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Aahsome Magazine, Theme: Food, Issue #3

Aahsome Magazine, Theme: Food, Issue #3



The third issue of Aahsome, a quarterly, free PDF magazine from India. Aahsome showcases the human spirit, mind, ethics and morals. You can contribute too! Submissions can be photographs, stories, ...

The third issue of Aahsome, a quarterly, free PDF magazine from India. Aahsome showcases the human spirit, mind, ethics and morals. You can contribute too! Submissions can be photographs, stories, opinions, poems, artwork, sketches or even an old, interesting blog post. Alternative · Counter culture · Creative · Libertarian · Open-minded · Open to all



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    Aahsome Magazine, Theme: Food, Issue #3 Aahsome Magazine, Theme: Food, Issue #3 Presentation Transcript

    • Aahsome ISSUE #3 Theme FOOD
    • about Aahsome is a quarterly, free PDF magazine from India made possible by readers like you. It showcases the human spirit, mind, ethics and morals. Aahsome, in its third issue, celebrates the instinctive desire for food, along with all its connotations and emotions. We ask you not to read this issue, but devour it! Founded and run by Anand and Arun, Aahsome’s mission is to showcase both the outwardly and the inhibited alike. Let us know what you think at hello@aahsome.com. K.A.Anand is a user Experience Designer Arun J. is a designer at SlideShare. He by profession and blogs about design dabbles in art, sketching and typography. and everything else at http://rega.in and He’s on www.simplyarun.com and tweets tweets @kaargocult. at @simplyarun. www.aahsome.com
    • Inside 4 Introduction 26 Review 43 Art No Eggs on Your Face Here! Meen 5 Tribute Kulcha — the official Emblem of the 28 Be Eggs or Be Square Contest! 44 Free verse Nizams of Hyderabad Wanton Soup 30 Story 10 Art oh Mother! 46 Gallery Your kisses are my food… Musical Food 33 Art & Poetry 12 Interview Puttu Kadala 53 Theme for next issue the 8th Sin build 35 Fantasy 14 Chocolatey Contest! Illish in Whondarland Cover design by arun J, with photographs by: 16 Review 38 Free verse Mahesh Khanna http://www.flickr.com/people/maheshkhanna/ Jain Sa’ab — the Gordon Ramsay of Grains of Rice Daryaganj McKay Savage 39 Fantasy http://www.flickr.com/people/mckaysavage/ 19 Comics Witch’s recipe to a cake Joel Penner http://www.flickr.com/people/featheredtar/ the Secret Dey alexander 42 Recipe http://www.flickr.com/people/dey/ 23 Story Phataphat Chicken barry http://www.flickr.com/people/ennor/ abundance
    • INtRo “ W e are what we eat.” Sounds dramatic, even corny to some What I am building up to is the fact that we have come to forget that food extent. But come to think of it, it’s literally true. All our tissues, is such an important part of our lives. Cooking our own food from fresh muscles and bones have come from the food we have had. So ingredients, and eating it with the whole family. Do you remember once what better theme than food? we used to do that? Do we even see food in its original form now? Is food processing and the rise of packaged food making us remote. Fruits on “रोटी, कपडा और मकान”, (bread, clothes and shelter) has long been the store shelves have indeed become glamorous. You wouldn’t see a ‘little slogan of the poor. Explorers have braved unknown oceans in search less red’ one among the line of apples. We can even afford to buy shiny of spices, discovered continents and named the inhabitants Indians. I imported apples. Question is, do we see the trail of smoke which goes wonder if Red Indians even know that the reason for their being called from those apples to Australia? so, is Indian spices. On the one hand being an adventure and starting expeditions searching for the food you like, and on the other, leaving Think about these questions too, while you have your munchies next your country and yearning for the food that you love. Speaking of food time. And do enjoy it. you love, almost everyone loves their mom’s cooking. What could be the Bon appétit! theory behind that? For sure, not all moms could be great cooks, on an objective scale. Most probably, we love the food prepared by our moms — K.A. Anand because it is prepared with love. Mom is just a specific persona, anyone who cooks with love, cooks great food. From cooking to eating together. In most cultures solidarity is almost always expressed by sharing food. Be it clinking mugs of beer, or distributing laddoos, to having golguppas with friends on the street. In fact, the very word companion comes from com (with) + panis (bread), the one you share your bread with. www.aahsome.com
    • tRIbutE Kulcha The Official Emblem of the Nizams of Hyderabad by Akshay Chavan D uring winter, cold waves sweep over the mighty Asaf Jahi dynasty that ruled over north India, meanwhile in street Hyderabad. It is more known for its biryanis and corners across cities, towns and mouth watering kebabs rather than its kulcha. villages, hungry people wolf down piping But the truth is that it enjoyed far more exalted chole-kulche and feel nice and good. “Kulcha” status than any other food product. It is the only along with chole is one of the favourite snacks food product to appear on emblem of any royal of north India. Kulcha is a north Indian bread family in the world! The kulcha appeared not made from finely milled wheat flour (maida). It only on their Coat of Arms but also on the official is generally eaten with choley (chickpea curry). flag of Hyderabad stare. There is no precedent The official definition of Kulcha is “Pan Cooked of a royal family having a food product as their the asaf Jahi Flag, the official flag of the princely state Leavened Flatbread”. Interestingly, it was the emblem. The only equivalent would be if a of Hyderabad. the round circle in the middle represents the kulcha while the colour yellow, represents the yellow official symbol of the Asaf Jahi dynasty and French noble family would have a baguette or cloth in which the kulchas were offered. even appeared on the Hyderabad state flag! You Italian princely house a foccacia bread on their wouldn’t normally associate kulcha bread with coat of arms! contd… www.aahsome.com 5
    • tRIbutE tasty and soft Kulcha, a type of naan bread prepared in north India. www.aahsome.com 6
    • tRIbutE The Nizams of Hyderabad were renowned all The largest unit in the Mughal Empire was the and greeted all great nobles of the realm with over the world for their wealth and power. Once Subah or a Province. The biggest Subah was lewd gestures and offensive epithets. Nizam upon a time, their mighty empire stretched for the Subah-i-Dakhan or the province of Deccan. ul-Mulk’s desire to restore the etiquette of the Khandesh in the north to Travancore in the After the death of Auranzeb, the Mughal empire Court and the discipline of the State earned him south. The wealth was famous over seven seas, was in decline. The imperial court of Delhi was few friends. Envious and malicious courtiers even finding them a mention on the cover of steeped in profligacy, debauchery and general poisoned the mind of the Emperor against Mir the “TIME Magazine”. So the question is, why state of dissoluteness. The old timers felt pained Qamruddin. have the humble kulcha as their emblem, while that the great imperial court and the “Mughalia Mir Qamruddin was informed that he was other Indian princes had tigers, lions and even sultanat” had sunk so low. One of these was Mir appointed the “subedar-i-dakhan” or the the mythological Gandha berundha (Mysore). Qamruddin. governor of Deccan. He decided to take up Why did the mighty Nizams not have something Mir Qamruddin the appointment and leave Delhi for good. as impressive? was an old courtier Before leaving, he decided to meet his spiritual in the Delhi court guide, the Sufi mystic Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. and his family had Hazrat Nizamuddin invited him for a meal and served the Mughal offered him kulchas tied in a yellow cloth. Mir emperors on high Qamruddin apologized for his hunger, on which positions for many Hazrat said that he could eat as many kulchas as years. However, he he wanted. Mir Qamruddin wolfed down seven was very unhappy kulchas. Hazrat Nizamuddin then blessed him about the state of and prophesized that one day he would be king affairs. According and that his descendants would rule for seven the Coat of arms of the asaf Jahi to his biographer, generations. dynasty of Hyderabad. the round circle Mir Qamruddin, the first he grew to hate in the middle represents the Kulcha. Nizam of Hyderabad, founder This prophecy came to be true. Soon after Mir the “harlots and of the asaf Jahi dynasty of Qamruddin came to Deccan, Nadir Shah invaded To answer this question and to trace the story jesters” who were Hyderabad. the man who ate and sacked Delhi. All vestiges of Mughal power of the kulcha and the nizams, it is important to the seven kulchas. the Emperor’s con- were gone. Soon the Nizams, who were simply go back to the origins of the Asaf Jahi empire. stant companions www.aahsome.com 7
    • tRIbutE governors, declared their de facto independence from the Delhi court. As prophesized, seven generations of Nizams would rule one of the biggest kingdom in India. The seventh Nizam, Nawab Sir Osman Ali Khan joined the Indian union after the Hyderabad police action by the Indian army. The eighth descendant, Mukarram Jah, would only inherit the title but nothing else. Kulcha still lives on, strong and proud. From its humble origins in the street corners of India, it is even available in supermarkets in UK and US like ASDA and Sainsburys. But I always wonder if Mir old wall painting of Khwaja Hazrat Qamruddin regretted eating only seven kulchas? Nizamuddin auliya, a renowned Sufi Also, I don’t know if he was offered chole along mystic of Delhi. the man who offered kulchas to Mir Qamruddin and then with them, as I have no doubt that had those prophesized that one day he would be kulchas been offered with chole, Mir Qamruddin king. the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway would have definitely eaten more! • station in Delhi is named after him. Akshay Chavan is an online media professional based in Mumbai, India. He has researched extensively on Indian royalty, history and heritage for almost a decade and has embarked on an ambitious project to uncover and document the forgotten chapters of Indian history, which were lost in mists of time. the collection of all his articles can be viewed at http://akshay-chavan.blogspot.com. www.aahsome.com 8
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 9
    • aRt Your kisses are my food, your breath my wine. — Indu Harikumar www.aahsome.com 10
    • aRt Your kisses are my food, your breath my wine. Indu Harikumar is a children’s writer and illustrator. She loves spouting corny lines. She blogs at http://conversationcompiler.blogspot.com. www.aahsome.com 11
    • INtERvIEW The 8th Sin Shilpi Ranadive just launched her chocolate product range, aptly named The 8th Sin. Priyanka Sarkar caught up with her to find out what makes them so aahsome. And hey, we have some super-exciting, chocolatey surprises waiting for you! Read on… S hilpi Ranadive started 8th Sin in Jan 2010 to the chocolates). What makes her proud How are you different from any chocolate after giving a lot of thought to what is that everyone who has tried the 8th Sin parlour? she wanted to do. Though a labour chocolates has liked them in terms of their We aim to please! Our idea is to make every of love, she puts in a lot of R&D into it as taste and quality. Shilpi is constantly innovating customer happy and revel in the taste of our the taste had to be refined and the recipes and experimenting as the world of chocolates chocolates… We want everyone to sin by standardized. She aims to introduce to India is immense. Stay tuned for exciting new eating our chocolates and also to spread this a vast variety of tastes which are available all chocolates from her at www.8thsin.in. sinfulness by gifting 8th Sin to their friends. over the world but are unheard of in India. She wishes to usher in some more premium One of the seven deadly sins is gluttony. Why So, do you plan to just make chocolates or do ranges like Callebaut Belgian chocolates, higher do you think you need to be the eighth? you plan to diversify? cocoa content (around 70%), to single origin Gluttony doesn’t appreciate the art of eating, Of course make lots more chocolates, various chocolates (chocolates made exclusively with and is eating for the sake of eating. The 8th new flavors and varieties. We are constantly cocoa obtained from a particular region which sin is Indulgence. And the only way that it is sourcing new ideas and trying them out. I can’t imparts unique taste and flavour characteristics deadly, is that we steal your hearts. see us running out of ideas for new products www.aahsome.com 12
    • INtERvIEW for a very long time so why diversify just yet. liqueur chocolate range — exclusively wines A chocolate buffet should comprise of… which will be announced soon, so do bookmark Chocolate Mousse, Liqueur Chocolates & Soft Why is “chocolating” a sin? Why are you our website to stay updated. Centered Dark Matter chocolates. “devilicious”? Chocolating with our chocolates is certainly There are only two types of people. One– 5 uses chocolates can be put to? sinful as they do evoke sinful thoughts & ideas who like chocolates, the other, who adore Bring Smiles, spread happiness & joy, make in everyone who indulges in them; so beware!! chocolates. Don’t you think it makes the friends and of course steal hearts. We are devilicious because we bring out the chocolate business a very safe business? How is a bar of chocolate better than any hidden devil in each and every one of you Sure people like or adore chocolates but how intoxicant? when you try out our delicious chocolates. many of us indulge in them regularly? We don’t A tiny bite of chocolate goes a long way; no eat enough chocolate as compared to a lot of other intoxicant gives so much pleasure to Sci-Fi or Fantasy fascination in the naming? other countries, so my totally risk free advice is We love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so that had to come to go out & buy yourself some chocolates. people in all age groups. • out in the product names of course. What do you think you stand for, in one word. What do you think ties chocolates and sex Irresistible together other than the fact that chocolates are Best way to eat chocolates… Priyanka Sarkar loves aphrodisiacs. You seem to be proclaiming that. to drown herself in Smell the rich cocoa flavor, then keep one in We would love to proclaim our chocolates to be chocolates at the sightest the mouth & let it melt slowly on your tongue pretext. She considers aphrodisiacal, which would be one more reason for 10-15 seconds. dark chocolates as the to indulge in some 8th Sin! But alas there are ‘godliest’ of ‘em all. no case studies or reports to validate that claim Pleasure… She is an editor at an yet. If any of your readers can help us verify That aha moment when eating chocolates academic publishing this, they are most welcome to share their house and fantasizes about all things chocolate, which leaves a smile on your face. most times. stories with us. A jacuzzi full of chocolates… No wine-filled chocolates, sigh? If it’s melted chocolate — messy affair, BUT Coming soon! We have been working on a new great for your skin! Chocolatey surprise ahead, turn over! www.aahsome.com 13
    • CoNtESt Will kill for chocolate! Will you? You don’t have to. Just send in interesting tweets about chocolate to @aahsome_mag with the tag 8thsin and win chocolates! You can also participate on Facebook. Just post on your wall and tag Aahsome Magazine. To tag, type @Aahsome in your wall post and pick from the drop down Facebook shows you. Facebook will let you tag only if you ‘Like’ us here: www.facebook.com/aahsome. Examples Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays. @aahsome_mag #8thsin Forget love… I’d rather fall in chocolate! @aahsome_mag #8thsin Prizes 2 winners get 250 gm Asteroid chocolates from The 8th Sin. Contest ends on May 12, hurry! All Aahsome readers get 15% discount on all 8th Sin products. Discount valid till 24th May. Place your order by calling 98209 75055. To avail the discount, say the secret password “Aahsome is awesome, and so are your chocolates.” Memorize this and you would have to say it exactly like that when you place your order :) Delivery is restricted to Mumbai only. But hey, if you’re from another place, you can still gift the chocolates to your friends and loved ones in Mumbai! Contest winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter. www.aahsome.com 14
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 15
    • REvIEW Jain Sa’ab I ’m definitely developing a very pronounced culinary split personality. The past couple of weeks have seen wall-to-wall macaroons and cupcakes for our recent Uparwali Chai tea party The Gordon Ramsay of Daryaganj events: cake-stands piled high, pastries nibbled, Assam sipped and pinkies crooked over fine china cups. by Pamela Timms Happily, I have a seriously sweet tooth but I’m definitely back in the mood for some savoury street fare. Just as well, then, that my friend Rahul Verma, who writes about street food for The Hindu newspaper, has decided to revisit all his favourite old haunts. Rahul first started writing about Delhi’s street food over 20 years ago, so there’s a lot to look forward to over the next few months. Hurrah! I’d hardly finished reading Monday’s piece about Jain Sa’ab’s Bedmi shop when I was in the car and heading to Daryaganj. A substantial street breakfast was just what I needed to set the right tone for the week. The wide, leafy streets of Daryaganj, dotted with colonial relics and publishing houses, make a nice change from the teeming gullies of the old city. One thing I’ve noticed about some of Delhi’s best street food is the quiet pride shown by the men who make it. No showy displays, no sweet-talking the customers, there’s an almost arrogant ‘take it or www.aahsome.com 16
    • REvIEW leave it’ confidence; here, the food does all combination made for the most satisfying Directions to Jain Sa’ab: the talking. Mr. Jain is no exception, he has the mouthful — I suspect a return trip may be In Daryaganj, from Golcha Cinema on bahadur Shah Zafar Road turn right until you come to a t-junction, intensity of a Gordon Ramsay. He watches his needed to nail it! One thing is for sure, though, Jain Sa’ab is a small stall on the left. two helpers like a hawk — everything has to the wonderfully fresh and creamy sweet lassi be prepared just so — and takes no nonsense was the perfect accompaniment. For a sweet from customers. I was left in no doubt final flourish we also could have had a pudding that photography of his stall would not be from the bubbling pot of Gulab Jamun. As Jain permitted — I was here to eat and not collect Sa’ab knows only too well, this is Indian street souvenirs! food at its finest! • The pride, it turns out, is well-founded. There’s no shortage of bedmi wallahs in Delhi but Jain Sa’ab is in a class of his own. His lentil- laced crunchy puris are served with a deeply savoury, meltingly soft potato and chhole (chick pea) curry drizzled with a sharp fenugreek leaf Food writer, blogger, cook, Pamela Timms has written features for a wide range chutney. But what marks him out from other of publications including The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Herald. bedmi shops is the side portion of tangy, Since launching in March 2009, her blog Eat and Dust (eatanddust.wordpress.com) has been voted one of sweet pumpkin which gives the whole dish a India’s top 5 food blogs by Good Housekeeping magazine and was recently blog of the Week in The Times of India. She has been interviewed by French tv channel FR2 and Business Standard newspaper and will soon perfect balance. There’s also a final flourish to be the subject of a profile in The Financial Times. of pickled carrot and I couldn’t decide which www.aahsome.com 17
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 18
    • CoMICS www.aahsome.com 19
    • CoMICS www.aahsome.com 20
    • CoMICS take 3 parts asterix & tintin, 4 parts Dr. Rajkumar & Superstar Rajinikanth, 2 parts Dai vernon, 3 parts Frank Miller, 4 parts Steve Jobs, 2 parts Gary Larson, 2 parts Monty Python. Stir in cauldron over a flame for an hour. add mango pickle and vodka for taste. the author fell into a vat of the above-mentioned potion as a baby and has a heightened, confused sense of culture and identity since. Known superpowers include amazing autorickshaw-fu. Jai Iyer was born in, lives in and (supposedly) works out of bangalore. He blogs at iyermatter.wordpress.com. www.aahsome.com 21
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 22
    • StoRY abundance by Abha Iyengar he saw her, he smiled at her. But he did not look happy. “I am so tired. Can you give me something to eat?” She began to speak. “But…” and stopped herself. The children had gone to sleep and I n a small village in central India lived a a certain respect in their eyes. He was spreading she had had her dinner since her husband was man. His name was Prem Kumar. He lived the message of love, he said, through the words supposed to eat at the function. The kitchen fire a simple life. He sang songs written by of Kabir, the great poet-saint. had been extinguished. She was tired, and eager Kabir. He would get up early in the morning and The Brahmins of his village also appreciated too to hear what had transpired at the function, meditate, and practice his singing and get lost his singing, so much that they invited him to sing the appreciation of his singing, the decorations in his bhakti. The songs transported him into for them at their community hall. They wanted in the hall, the people who had come to hear another world, where love was the only master. him to have dinner with them as well. He him and the delicacies he had eaten. He went from village to village, often declined the dinner in the beginning but agreed “Yes,” she said instead, “wash and come walking, and singing his songs. He had a few to join them at their insistence. The food was into the kitchen.” musicians with him, who also trudged along tasty and varied. He ate what he was served and She lit the fire again. She had some flour left with him, regardless of sun and rain. Whenever went home. However, he vowed that he would into which she mixed some milk and sugar and he sat down to sing, people gathered. Some never accept such a dinner again. made him some sweet rotis, there was no other functions were also organized where he would His wife was waiting anxiously for him, food which she could serve. She spread out the sing. People began to know of him. He gained wanting to hear all about the function. When mat for him to sit and poured some cool water www.aahsome.com 23
    • StoRY from the clay pot in the corner. Then she sat and “Everything overflowed, Mangla,” he said. the respect due to another human being. That is waited. When he walked in and sat down to eat, “Wonderful,” she said. His eyes grew sad. why I had to ask you to give me food. What I she noticed the lines of sorrow around his lips. “Yet there was something missing.” ate there was sawdust in my mouth. There was She watched in silence while he ate his fill. “What? You still wanted something more?” no love in it for me. I will never eat with them “Thank you,” he said simply. “My singing did not affect them.” again, though. This time they bruised my pride, She was amazed at his words. This is what “Why do you say this?” next time they could break my heart. I want to she did every day. She wondered at it all. “They did not serve me with love. There was continue singing.” “You know, Mangla,” he said, for that was abundance; but not of love in their heart for me.“ He placed a hand on her shoulder. “Thank her name, “my plate was filled with so much He drank some water, cleared his throat. The you for making me feel human again, for filling food that I should have come home satisfied. I words came out with difficulty. my mouth with sweetness, my stomach with ate from a silver plate, and the glass was pure “I was made to sit a little away from the rest love. For giving me food.” • crystal, something you would not see in our of them. A distance was maintained. So they did village at all. The surroundings were clean and not really eat with me. They served me, yet it Abha Iyengar’s work has fresh. I ate all that was served, the puris, the was done as if they were throwing food at me. appeared in Dead Drunk Dublin, potatoes in gravy, the lightly spiced cauliflower, I had to swallow my pride and sit there and eat. Danse Macabre, Long Story Short and others. She is a Kota the fried brinjal, the rice kheer with raisins and For them, I am still a non-Brahmin. I am not a Press Poetry anthology Contest winner. Her story, ‘the High Stool ‘ was nominated for the Story walnuts, the bananas and … there was so much human being in their eyes.” South Million Writers award. Her poem-film, that it is difficult to describe.” Her eyes filled with sudden tears but his “Parwaaz”, has won an international prize. She is also recipient of the Lavanya Sankaran Writing Mangla’s eyes had begun to shine at the were dry. Fellowship. “Yearnings” is her recently published poem collection. wonder of it all. She had never ever seen this kind “I will continue to sing for them. And hope She’s on www.abhaiyengar.com. of food. Her husband had indeed been lucky. that one day they will serve someone like me with www.aahsome.com 24
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 25
    • REvIEW No Egg on Your Face here! by Karthik Shetty W hen I first read the words The Egg too!), it made me (and my friends) realise that Factory on burrp.com, the line from there had been some serious thought put into an 80s ad “Sunday ho ya Monday, this place. contd… roz khao andey” ran through my mind. In the 80s and early 90s, Doordarshan (DD1 and DD2) was what I grew up watching and so it’s hard for my generation to forget the above mentioned byline. And so being the foodie that I am, along with my buddies, landed up at the ‘Factory’, located in a quiet by-lane on St. Mark’s Road, in front of an old, dilapidated house where time seems to have stood still. The décor, like the floor of a factory, caught our eye. Along with their product-manual style menu (multi-lingual www.aahsome.com 26
    • REvIEW On going through the menu, we suddenly became very aware of the multitude of dishes the humble egg can be served in. From the simple omelet to a scramble, from a frittata to a French toast, from the Mexican Huevos Rancheros to the classic egg curry, you think of it, they’ll probably have it. And did I mention pasta? And for the weight conscious, you can ask for just the whites to be used (this is where we went “You’re kidding me!”). But hold on, don’t think this is just a breakfast joint — this all day diner also has snacks (egg- based, of course), and some fantastic shakes and coolers. Over several lunches and dinners later, I can say with full authority that these can be super fun affairs as well, especially when you realise that you’re paying half of what you’d normally pay at most other restaurants. Among the several ‘concept’ restaurants, this one sure takes the egg… I mean cake — a cake which contains egg, of course! • Karthik Shetty is a Software Engineer by profession and a foodie at heart. He blogs at gastronomicalgspot.blogspot. com and is a confirmed friend of the Egg Factory. Eggciting contest ahead, turn over! www.aahsome.com 27
    • CoNtESt BEEBS Conte s t Be Eggs or Be Square Contest Think of eggciting things even The Egg Factory hasn’t thought of! Send funny, creative, eggstertaining tweets about eggs to @aahsome_mag. Tag them with #theeggfactory. You can also participate on Facebook. Just post on your wall and tag Aahsome Magazine. To tag, type @Aahsome and pick from the drop down Facebook shows you. Facebook will let you tag only if you ‘Like’ us here: www.facebook.com/aahsome. Eggxamples khao ande. monday to sunday… khul jayenge life ke fundae @aahsome_mag #theeggfactory Did the hen come first or the egg? Never mind, I’m eggnostic @aahsome_mag #theeggfactory Prizes 2 Winners get vouchers worth Rs. 500 each! 2 Winners get vouchers worth Rs. 250 each! These vouchers can be exchanged for FOOD at The Egg Factory! Contest ends on May 12, 2010. Hurry! Winners need to pay only if the pre-tax value of their bill exceeds the value of the vouchers. The Egg Factory is located on the ground floor, White House, In the lane beside Dewar’s Wine Store, St. Marks Road, Bangalore. It is open on all days, between 8 AM to 11 PM. The vouchers can used only at the restaurant. No home delivery. Winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter. www.aahsome.com 28
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 29
    • StoRY Oh Mother! by Minu Agarwal T he bus approached slowly inching forward, stopping at every crossing, but at least it was there and on its way — my bus to work. It was at a new job in a bad economy so I was even more anxious to be on time. The bus came to a halt and the door opened. With a courteous smile the driver welcomed me on board. He was well built yet gentle looking and sported gold rimmed aviator style sun glasses. I swiped my monthly-pass and gazed across the bus looking for a suitable place to sit. The So the middle is where I went to go sit, in the stop online but was still nervous that I’d miss it. front of the bus was full, with a few old people midst of some middle aged ladies. It was the I should have looked at the google street view, and one passenger in a wheel chair. The back morning office rush hour but most people in I thought regretfully. I hesitated to pull out my of the bus looked equally inaccessible with a the bus seemed quite relaxed. A black lady with newspaper because if started reading that I few inconspicuous men sitting here and there. close cropped salt and pepper hair had a seat would miss my stop for sure. I kept my eyes on Maybe the childhood notion of a monster in the empty next to hers. She smiled as I sat down. I the street signs wishing I had the window seat. back of the bus still lurked in my mind and I did had looked up the street intersection for my bus The lady next to me, turned to me and said not try finding a place there. www.aahsome.com 30
    • StoRY something in a thick southern American accent. of conversations I overheard. She was thin and out the threshold until I had emptied a glass of The only thing I understood was that she was wrinkly but the same could not be said about warm milk. Every morning she would hold onto speaking English. I put up a confused face and her enthusiasm and energy. She was the most my wrist as I tried to wriggle my way out. The gestured that that I did not understand. The poor avid talker on the bus, engaging a different rickshaw-walla would wait patiently as the daily lady repeated herself three times and I still could person in conversation each day. Her repeated morning drama ensued. My “rickshaw” mates not understand. I smiled politely and found it attempts with me though always resulted in whispered and giggled as I desperately tried to best to open up the newspaper after which she bitter failure. I have always wondered what she invent excuses for not drinking the milk. After a said something to the air around herself and let thought of me… “What is this girl who does not few tugs I would give up and put the glass to my out a sigh. understand English doing here?” or maybe she mouth. Mom would loosen the grip only when I thinks I am avoiding her. Mrs. Williams however handed her the empty glass. A group of young mothers boarded the bus had no dearth of people she could talk to. She about half way through my journey, at the But there was nothing I could do right now chatted up other women and if no one was in downtown stop, with two kids and stroller each. sitting in the bus, except wishing the crunching the mood, she’d talk to the driver. The driver Much commotion followed with kids stumbling empty stomach pain would go away. The bus would often oblige. around and the moms yelling at them while stopped at the ‘Senior Citizen Multipurpose trying to fold and put away the strollers, swipe I on the other hand had my newspaper to give Facility’ and Mrs. Williams had reached her their tickets and find a seat all at the same time. me company on the 20 minute commute. This destination. She was already at the head of the The eyes of the lady next to me lit up as she was just another day. As usual I got up later bus talking to the driver. The driver got the bus craned her neck to have a better view of the than I should have. I was still trying to put shoes to kneel and lowered the ramp. He even got up, activity. on as I ran out the door and reached the bus took her hand and helped her down. The driver stop just in time. I was happy to have made it then continued to lead her into the facility. I I continued to look out the window. But of onto the bus and gladly settled into my seat. expected him to return to the bus but he walked course, when my stop came, I missed it. After Mrs. Williams smiled and I returned the gesture. away with the engine running and door open. a week of travel though, I had recognized But my stomach wasn’t smiling. It grumbled, A girl came up to the bus and peeked in. She not only my bus stop quite well but also quite reminding me that I had skipped breakfast yet looked confused upon finding the driver’s seat a few regulars. I found that old lady with the again. During childhood also I was always short empty. I was the only one left in the bus and salt and pepper hair was a regular on the bus on time and enthusiasm for breakfast. But my she stepped in hesitantly with a question on her and that her name was Mrs. Williams from bits mother was firm. She would not let me step face. I answered the unasked question for her, www.aahsome.com 31
    • StoRY “The driver just stepped out to help an old lady. He should be back soon”. She glanced at her watch and shook her head. I was annoyed too as the bus was already running late today and then the driver decides to go for a stroll! After a nervous five minute wait he returned with a “to-go box”. I was all the more annoyed. I had missed breakfast to be on the bus on time and here the driver makes the whole bus wait, so he could have some? I hesitated for a moment, and walked up to him as he engaged the gears. I am not a confrontational person so it took some courage to say, “The bus is running quite late. Could you not have taken your break after the trip?” The driver let out a sigh, removed his sun glasses, turned to me and said, “Ma’am have you ever won an argument with your mom over skipping breakfast?” I couldn’t help but smile and went back to my seat. • Minu Agarwal hails from “Yuppee” (uP), living right now in atlanta, uSa en-route to her dream retirement in the Himalayas. She works in the green building industry. www.aahsome.com 32
    • “Puttu Kadala” From when he can remember, Rajesh Babu remains an art enthusiast. He is currently an art Director in the uaE. www.aahsome.com
    • aRt & PoEtRY കുട്ടന റെ തട്ടുകട ് Kuttante ThattukaTa Kuttan’s Food Stall വേനലാണല്ലോ കഴിയ്ക്കുവാൻ ഭക്ഷണ Venalaanallo kazhiykkuvaan bhakshana- The searing summers are upon; മേതുമാകാതെ കുഴഞ്ഞിടുന്നു methumaakaathe kuzhanjnji tunnu Eating food feels like a tiring chore. ഇന്നീ നഗരത്തിൽ കിട്ടുന്ന ഭക്ഷണ innee nagaraththil kittunna bhakshana- And all the food in the city, മൊന്നുമെനിയ്ക്കു രുചിയ്ക്കുകില്ല monnumeniykku ruchiykkukilla. I don’t seem to relish anymore. നാട്ടിലെ കുട്ടന്റെ തട്ടുകടയുമാ From back in my village, Kuttan’s food stall, Naattile kuttante thattukatayumaa- ചില്ലലമാരിയുമോർമ്മ വന്നു chillalamaariyum ormma vannu With his glass almirahs, I reminisce. ഉള്ളിലിരുന്നു ചിരിയ്ക്കും സുഖിയനും ullilirunnu chiriykkum sukhiyanum As within them peer smilingly, the sukhiyans വെൺനിറമോലും നല്ലിഡ്ഡലിയും ഉണ്ണിയപ്പം വട പുട്ടു കടലയും venniramolum nalliddaliyum And fluffy, white idlies. വെള്ളേപ്പ മൊപ്പം കഴിയ്ക്കാനിഷ്ടു unniyappam , vata, puttu, katalayum Unniappams, vada, puttu & kadala, പിന്നിലടുക്കള തന്നിൽ നിന്നെത്തിടും velleppamoppam kazhiykkaanishtu Vellappams, with ishtu to go around; നല്ല ദോശമണം ശബ്ദമൊപ്പം pinnil atukkala thannil ninneththitum And from the kitchen behind, lingers നല്ല സാമ്പാറിൻ സുഗന്ധമൊഴുകുന്നു nalla dosa manam, sabdamoppam Dosa-making smells and sounds. ചമ്മന്തി ചട്ടിണിയ്ക്കെന്തു സ്വാദു The sweet aroma of sambar wafts, nalla saampaarin sugandhamozhukunnu ചന്തമായ് തൂങ്ങും പഴക്കുലകളിതാ Delicious, the taste of chammandi & chutney! chammanthi, chattiniykkenthu swaadu ചില്ലിന്റെ ഗ്ലസ്സിൽ വരുന്നു ചായ chanthamaay thuungum pazhakkulakalithaa Hanging resplendent, bunch of bananas; കൌണ്ടറിൽ ചന്ദനം നെറ്റിയിൽ ചാർത്തീട്ടു chillinte glaassil varunnu chaaya. And in glass cups arrive tea. കൌതുകമേറ്റിടും കുട്ടനിതാ ഒന്നു ഞാൻ പോയി വരട്ടെയെൻ നാട്ടിലേ Kountaril chandanam netiyil chaarththeettu At the cash-counter, sandalwood paste across യ്ക്കിന്നെൻ മനസ്സു കൊതിച്ചുപോയി his forehead, kouthukametitum kuttanithaa Sits Kuttan, looking ever so fine. onnu njaan poyi varatteyen naattile- That once again I may visit my village, ykkinnen manassu kothichchu poyi. Yearns this heart of mine. Jyothirmayi Shankaran, is a literary enthusiast, who finds great pleasure in writing short pieces of prose and poetry. She is an avid blogger and blogs at www.jyothirmayam.com. Her soon to be published book ‘Mumbaijalakam’, is a collection of her blog-posts, and an ode to the mega-city she belongs to, Mumbai. She is also a wonderful cook. the wonderful flavours that she weaves about permeates into her culinary skills as well. www.aahsome.com 34
    • FaNtaSY Ilish in Whondarland by Priyanka Sarkar T heesh eesh tha shtory oph a eeph you are in China) and happenings (mostly hab I, nowhere een Kolikata and eeph you don’t pheesh that we all Bangals gastronomic). This tale will terrify and bring joy hab it in Kolikata, you hab eet nowhere), so she jasht labh to eat and konshidar at the same time. So hold on to the seat belts of started following it. the pinnacle of culinary ekshperiansh. your imagination or you will fall into chaos! The sea-rabbit started running and so did I know this story because I ate this Ilish and at So one day, choto Ilish was misbehaving and Ilish when suddenly the sea-rabbit suddenly night when the mind is truly awake, that fish told being extremely naughty, so mother Ilish told jumped up and disappeared. Ilish also jumped me about the Ilish that travelled to Whondarland. her to go sit in a corner. Ilish was sitting (she up and started feeling like she was flying. And Haaakthoo! (Pan-stained spitting.) had to bekosh, naughty though she whass, but as she was flying she lost all bearing of where There is magic in this story as there is magic she knew she cannot shay no to Ma) and sulking she was and kept going up and up. And she in the very taste of Ilish. There are magical when suddenly she saw a sea-rabbit. Now, Ilish dropped into a fishbowl with all doors to the creatures (not all edible, though some can be, had never seen a sea-rabbit in her life (neither I outside locked (I shteel cant recollect how she www.aahsome.com 35
    • FaNtaSY reached there, when I can remember, I wheel land and teaches them to follow the true ideals write it down phor you). Now the fishbowl was of Marxism to become an ideal land. There is very smelly, so Ilish had to find a way out or die also a game of Phootball (Ah! That godly sport of the smell. She tried all the doors and finally I labh to whatch!) and a war greater than the found one that could open but it was very tiny. World War. That was when she saw a small bottle with ‘Drink But this is just the preface of the book and me’ written on it. Ilish drank a little and shrank if I give away the story, you will not read it and and opened the door (yes, she got it in one go, miss out on a good story that will teach you a Priyanka Sarkar is a because she is a feesh, and eeph you eat pheesh, lot many good things in life. So, read the preface non-resident bengali who doesnt really like you become intelligent). now, and wait for the story, my grand epic tale fish or even football. And with the opening of that door she that will make me the next Tolstoy. Wait for it She has absolutely no interest in politics was lead into a garden prettier than Eden (not now, for I put my pen down, because the wife except for in the passing. She is a complete foodie who likes to read and watch fantasy the Biblical one, the one in Kolikata). It is here is calling me for dinner. She says there is begun (not of the pornographic kind). When she is not that she saw two pigs (Oh Ma , I laabh pork!) bhaaja, moshur daal, ilish, bhaat, chaatni and editing, she is eating, drinking, lazing around, reading or watching movies. who were sitting in Adda with a cat (I don’t shondesh. I am very hungry and kannot bhait. theenk I want to eat that) with spectacles and Image two flowers. And from here begins the story Best Regards, Ms Machli from Machilipatnam is part of a pilot art project that Indu Harikumar teaches at a Mumbai of adventure and misadventure as she (like any A. Mukhopadhayay Mobile Creches centre. good Bangali) takes part in the politics of the www.aahsome.com 36
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 37
    • FREE vERSE Grains of Rice by Bindu Lalitha A single grain from Draupadi’s pot Or hundreds spread to dry on grandfather’s porch, Brown, un-hulled, boiled, freshly picked from the fields Soon we eat them, little pieces, crushed, sweetened With coconut milk, jaggery, cashews Or little white pillars, steamed, topped with more coconut Spiced with black gram or yellow ripe bananas My aunt, she strains them, out of her pot Gently, unhurried in bamboo ladles Mounds of steaming, pink fat grains Under Jacaranda trees on hot afternoons We savor them with sour white curds, Pickled mangoes from tall Chinese mud jars Fried Eggs with chilies, onions, and more coconut. My mother feeds an army of fifteen, Or is it twenty? Her pot, fat, short, large, precariously balanced On a Kerosene stove the author lives in misty Portland oregon and I cook on fire unseen, a handful at a time generally dabbles in logical poetry in verilog. The starch and froth from the soon to be fluffy white grains For random musings on everything in life read Perfumes the house of a warm meal to come more at http://greenismyvalley.blogspot.com. And calls the children to the table. www.aahsome.com 38
    • FaNtaSY Witch’s recipe to a cake by Amey Purandare Back in my school days, I was incredibly enchanted science. It has taught me an important corporate Samantha is making cake from thin air, she is by the TV show Bewitched. It was also a time survival skill — making creative explanations for merely instructing the atoms in the air to undergo when atoms and molecules — the stuff we problems and questions you know you can’t fusion or fission reactions — as needed, and to lesser mortals can never ‘see’, but are supposed have an answer to. Back then, such an important reassemble into sugar and flour molecules of a to believe in — were being taught in my school. question was ‘How does Samantha produce stuff cake. Simple! Science stopped being just about a floating from thin air?’ wood block on water, and suddenly graduated But what about the colossal energy required or to a propaganda laid out by thoroughly confused Let’s start with an assumption. Witches have released during these series of nuclear reactions? souls who make up wacky assumptions in order to a charm. Just as a charming person gets lots Without getting into a debate over whether elucidate certain observable phenomena. Sadly, of comments on their blog, witches can easily math is a science or an art, let’s turn to math just a few chapters ahead, another soul or a influence and manipulate people into obeying for an explanation. The law of large numbers group of them finds a contradictory observation an instruction. Naturally, their influence must holds the key. It’ll be safe to assume (again) that doesn’t fit the assumptions made by the also extend to inanimate objects — down to the that there are over a million, if not billions of earlier group. Duh! Despite its demerits, being molecular and atomic level. After all, humans witches, doing their things around the universe. the meritorious student that I was, I loved are also a bunch of atoms, right? So, when A friendly exchange of energy must then take www.aahsome.com 39
    • FaNtaSY place between any two seemingly disconnected most seemingly approachable (read, charming) witchcraft reactions. Otherwise, the universe person for help? It works the same way, except would get too cold or too hot depending that the witches actually do know everything. on whether Samantha is creating a cake or Just as our charming colleague secretly Googles destroying it. for knowledge, the less knowledgeable witches must also use an eBay equivalent for auctioning But how does this transfer actually take place? off their energy. I mean, one witch could be in London making a cake, and the other in Bhutan destroying But doesn’t it sound too much of a hassle to something. I don’t see a link… I just need to make a cake? Yes. You think baking a cake is think harder. Or, may be not. Is it too hard for easy? Besides, this might precisely be the reason our charming lady in Bhutan to instruct the why Samantha doesn’t want to use her powers atoms around her to kindly assemble into a and prefers just to bake a cake instead — the old heat exchange reactor, convert the enormous fashioned way. • heat released into electricity, and pass it onto Samantha via a pair of superconducting cables? Just as we need ovens and spatulas to make a cake, witches need nuclear reactors and superconducting cables. Easy. But how does the lady in Bhutan know where to send the cables? How does she know about Samantha? Time to revisit our assumptions. Hey, didn’t we say witches have charm. Isn’t charm frequently equated with intelligence Having eaten his birthday cake recently, Amey Purandare develops and tests cool mobile apps and knowledge? At work, when we are stuck (only when he’s not eating cakes passionately). somewhere don’t we instinctively go to the www.aahsome.com 40
    • aDvERtISEMENt www.aahsome.com 41
    • RECIPE Phataphat Chilly Chicken by Neelu Kohli 1 small chicken cut into small pieces 6 dried chillies 3 fresh green chillies split into vertical halves 1 big capsicum diced 2– spring onions or 2 normal onions diced 4 tablespoons soya sauce 3 tablespoons vinegar 1 teaspoon refined oil Salt to taste Place all the ingredients in a pressure cooker, close the lid and cook on high heat. After a whistle, let it simmer on a low flame for 5 minutes. Then, turn off the stove and let the cooker cool. Open, and dry if required. Serve hot with cut green chillies in vinegar and fresh green salad. a school teacher by profession, Neelu Kohli is a foodie and loves to cook. She enjoys trying out quick and easy recipes in particular. She jots down her culinary experiences and plans to publish a recipe book soon. www.aahsome.com 42
    • aRt “Meen” the ingredients shown are curry leaves, tomato, lemon, ginger and the fish shown is the sardine. From when he can remember, Rajesh Babu remains an art enthusiast. He is currently an art Director in uaE. www.aahsome.com 43
    • FREE vERSE Wanton soup for the sad girl by Rishabh Shah The blue cup and saucers, The tears roll down, And a hint of smile. Lie waiting for the tea. They don’t taste sweet, A bowlful of joy, The green paint brush, A swish of hand, Taken one spoon a time, Is dripping wet. The moistened cheeks, Cooled by the warm breath, The glass lies broken, The doll on the ground, Of a sorrowed soul. The kettle merrily boiling, The severed head. The stove is on, or is it? The favourite remedy, The lighter can’t be found, The needle, the thread , Of smart mothers, The dolls are stacked together, Couldn’t put poor Barbie, An oriental speciality, Almost like a family, Back together again. One passed down ages. A happy family? The mother knocks, One soup to rule them, Who can tell? A jerk sight towards the door, One soup to soothe them, A shake of head, One soup to bring them all, Rishabh makes PPt’s with There’s a book in front, “Not now, it’s ok”, And in the happiness bind them. confusing words and complicated It says chicken soup for the soul, “I’m sure it is, Chicken soup it is not, In good shape, maybe unread. Dinner’s ready, dad’s waiting.” Though the little girl, “strategies” for a living. He is a The family is tight, Inside every man’s soul, Manga & anime lover and loves The table is set, A whispered sigh, Craves for it, day in day out, playing board games. a travel A family portrait half-finished, A shrug to share, It’s the wanton soup, freak, his aim is to travel the The water is on, The doll left alone, That works the best. world… though at someone The bathroom door locked, The child moves on. else’s expense obviously :). He The tub with a duck is filling fast, The family waits, And that is why, enjoys reading and writing but The boat lays waiting by the sink. And another too. Every kid in the Middle Earth members of the opposite sex The mom, the dad, Knows this saying by heart, bring out the poetic best in him. A girl sits alone, The daughter sits. A bowl of wanton soup a day, He blogs at r3d3mption.blogspot. Down by the corner, A big bowl of hidden secrets, Keeps all the sadness away! com and tweets @_rishabh. Sniffing, weeping, sad. The cover slowly removed www.aahsome.com 44
    • aDvERtISEMENt Most vintage advertisements courtesy of At The Edge blog: 8ate.blogspot.com. www.aahsome.com 45
    • GaLLERY Musical Food compiled by Harish Shankaran & Arun J www.aahsome.com 46
    • GaLLERY www.aahsome.com 47
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