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Jeff Bell Presentation

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  • Each person wants to be an unique individual and fit in like everyone else. This is the beautiful paradox for Creative.
    The brand must be unique and desired. This is the key. It cannot be everything to everybody. It must be hated to be loved.
    Cut through the clutter
    Be talked about
    Word of Mouth – Be Viral
    UGC – Mash-ups and Creativity
    Build the Brand
    Associate early and close strong
    Sell the Product or Service
    Why Buys – Features and Benefits
  • Reinvention and Renewal
    Self-sufficiency and Green
    Think and act local
    Redefine the “Jones”
    The power of the crowd
    Caution - Mad Ave has some bias
    Everyone has an iPad, a Droid, is Tweeting, eats organic and is sipping a Latte.
    No one is having sex nor going to Walmart, and Green is the New Black
  • Everyone is obsessed with exact targeting. Hard to due. Privacy issues. New alternative is the Audience Exchange – aggregating media and splitting it by target audience. Before agencies were using scale to simply buy in bulk cheaply. This new initiative is taking what they buy at scale, and now listening to client demands to plan and target all media the way that we handle television. The internet, mobile phones and all OOH are moving in this way. Domedia.

    This is a good initiative, even if it is hard, because it tries to address the abomination of “The Last click.” Thanks to Google we are obsessed with response as the only known metric. This degrades the work done before the last click. The new technology of Attribution management is addressing this. Clearsaleing.

    Receive and interact
    Phone, tablet, PC, TV
    Home, work, car, hotel, bar, restaurant, fitness center
    Xbox, Set Top
    Integration for Impact: two ways; insure your message is coordinated across touch points, and prepare for the new way consumers will be using content.
    Integrated Branded Entertainment
    Buy, Tag, Bookmark what you see
    Pause, Search
    Communicate – Tweet, Status, IM
    Interact and Play
  • Foa dayton 2010

    1. 1. Jeff Bell Partner, NCT Ventures Creative + Technology = Impact
    2. 2. Mad Men and The Marketing Solution Fragmentation and Differentiation Satiation and “In- sourcing” marketing Cost Pressures (FTEs) Procurement User Generated Content Crowd Sourcing Extremism
    3. 3. People are… Comparative, Compulsive & Satiable We want choice We want what we don’t have Once we have it, we don’t want it anymore
    4. 4. Consumer Motivations Fun Desire Morality IndividualityBelongingness
    5. 5. Excitement Competence RuggednessSophistication Sincerity
    6. 6. Identify: Core Masses Enthusiast Achiever Experience Seeker Social Rational Creator How to Connect: Share secrets Build community Connect emotionally Scale core's passion
    7. 7. Great stories have three essential elements
    8. 8. Lifestyle
    9. 9. How we plan & target How we buy How we measure Where? How? Engagement Integration
    10. 10. Gears of War - Mad World Dodge Ram - That Thang Gotta Hemi Dodge Ram - Hemi Envy