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C5 CEE Private Equity London

  1. 1. Business Information In A Global Context “eventC5 CEE PrivateLPs seeking accessthe “must attend’ The for GPs and Equity Forum is to the Central and Eastern European market ” Richard Seewald, Partner, Alpha Associates AG 14 th Annual Forum Private CEE urns h world E q ui t y Achieving best risk-adjusted returns in the post-crisis worlld ld 5-6 November, 2009 | London, UK London , Join the industry leaders: Alpha Associates AG 3i European Investment Fund Liberty Global Partners SGAM Alternative Investments “Great atmosphere, very excellent CEE Privateand content Congratulations on the Equity conference! Advent International Schroders Investment Management interesting speakers ” Tomasz Czechowicz, Managing Partner, MCI Management SA 3TS Capital Partners ARX Private Equity Expert Insights and In-depth Discussions from Top Industry Players on: Mid Europa Partners • New deals in the pipeline Royalton Partners • Finding leverage Paul Capital Partners • LP’s liquidity fears Acanthus Gartmore Private Equity • Special situation and distressed opportunities MVision • Country and sector views Syntaxis Capital • The latest on the most controversial AIFM proposal Mezzanine Management GmbH Krokus PE Lead Sponsor Cocktail Reception Sponsor Silver Partner GED Eagle Ventures KD Private Equity Deloitte Supported by Media Partners GESSEL Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP NYSE Euronext Paul Capital Partners New Russia Growth To register call +44 (0) 20 7878 6888 or register online at www.CEEPrivateEquityForum.com
  2. 2. here is no doubt that private equity in Central and Eastern Europe is now moving into the big league. Despite the T doom and gloom which has characterised global markets during the past twelve months, CEE remains an area of strong interest to investors. With decreasing valuations, plenty of headroom for growth, proximity to developed European countries, world class fund managers and skilled labor forces, the region offers great promise as it emerges from the global financial crisis. Focusing on current critical trends and future deals, this undoubtedly premier event will discuss the latest strategies employed by leading GPs, LPs, private equity firms, venture capitalists, private equity funds of funds, hedge funds, wealth managers, investment bankers alongside those of traditional asset managers to outperform the market and achieve excellent returns. Join over 150 leading industry experts who will: • Predict what will be the driving forces behind CEE private equity in 2010 and beyond • Answer your questions about why investors should deploy capital into the region in the short and medium term and what are the most attractive countries for private equity on a 3-year horizon • Analyze how to tactically use co-investments in the changing deal environment • Discuss post credit-crunch investment strategies in the new “LBO-less” environment • Share their views on alternative sources of financing in the restricted bank lending climate • Explore the promising new opportunities presented by special situations and distressed investments • Track the most recent fundraising trends and assess the implications for CEE private equity firms • Debate on pros and cons of the latest, most controversial AIFM regulation Do not miss! This year NESsT again chose C5’s Forum as the platform for awarding the famous “Golden Egg Award” – the International Venture Philanthropy Award of the year. Take this opportunity and register today for this most effective viewpoint and experience sharing platform. But hurry, ALL previous events were sold out long before the Forum started. Reserve you place today by calling +44 (0) 20 7878 6888 There are limited speaking opportunities for this event. For further details please contact Forum Director Anita Arthur: Tel: +44(0) 207 878 6925; email: a.arthur@c5-online.com “Very valuable range from GP’s perspective representatives from various institutions. A very good of different topics and input ” S. Urbanek, IK Investment Partners Who YOU WILL MEET: • LPs and GPs: • Investment Banks, Asset Management Firms: - President, CEO, CIO - Head of Distressed Debt - Managing Partner, Partners - Head of Structured Finance - Managing Director - Head of Mezzanine Finance - CEE Director - Head of Leverage Finance - Head of Private Equity - Head of Acquisition Finance - Head of Alternative Investments - Head of Corporate Financial Restructuring - Portfolio Manager - Head of Private Equity - Head of Investor Relations - Head of Alternative Investments • Institutional Investors (Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, - Head of Equities, Head of Equity Capital Markets Distressed Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms, - Associates (CEE, Private Equity) CLO Funds, Pension Funds, Endowments, Local Authorities): • Deal Facilitators and Service Providers: - Principal, Founder - Stock Exchanges - Managing Director, General Manager - Placement Agents - Senior Fund Manager - Distressed/Turnaround Managers - Portfolio Manager - Law Firms - CEE Director, CEE Country Managing Partner - Accountants - Head of Investor Relations - Consultants and Appraisers - Associates (CEE, Private Equity)
  3. 3. The CEE Private Equity 2009 ADVISORY BOARD Whose Dedication is Critical to Ensuring High-level Quality Content: Henry Potter Daniel Lynch Alexander Abolmasov Alpha Associates AG 3TS Capital Partners New Russia Growth Armando D’Amico Brian Wardrop Chris Buckle Acanthus ARX Private Equity Mezzanine Management Central Europe Top Speakers Include: Thierry Baudon Garret Byrne Christopher A. Rose Mid Europa Partners Deloitte Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP Alan Mackay Ulrich Grabenwarter Zoltan Toth 3i, London EUROPEAN INVESTMENT 3i FUND Ben Edwards Nigel Williams Adrian Harris Royalton Partners Syntaxis Capital Schroders Investment Management Limited Richard Seewald Beata Gessel-Kalinowska Alpha Associates vel Kalisz Warren Hibbert GESSEL MVision Barbara Nowakowska POLISH PRIVATE EQUITY Saki Georgiadis Kevin Johnson ASSOCIATION Gartmore Private Equity Liberty Global Partners, USA Matjaž Peterman Brian Gimotty Robert Luke KD Private Equity Paul Capital Partners GED Bucharest Thomas Wilfling William Watson Chris Mruck AXA Private Equity Eastern SocGen ADVENT INTERNATIONAL Europe GmbH Attendee Breakdown by: FIR M TY P E USA GE OGRAPHY Turkey Russia – 4% – 4% Others – 5% GPs/Equity Nordic and – 4% Law Firms and Sponsors – 15% Baltic – 4% Consultants – 20% CEE – 47% LPs – 30% Western Europe Investment Banks/ and UK – 34% Deal Facilitators – 30% GLOBAL SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Exclusive Business Development Opportunities at C5 delivers a high level of measurable ROI to our executive partners, both via the position taken within the event itself, as well as via significant exposure both pre- and post-conference. Supporting “CEE Private Equity Forum” can help cement your long-term position as a leading voice within the event community or provide an immediate impact for client acquisition. For more information about this event or our global portfolio, please contact: Victoria Cann on +44 (0) 20 7878 6955 or email v.cann@C5-Online.com
  4. 4. Day One: Thursday, 5 November 2009 • Taking stock of how things have changed in the CEE region • Are we back to the market conditions of five years ago? 08:00 Registration and Refreshments • Remembering what we liked and what we didn’t like from those times 08:45 Chairman’s Welcome Remarks • Setting out the basics of the region’s new relationship Garret Byrne with targets, portfolio companies and investors Partner, M&A Transaction Services Leader • Can we make it work? Deloitte 10:30 Liability Issues in Private Equity Fund 09:00 Post Credit Crisis Macro Trends and Transactions Private Equity Perspectives for Central and Eastern Europe Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz Managing Partner Moderator: GESSEL Hein Van Dam Partner 11:00 Morning Refreshments Deloitte 11:30 Differentiating Between Winners and Panelists: Losers as a New Approach to Private Thierry Baudon Equity Investing in the Region Managing Partner Mid Europa Partners Chris Mruck Managing Partner, Co-Head of Central Europe Henry Potter Advent International Partner Alpha Associates AG, Zurich • Which CEE countries are weathering the storm and offer better opportunities for private equity investors Opening Panel Alan MacKay Partner • Winners: most evident examples from Poland, Slovakia, 3i, London Czech Republic Ulrich Grabenwarter • Which countries are still losing out and why? Head of Equity Fund Investments European Investment Fund, Luxembourg 12:00 Stimulating Growth and Staving off a Kevin Johnson Recession: The CEE Macro-Economic Co-Founder and Managing Partner Outlook for 2010-2011 Liberty Global Partners, USA Adrian Harris • New driving forces behind CEE private equity in the Head of Central & Eastern Europe and the aftermath of the global financial crisis Mediterranean Region • CEE private equity: Market size and development dynamics Schroders Investment Management Limited • Implications of the current climate for CEE private equity in the short- and medium-term period • When will growth resume in the Eurozone? Implications • Assessing the increased role of private equity in enhancing of the current economic climate in Western Europe for capital market efficiency and widening the availability of the CEE countries capital in CEE countries • The CEE response to financial crisis: Evaluating the • Forecasting the size and type of investments CEE private effectiveness of stimulus packages equity will see in the short- and medium-term • Key changes of investment policy and the investment • Challenges of implementation and enforcement market throughout the last twelve months of new policies • Private equity investment strategies: How to benefit from current market dislocation 12:30 EU Regulation of the Private Equity • Sources of investment in the current restricted lending Industry with Squire Sanders’ CEE Private environment Equity Team • Private vs public markets in CEE: Comparing the growth potential of both sectors Moderator: • Comparing CEE to the other emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and India: Investors’ viewpoint Christopher A. Rose Partner 10:00 Haven’t I Seen You Somewhere Before? Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP The Reality of CEE’s Return to the Emerging Markets Panelists: Barbara Nowakowska William R. Watson Executive Director Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity Eastern Europe SGAM Alternative Investments S.A., Paris Polish Private Equity Association, Warsaw To register call +44 (0) 20 7878 6888 or register online at www.CEEPrivateEquityForum.com
  5. 5. “Excellent insights into specific CEE markets and hot issues ” Mario Orasche, Founder and Managing Partner, Eagle Ventures Kevin Connor • Analyzing recent deal activity in the lower mid-market Partner as compared to other market segments in CEE Squire Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. • What are the “ingredients” required to secure leverage Andreas Fillmann for CEE lower mid-market buyouts Partner • Value creation theses in lower mid-market deals in CEE Squire Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. Panel Discussion 16:30 Afternoon Refreshments Guido Panzera Senior Associate 17:00 The CEE Mid-Market – Squire Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. Key Trends and the Road Ahead • What is the appropriate level and form of regulatory engagement with CEE private equity: Too much or too little? Panelists: • How hard can new EU regulation hit the industry Richard Seewald - assessing the current shape of AIFM (Alternative Partner Investment Fund Managers) Directive Alpha Associates AG, Zurich Panel Discussion - consequences and implications for CEE private equity Thomas Wilfling • Enforcement issues: What has changed and what still has Managing Director to be achieved here AXA Private Equity Eastern Europe GmbH • Consequences for the PE industry: catastrophic or merely Nigel Williams a nuisance? Managing Partner • Implications for CEE fund managers Royalton Partners 13:30 Networking Lunch • Mid market deal activity – Anatomy of deals completed in turbulent times 15:00 CEE Countries and the Euro • Sectors likely to be active as we emerge from the downturn • Countries in CEE likely to fare best/worst Paul Temperton • Investment strategies reviewed as we move ahead Managing Director Tier Co • The GPs view on CEE mid-market • Adoption of the Euro in CEE – current position 18:00 Chairman’s Remarks for Day 1 • Advantages of Euro adoption for CEE: Who is likely to benefit? 18:15 Private Equity Shares: The Impact of Social • Adjustments needed to prosper with Euro membership Enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe • Pitfalls to avoid – Ireland’s example Eva Varga Enterprise Development Director 15:30 Emerging Post-Credit Crunch Positives NESsT Venture Fund, Europe for the Deal Making in the Region: Focus on Value Creation and Asset Quality • Summary of the latest developments at NESsT • Examples of current investments and portfolio case studies Daniel Lynch • NESsT expansion plans and targets for Private Equity Managing Partner Shares 2009 3TS Capital Partners In 2008, the CEE Private Equity industry raised over EUR • Preserving value – taking the company through 300,000 through the Private Equity Shares campaign toward the and out of the J-Curve work of NESsT to support social enterprises addressing critical • Assessing management and making changes social problems across the region. NESsT will provide a briefing • Adapting the business model to a new reality on the progress of the NESsT Venture Fund over the last year, • Getting control of the real financial situation highlighting new portfolio social enterprises benefiting from Private Equity Shares support and plans for the 2009 campaign. • Setting incentive plans aligned with new horizons Since 1997, the NESsT Venture Fund has applied a venture capital approach to philanthropy, providing both capital and 16:00 CEE Lower Mid Market: A Differentiated mentoring support to a portfolio of social enterprises (businesses Deal Size Segment? owned/operated by nonprofit organizations) in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, in order to help them Brian Wardrop increase financial performance and social impact. Co-Managing Partner ARX Private Equity To register call +44 (0) 20 7878 6888 or register online at www.CEEPrivateEquityForum.com
  6. 6. “Efficient and enjoyable way of keeping up to date on the latest developments in CEE Private Equity ” Garret Byrne, Partner, M&A Transaction Services Leader, Deloitte Central Europe 18:30 International Venture Philanthropy Award: • Latest investment trends in CEE private equity. What returns NESsT “Golden Egg Award” have funds in the region provided for investors to date? • What is the risk-return profile of CEE investments in The International Venture Philanthropy Award was established the current market; what returns do investors expect? by NESsT in 2001 to promote excellence in the field of venture • What are the most attractive countries for private equity philanthropy and to celebrate international venture philanthropy on a 3-year horizon? role models. Also known as the “NESsT Golden Egg Award,” the award will be presented at the Forum to a member of the CEE • What are the implications for fund size going forward: private equity/venture capital industry who is a role model for giving Is this the end of the large cap funds in CEE? back to the communities/region in which our industry invests. • Special Situations – increasing opportunity for CEE? Presented by: • Tactically using co-investments to address the opportunity set in the next few years Zoltan Toth • What does it take to fundraise in the current environment? 3i (together with 2007 award recipient) State of play – the private equity fundraising market post credit crunch and the implications for CEE private equity firms 18:45 Cocktail Reception • Assessing the current situation on the global Sponsored by fundraising market • Return expectations • LP liquidity fears • Fundraising cycles – mega-cap vs. smaller regional funds in CEE Day Two: Friday, 6 November 2009 10:15 The Future of LBOs in CEE Post Credit Crisis: Finding Leverage in CEE after 08:00 Registration and Refreshments the Credit Crisis 09:00 Chairman’s Remarks. Summary for Day 1 Moderator: Gavin Hill Bela Seres Partner Managing Partner, Financial Advisory Services Panel Discussion Deloitte Deloitte 09:15 LP’s Views on the Region, Current Appetite Panelists: and Fundraising Trends Ben Edwards Managing Partner Moderator: Syntaxis Capital Armando D’Amico Managing Partner Chris Buckle Acanthus Managing Director Mezzanine Management GmbH, Vienna Panelists: • Is it possible to find senior debt for LBOs? Panel Discussion Saki Georgiadis • From who and on what terms? Investment Director Gartmore Private Equity • Does this create opportunities for mezzanine? • What will be the likely structure of an LBO in today’s market? Warren Hibbert Partner MVision 11:45 Morning Refreshments Mark O’Hare Managing Director 12:15 Attractiveness and Future of Private Equity Preqin and Early Stage Investing in the Balkans and South Eastern Europe • What is the current appetite for the region? Why should investors deploy capital into the CEE region in the short Panelists: and medium term? Robert Luke • Relative attractiveness to other emerging economies (particularly India) Director General&Managing Director GED, Bucharest • Country views (i.e. Poland v Romania v Turkey v other countries in the region) To register call +44 (0) 20 7878 6888 or register online at www.CEEPrivateEquityForum.com
  7. 7. Mario Orasche Alexander Abolmasov Founder and Managing Partner Director Eagle Ventures New Russia Growth R o u n d Ta b l e Matjaž Peterman • How do current trends in investment returns compare Partner with returns in the other global markets KD Private Equity • Is Russia going to see more global private equity activity Panel Discussion • Why should private equity investors take a closer look in the mid-term? at the region • The latest regulatory issues • Who are setting the trends here? • How deal structures have changed since the crisis • Overview of the debt market in the region • The importance of thorough due-diligence for • Unveiling potentially lucrative sectors for private equity. a successful deal Where are the growth areas expected to be? • Ukraine - the last large untapped market or the biggest • Practical examples of recent private equity transactions: loser of all? pinpointing potential goldmines of the future 16:30 Afternoon Refreshments • What makes CEE venture different to other regions, i.e. China or India 17:00 Mapping Successful and Realistic Exits: • Assessing the CEE early stage investment potential What are the Options Here? • Drivers behind CEE venture • Uncovering excellent sources of returns at the smaller end Aaron Goldstein of the investment spectrum following the credit crunch International Listings • Overcoming barriers for further growth NYSE Euronext • Ensuring an agreement for cooperation 13:45 Networking Lunch • Matching any changes with the completion of exit • The importance of considering a back-up for warranties 15:00 Overview of the Crisis-Driven Changes to the Private Equity Landscape in Poland: 17:30 Securing Liquidity in an Illiquid Asset Class: Which Way the Market is Moving? New Opportunities for Private Equity Witold Radwañski Investors and GPs on the Secondaries Market Partner and Chief Executive Krokus PE, Poland Brian Gimotty Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets • Analysing the latest developments and changes to Polish Paul Capital Partners private equity • Analysing key drivers of the secondaries market • Uncovering investment strategies that work best at a time in the region when leveraged deals are difficult • How LPs are using the secondaries market to optimise their • Practical examples of hard hit and resilient investments returns and achieve the flexibility that secondaries offer • Profiling risks into the future - altering investment strategies - modifying asset allocation policies 15:30 Russia and CIS: The Biggest Bubble to - responding to changes in public markets Burst or the Best Investment Destination? - managing liquidity Panelists: • Outlining the attractiveness of secondaries for GPs Christopher A. Rose Partner 18:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP 18:15 Close of Forum Alexander Kondrashov Managing Director Rusnano ©C5, 2009 To register call +44 (0) 20 7878 6888 or register online at www.CEEPrivateEquityForum.com
  8. 8. 14 th Annual Forum Achievi Achieving best risk-adjusted Private CEE E q ui t y returns in the post-crisis world 5-6 N o ve m be r, 2009 Lo n do n , UK do Business Information In A Global Context 5 Priority Service C d y i Code 866F10.WEB EASY WAYS TO REGISTER WEBSITE: www.CEEPrivateEquityForum.com REGISTRATIONS & ENQUIRIES ℡ +44 (0) 20 7878 6888 EMAIL: registrations@C5-Online.com FAX: +44 (0) 20 7878 6896 PLEASE RETURN TO SELECT PACKAGE C5, Customer Care, Albert House, Main Conference £1499 + VAT 1-4 Singer Street, London EC2A 4BQ DELEGATE DETAILS TITLE FIRST NAME CALL FOR GROUP DISCOUNTS SURNAME POSITION Book 4+ places and save ££££s. Call +44 (0) 20 7878 6888. APPROVING MANAGER DOCUMENTATION IS PROVIDED BY CD COMPANY/FIRM The documentation provided at the event will be available on CD only. ADDRESS If you are not able to attend, you can purchase a CD of the presentations provided to delegates on the day of the event. Please send us this completed booking form together with payment of £350 per copy requested. For further information please call +44 (0) 207 878 6888 or email enquiries@C5-Online.com. CITY POSTCODE COUNTRY TERMS AND CONDITIONS PHONE INTL. CODE PHONE All cancellations must be submitted to C5 in writing, prior to 8 October 2009 and are liable to a 25% cancellation fee. We regret that cancellations or bookings EMAIL received after 8 October 2009 cannot be refunded or credited. Substitutions are permitted, and must be notified in writing. TYPE OF BUSINESS FAX FOR MULTIPLE DELEGATE BOOKINGS PLEASE COPY THIS FORM I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS BOOKING FORM PAYMENT DETAILS Event Code: 866F10-LON SIGNATURE PAYMENT POLICY DATE Payment policy is due in full upon registering. Your entry to the event will not be guaranteed until payment has been recieved. All discounts will be applied to the Main Conference Only fee (excluding add-ons), cannot be combined with any other offer, and must be paid in full at time of order. Group discounts available to individuals employed by the same organisation. INCORRECT MAILING INFORMATION If you receive a duplicate mailing of this brochure or would like us to change BY CREDIT CARD Please charge my ○ AMEX ○ VISA ○ MasterCard any of your details, please email data@c5-online.com or fax the label on this brochure to +44 (0) 20 7878 6887. To view our privacy policy go to CARD NUMBER www.c5-online.com/privacy_policy_statement. EXP. DATE VALID FROM HOLDER’S NAME If you do not wish to receive mailings from other companies indicate here BY CHEQUE Please delete me from your mailing list I have enclosed a cheque for £ ___________ made payable to C5 Please note, C5 reserves the right to alter without notice, the programme, sessions If you wish to pay in Euros€ or USD$ please contact Customer Services and speakers described for this event.