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  • 1. Ruby on Rails A Brief Glimpse Presented by Gregg Pollack
  • 2. The Disclaimer I am not an Expert I am a bad programmer
  • 3. Ruby on Rails?
    • Ruby – A Programming Language
      • Created in 1993 by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
    Java Perl C# PHP Ozone PRADO Cocoon PEAR Mason Fusebox Struts Spring Framework WebObjects Hibernate Tapestry ASP.NET MonoRail Mavrick.NET NWAF Atlas Catalyst Catalyst PageKit Maypole
    • Ruby On Rails – A Web Framework
      • Created in 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson
  • 4. The Ruby Language
    • “ Take a true object-oriented language, such as Smalltalk. Drop the unfamiliar syntax and move to more conventional, file-based source code. Now add in a good measure of the flexibility and convenience of languages such as Python and Perl.
    • -Dave Thomas
    • You end up with Ruby.” Programming Ruby
    • Principle of Least Surprise (POLS)
    • Everything is an Object
    Simple Transparent
    • Simplistic straightforward syntax
  • 5. Everything you could want
    • Exception handling like Java
    • Inheritance
    • Blocks
    • Garbage Collection
    • No Variable Declarations
    • OS Independent Threading
    • Highly portable
  • 6. Coderspeak
    • “Ruby allows you to express your ideas through a computer”
        • – Why the lucky stiff
    3.Times { print “Ho!” } exit unless “restaurant”.include? “aura” ['toast', 'cheese', 'wine'].each { |food| print food.capitalize }
  • 7. Ruby Gems
    • Problem:
        • You have to keep detailed driver version records
    Ruby Gems
    • Solution:
        • Package Version & Dependency Management
        • Package Delivery
        • Package Documentation Management
            • gem install rails –include dependencies
    Application Database Interface Mailer Web Services Logger
  • 8. Ruby On Rails Concepts
    • Convention Over Configuration
    • Less Software
    • DRY – Don’t repeat yourself
    NO XML!
  • 9. Rails Features
    • Automated DB Model Mapping
    • Web Services
    • Generators
    • AJAX Support
    • Full Stack MVC Framework
  • 10. What is MVC?
    • M odel – Business logic
      • Manages interaction
    V iew – Display logic C ontroller – User Action logic Posts Comments
  • 11. An MVC Example
    • Request: I want to edit Blog Post #3
    • Web server receives request and calls the appropriate Controller
        • - Controller called “Blog”
    2. The Controller figures out what code should run
        • - Function called “Edit”
    3. The Action retrieves data from the Model
        • - Model named “Post” – id = 3
    4. The Action sends the data to the appropriate View 5. The View combines the data with html 6. The webpage is sent back to your browser
        • - Function Action called “Edit”
    Browser Request Controller Action Model View Browser Response
  • 12. The Anatomy of Rails Name of the Controller Class Name of the Action blog_controller.rb
  • 13. Time to Hack!
  • 14. Web Servers & Databases
    • Ruby on Rails Servers
    • Databases
      • Any CGI Server
      • Fast CGI
      • Apache
      • Lighttpd (lighty)
      • Mysql
      • PostgresSQL
      • SQLite
      • SQL Server
      • DB2
      • Oracle
  • 15. Why ruby on rails growing so fast?
    • Increases Productivity
    • High signal to noise ratio
    • Encourages Good Habits
    • Zero ramp up time
    • Ruby
    • It’s FUN!
  • 16. Ruby on Rails Resources
    • For Videos:
    • To Learn:
    • To Talk:
    • Orlando Ruby Users Group
    • Oh! Rug!
    “ Ruby on Rails is astounding. Using it is like watching a kung-fu movie, where a dozen bad-ass frameworks prepare to beat up the little newcomer only to be handed their asses in a variety of imaginative ways.” - Nathan Torkington, O'Reilly Program Chair for OSCON