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Aagami ppt

  1. 1. Despite all of priceless ecological, economic, social and healthbenefits, people are destroying the very forests they need to live andbreathe.2,000,000 Ton of firewood is burned everyday…730,000,000 Ton of firewood burned every year…13 Million Hectares of the world’s forests are lost every year… The green lungs of the earth are vanishing fast…
  2. 2. A happy girl is the future of country…But in our country girls and womenhave the highest exposure to biomasssmoke.
  3. 3. Due to 30% of Black Carbon & C02emissions from domestic consumptionof biomass fuels in Asia, HimalayanGlaciers would disappear in 30 years.
  4. 4. In India about 5,00,000 deaths annually are attributed to Indoor Air Pollution *Death of One woman or child is caused due to Smoke hazards every 20 secIronically these deaths are occurring while cooking meals for the family…
  5. 5. More than 1.6 million people dieGlobally every year from the effectsof breathing poisonous smoke.
  6. 6. Indoor air pollution (IAP) from chulhas claims ashocking 500,000 lives in India every year, mostof whom are women and children. According to WHO, India accounts for 80% of the 600,000 premature deaths in south-east Asia annually due to exposure to IAP. Nearly 70% of rural households kitchens in India dont even have ventilation. An estimated 80% of the expenditure of a rural household in India could go into health services. A simple mechanism promoting smokeless chulhas and improving ventilation can reduce the incidents of Indoor Air Pollution deaths by half.
  7. 7. Over 3 billion people rely on the burning of solid fuels to prepare their meals.Burning solid fuels emits carbon monoxide, particulates, benzene andformaldehyde which can result in pneumonia, asthma, blindness, lungcancer, tuberculosis and low birth weight.WHO estimates pollution levels in rural Indian kitchens to be 30 times higherthan recommended levels.Suspended particles present inside a kitchen have 1,000 times greater chanceto penetrate deep into your lungs than the suspended particles outside.Women are constantly exposed to chulha smoke in India due to culturalmindsets.
  8. 8. We need You...to join hands in eradicating Indoor Air Pollution....We need your support to make rural women take charge of their health...We need your participation in our effort to make girls live fullest life....
  9. 9. We seek your participation in developing a product that would minimize Air pollution...
  10. 10. We have a solution to eliminate this Silent Killer (Indoor Air Pollution)We could save precious lives, save future generations, save forests, saveenvironment, reduce carbon emissions, slow down climatic changes andreduce the drastic rate of melting of the Himalayan glacier.We have chalked out a program which can fulfil all the requirements ofsaving lives & be efficient as well as be SUSTAINABLE.We however cannot do this without a larger partner group like yours whichcould provide support to develop such Virtuous product.Together we could save lives and improve our environment in a sustainable& scalable manner.
  11. 11. are currently under developmentA futuristic product with a potentialto change the way rural India cooks today...
  12. 12. It is a tragic irony that the very act of preparing food, designed to aid andnurture a family, puts the same family at risk.Let us take the first step to change this situation...
  13. 13. Comparative study between traditional cooking and Improved cooking. Particulars 3 Stone Traditional AAGAMI Cook Stove Improved Cook StoveFuel (Wood) Consumption 6 kg 3 kgfor preparing daily mealsAverage Cost of Fuel / day (INR ) Rs. 24/- Rs. 12/-Annual cost of Rs. 8640/- Rs. 4320/-fuel (INR)Annual Cost of Medicalexpenditure on treatment Rs. 1800/- Nilfor possible TB / Asthma/ Cataract / HeadacheTime Required to 4 – 5 hrs/day 2-3 hrs/dayprepare MealsApproximate AnnualExpenditure on Rs. 4000/- Rs. 1000/-home maintenanceSafety Hazards High Low
  14. 14. Aagami would be a revolution in biomass cooking stoves industry. Its uniqueand superior Technology provides users with the best and fastest cookingsolutions with respect to biomass cooking stovesAdvantages of Aagami Reduces cooking time significantly compared to traditional stoves.Saves Time & Reduces cooking cycle time by upto 50% . Uses up tp 60% less fuelMoney: saving money and collection time Reduces biomass fuel usage (wood crop waste, etc. up to 60%) andSaves Fuel: the time utilized in searching this biomass. Aagami Cookstoves have long life which prevents recurrent cost onDurable: buying new stoves. The Warranty offered saves cost on maintenance. Aagami isEasy to surprisingly easy to clean and manage. It is Portable and stablemaintain: compared to other stoves.Hygienic: Keeps your home clean and free from smoke and sootConvenient: Works on any biomass fuel, including firewoodDependable: Retains the same traditional food taste, No blow pipe required
  15. 15. Saving Environment Savings by Per Stove for 5 Parameter Per Stove/Year Disseminating years 1000 stovesWood Saving ( In Tons ) 0.8 4 4000Money Saving ( In Rs ) 3672 18360 18360000CO2 Savings (In Tons ) 1.5 7.5 7500CO Savings (In Kgs ) 23 115 115000PM Savings ( In KGs ) 0.8 4 4000Black Carbon Saving (In gms ) 286 1430 143000
  16. 16. For further discussion please contact:Atul NaikSahas, Chetnanagar,Near Chobe Nursing Home,Aurangabad – 431005, Maharashtra StateIndiaTel: 08793037006E-mail – atulnaik@aagamieco.com
  17. 17. Thank You !