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7 р анги Document Transcript

  • 1. English2 Varention AChoose the correct answer 1. Jaagii........at the church. a. does b. was c. were 2. my dauther ...... very small 20 years ago. a. does b. do c. was d. were 3. Unuruu...... little boy 5 years ago. a. does b.do c. was d. were 4. His friend........... thin, too a. does b. do c.was d. were 5. She.......... for a walk with her dog. a. go b. goes c. went d. gone 6. ...........you wear an uniform everyday? a. do not b. do c. doned. does 7. what language ....... Leana learn? a. done b. do c. does d. don’t 8. were you at school yesterday? a. yes, I was/no, I were c. Yes, I was/ no, I wasn’t b. yes, I wasn’t/no, I were d. yes, I were/ no, I wasn’t 9. There........a building ./now/ a. is b. are c. were d. was 10. There ......... buildings./ past/ a. was b. are c. were d. is Change the verbs in present simple or present continuos.11.My mother .......... /drink/ hot water very morning. a. drink b. drinked c. drinks d. drinking12. They usually.... / have/ a picnic in summer. a. have b. has c. had d. having13. Her friend often ......./listen/ to the songs. a. listen b. listened c. listens d. listening Complete the sentences with have/ has got. 14. My school ........ a lot of rooms. a. have got b. has got c. have been d. has been 15. ........... you . ....... a computer? a. have/got b. has/got c. has/been d. have/been 16. The library .............not.... any intersting books. a. have/got b. has/got c. had/got d. have/been Answer the questions. 17. What’s the matter? a. I has got a headache. b. I have got a headache. c. I have been a headache. d .I has been a headache. 18. What do you do everyday? a. I’m read a book. b. I read book everyday. c. I reads a book every day.
  • 2. d. I reading book .19. Does she work? a. yes, she does b. no, she work c. no, she don’t d. yes, she do20. Do you like to watch film? a. yes, I do/ no, I don’t b. no, I does/ yes I do c. yes, I ‘m /no. I’m not d. no, i do / yes, I amMatch each sentences in A to the best advice in B A B21. 1.I have got a headache a. you should take some tablets 2. i have got a cold b. you should take some tablets 3. I have got a stoomache c. you should go out a. 1a2b3c b.1a2c3b c.1b2c3a d. 1c2a3c22. two days ago, I...... a later to my penfriend. a. write b. wrote c. am writing d. written23. And my brothers ..........hay. a. make b.made c. are making d.is making24. Ann........... TV lastnight a. is not watching b. did not watch c. does not watch d. did not watching25. Alex and Ammy ............pictures now. They are painting a. did not take b. are not taking c. does not take d. is not takeCHOOSE THE QUESTIONS26. Paul is washing his hair now. a. Does he washing his hair. b. Is he washing his hair? c. Do he washing his hair? d. Did he washing his hair?27. He found 5000 tugrugs in the street. a. What did he find 5000 tugrugs in the street? b. Where did he find 5000tugrugs? c. Where does he find 5000tugrugs? d. Where do he find 5000tugrugs ?28. And my sisters milking cows. a. Where are my sisters doing, making? b. What are my sisters doing,making? c. When are my sister doing,making? d. What iss my sister doing,making?Complete with Present Continuous.29. Mum ......milk....... a cow. a. are /milking b. is/ milking c. am/ milking d. is/ milk30. ........ he ..... sheep. a. are/ feeding b. is/ feed/ c. am/feed
  • 3. d. is/ feeding Answer the questions. 31. Why do you need a tent? a. when it is dark you need a tent. b. when you went camping,you stay in a tent. c. when you go camping, you stay in a tent. d. when you go camp,you stay in a tent. 32. Why do you need matches? a. when you want to made a fire, you use matches. b.when you need to make a fire, you use matches. c. when you want to make a fire, you use matches. d. when you wants to made a fire, you use matches. Read the sentences and choose the correct answer. 33. wrestling is a .......... sport a lot of people cannot do wrestling. a. difficult b. easy c. careless d . carefull 34.Ben is a ..........sport man. He always wins competitions. a. good b. bad c.well d. worse 35.My friend is a....... runner. She came first in the 100mitres race a. fast b.slowly c. slow d.good 36. My grandpa is old. He works .......... A.slow b. slowly c.fast d. careful Find the opposite a. expensive 1. small b. big 2. old c. new 3. cheap a, 1a2b3c b. 1b2a3c c. 1c2a3b d. 1b2c3a 38. which is the begst city in the world a. Beijing b. Baganuur c. Singapora 39. which is the largest country in the world? a. Korea b The. Russian Federation c. China40. Who is the most important person in the history of Mongolia? a. Chinggis Khaan b. Batzaya c. Tuya
  • 4. Variantion B1. Choose the correct answer. 1. Kim ……… in America last summer. a. does b. was c. is d. were 2. ……………. She at home two weeks ago? a. were b. has c. was d. does 3. also, he …… thing. a. were b. has c. was d. were 4. …………. You at school at 5 o’clock yesterday. a. does b. is c. was d. were 5. Bat ………. Read books a lot. a. don’t b. doesn’t c. aren’t d. have 6. When …………. you go to bed every evening. a. don’t b. do c. done d. does 7. where ……….you on holiday? a. weren’t b. were c. was d. wasn’t 8. Were we at school yesterday? a. no, we was yes, we were b. no, we were yes, we was c. no, we weren’t yes, we were d. no, we wasn’t yes, we were 9. there ………….. buildings. /past/ a. was b. is c. were d. are 10. there ……….a building. /now/ a. was b. is c. were d. are 11. There are ……………………………….. a. cars, shops, hotels, cinemas b. cinemas, cars, hotel, shops c. a hotel, shops, hotel’s, cinemas d. a cinema, cars, hotels, shopChange verbs in Present Simple or Present Continuous. 12. My friend always ……./walk/ to the school. a. walk b. walked c. walksd. walking 13. He sometimes ……../read/ the book in his bedroom. a. read b. reads c. reading d. reader 14. My father ……. /cook/ dinner for me every morning. a. cooked b. cook c. cooks d. cookingComplete with have got, has got, had, have been 15. We …………… a big gym. a. have got b. has got c. have been d. has been 16. They ……./not/ ………. a video room. a. have/got b. have/been c. had/got d. have /been 17. ………this school ….. lot of computers. a. have/got b. had/got c. has/got d. have/beenAnswer the questions. 18. What do you do everyday? a. I am listen to music. b. I listen to music c. I listens to music d. I listening to music 19. What is the matter? a. I has got a headache. b. I have got a headache. c. I had been a headache d. I has been a headacheMatch each sentences in A to the best advice in B 20. 1. I have got a toothache. - a. You should sit down or stay in bed. 2. I have got a sore throat. - b. You should see a dentist. 3. I I have got a backache - c. You should drink cold water. a. 1b, 2a, 3a c. 1a, 2b, 3c b. 1b, 2 c, 3a d. 1c, 2a, 3b 21. listen! My father ………….. wood. a. is chopping b. choppingc. chopped d. are chopping 22. Last year, I …….. to a holiday camp.
  • 5. a. am going b. went c. go d. gone 23. Look! My friends ……….. computer game. They are just watching. a. didn’t play b. aren’t playing c. doesn’t play d. didn’t playing 24. ………you like a pizza? a. will b. would c. should d. shallWrite the questions. 25. Bat visited his grandparents last summer. a. do Bat visited his grandparents last summer? b. Does Bat visited his grandparents last summer? c. Did Bat visit his grandparents last summer? d. Don’t Bat visit his grandparents last summer. 26. My little brother is playing with his dog? a. is my little brother playing with his dog? b. am my little brother playing with his dog? c. are my little brother playing with his dog? d. is your little brother playing with his dog? 27. I rode a horse last year. a. When did you do last summer? b. where did you do last summer? c. what did you do last summer? d. what do you do last summer?Write in Present Continuous tense. 28. They ……… make …….. felt. a. is making b. are making c. am making d. is mde 29. ……… they ……. Hay? a. is /made b. are/ made c. are/ make d. are/ makingMatch answers to questions. 30. Why do you need sunglasses? a. when it’s sunny you wear sunglasses. b. When it was sunny you wear sunglasses c. When it has sunny you wear sunglasses 31. Why do you need a torch? a. when it’s dark you need a torch b. when it has dark you need a torch c. when it was dark you need a torch d. when it’s dark you needs a torch 32. My father is a …………… driver. a. Careless b. difficult c. careful d. easy 33. My coach is a ………… person. He is always angry. a. patient b. careful c. impatient d. easy 34. She is a good swimmer. She swims ……. a. well b. good c. badly d. well/ badly 35. I’m a new driver. I usually drive…………… a. careful b. careless c. good d. badFind the opposites. 36. 1. dangerous a.beautiful 2. ugly b. dirty 3. clean c. safe a. 1b, 2c, 3a b. 1c, 2a,3b c. 1a, 2b,3c d. 1a, 2c,3bChoose the correct answer. 37. Which is the coldest country? a. Russia b. Mongolia c. Antarctica 38. Which is the most expensive city? a. Darkhan b. Tokyo c. Moscow 39. What’s the longest river in the world? a. The Nile b. The Amazon c. The Tuul 40. I live in a big city. This city……… a. noisy b. quite c. big d. small Executed by: Suwd-erdene. 40 points /1* 1 point/
  • 6. true answer True answer1 B Key of the test A 1 B2 C Key of the test B 2 C3 C 3 C4 D 4 D5 B 5 B6 B 6 B7 C 7 B8 C 8 C9 B 9 A10 A 10 B11 C 11 A12 A 12 C13 C 13 B14 B 14 C15 A 15 A16 B 16 A17 B 17 C18 B 18 B19 A 19 B20 A 20 B21 C 21 C22 B 22 B23 C 23 B24 B 24 B25 B 25 C26 B 26 A27 B 27 C28 B 28 B29 B 29 D30 D 30 A31 C 31 A32 C 32 C33 A 33 C34 A 34 A35 A 35 A36 B 36 B37 D 37 C38 A 38 B39 B 39 A40 A 40 C