Online Oracle Financial & Apps Training Hyderabad-Aads Education


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Learn about different modules taught in Online Oracle Financials and Oracle Apps Training offered at the best price in AADS Education. Also included in the course curriculum are the latest modules of Release 12.1.

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Online Oracle Financial & Apps Training Hyderabad-Aads Education

  1. 1. Email: info@aadseducation.com2nd Floor, Uma Chambers, Nagarjuna Circle,Punjagutta, Hyderabadwww.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 8008203031ORACLE FINANCIALTRAINING
  2. 2. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 8008203031ORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT1. General Ledger•Introduction•FlexfieldsAccounting FlexfieldGL Ledger Flexfield•COA•Calendars•Currency•Accounting Setup Manager•Ledger•Legal Entities
  3. 3. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030311. General Ledger•Accounting Options•Ledger Sets•Data Access Set•Definition Access Set•Types of JournalsSuspense JournalsRecurring JournalsTax Journals•Mass Allocation•Inter Company & Intra CompanyORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  4. 4. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030311. General Ledger•Multi Reporting Currencies•Secondary Ledgers•Revaluation•Translation•Consolidation•Financial Statement Generator(FSG)•Purchasing•Multi Org Setups•Define Locations•Define Business GroupORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  5. 5. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030311. General Ledger•Define Operating Units•Define Security Profiles•Define HR Organization•Define Inventory Organization•Define Profile Options•Define Purchasing Options•Create Employees•Define Buyers•Define Approval Groups•Define ItemsORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  6. 6. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030311. General Ledger•Create Requisitions•Define Suppliers•Create Purchase Orders•Approve Purchase Orders•Creating Receipts•Self Billing Invoices•Create Document Styles•Create Complex Work OrdersORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  7. 7. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030312. Account Payables•Define Financial Options•Define Payable Options•Define Grants & Roles (User Management)•Define Banks, Branches, Accounts, PayableDocuments•Types of Workbench•Invoice WorkbenchStandard InvoiceCredit MemoDebit MemoORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  8. 8. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030312. Account Payables•Invoice WorkbenchMixed InvoicePrepaymentsRetainage ReleaseWithholding Tax InvoicesInterest Invoices•Payment WorkbenchManual PaymentsQuick PaymentsNetting PaymentsRefund PaymentsORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  9. 9. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030312. Account Payables•Define Netting Accounts•Define Payable Controls•Define Receivable Controls•Define Reconciliation Controls•Period Close Process•Payment ManagerORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  10. 10. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030313. Receivables•Define System Options•Define Profile Class•Define Customer•Define Auto Accounting•Define Transaction Types•Define Document Sequencing•Define Transaction WorkbenchInvoiceDebit MemoCredit MemoORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  11. 11. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030313. Receivables•Define Transaction WorkbenchDepositGuaranteeChargebackBills Receivable•Transaction With Rules•Invoicing Rules•Accounting Rules•Enterprise Business Tax•Balance Forward Billing InvoiceORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  12. 12. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030313. Receivables•Late Charge Profile•Receivable Activities•Define Receipt Class•Define Receipt Source•Manual Receipts•Receipts with Auto Cash Rule set•Automatic Receipts•AP/AR NettingORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  13. 13. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030314. Fixed Assets•FlexfieldsCategory FlexfieldAsset KeyLocation Flexfield•Define System Controls•Define Fiscal Years•Define CalendarsDepreciation CalendarProrate Calendar•Define Prorate ConventionsORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  14. 14. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030314. Fixed Assets•Define Depreciation Methods•Define Asset Categories•Define Asset Books•Asset Addition•Mass Additions of Asset From Payables•Run Depreciation•Mass Retirements•Mass Revaluation•Mass Transfers•Mass Reclassification•Create AccountingORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  15. 15. www.aadseducation.comCall: 9912876900 / 80082030315. Cash Management•Define System Parameters•Define Reconciliation Controls at Internal Banks•Manual Reconciliation•Automatic ReconciliationORACLE FINANCIAL TRAINING COURSE CONTENT
  16. 16. Email: info@aadseducation.com2nd Floor, Uma Chambers, Nagarjuna Circle,Punjagutta, Hyderabadwww.aadseducation.comORACLE FINANCIALTRAININGCall: 9912876900 / 8008203031And Book Your Demo Class Today!