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TEMPO Magazine December 2012 Issue

  2. 2. www.tempoplanet.com04 notes and cyberchatter05 uspace06 what’s hot 12 Inspiration and creativity come in many packages. This Tempo we celebrate talent in all its fantastic07 innovation catalyst shapes. We showcase two locally based authors,08 tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipod Emirati Sultan Al Darmaki and American Joseph Means who are entrenched in day jobs, and yet10 city bites both have followed their hearts and their creative12 cover story: sultan saeed al darmaki spirits by publishing their own books. Sultan wrote a book of witticisms presented creatively in words14 game hedz / tech talk and graphics, and Joseph penned heart-warming16 youth talk books for children that he hopes to extend into multimedia.17 people calendar19 time capsule The Dream Players, the UAEs foremost talent20 digital brush competition comes alive in our pages this issue, with the spectacular win of teenager Mallory de22 planetarians Man from Holland, who competed against a super23 doc in the house / remixing rumi talented crop of young singers from India and Papua New Guinea. Their talent will hopefully24 dream players spur them onto achievement in the manner of26 media professional singer Dede Foxx who shares her story with our readers. Then on the design front there is27 tamakkan CGI artist Ashraf Ghori who runs his own graphics28 foxx hunt company in UAE and is involved in creating animations for Hollywood.29 horoscope30 millie and honey Tempo is proud to present the artistes in our community and to salute their creative spirit. Peace and kindness to all.24 28 Sana Bagersh Managing Editor bagersh@tempoplanet.com MANAGING EDITOR EDITORIAL Sana Bagersh CONTRIBUTORS FEATURES WRITER Manisha R. Manikuttan Dr. Alma Kadragic Ian Mason EDITORIAL Azza El Masri COORDINATOR Sharon Carvalho Saniya Ali Rohith Bhat MARKETING DIRECTOR Emma KirkmanADDRESS Manjul AbhishekTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet.com. If you need to find out where you can pick up your Blaknisscopy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. DESIGN & LAYOUT Shahid SaeedNOTE TO ADVERTISERS Mark De Castro Dr. DMSAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626email: advertising@tempoplanet.com PHOTOGRAPHER Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers Angeli CastilloDISCLAIMER Samarpan ChakrabortyTempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any DISTRIBUTION Saif Nasirresponsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this COORDINATORpublication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. Melaku Muluneh Sanah ChauhanMEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 DESIGN BY } download www.gettag.mobi to your smart phone run application click on tag beside each article to have fun with online content, videos & cool tags! ITALIANISSIMO IS NOW OPEN AT AL REEM ISLAND, BOUTIK MALL GROUND FLOOR. Scan the QR CODE using your For more info visit www.italianissimollc.com smart phone DISCOUNT VOUCHER call us at 056 782 7454 for Blackberry this is done through BBM Landline 02 671 6812 for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader Come and visit Italianissimo TERMS AND CONDITIONS • Voucher cannot be exchanged against cash a journey to Italy. • • Valid only for dining Only one voucher can be used per table TO ADVERTISE IN TEMPO, CALL: 02 491 8624
  3. 3. TALKING BOOKS www.tempoplanet.com By Azza El Masri POST YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS ON OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES MORAL COMPASS ACT LIKE A LADY, MANNERS THAT COUNT THINK LIKE A MAN By Manisha R. Manikuttan by Steve Harvey (Amistad-2009) Once while shopping in a mall I came across a heated argument between a mother and her teenage daughter. I was helping my mother choose cosmetics when suddenly I heard the girl shout at her mother in a loud voice. I could see that the girl’s mother was embarrassed. I also Ladies, this one’s Tweet@abudhabitempo noticed bystanders were staring at them. I felt very sorry for the mother. This incident was what definitely for you! Like us on Facebook motivated me to write this article. Keep up the good work team Tempo RESULT OF LAST Have you wanted to connect with - Manar Al Hinai MONTH’S VOTE: Rabindranath Tagore once said, “manners, not brain, count at crucial moments”. A person your significant might have good looks or fair skin, but that person becomes attractive and beautiful only if he other? Really Ian Mason @IanS_Mason - or she has pleasing manners and does good deeds. Though good manners start at home, there is connect? Have SuzanAZ @suzanabouzaki - UAE @AbuDhabiTempo is a magazine much more need for them to be practiced in schools and public places. you ever wanted among top 20 countries that have about extraordinary people who to understand students studying in UK, enrolments Recently, I saw a teenager who was so busy talking to his friend that he collided into a lady, are the heartbeat of the UAE. men – that which resulted in her slipping and falling. The most surprising thing was that the absent- infuriatingly expected to grow 45% until 2020: Pick up a copy each month and minded teen didn’t even turn to look at the lady, much less apologise. I believe that schools cryptic gender that just won’t fulfill your EDUKEX 2012 be inspired! Tempo asked, are you working on should be places that nurture virtues and good values because a student can’t navigate life dreams like you want them to be fulfilled? a project apart from work? without a moral compass. Not only is it important to learn these manners but also important If the answer is yes then Steve Harvey’s A @AliaAlMuttawa - Reading to carry them out everyday, like respecting elders, never hurting anyone’s feelings, consoling a international bestseller Act like a Lady, Thanks for featuring us! Love this an article about UAEs path to person, or sharing another person’s grief… Think like a Man is the book for you! magazine. Very visual, modern prosperity, from oils to pearls <3 and artistic! 40.0% NO, BUT I’D LIKE TO, IF I HAD THE TIME Our actions and manners are important, and people around us notice. I earnestly request I watched the movie before reading the - Moms Guide Abu Dhabi Asif Khan @asifmumtazkhan - 20.0% NO, I’M TOO TIRED AFTER WORK young people reading this article to put good manners in to practice: “Good values lead to good manners, good manners give us good friends; good friends mean a good environment and a book: big mistake. Never do that! I had heard so much about the book through #Dubai International #Airport is the good environment leads to a happy and peaceful life”. most checked in place on Facebook in 20.0% YES, I’M WORKING ON social media and I had found it kind of insulting: women don’t understand men? the #UAE with over 190k check-ins, NEW A PROJECT Yes we do, they’re predictable! They’re according to @Socialbakers. PRODUCTION: 10.0% YES, I’M WORKING ON pigs! Who’s this guy to tell me how I have A BUSINESS PROJECT POET’S UNIVERSE to deal with men? My feminist side just The National @ CALL FOR 5.0% YES, I’M WORKING ON AN ART PROJECT While strolling on Abu Dhabi Corniche on a particularly quiet day, Tempo couldn’t comprehend the buzz around TheNationalUAE - Introducing ACTORS reader Samarpan Chakraborty was inspired by the stillness and so he Steve Harvey’s self-help/hilarious book. the indestructible speed camera? 5.0% YES, I’M WORKING ON A FILM PROJECT penned this poem. However, when I started college, my #AbuDhabi police unveil latest bid to friend offered me this book with an air stop vandals of authority: “Read this, child. You will Young Arab Female: 21-26 Sultan Saeed Darmaki @ Young Female THIS MONTH’S IF I TRY, IF I STRIVE surely need it in order to venture into the mighty jungle of relationships.” Well… (any nationality): 21-26 sultandarmaki - All students Arab Woman: 40+ QUESTION: By Samarpan Chakraborty let’s just say that even though my initial reaction wasn’t so pleasant Steve Harvey’s must learn English, UAE education Arab Male: 40+ Let the hope in my dream wallow in my strained consciousness light-bulb smile reeled me right in. minister says - The National - Indian Male: 40+ HOW DO YOU GO Let a brave thought take me further Awesome Young Arab Male: 26-30 TO WORK? Harvey, with his book, is giving you the There is a road if you have hope key into the hearts and minds of the There’s always a light if you never say no male species…and ladies you do not want Mohamed Al-Jozali @ A Dream Players and 1. My own car to miss out on that. Even though there MoeJozali - I step out of the room BrandMoxie Production 2. Car pool There’s a sky, there’s a life are some parts in the book that I don’t and find no sun. It must be a joke. If we try, if we strive agree with, Harvey gives a persuasive #UAE #AmazingWeather 3. Bus description of the intricacies of the Casting call for short film 4. Taxi We will shadow every shadow in me male mind. And not let the gloom helm my destiny productions to be filmed during 5. Other Often hilarious, always realistic, Act like December 2012- January 2013. That bright little star is my inspiration a Lady, Think like a Man is the seminal DO YOU HAVE A BIZ SUCH AS A COFFEE SHOP, CAFÉ, HOTEL Professional and amateur actors To reach that light is my aspiration guidebook for every woman, no matter ETC THAT CATERS TO THE can apply. her age – whether she’s a girl who’s just TEMPO CROWD (THE COOL Let the soul cross the body, let my passion carry its weight suffered from a breakup or whether she’s 18-35, UPWARDLY MOBILE Let your soul rest in peace as you reach heaven’s gate happily married. If this book doesn’t help DEMOGRAPHIC)? IF SO, YOU If you are interested to come in and TO VOTE audition, send your portfolio to you in some measure at least it will make MAY QUALIFY FOR A TEMPO GO TO There’s a sky, there’s a life STAND. CALL US ON 02 491 8624 you laugh. As for you guys out there, you contact@thedreamplayers.com If I try, if I strive don’t know what we’ve just stumbled TO FIND OUT MORE! tempoplanet.com upon…beware, females of the world are If the sun saps my energy, the wind shall boost me more now equipped to take over! TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 If the wind crushes your body, the stars will help you soar04 | www.tempoplanet.com www.tempoplanet.com | 05
  4. 4. INNOVATION CATALYST: www.tempoplanet.com MICHAEL McMILLAN IN ABU DHABI YOUR GUIDE TO THIS MONTHS’ HOTTEST EVENTS By Sharon Carvalho They say that the only thing constant also benefit senior executives who are in the about life is that it will always middle of organizational transformations, as well as change catalysts engaged in coaching and change and it is up to us to evolve mentoring. As for highlights of the seminar, I and move forward while embracing expect to reawaken our most powerful human You can live each day the change. And the best way to do asset—creativity. Change is constant and its our in a world filled with this is to be creative and innovative. creative nature that has enabled us to survive, CREAMFIELDS Meet Michael McMillan, a business evolve, and progress all these years. Through problems, or rise each ABU DHABI 2012 innovation guru who will speak at compelling stories, examples and visuals, morning and embrace a audience members will gain new insights on howOMEGA DUBAI December 7 a seminar in Abu Dhabi in January. to think ‘beyond the box’, overcome obstacles, world filled with unseen Du Arena, Yas Island Tempo spoke to this self- describedLADIES MASTERS see past perceptual blindness, turn problems solutions… eager forDecember 2-8 truth seeker about his upcomingEmirates Golf Club Creamfields Abu Dhabi, the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL VIDEO GAMES LIVE business seminar on innovation and into solutions, embrace purpose and passion, you to find them. The world’s No.1 dance festival, establish effective teamwork, be motivated to returns to the Capital as an 18+ for FILM FESTIVAL 2012 DUBAI the secrets of creative thinking. take action, and create a positive future. decision is yours… bothHeld at the Emirates Golf Club, December 9-16 December 14the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters one night only. As one of the most Madinat Jumeirah Dubai World Trade Center worlds exist. The one youis the first full Ladies European eagerly anticipated events of the > WHAT ARE YOUR PERCEPTIONS choose is the one you year Creamfields Abu Dhabi blasts OF THE UAE AND WHAT DOTour (LET) event ever to be played into the Capital on Friday 7th This week-long film festival serves as a platform where local Video Games Live is a multimedia concert experience featuring YOU HOPE TO EXPERIENCE IN will create."in the Middle East. The season- December for a marathon eight and international directors, the best music and exclusive THIS TRIP?ending LET event made its debut hours of multi stage, multi arena film-makers, writers and actors synchronised video clips from This is my first visit to the Middle East. As within 2006 and boasts a prize fund electronic madness at du Arena, can come together to share the most popular games from all my travels, I hope to expand my perspective We substitute knowledge and perceptionof 500,000 Euros with the winner Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. General ideas and inspiration through the beginning of video gaming and understanding of the world, share my for imagination and possibilities. Whiletaking home 75,000 Euros. Admission tickets are Dh 275 and workshops and seminars to help to the present. Performed by knowledge and insights with others and make knowledge is important, its also limited and VIP Standing tickets (21+) each other achieve success in top orchestras and choirs, the many new friends in the process. In addition stagnant. Creativity is limitless and dynamic.For more details, visit at Dh 595. the regional market. DIFF also show combines exclusive video to being the UAE capital, my perception of Again, it can make the impossible possible.www.dubailadiesmasters.com accepts films that have been footage and music arrangements Abu Dhabi is that of a vibrant contemporary By acknowledging our perceptual blindness, For more details, visit submitted to other international with synchronised lighting, city with cultural diversity. What I find most moving beyond our biases, and having the www.thinkflash.ae festivals to help local talent gain solo performers, stage show exciting is the regions interest in innovation, courage to take action on new possibilities, global recognition and to further production, special FX, electronic development, and the future. we can expand reality. Even when we fail, highlight the burgeoning film percussionists and unique we make new connections and discover industry in the Middle East. interactive segments. > HOW HAVE YOU HELPED possibilities. Throughout my seminar, I will COMPANIES INNOVATE? be sharing insights, answers, and actionable For more details, visit For more details, visit > INTRODUCE MICHAEL Over the years Ive helped many companies items to this most important question. www.dubaifilmfest.com www.videogameslive.com TO THE UAE develop innovative solutions at many levels. Shortly after earning a degree in Visual Change is constant and innovation must be,MUBADALA WORLD Communications from Northern Illinois too. The challenge is recognizing, building,TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP University, I founded my own firm. We and sustaining a culture around creativity and MICHAELDecember 27-29 focused mostly on corporate identity, DUBAI MIDNIGHT innovation. Per your question, my experienceZayed Sports City branding and imaging. We were fortunate to MARATHON with Michael Jordan comes to mind. We created McMILLAN have diverse clients ranging from Fortune a book together entitled ‘Rare Air’. I presentedThe Mubadala World Tennis December 13 500 corporations like Dow Chemical, JohnChampionship brings together six Burj Steps, Downtown Dubai the concept to every major publisher in New Deere, Motorola and Siemens Medical York City only to be rejected. Why? Becauseof the world’s top men’s playersin a three day competition held The Dubai Midnight Marathon is a proclamation to the world of Solutions to smaller entrepreneurial businesses, non-profit organizations and it didnt fit an existing publishing category. Many new ideas dont fit existing categories. BOOK YOURat the Abu Dhabi InternationalTennis Complex. This year’s the safe and secure environment institutions. While our work has been recognized by most major design, marketing So we created a new category called a ‘pictorial autobiography’ and then convinced a California SEAT NOW!line-up welcomes back British that citizens and visitors of#1 and World #3 Andy Murray Dubai enjoy. The event will and communication organizations around the world, winning awards wasnt our focus. publisher to take a chance. Not only did ‘Rare January 7, 2013, Abu Dhabiwho is looking to retain his 2009 be launched on 12.12.12 at Air’ become a New York Times best-seller, it midnight (Wednesday night) at Our objective was to produce excellent work also established a new retail publishing niche.title. He is joined by World #2 PRO DRAG RACING SERIES To find out more about the At.Mosphere, Burj Khalifa. The and exceed our clients expectations. After 20 Innovative solutions vary in size and impact.and defending champion Novak December 20 and 21Djokovic along with two time following day will be marked Yas Marina Circuit consecutive years of growth, I decided to sell programme or to register forchampion and World #4 Rafael by festivities from 5pm with my firm and pursue other interests. Today, > WHAT, IN YOUR VIEW, ARE THE Michael McMillan’s seminar visit my work revolves around public speaking, SECRETS OF CREATIVE THINKINGNadal. The remainder of the field, music concerts, celebrity events The region’s most determined professional drag racers will face the www.theexcellenceseries.comall within the top 10 in the world, and family activities at the Burj ultimate challenge across six classes including Pro Mod, 7.5 Index, Pro writing, consulting, and making short films. AND INNOVATION? or call 02-4918625.includes the fiery World #5 David Khalifa Park, followed by a 3.2 km Bike, Super Street Bike, Pro 6 and Super Street . Come and witness this I have spent much time studying and ponderingFerrer, World #6 Tomas Berdych fun run starting at midnight at high octane event up close. Smell the burning rubber as the professionals > WHAT CAN WE EXPECT IN this question. To be human, I believe, is to berounded out with the competitive the steps of the world’s put their skills to the ultimate test. Tickets to event are Dh 50 to be YOUR JANUARY SEMINAR? creative. Without creativity, life stagnates and Rates are Dh 985 per person.World #9 Janko Tipsarevic. tallest building. purchased at the event. This seminar is ideal for emerging leaders, innovation doesnt happen. Creativity has been Group and university student high-potential managers who seek powerful and remains our most powerful asset. Creativity For more details, visit and practical thinking tools that can enhance discounts apply.For more details, visit For more details, visit comes to us naturally when were children. Butwww.thinkflash.ae www.dubaimidnightmarathon.com www.yasmarinacircuit.com their effectiveness in leading teams. It can over the years, we stop embracing this gift.06 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624 www.tempoplanet.com | 07
  5. 5. MUSIC View the #1 song in the UAE TEMPO’S MUSIC CHART LETS YOU DISCOVER THE LATEST TOP 10 SONGS IN THE EMIRATE, WHILE KEEPING EYE ON YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS.LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN 1BRUNO MARS SANAH CHAUHAN is a 19 year old mediaDIAMONDS 2 student who always has a tune in her head and lovesRIHANNA songs for their lyrics. 1. Edge Of Desire –John MayerONE MORE NIGHT 3 2. Flying Without Wings- WestlifeMAROON 5 3. Look After You –The Fray 4. Don’t You Worry Child –Swedish HouseWE ARE NEVER EVER GETTINGBACK TOGETHER 4 Mafia ft. John Martin 5. Smile –Uncle KrackerTAYLOR SWIFT 6. Chasing Cars –Snow PatrolTOO CLOSE 7. Someone Like You –AdeleALEX CLARE 5 8. The Last Night –Skillet 9. Thinking Of You –Katy Perry 10. Make It Bun Dem –Skrillex and DamianGANGNAM STYLE 6 MarleyPSYSOME NIGHTS 7FUNLET ME LOVE YOU 8NE-YODIE YOUNG 9KE$HAI CRY 10FLO RIDA1. One More Night- Maroon 5 1. Little Things- One Direction2. Diamonds- Rihanna 2. Locked Out Of Heaven- Bruno Mars3. Die Young – Ke$ha 3. DNA- Little Mix4. Some Nights- fun. 4. Beneath Your Beautiful- Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande5. Gangnam Style- Psy 5. The Power Of Love- Gabrielle Aplin6. Locked Out Of Heaven- Bruno Mars 6. Candy- Robbie Williams7. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift 7. Gangnam Style- Psy8. Let Me Love You- Ne-Yo 8. Ho Hey- The Lumineers9. Too Close- Alex Clare 9. Diamonds- Rihanna10. I Cry- Flo Rida 10. Love Is Easy- McFly08 | www.tempoplanet.com TO ADVERTISE IN THE WIDEST CIRCULATED YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED MAGAZINE IN THE UAE, CALL: 02 491 8624
  6. 6. PRESENTS SHEESH! SHAWARMA! By Saniya Ali Shawarma is a staple in this part of the world. It’s the fast food of the Arabia; it’s delicious and quite easy to make. And yet there are eateries that still get this road side delicacy very wrong. Tempo’s resident foodie Saniya Ali, went around the city of Abu Dhabi with her food loving side-kick, Mashal Abbasi, to review some of the shawarma joints around town... WHERE: AL FAROOJ FRESH WHERE: AUTOMATIC RESTAURANT WHAT: Mexican shawarma AL MARKAZIYA BUILD: chicken, pickles, Mexican sauce, traditional Lebanese bread, WHAT: Chicken Shawarma French fries BUILD: Chicken, traditional Lebanese bread, French fries, Pickles, COMMENT: A totally underrated fast food chain in UAE, Farooj has Garlic sauce. definitely left a lasting impression on my taste buds. Shawarmas aren’t COMMENT: One of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, the only thing on their menu, they also have a sumptuous variety of Automatic restaurant’s shawarma’s are something everyone living fried chicken, rice, salads and, who can forget, their superb ‘Tornado in this city has tried. With their authentic Lebanese cuisine and Fries’. Not only do they use fresh Al-Islami chicken, but it has got to be excellent service, I always want to come back for more! However in the juiciest shawarma I’ve ever had. The tangy Mexican sauce in their the past few years, their prices have risen and their portions have shawarmas is like no other I’ve ever tasted. Farooj’s Mexican shawarma gotten smaller. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the provides a unique taste that is just irresistible. excellent flavor they have managed to maintain over the years and RECOMMENDATION: Perfect texture, perfect combination and years of shawarma making. The crunchy pickle and juicy chicken just the right amount of sauce. make a deadly combo with the amazing garlic sauce. RECOMMENDATION: One of my personal favorites! Wouldn’t RATING: change a thing…except the size. RATING: WHERE: LEBANESE FLOWER WHAT: Mutton shawarma BUILD: mutton, yoghurt sauce, assorted salad COMMENT: Lebanese flower is a restaurant that has been around for quite some time. With their in house dining and shisha, Lebanese flower is a popular dining spot in Abu Dhabi. They were once known to make the best shawarmas in the city but I’m sad to say that’s no longer true. Over the years their service has declined, shawarmas have become smaller and they haven’t been able to maintain their once excellent flavor. The mutton shawarma wasn’t a complete WHERE: SHEESH SHAWARMA disappointment, the meat was good but I felt the bread wasn’t as soft KHALIDIYAH ABU DHABI as it should have been. WHAT: Chicken Shawarma RECOMMENDATION: Used to be a fantastic place, I just hope BUILD: Traditional Lebanese bread, chicken, French fries, various they get their groove back on. sauces and salad items COMMENT: While relatively new to the shawarma scene in Abu RATING: Dhabi, Sheesh Shawarma does not disappoint. The place offers a welcoming relief from the monotony of regular shawarmas. With a wide variety of fillings, I felt spoilt for choice at this small outlet in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Khalidiyah area. I ordered a chicken shawarma and ate it so fast I must have breathed it in! Each mouthful feels like a taste of heaven and the softness of the bread along with the large portion made it hard to resist. No wonder Sheesh Shawarma is quickly becoming one of the most popular shawarma stops in Abu Dhabi. RECOMMENDATION: If you’re looking to try a new take on the traditional shawarma, Sheesh Shawarma is definitely a brilliant option to try. RATING:10 | www.tempoplanet.com
  7. 7. H.E. Grace Relucio Princesa (Philippine Ambassador to the UAE) H.H. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mabarak browses “Leave the Birds Alone” while Sultan Saeed is getting her book signed by the author Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki Al Darmaki explains his inspiration QUICK QUESTIONS: If you were stuck on a deserted island and only had SULTAN SAEED AL DARMAKI: an unlimited supply of one thing to eat, what would it be? LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE Snickers By Sharon Carvalho Who would you least like to be stuck with in a lift? A person Left to right: Jamal Al Majaida (Journalist, WAM), Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki (host and author of “Leave the Birds Alone”), with a BlackBerry! Sultan has just launched his latest book called mother is strong and elegant, and was always Sultan Saeed Al ‘Leave the Birds Alone’. Strange name calm and collected. She even looked after the H.E. Grace Relucio Princesa (Philippine Ambassador to the UAE), H.E. Arif Lalani (Canadian Ambassador to the UAE), Sylvia Stoycheva (Account Manager, BrandMoxie), Dr. Waleed Al Saadi (Editor in Chief, Al-Manara Magazine), Darmaki isn’t your don’t you think? Not when you listen to his family business until I was old enough to take Sana Bagersh (Publisher and CEO, BrandMoxie) Who would you most like to be typical Emirati man. explanation. “The name originated from two thoughts. The first was when I was playing over. My mother is my ultimate role model”. stuck with in a lift? A clone In fact, there’s nothing World of Warcraft with two friends at a friend’s > SHEIKH ZAYED inspired by Amsterdam and London cabbies. The former because there are over 100 nationalities of me! typical about him at all; house. We came to a point in a dungeon where BIN SULTAN AL NAHYAN living there peacefully, and the latter because of the wealth of information they carry with them. one of them was about to attack the birds but I “He was the most open minded, forward If you could jump from whether it is his zest for knew that if he did that, we would be swarmed thinking man of his time. Accepting change > LIFE the edge of space (like Felix life, his taste in music by monsters. As I yelled at him to leave the birds and globalization would not have been easy for “Life is beautifully complex and chaotic. It’s a puzzle and we all have to accept that there isn’t an Baumgartner) would you? alone, the other friend of mine started singing a man who grew up in his corner of the desert, answer but it’s how hard you strive to solve it that makes it interesting. I find peace in chaos and that’s or his opinions on just the words ‘leave the birds alone’ to the tune but he was always thinking 200 years ahead of why I love to sit and watch people and the things happening around me. Well, me being me, about anything. of Michael Jackson’s ‘You are not alone’. That his time. And in the end, all he wanted was for a I’d do the jump but instance stuck with me. The second thought smart thinking population of leaders. Through find a way to do it in was my perspective on life. I like looking at the taking this book global I hope to change the QUICK QUOTES: a kandoora. (I’d like bigger picture so, to me, life is like the sky and image the world has of Emiratis. to land head first into the birds flying in the sky are the minor things that distract us from the picture… so leave the > HIS TRAVELS “I’d like to think that I inspire people to take what I write and express what they a giant pool of coffee, think about it. Like giving their brain a cup of coffee.” drink it all up and shoot birds alone is what I say!” “I have been all over the world and everywhere I go I try to find a coffee shop that is close to the “An abstract name will mean different things to different people. People get back into space) Sultan says he drew his inspiration heart of the city. I sit there with my notebook caught up in it and it makes them think.” from the world around him… and pen and just watch people. I watch how If you could be anything that “I never put numbers to creativity. I leave numbers for business. Creativity has they interact, how they move and the various to flow. It has to have no formation and must be fluid.” could be swallowed, what would > HIS PARENTS things that happen in the city. Usually a random it be? I’d be a rock because “My dad was a person who had a zest for life, thought in my head merges with something I’m “I write to capture the moment. I write to remove old thoughts and let new who was forward thinking and had gone from looking at and I find something to write about. ones in.” I’m very hard to swallow. growing up in a small desert to travelling all over That way I think I bring together an element Hehe! the world. He was a well spoken of gentleman of culture, an element of my childhood and “I believe that when we dream about weird stuff, it’s our subconscious telling us and was always looking to make new friends. My an element of imagination. I’m particularly to go out and do something creative.”12 | www.tempoplanet.com www.tempoplanet.com | 13
  8. 8. game hedz tech talk Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies XBOX LIVE APPLE iPAD MINI MIDDLE EAST Since the existence of original iPad, It was quiet. It was later than the iPad mini has been in the rumour expected. But it happened! mill (some based on hopes and others XBox Live Middle East has based on fact). But yet again Apple has finally arrived! Launched in done what we never thought it could; October actually. But is that a it brought out a smaller, more portable good thing? tablet with the same feel of the original iPad. The iPad mini is 7.9 inches 1024 Well, maybe not. If you sign x 768 IPS display; similar resolution as in to the ME service, you don’t the iPad 2 only the screen size is smaller. carry all your saved game datawith you. You’ll essentially have to start all over again and you won’t have all This thinner (7.2 mm) and lighter (308 g) device has a dual core 1GHzthe add-ons like Zune, for example. But I’m sure the necessary partnerships CPU with 512 Mb RAM, 1.2 Mega-Pixel Front and 5 Mega-Pixel rarewill be acquired…For example, XBox would have to find a music and cable camera with 720p and 1080p HD video recording, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n 2.4Ghzpartner here in the Middle East in order to offer similar apps to what you may and 5Ghz, Bluetooth 4.0, assisted GPS and GLONASS and 4G LTE for 4Gget through your UK/Europe XBox Live account. But all in time, kids, Model. The battery gives up to 10 hours of life while surfing the web overall in time. Wi-Fi and watching videos or listening to music. If you are looking for the full iPad experience in a smaller size, the iPad mini is for you. EvenIndeed there could be a conflict very much like the iTunes Store paradox many though now, there are a growing number of alternates available inface - two separate accounts and never the twain meeting. So far I recommend the market.sticking with your old account. There could also be issues with release dates,licensing content and censorship - we may simply not get certain kinds of DLC. GOOGLE NEXUS 10Then, who knows, we could be forced to open an XBox Live ME account and In my view Google Nexus 10 is theclose the other. Eeep! Early days yet, so let’s see where this goes. best designed tablet so far. It has more memory, higher resolution and the SMARTGLASS IS AS latest android 4.2. SMART AS... Yes, Xbox is really going for it The Google/Samsung co-production and released their Smartglass app measures 10.1 inches, is 0.89 cm thick which gives you constant Xbox Live and weighs only 603 g. Nexus 10 is connectivity on all your devices. So, powered by 1.7Ghz Dual-core Samsung I can waft around the Live universe Exynos 5 processor with 2 GB RAM and has a 2500 x 1600 screen on my iPad, for example. Now we resolution. It also supports Wi-Fi b/g/n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), Bluetooth could pretty much do that through 4.0, GPS and NFC.our browsers and the Xbox app, but now it’s a more complete experience thattotally mirrors that of your Live interface, and essentially acts like a remote It also has a gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer and a digital compasscontrol - which we kinda already have, but hey, why not? Just make sure the app and a whole bunch of other cool features. It’s a pretty cool device with theon your Xbox and your mobile device is activated. best hardware so far and yes, the round corners make it feel better to hold.HITMAN VS DISHONOUREDAnd yes, I got Hitman: Absolution, and it rocks! I recommend you playDishonoured then do Hitman. The former prepares you for an even fuller NEWS & GOSSIPexperience in the latter - though Dishonoured does some things better, so far.Hitman has a sense of realism as you make your way through crowded streets TURN YOUR SMARTPHONE INTO A- really crowded streets - avoid cops, look for alternate methods of entry, GAMING CONSOLEassassination and escape and compare your scores to the global average. There Over the past few years, smart phones have become increasinglywill be times when you feel great and woefully idiotic. Both games will be great powerful with quad-core processors, huge RAM and HD screens.gifts for the gamer in your life. Especially if that gamer is you. And this makes them a very good gaming device. Along comes Green Throttle, a gaming company, which has produced a controller which uses Bluetooth to connect your smart phone to the TV, to turn your MY FAV APP } NINO LUCIDO NOBEL smart phone into a gaming console. A cool product that offers a high quality gaming experience. 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