joined Ma’had al-Khat (The Institute join the Sharjah Institute of Calligraphy. of Calligraphy) and the Home of The institute was where I learned many Calligraphers in Sharjah, where I things. But I was lucky, because even after I trained under the master calligrapher got married, my husband was also a major Khaled al-Sa’iy." morale-boost for me. Finally he advised me to sacrifice my banker job and pursue "In 2006 I went to Istanbul where I calligraphy full-time." studied under Sheikh Hassan Chalabi and professor Dawood Baktash the discipline "A girl from a conservative family like of the thuluth script. Then I travelled me faces a lot of challenges in a diverse to Tehran in 2007 to learn the Persian society such as the UAE. Most parents find nasta’liq script under professor Abbas it hard to accept the idea of their daughter Akhawin. I still frequent the two cities — plunging into society on her own. Pursuing both central hubs in the calligraphy world calligraphy naturally requires a person — to immerse myself in the art." to leave the home and encounter people of many kinds. Thankfully though, this "Although calligraphy is my passion, wasn’t a problem with my family: my dad in my spare time I also like reading, was very understanding and supportive. I cooking, writing, and playing volleyball. know the same can’t be said of other girls whose families aren’t as understanding. "I have participated in several local My main challenge was the difficulty of and international exhibitions, the juggling my job with my desire to invest most important of which were the more of myself into my art. In fact looking Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival in 2002, back I feel that my job prevented me from the Calligraphy Meeting of 2004, and a lot of opportunities.IN 2004, I WAS the Dubai International Calligraphy Exhibition in 2005. I also regularly "I’d like to continue studying calligraphyAWARDED THE attend open-to-the-public and offer more of my works to artSYMBOLIC PRIZE ON calligraphy workshops." exhibitions. My husband and I plan atTHE INTERNATIONAL some point to establish a specialized "Calligraphy emerged in the early stages of calligraphy gallery. I hope that calligraphyIRCICA CALLIGRAPHY my education. I used to look at the beauty becomes popular with our youth – it’sCOMPETITION IN of the paintings and I tried to emulate definitely worth preserving."ISTANBUL, WHICHIS THE OLDEST ANDMOST PRESTIGIOUS NARJES’S WEBSITE:INTERNATIONAL http://narjesnour.blogspot.com/COMPETITION OF https://twitter.com/NarjesNour > (twitter) http://www.facebook.com/narjes.noureddine > (facebook)ITS KIND.24 | www.tempoplanet.com