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mission clean ganga 2020, adopted by NGBRA

  • To clean Ganga Individual efforts are must. .
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  • My thought or comments are is my poem on Ganga ka astitv गंगा का अस्तित्व गंगा का अस्तित्व यह कह रही है गंगा हम से भागीरथी हूँ मैं भागीरथी क्यों गोमुख मेरा स्त्रोत हुआ दिवाकर ने आकार मेरी आँखे खोली उस मार्तंड के तेज से कितनी निर्मल हो गई मैं अपने में शीतलता पाकर आगे बही आगे चली निर्मल जल धारा बनकर जो भी मेरी राह में आया उसे ही मैंने अपनाया हर प्रयाग में मेरा किसी बहिन से नाता जोड़ा रूद्र प्रयाग में अलकनंदा और मंदाकनी बहिनों ने अपना रूप सजाया देव प्रयाग में पहुच कर भागीरथी को अपने में समाया हम तीनों ने मिलकर अपनी शक्ति से इस धरती को पावन बनाया जन जन के पापों को पीकर अपने को फिर भी निर्मल पाया इतने से वो बाज न आए 38 मेरे मन को वो ठेस पहुँचाए अपनी काया की राख को लेकर क्यों मुझे जलाने आए मेरे अंतस को आग लगाकर उस पर क्या फूल बरसाने आये मैं क्या इतनी वे जुवान हूँ जो कुछ न कह पाऊं मेरे इशारों को समझो मुझे मेरी राह पर चलने दो मत भ्रमित करो मुझे पथ से कहीं मैंने करवट ले ली तुमने मेरी मति भ्रष्ट कर दी खरी खरी तुम्हें बता रही हूँ तुम्हारा खाना पीना मुश्किल कर दूंगी करूणा है मेरी तुम से बिना पुष्प बरसाए मुझे मेरे हाल पर छोड़ दो अपनी काया कि राख को अपने देश में रहने दो मिथ्या और अंध विश्वासों को छोड़ मुझे मेरे अस्तित्व में रहने दो
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  • My thought or comments are is my poem on Ganga ka astitv
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Mission clean ganga

  1. 1. Mission Clean Ganga By: Ajinkya Gupta
  2. 2. The Holy Ganga• Longest flowing river of India• 2525 km length• Source : Gangotri, Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand• Basin area : 10,80,000 km²• Important Cities: Varanasi, Haridwar, Kolkata, Allahabad, Patna, Kanpur,Ghazipur
  3. 3. Impact of the deconsecration and pollution• One of top 5 most polluted river• More polluted than past• Plight of Ganges River Dolphin• Disapperance of River Otters and Mahasir• Exceeding limit of fecal coliform• Rise in cases of gall bladder cancer(2nd in world) and prostate cancer(highest in India)
  4. 4. Related impact• Alaknanda Power Project (Uttarakhand) submerging “Dhari Devi” temple.• Gangasagar island (West Bengal), mangroves, submerged n destroyed
  5. 5. Causes of the destruction• Anthropogenic pressure Industries over Ganga preservation• Non functioning of Sewage Treatment Plant(STP) 2.9 billion litres untreated sewage released daily• 68 highly polluting industries on the banks 75% waste from industries Only 1 Billion Litres per Day(BLD) installation instead of 2.9 BLD• 402 listed tanneries only in Kanpur 22 drains release tanneries toxic waste Chromium level 100 times higher than permissible limit
  6. 6. Causes contd…• Hydro Power Project(HPP) dams acts as speed breakers.300 dams being built on Alaknanda, Bhagirathi and Mandakini riversDisturb self cleansing propertyLow efficiency of HPPSubmergence of 1200 hectares of forests• Illegal sand miningReduction in water level at haridwar
  7. 7. Causes contd…• Half cremated bodies being dumped in the river Hindu belief of “Moksha” to “Jiva”• Banks used as defecation ground Lack of sanitary facilities• Dhobi ghats being established at the banks of Ganga
  8. 8. Role of GOI• Over Rs.9000 crores spent in last 20 yearsGanga Action Plan (GAP) – I433 crores spent in 25 townsGAP – II615 crores sanctioned for 59 towns270 crores spent since 2007
  9. 9. Schematic of GAP
  10. 10. NGRBA• National Ganga River Basin Authority Under MoEF Constituted in 2009 by centre under section 3 (3) of Environment Protection Act,1986 Declared Ganga as “National River” Chaired by PM Since 2010 budget, the allocation doubled to Rs.500 crores• Financing, planning, implementing, monitoring and coordinating authority for Ganga• World Bank assistance(technical and monetary) of $1bn for abetment of pollution of Ganga• “Mission Clean Ganga 2020” under NGRBA
  11. 11. Mission Clean Ganga 2020• Objective: “by year 2020, no untreated municipal sewage and industrial effluents flow into Ganga”• Investment to be shared between Centre and State in ratio of 70:30• Intercept sewerage and treatment
  12. 12. Recent Development by GOI• 4 new STPs underway at AllahabadPresently only 2 STPs (in Naini & Salori) which has capacity of only 109 against 232 MLD• Low budget and efficient solution by IESD (Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development), BHUIsolated an enzyme from rice seedlings which removes toxic pollutants from rivers
  13. 13. Personal Suggestions• 100 km stretch of Gaumukh – Uttarkashi declared as eco-sensitive zone• Moratorium on dam building till study of cumulative impact on environment is done• Zero tolerance policy• Minimum flow fixed• Follow examples of Thames (London) and Cheonggyecheon (South Korea)• Not to use electrical dependent pumps in STP, instead use gravity based• Electric /improved wood crematoria
  14. 14. Thank You !!!• References:Gangapedia.comPib.nic.inWikipedia.comTimesofindia.comNdtv.comTheweek.comnationalgeographic.comgoogle.com/images