DriPak® NX - Designed to perform


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The DriPak® NX pocket filter offers best-in-class performance on
energy efficiency and ease of installation based on a unique combination
of high tech filter material, pocket design and ergonomic header
construction. The air filter can be used for a wide variety of applications,
ranging from final filtration for office buildings to pre-filtration
for sensitive processes. With DriPak NX, high indoor air quality,
environmental savings and low operating costs go hand in hand.

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DriPak® NX - Designed to perform

  1. 1. DriPak® NX – Now available in Designed to perform
  2. 2. “Limited space, time pressure, ease of filter maintenance, preventing filter damage and supply accuracy are important daily challenges.” WHAT CUSTOMERS TOLD US “A lightweight and sturdy construction without sharp edges is an important pocket filter requirement for a safe and easy handling and installation.” “A low filter weight facilitates easy transportation on site, especially when working on different heights.” “A high rigidity ensures simple and correct installation into the frame without damaging the filter.” “Absence of sharp edges, burrs and splinters is important to prevent injuries to and accidents with the service crew.”
  3. 3. AND WHAT WE ALSO KNOW Lifecycle costs air filtersLifecycle costs Air Handling UnitsShares of energy Significant rise of energy costs Policies and guidelines • EU Energy 2020 | 2030 program | EPBD • Eurovent Energy Efficiency Classification EU targets: End 2018: public buildings to be nearly Zero Energy Buildings End 2020: all new buildings to be nearly Zero Energy Buildings (building produces at least the amount of energy it consumes)
  4. 4. DriPak® NX The industry’s best pocket filter to tackle both challenges Highest ease of maintenance Best energy efficiency
  5. 5. HIGHEST EASE OF MAINTENANCE Injection moulded polyurethane header  Rigid header, simple and correct installation without risk of damage  Low weight , easy transportation on site  Free of burrs and sharp edges, prevents injuries during handling Gastight seal with separated pockets  Optimized air flow pattern, lower pressure drop  Improved dust distribution, extended filter life
  6. 6. COMBINING THE BEST OF BOTH PU header offers the pro’s of plastic and metal while eliminating the con’s. Check the product leaflet for the available sizes.
  7. 7. BEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY Tapered pockets from highly efficient synthetic media  Guaranteed efficiency through mechanical filtration layer  Lowest initial pressure drop  Lower pressure rise level, reduced energy consumption and extended filter life Rounded aerodynamic inlet  Prevents pockets from detaching, installation delays  Increased media surface use, increased DHC and extended filter life  Leak free system, no bypass of filter, cleaner duct work Non-shedding synthetic pocket filter media with guaranteed mechanical efficiency and industry best performance. Waved Nanofiber layer Coarse layers
  8. 8. The most energy efficient pocket filter currently available The performance of the new DriPak NX from AAF has been independently validated - and certified by Eurovent. BEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY
  9. 9. DriPak® NX How it is made
  10. 10. Stitching the highly efficient media
  11. 11. Cutting the pocket width and stitching the corners
  12. 12. Cutting the pocket lengths to fit the requirements
  13. 13. Collecting the pockets for transfer to the PU line
  14. 14. Positioning the pockets before closing the mould
  15. 15. Closing the mould to create the PU header
  16. 16. The marriage is completed: DriPak NX with PU header
  17. 17. DriPak® NX Configuration and performance
  19. 19. THE RESULTING PERFORMANCE Industry best
  21. 21. DriPak® NX More information
  22. 22. MORE INFORMATION DriPak NX documentation and website Design brochure DriPak NXProduct leaflet DriPak NX Website: dripaknx.aafeurope.com
  23. 23. HOW CAN I LEARN MORE? Contact AAF for all details about the new DriPak NX pocket filter Austria Telephone : +43 2236 677 628 E-mail : sales.austria@aafeurope.com Belgium Telephone : +32 2 426 5451 E-mail : aaf.verkoop@aafeurope.com Finland Telephone : +358 (0)10 2290 700 E-mail : sales.finland@aafeurope.com France Telephone : +33 143 984 223 E-mail : marketing.france@aafeurope.com Great Britain Telephone : +44 1670 713477 E-mail : airfilter@aafeurope.com Greece Telephone : +30 210 6632015 E-mail : greece@aafeurope.com Italy Telephone : +39 031 35 25 311 E-mail : sales.italy@aafeurope.com KSA Telephone : +966 1 2651116 E-mail : info@aafsaudi.com The Netherlands Telephone : +31 591 664466 E-mail : aaf.verkoop@aafeurope.com Turkey Telephone : +90 216 449 51 6 E-mail : bilgi@aaf.com.tr UAE Telephone : +971 4 339 7688 E-mail : aafme@emirates.net.ae Germany Telephone : +49 208 828423 -0 E-mail : sales.germany@aafeurope.com Spain Telephone : +34 916624866 E-mail : info@aaf.se linkedin.com/company/aaf-europe plus.google.com/+aafeurope youtube.com/aafinternational slideshare.net/aafeurope