Addressing animal Health
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Addressing animal Health






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Addressing animal Health Addressing animal Health Presentation Transcript

  • AddressingAnimal Health IssuesLisa McCrory, Earthwise Farm and Forest Beginning Women Farmer Conference March 22 & 23, 2012
  • Healthy Livestock are part of a whole farm system
  • Healthy Soilstarts from the soil up
  • A good balance of mineralsand organic matter
  • Biological Life
  • With healthy soils, you can produce high quality feedfor your livestock
  • Beyond Nutritional Needs• Clean Water• Adequate Shelter• Sunlight• Freedom of Movement• Pasture to Graze• Fresh Air
  • WaterDairy Cow = 10-25 gallonsBeef Cow = 10-20 gallons Horses = 8-12 gallons Pigs = 6-8 gallons Sheep = 2-3 gallons Goats = 2-3 gallons
  • Good quality, plentiful water is important.It is best to have waterin the paddocks where the animals are grazing (during the grazing season).
  • Fresh air,Sunlight, Shelter, Outdoors• *A comfortable animal is a happy animal• * Opportunities to lie down (chew cud for ruminants)• * Adequate perching space and nesting boxes• * Good ventilation• * Dry place to lie down
  • Fresh Air, Comfort
  • Fresh Air, Comfort
  • Know Your Animals
  • Signs of Good Health• Glossy Coat• Bright Eyes• Good Mobility• Good Body Condition• Alert• Manure –• Appetite – food and water• Milk Quality (for dairy animals)
  • Fly Control & Parasite Management
  • Flies can bring stress anddisease to your livestock.There are many resourcelinks in your handout tohighlight products ,companies, and good oldfarmer ingenuity.- - Fly traps- - Fly parasites- - Clean up manure and wet/moist areas where flies like to lay their eggs.
  • Parasites:Preventive Strategies - - Rotational grazing system plan - - Know the parasite life cycles - - Monitor your livestock - - multi species grazing - - rotate pasture and hay land
  • Health Products used onEarthwise Farm and Forest
  • Preventive Products on Earthwise Farm and ForestOffered Free Choice On hand in case of need• Minerals, clay minerals • Electrolytes• Salt • Peppermint liniment• Kelp • Iodine (teat dip and navel dip)• Humates • Nutritional boluses • Lotion • Homeopathic remedies
  • Questions/Discussions • Lisa McCrory • Earthwise Farm and Forest • www.earthwisefarman • 802-234-5524 •