Funds listed in pakistan


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Funds listed in pakistan

  1. 1. Funds listed in PakistanMore browse options » NAME SYMBOL TYPE OBJECTIVEABL AMC Capital Protected Fund Open-End Corporate/Preferred-Inv ABLACAP:PA(ABLACAP) Fund Grade Open-EndABL Cash Fund (ABLCSHA) ABLCSHA:PA FundABL Government Securities Fund Open-End ABLGOSF:PA Govt/Agency-Long Term(ABLGOSF) FundABL Government Securities Fund Open-End ABLGOSA:PA Govt/Agency-Long Term(ABLGOSA) Fund Open-End Region Fund-GeoABL Income Fund (ABLINCM) ABLINCM:PA Fund Focused-Debt Open-End Region Fund-GeoABL Islamic Income Fund (ABLCASH) ABLCASH:PA Fund Focused-Debt Open-EndABL Stock Fund (ABLSTFD) ABLSTFD:PA Growth FundAKD Aggressive Income Fund Open-End AKDINCO:PA Government/Corporate(AKDINCO) Fund Open-EndAKD Cash Fund (AKDCASH) AKDCASH:PA Fund Open-EndAKD Index Tracker Fund (AKDITFA) AKDITFA:PA Index Fund-Large Cap Fund Open-EndAKD Opportunity Fund (AKDOPRF) AKDOPRF:PA Growth and Income Fund Open-End Sector Fund-Al-Meezan Mutual Fund Ltd (AMMF) AMMF:PA Fund Equity/Islamic Open-EndAlfalah GHP Alpha Fund (ALFGHPA) ALFGHPA:PA Growth Fund Open-EndAlfalah GHP Cash Fund (ALFGHPC) ALFGHPC:PA FundAlfalah GHP Income Multiplier Fund Open-End ALFINMA:PA Government/Corporate(ALFINMA) Fund Open-EndAlfalah GHP Islamic Fund (ALFISLM) ALFISLM:PA Balanced Fund Open-EndAlfalah GHP Value Fund (ALFVALU) ALFVALU:PA Balanced Fund Open-EndAMZ Plus Income Fund (AMZINCO) AMZINCO:PA Government/Corporate FundAMZ Plus Stock Fund (AMZSTOK) AMZSTOK:PA Open-End Growth and Income
  2. 2. FundArif Habib Investment Management - Open-End ARIFPIF:PA Govt/Corp Short TermPakistan Income Fund (ARIFPIF) FundArif Habib Investment Management - Open-End ARIFPSM:PA Growth and IncomePakistan Stock Market Fund (ARIFPSM) FundArif Habib Investment Management - Open-EndPakistan Strategic Allocation Fund PSAF:PA Growth Fund(PSAF)Arif Habib Investment Management - Open-EndPakistan Cash Management Fund PKCASHF:PA Fund(PKCASHF)Arif Habib Investment Management - Open-End PPFL:PA GrowthPakistan Premier Fund (PPFL) FundArif Habib Investment Management- Open-EndMetroBank-Pakistan Sovereign Fund- ARIFM12:PA Government/Agency FundDecember 2012 (ARIFM12)Arif Habib Investment Management- Open-EndMetroBank-Pakistan Sovereign Fund- ARIFMSP:PA Government/Agency FundPerpetual (ARIFMSP)Arif Habib Investment Management - Open-EndPakistan Capital Market Fund ARIFPCM:PA Balanced Fund(ARIFPCM)Arif Habib Investment Management - Closed-Pakistan Capital Protected Fund 1 PCPF/1:PA Balanced End Fund(PCPF/1) Closed-Asian Stocks Fund Ltd (ASFL) ASFL:PA Growth and Income End FundAskari Asset Allocation Fund Open-End ASKAAFB:PA Balanced(ASKAAFB) FundAskari Asset Allocation Fund Open-End ASKAAFC:PA Balanced(ASKAAFC) Fund Open-EndAskari Equity Fund (ASKEQTY) ASKEQTY:PA Blend Fund Open-EndAskari High Yield Scheme (ASKINCO) ASKINCO:PA FundAskari Islamic Asset Allocation Fund Open-End Sector Fund-Ast ASKISAB:PA(ASKISAB) Fund Alloc/IslamicAskari Islamic Asset Allocation Fund Open-End Sector Fund-Ast ASKISAC:PA(ASKISAC) Fund Alloc/Islamic Open-EndAskari Islamic Income Fund (ASKISIB) ASKISIB:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic FundAskari Islamic Income Fund (ASKISIC) ASKISIC:PA Open-End Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic
  3. 3. FundAskari Sovereign Cash Fund Open-End ASKSOVC:PA Govt/Agency-Short Term(ASKSOVC) FundAskari Sovereign Yield Enhancer Fund Open-End ASKSOYE:PA Sector Fund-Debt(ASKSOYE) Fund Fund ofAtlas Fund of Funds (ATFF) ATFF:PA Growth Funds Open-EndAtlas Income Fund (ATLINCF) ATLINCF:PA Government/Corporate Fund Open-EndAtlas Islamic Income Fund (ATISINC) ATISINC:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic Fund Open-End Sector Fund-Atlas Islamic Stock Fund (ATLISLM) ATLISLM:PA Fund Equity/IslamicAtlas Money Market Fund/Pakistan Open-End ATLMMKT:PA(ATLMMKT) FundAtlas Pension Islamic Fund - Debt Sub- Open-End APIFDBT:PA Sector Fund-Debt/IslamicFund (APIFDBT) FundAtlas Pension Islamic Fund - Equity Open-End Sector Fund- APIFEQY:PASub-Fund (APIFEQY) Fund Equity/IslamicAtlas Pension Islamic Fund - Money Open-End APIFMMK:PAMarket Sub-Fund (APIFMMK) Fund Open-EndAtlas Stock Market Fund (ATLSTMF) ATLSTMF:PA Growth and Income FundBMA Chundrigar Road Savings Fund Open-End BMAROAD:PA Govt/Corp Intermediate(BMAROAD) Fund Open-EndBMA Empress Cash Fund (BMAEMPC) BMAEMPC:PA Fund Open-EndCrosby Dragon Fund (CRODRAG) CRODRAG:PA Growth and Income Fund Open-EndDawood Income Fund (DAMONEY) DAMONEY:PA Govt/Corp Long Term Fund Open-EndDawood Islamic Fund (DAISLAM) DAISLAM:PA Balanced Fund Closed-Dominion Stock Fund Ltd (DOMF) DOMF:PA Growth End FundFaysal Asset Allocation Fund Open-End FAYSALA:PA Global Asset Allocation(FAYSALA) FundFaysal Balanced Growth Fund Open-End FAYBALG:PA Balanced(FAYBALG) FundFaysal Income & Growth Fund Open-End FAYINGR:PA Government/Corporate(FAYINGR) FundFaysal Islamic Savings Growth Fund FAYISSG:PA Open-End Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic
  4. 4. (FAYISSG) FundFaysal Money Market Fund Open-End FAYMMKT:PA(FAYMMKT) FundFaysal Savings Growth Fund - A Open-End FAYSAVA:PA Government/Agency(FAYSAVA) FundFirst Capital Mutual Fund Ltd/FUND Closed- CPMFI:PA Growth and Income(CPMFI) End Fund Closed-First Dawood Mutual Fund (FDMF) FDMF:PA Balanced End Fund Open-EndFirst Habib Cash Fund (FIRHABC) FIRHABC:PA FundFirst Habib Islamic Balanced Fund Open-End Sector Fund-Ast FHISBAL:PA(FHISBAL) Fund Alloc/IslamicGolden Arrow Selected Stock Fund Closed- GASF:PA Growth and Income(GASF) End FundHabib Asset Management - First Habib Open-End HABFINC:PA Government/CorporateIncome Fund (HABFINC) FundHabib Asset Management - First Habib Open-End HABFSTK:PA ValueStock Fund (HABFSTK) Fund Open-EndHBL Income Fund (HBLINCM) HBLINCM:PA Government/Corporate FundHBL Islamic Money Market Fund Open-End HBLIMMK:PA(HBLIMMK) Fund Open-End Sector Fund-HBL Islamic Stock Fund (HBLISST) HBLISST:PA Fund Equity/IslamicHBL Money Market Fund Open-End HBMMMKT:PA(HBMMMKT) Fund Open-EndHBL Multi-Asset Fund (HBLMTIA) HBLMTIA:PA Balanced Fund Open-EndHBL Stock Fund - B (HBLSTOK) HBLSTOK:PA Growth and Income FundIGI Aggressive Income Fund Open-End POBOPAP:PA Government/Corporate(POBOPAP) Fund Open-EndIGI Capital Protected Fund (IGICPRO) IGICPRO:PA Government/Corporate Fund Open-EndIGI Income Fund - A (IGINCMA) IGINCMA:PA Government/Corporate Fund Open-EndIGI Islamic Income Fund (IGISLIN) IGISLIN:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic Fund Open-EndIGI Money Market Fund (IGIMMKT) IGIMMKT:PA FundIGI Stock Fund - B (IGISTKB) IGISTKB:PA Open-End Growth
  5. 5. Fund Closed-Investec Mutual Fund (INMF) INMF:PA Flexible Portfolio End FundJS Aggressive Asset Allocation Fund Open-End ABAAGRE:PA Flexible Portfolio(ABAAGRE) Fund Open-EndJS Aggressive Income Fund (JSAGRIC) JSAGRIC:PA Government/Corporate Fund Open-EndJS Cash Fund (JSCASHF) JSCASHF:PA Fund Fund ofJS Fund of Funds (ABAMFOF) ABAMFOF:PA Balanced Funds Closed-JS Growth Fund (JSGF) JSGF:PA Growth and Income End Fund Open-EndJS Income Fund (ABAUTIF) ABAUTIF:PA Government/Corporate Fund Open-EndJS Islamic Fund (ABAISLM) ABAISLM:PA Balanced FundJS Islamic Pension Savings Fund - Open-End JSIMMKT:PAMoney Market (JSIMMKT) FundJS Islamic Pension Savings Fund - Debt Open-End JSIPDBT:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(JSIPDBT) FundJS Islamic Pension Savings Fund - Open-End Sector Fund- JSIPEQY:PAEquity (JSIPEQY) Fund Equity/Islamic Open-EndJS KSE 30 Index Fund (ABAUA30) ABAUA30:PA Index Fund Fund Closed-JS Value Fund Ltd (JSVFL) JSVFL:PA Balanced End FundKASB Asset Allocation Fund Open-End KASBBAL:PA Balanced(KASBBAL) Fund Open-EndKASB Cash Fund (KASCASH) KASCASH:PA FundKASB Income Opportunity Fund Open-End KASLIQL:PA(KASLIQL) FundKASB Income Opportunity Fund Open-End KASLIQU:PA(KASLIQU) FundKASB Islamic Income Opportunity Fund Open-End KASISIN:PA Government/Corporate(KASISIN) Fund Open-EndKASB Stock Market Fund (KASSTOK) KASSTOK:PA Growth and Income Fund Open-EndKSE Meezan Index Fund (KSEMIND) KSEMIND:PA Index Fund FundLakson Asset Allocation Developed LKAADMF:PA Open-End Flexible Portfolio
  6. 6. Markets Fund (LKAADMF) FundLakson Asset Allocation Emerging Open-End LKAAEMF:PA Global Asset AllocationMarkets Fund (LKAAEMF) FundLakson Asset Allocation Global Open-End LKAAGCF:PA CommodityCommodities Fund (LKAAGCF) Fund Open-EndLakson Equity Fund (LAKSEQT) LAKSEQT:PA Growth Fund Open-EndLakson Income Fund (LAKSINC) LAKSINC:PA Government/Agency FundLakson Money Market Fund Open-End LAKSMMF:PA(LAKSMMF) FundMCB Cash Management Optimizer Fund Open-End MCBCSMO:PA(MCBCSMO) FundMCB Dynamic Allocation Fund Open-End MCBDALL:PA Balanced(MCBDALL) Fund Open-EndMCB Dynamic Cash Fund (MCBCASH) MCBCASH:PA FundMCB Dynamic Stock Fund Open-End MCBSTOK:PA Growth and Income(MCBSTOK) FundMCB Islamic Income Fund - A Open-End MCBISIA:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(MCBISIA) FundMCB Islamic Income Fund - B Open-End MCBISIB:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(MCBISIB) Fund Closed- Sector Fund-AstMeezan Balanced Fund (MBF) MBF:PA End Fund Alloc/IslamicMeezan Capital Protected Fund II Open-End Sector Fund-Ast MEEZCAP:PA(MEEZCAP) Fund Alloc/Islamic Open-EndMeezan Cash Fund (MEEZCSH) MEEZCSH:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic Fund Open-EndMeezan Islamic Fund (MEZISLM) MEZISLM:PA Growth and Income FundMeezan Islamic Income Fund - B Open-End MZMIIFB:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(MZMIIFB) FundMeezan Islamic Income Fund - C Open-End MZMIIFC:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(MZMIIFC) Fund Open-EndMeezan Sovereign Fund (MEEZSOV) MEEZSOV:PA Government/Corporate FundMeezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund - Debt Open-End MEETPDT:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(MEETPDT) FundMeezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund - Equity Open-End Sector Fund- MEETPEQ:PA(MEETPEQ) Fund Equity/IslamicMeezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund - Money MEETPMM:PA Open-End
  7. 7. Market (MEETPMM) FundNAFA Asset Allocation Fund Open-End NAFAASA:PA Flexible Portfolio(NAFAASA) FundNAFA Financial Sector Income Fund Open-End NAFAFSI:PA Sector Fund-Debt(NAFAFSI) FundNAFA Government Securities Liquid Open-End NAFAGSL:PA Govt/Agency-Short TermFund (NAFAGSL) Fund Open-EndNAFA Income Fund (NAFANIF) NAFANIF:PA Government/Corporate FundNAFA Income Opportunity Open-End NAFCASH:PA(NAFCASH) FundNAFA Islamic Aggressive Income Fund Open-End NAFISLI:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(NAFISLI) FundNAFA Islamic Multi Asset Fund Open-End Sector Fund-Ast NAFISMA:PA(NAFISMA) Fund Alloc/IslamicNAFA Money Market Fund Open-End NAFAMMF:PA(NAFAMMF) Fund Open-EndNAFA Multi Asset Fund (NAFMULT) NAFMULT:PA Balanced FundNAFA Riba Free Savings Fund Open-End NAFARFS:PA Sector Fund-Debt/Islamic(NAFARFS) Fund Open-EndNAFA Savings Plus Fund (NAFASAV) NAFASAV:PA Fund Open-EndNAFA Stock Fund (NAFSTOK) NAFSTOK:PA Growth and Income Fund Closed-Namco Balanced Fund (NBF) NBF:PA Balanced End Fund Open-EndNAMCO Income Fund (NAMCOIB) NAMCOIB:PA Government/Corporate FundNational Investment Trust-UNIT Fund Open-End NITRUST:PA Growth and Income(NITRUST) FundNational Investment Trust - Income Open-End NITIFRS:PA Global DebtFund - RS (NITIFRS) FundNIT Government Bond Fund Open-End NITGLOB:PA Government/Agency(NITGLOB) FundPak Oman Advantage Asset Allocation Open-End Region Fund-Geo PAKOAAA:PAFund (PAKOAAA) Fund Focused-Asset Closed-Pak Oman Advantage Fund (POAF) POAF:PA Govt/Corp Long Term End FundPak Oman Advantage Islamic Income Open-End Sector Fund- PAKOAII:PAFund (PAKOAII) Fund Equity/IslamicPak Oman Government Securities Fund POGOVMS:PA Open-End Government/Agency
  8. 8. (POGOVMS) FundPak Oman Islamic Asset Allocation Open-End Sector Fund- PAKOAIS:PAFund (PAKOAIS) Fund Equity/IslamicPakistan Income Enhancement Fund Open-End PAKIENH:PA Index Fund-Debt(PAKIENH) FundPakistan International Element Islamic Open-End ARIFISL:PA BalancedAsset Allocation Fund (ARIFISL) FundPakistan Islamic Pension Fund - Debt Open-End PAKIPDB:PA Government/Corporate(PAKIPDB) FundPakistan Islamic Pension Fund - Equity Open-End PAKIPEQ:PA Growth(PAKIPEQ) FundPakistan Islamic Pension Fund - Money Open-End PAKIPMM:PAMarket (PAKIPMM) Fund Open-EndPICIC Cash Fund - C (PICCSFC) PICCSFC:PA Fund Open-EndPICIC Cash Fund - D (PICCSFD) PICCSFD:PA Fund Closed-PICIC Energy Fund (PEF) PEF:PA Sector Fund-Energy End Fund Closed-PICIC Growth Fund (PGF) PGF:PA Growth End Fund Open-EndPICIC Income Fund (PICIINC) PICIINC:PA Global Debt Fund Closed-PICIC Investment Fund (PIF) PIF:PA Growth End Fund Open-EndPICIC Stock Fund (PICICST) PICICST:PA Global Equity Fund Closed-Prudential Stock Fund (PUDF) PUDF:PA Growth and Income End Fund Closed-Safeway Mutual Fund Ltd (SFWF) SFWF:PA Balanced End Fund Closed-Tri-Star Mutiual Fund Ltd (TSMF) TSMF:PA Growth and Income End FundUBL Government Securities Fund Open-End UBLGVTS:PA Global Debt(UBLGVTS) Fund Open-EndUBL Islamic Cash Fund (UBLISCS) UBLISCS:PA FundUBL Islamic Retirement Savings Fund - Open-End UBLRMMK:PAMoney Market (UBLRMMK) FundUBL Islamic Retirement Savings Fund - Open-End UBLRDBT:PA Government/CorporateDebt (UBLRDBT) FundUBL Islamic Retirement Savings Fund - UBLREQY:PA Open-End Growth
  9. 9. Equity (UBLREQY) FundUBL Islamic Sovereign Fund Open-End UBLISSF:PA(UBLISSF) FundUBL Liquidity Plus Fund - C RETAIL Open-End UBLLIQC:PA Government/Corporate(UBLLIQC) Fund Open-EndUBL Savings Income Fund (UBLSAIN) UBLSAIN:PA Government/Corporate Fund Open-End Sector Fund-AstUBL Shariah Stock Fund (UBLISLM) UBLISLM:PA Fund Alloc/Islamic Open-EndUnit Trust of Pakistan (ABAUTPA) ABAUTPA:PA Balanced FundUnited Growth and Income Fund - Open-End UBLGROW:PA Government/CorporateGROWTH (UBLGROW) FundUnited Growth and Income Fund - Open-End UBLINCO:PA Government/CorporateINCOME (UBLINCO) FundUnited Islamic Income Fund - Open-End UBLISIG:PA Government/CorporateGROWTH UNITS (UBLISIG) FundUnited Islamic Income Fund - INCOME Open-End UBLISII:PA Government/CorporateUNITS (UBLISII) FundUnited Stock Advantage Fund Open-End UBLADVN:PA Growth and Income(UBLADVN) Fund Closed-WE Balanced Fund (WEBF) WEBF:PA Balanced End FundMutual funds in Pakistan are registered and legally established in the form of a Trust, under theTrust Act of 1882. The mutual fund industry is regulated by, the Securities and ExchangeCommission of Pakistan (SECP) which licenses each Asset Management Company in strictcompliance with the NBFC Rules, 2003 and requires all AMC’s to obtain an independent rating.The AMC appoints a team of investment professionals, supported by a team of research analyststo manage the portfolio of the fund in conformity with the stated Investment objective.How do Pakistan’s Asset Management Companies Work (AMC)?
  10. 10. In Pakistan, asset management companies (AMCs) are licensed and regulated by the Securitiesand Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)What categories of funds are available in Pakistan?Types of Mutual Funds (By Objective)Open-ended or closed-end funds can be of several types; however the most basic classificationsare stock funds, income funds, hybrid funds or specialty funds. Further classifications evolve aseach fund pursues diverse investment strategies for instance: Islamic Equity Funds, SectorFunds, Global Equity Funds, High Yield Debt Funds, Aggressive Equity Funds, Income Fundsand so on. Stock Funds Income and Money Market Funds Hybrid Funds Pension Funds Islamic Funds Specialty FundsWho Regulates Mutual funds in Pakistan?
  11. 11. All fund companies operating in Pakistan are subject to strict regulation and oversight by theSecurities and Exchange Commission Pakistan (SECP). As part of this regulation, all funds mustprovide investors with full and complete disclosure about the fund in a written prospectusdescribing the fund’s investment objective, its investment methods, information on how topurchase and redeem shares, information about the investment adviser, risks of investments andfund fees and expenses.Unit holders are also to be provided with annual and semiannual reports that contain recentinformation on the fund’s portfolio, performance, and investment goals and policies.Taxes on Mutual funds:The income of mutual funds is exempt from Income Tax, if not less than 90% of the income ofthe year, as reduced by capital gains is distributed amongst the unit holders as dividend or bonusunits.Taxes on Shareholders in funds:Holders of mutual funds are subject to Income Tax on dividend income received from a mutualfund (excluding the amount of dividend paid out of capital gains on listed securities) as under: Public Company and Insurance Company 5% If received by any other person, including a non-resident 10%Capital gain on disposition of units in a mutual fund is exempted from tax till such time thatcapital gain on sale of securities listed on the stock exchanges is exempt from such tax.Tax CreditAs funds are listed at the stock exchanges, unit holders of the mutual funds, other than acompany, are entitled to a tax credit under section 62 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 onpurchase of new units. The amount on which tax credit is allowed is the lower of (a) amountinvested in purchase of new units, (b) ten percent of the taxable income of the unit holder, or (c )Rupees Three Hundred Thousand (PKR. 300,000), and is calculated by applying the average rateof tax of the unit holder for the tax year. If the units are disposed within twelve months, theamount of tax payable for the tax year in which the units are disposed is increased by the amountof credit allowed.Links for further information:Karachi Stock ExchangeLahore Stock Exchange
  12. 12. Securities and Exchange Commission of PakistanCentral Depository Company PakistanMutual Funds Association of PakistanMutual Fund BasicsA Mutual Fund is a pool of money that gives investors access to a well-diversified portfolio ofstocks, bonds, and other securities. Each shareholder participates in the gain or loss of the fund.Shares are issued and can be redeemed as needed (in the case of an open-ended fund). The fundsnet asset value (NAV) is determined each day and is posted on the respective Asset ManagementCompany’s website on a daily basis.Equity FundsAn equity fund is one that is invested mainly in a company’s equity through the stock exchange and isexposed to the risk of volatility associated with the equity market. Although this fund is the riskiestwithin the genre of mutual funds, it is also known to provide the maximum yields and dividends.Fixed Income FundsA Fixed Income Fund is one that offers fixed returns over a set tenor. These funds are inherently linkedto the general interest rate and are, unlike the stock market, safe from drastic fluctuation. The capitalvalue is more easily sustainable while the returns are generally modest. However, active fundmanagement can yield returns which are higher than most fixed income avenues in the market andtherefore, it is an attractive investment avenue for investors with moderate risk appetites.Money Market FundsA Money Market Fund is one that invests in liquid, short-term securities which offer fixed returns overshort periods. These funds are inherently linked to the general interest rate and are, therefore, unlikethe stock market, safe from drastic fluctuation. Underlying investment may include securities issued bycorporate bodies, spread transactions, reverse-repo transactions, selective exposure in the CFS market,Term Finance Certificates (TFCs) and commercial paper.Balanced FundsThese funds maintain a mix within equity and fixed income markets. This fund offers room to its fundmanagers to switch between different investment types i.e. fixed income and capital markets.Effectively, the risk associated to this category lies between equity funds and fixed income funds and thereturns also vary correspondingly between the ranges of the two.
  13. 13. Why Invest in Mutual FundsMutual funds make investing simple, accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of howmuch you have to invest or what your investment goals are. The advantages of mutual fundsinclude liquidity, tax benefits, professional management, diversification, accessibility, security,as well as strict government regulation and full disclosure. Mutual Funds provide the opportunity for long term growth withoutLiquidity the requirement of any long term commitment, as mutual funds provide the option to redeem your investment on a daily basis. Mutual funds in Pakistan are exempted from tax as Mutual Funds have to distribute 90% of their income to Unit Holders.Tax Benefits Additionally, bonus units may be redeemed without any tax liability. Dedicated research team, specialized portfolio management, andProfessional Management risk management oversight and controls.Diversification regardless Mutual Funds provide the opportunity to establish a well diversifiedof small Investment portfolio without the large investment typically required to achieveAmount this diversification. Investments with mutual funds attempt to weather all storms asActive Management AMCs, who specialize in managing your investments, take advantage of ups & downs in the market. A Mutual Fund allows you to invest without requiring a large investment - in fact at JSIL you can invest for as little as PKR 100.Accessibility This means that small amounts may be invested over a period of time. Net Assets of a Mutual Fund are completely under the custody theSecurity Trustee which ensures that the fund is operating within the investment policy as detailed in the Trust Deed. Mutual Funds are fully regulated by the Securities and ExchangeRegulated by SECP Commission of Pakistan, ensuring investors rights to be afforded protection.Mutual Fund StructuresThere are two generic types of funds available in the market (1) Closed end & (2) Open endClose end FundsClosed-end mutual funds are more like the stock of a listed company, a fixed number of whoseshares are traded on an exchange. The shares of closed-end mutual funds are priced at marketvalue determined by supply and demand and are not priced at the fund’s net assets per share
  14. 14. value and thus may trade below or above the net asset value; if the shares of a closed-end fundtrade above the net asset value the fund is said to be trading at a "premium" and if it is tradingbelow the fund is said to be trading at a "discount". A feature of closed-end funds is that they canbe converted into open-end funds. Units trade on a stock exchange which is the only exit route Trade at last price determined by the market which may be greater than, equal to or less than the NAV Do not continually offer units for sale No sales load (front end or back end), only management fee Some funds follow the practice of sharing excess profits above benchmark to align fund manager goals with that of the investorOpen end FundsOpen-end mutual fund are also called unit trusts, because they are registered as trusts. An open-end fund unit holder can redeem or purchase units at any time. Units are priced at their Net AssetValue (NAV) on per unit basis and its unit price is determined by the net increase and/ordecrease in the share prices of the stocks that the fund owns along with any dividends and capitalgains received. The units of an open-end mutual fund can be bought directly or through theAMC. Registered as trusts Bought through the Management Company at offer price, which is NAV plus front end load, if any Redeemed through the Management Company at redemption price which is NAV less the back end load, if any In addition to sales load, if any, flat management fee is charged Some funds follow the practice of sharing excess profits above benchmark to align fund manager goals with that of the investorMutual Fund Category JSIL Product Suite Offering (Open-End and Closed-End) JS Income FundFixed Income Fund JS Aggressive Income Fund Unit Trust of PakistanBalanced Fund JS Large Cap. Fund JS Growth FundEquity Fund JS Value Fund Limited JS Aggressive Asset Allocation FundAsset Allocation Fund JS KSE 30 Index FundIndex Fund
  15. 15. JS Islamic FundIslamic Fund JS Fund of FundsFund of Funds JS Pension Savings FundPension Funds JS Islamic Pension Savings FundNational Investment Trust Limited Gujranwala Contact Number & AddressBranch Name ::GujranwalaBranch Code :: -Address ::42-A/B, Trust Plaza, Ground Floor, G.T Road, Gujranwala.Telephone No. ::055-9200220Fax No. :: 055-9200421Branch OfficeAddress: G.T Road, GujranwalaLandmarks: GT RoadCity: GujranwalaPABX +92-55-9200805, 9200856, 9200861, 9200862