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Personal Project Report

  1. 1. Go Green with <Green Smile> Your name: Ah Young Cho Your homeroom: 10R Your supervisor’s name: Ms. Krengel Your school: BISS Year: 2012 Word count: 2940 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsMy Goal Page 3- Page 4Selection of Sources Page 4 - Page 6Application of Information Page 6 - Page 7Achieving my Goal Page 7 - Page 9Reflection on Learning Page 9 - Page 10Appendix Page 11Bibliography Page 12 2
  3. 3. MY GOAL My personal project’s topic is Eco-Friendly font, which can make big impact onenvironmental and economical field by lots of holes on it. Another topic is that sharing myfinal product with people who they want to use it. The Eco-Friendly font, which is my maintopic, has several beneficial impacts. First, it is a font that is beneficial to the environmentbecause it can save 35.62% amount of ink and toner when we print; while printing 1000pages with normal font, we can print 13,500 pages with eco-friendly font. This is proven bythe test, which was progressed with the software "Apfill". This test measured the surfacearea of the printed ink on the paper; the white paper is 0%, which has nothing printed onand the paper, which takes ink on its whole surface, is 100%. The result of the test wasthat the ink-stained area of the paper with eco-friendly font was 11.17%, which is less35.62% than the ink-stained area of paper with normal font. In short, the surface area ofthe ink that is printed on the paper showed great reduction by using the eco-friendly font.Moreover, using eco-friendly font can reduce the amount of CO2. The function of savingink affects directly on the amount of CO2 that is caused from production of ink. Also,saving ink results in saving ink cartridge. Every year, over 1000 used ink cartridges areincinerated and reclaimed. The Eco-friendly font will lengthen their lives, and that makesless CO2, which is made from incineration of finished cartridge. Second, the eco-friendlyfont is also beneficial economically because it can save much ink that using normal font;by saving ink, users can save money for printing. To make clear, in Korea, a companyprints 10,000 pages yearly in average. Using eco-friendly font can save this; about$44(¥280) can be saved each year. However, there are also some disadvantages ofusing eco-friendly font. First, it is limited to use with black and white print because it is onlyset for black printing. In color print, the product will be in lower quality than using black andwhite print. Second, it can only used in size of 7-12 because in bigger size, the holes 3
  4. 4. appear. AOIs that I am focusing on are Environment and Human Ingenuity. The reason why Ichose those AOIs is that creating font is related to Human Ingenuity. I planned to designthe font by myself without other’s help so it should relates to Human Ingenuity. Also, theadvantages of the eco-friendly font are mainly about preventing and reducing the pollutioncreated by printing, so it should relate to Environment. Goal of my personal project is to create my own eco-friendly font by myself. Also, Iaim to share my final product with BISS community. By this, I’d like to promote eco-friendlyfont and make them aware such a small and simple things like using eco-font can changethe world. To realize my goal, when I came up with my final product in March 14, Ipublished a wiki page about my eco-friendly font. In that web page, the people candownload my font and get the information about the font. I also put the survey link on thatpage for getting feedback from the users of the font. For checking how successful my product is, I am going to use survey. By using someconvenient survey tool in online, I already made the survey that ask the impact that myfont made on them. Moreover, I can get the feedback from the users of the font. Thereason why I chose the survey to measure the success of my project is that online surveyis very convenient. I do not need to visit the people one by one to ask the questions andlisten to their answers. Also, they do not need to face my face directly and answer to meso they can criticize and give me advice my product more freely and without pressure.SELECTION OF SOURCES For my personal project, I used variety of sources. Mostly, I used Internet as the mainsource. The Internet provided lots of sub-sources that supported my project a lot. First, Iused search engine for copious research. I used various search engine because eachsearch engine has their own strong point. For example, I used Google when I need broad 4
  5. 5. pictures and broad information of the topic. But when I need some news articles and blogpost for some individual’s opinion, I used Yahoo to search those. These search engine isvery useful tool to get the collection of information but there is also incredible fatal. Thesearch engines do not prove the every pieces of information from their site. In short, thereis no proof of accuracy of whole bunch of data. In result, I had to judge those data myselfeach by each. The second sub-source provided by Internet was a web site, which is font-creatorsite. This web site provides the high quality of font creating service. They gave me thetemplate and when I turn it in; the template with my designed font should be submitted.Submitted template is translated into computer font file right after payment. The reasonwhy I chose this font-creator site is that this site is that I could believe this site. I checkedall the comments of the web-site users to see their satisfaction of the service. Most of themsaid that this web site is error-less site and the cost of service is reasonable. For onetemplate, I should pay $9.95. Also, the reason why I could trust this site was that theyprovide the preview service to the users before paying. So I could see what my font wouldlike to look like exactly before make my decision solid. The second sub-source of Internet is the online survey tool, SurveyMonkey.SurveyMonkey provides the survey creating service for free. I chose this source is that Isaw lots of people, who use this source as their product survey in class. Also, Mrs. Lindsayrecommended using SurveyMonkey in G9 Computer Technology class. I also did researchon this website to see safety of the site. Besides Internet, I used Mrs. Krengel, who is my personal project’s supervisor, as afeedback giver. Mrs. Krengel gave me lots of useful feedback after watching my finalproduct and wikispaces. Those feedbacks were used for improving my project better andcheck that I am on the right track. Her feedback’s accuracy is really high because she isthe one who looked up my whole project from the beginning and who is one of my grader 5
  6. 6. of my personal project.APPLICATION OF INFORMATION Before using the information from the sources, I should check and clarify theaccuracy of the information. Firstly, I used the information, which is posted on the officialwebsite such as CNN because those official web site published their data with specificproof. Second, I used the information that I can notice author of that information. Thesewere the way that I pre-checked the information, which would like to be used in mypersonal project. After this pre-checking step, I categorized the information that I got intotwo sections: Eco-Friendly font part and font making process part. For the Eco-Friendly font, I used the information about the advantage anddisadvantage of the font. Mainly, information about the font was “how it can benefit to ourlife practically” This information by research on search engine was used to inspire me tomake solid my topic of personal project and make sure which point I have to focus on. Inthe result of analysis of information, I found out that the eco-friendly font is hugely helpfulin environmental field, so I chose Environment as the project AOI. Like this, the informationwas not only used to help me to come up with better idea and result but also help other tohave significant idea and concept of my personal project. To illustrate this point, mywikispaces, which is the place that I documented all the process of the project, is the wayto people can get the information about my personal project. Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Krengelhave the concept and detail idea of my font. This made them possible to know where I amand lead me to the right track. It also helped them to get the specific idea of my project andhelped me to get proper advice from the two supervisors, and also some visitors of mywikispaces. During these processes, there were some questions poped up in my head. Firstquestion was “why proof of accuracy is incredibly important?” The reason why I brought up 6
  7. 7. this question is that I spent much time on prove and judge the accuracy of the variousinformation from search-engine. I didn’t know why this process has to take this much partof my project but I figured out the answer soon. I experienced that the information withoutproof can cause miss-direction of my whole project. During the research, I found one website that provides how much money can be saved by using eco-friendly font. They saidover $100 can be saved per year. There was no proof that I can check out but that datafascinated me to move the focus to economical issue from the environmental issue. Butfew days later, I found using the eco-font could save another site that also provides howmuch money. They said only $44 per year can be saved and they suggested this idea withthe test that measures the amount of stained-ink area on the paper with eco-friendly font.That test definitely proved that data is correct and another one is totally exaggerated andwrong. The second question that I had was “how can I effectively show the concept of myproject to the people by using my wikispaces?” I had this question when I finishedcategorizing the information. The task that I had to do was presenting information on mywikispaces. I found out the answer very easily because Ms. Lindsay, who is the headsupervisor of G10 personal project. She suggested the template on her wikispaces for allG10 students who are working on the personal project. She gave the list of questions that Ihad to answer to qualify rubric of the project. The answer that I got from Ms. Lindsay doesnot need to have any doubt on it because it was a guideline of grading.ACHIEVING MY GOAL My personal project’s product was not that successful. The main specialty of the fontwas the holes that make the font eco-friendly. Those holes were gone during the processin the font-creator web site. I guess the web site’s application of font creating assumed theholes on the template as a error during scanning process so they filled out those holes by 7
  8. 8. themselves. Or, I guess that the holes that I put the template were too small to read for theweb-site’s font creating system. As a result, originally I made more than 30 holes for oneletter in the template but in the real font file, there are only 10 holes for one letter. Morethan half of holes were diminished during the process and than means the impacts of myfont also decreased. In short, my font is not working as what I expected. However, in otherpoint of view, it was quite successful because the promotion of my font was successful. Imade a short video and a poster to promote my font through the BISS community. I alsocreated one wikispaces page that provides download service of my font and providinginformation of eco-friendly font. I sent the link of the web page through the Studywiz mail,which is the mail system shared with whole BISS community. Most of them visited my website and downloaded my font. Some of them answered to my survey for the feedback andgave their friendly advice to me by mail or leaving comment on the discussion tab in mywikispaces. Following the survey, most of them answered, they became aware how myfont can reduce environmental pollution and amount of pollution that caused by printingwith just normal font. So I think even though my product was not that successful, my goalwas cleared pretty successfully. To check the process of making font was well-organized as what I planed inspecification, I compared each step I took with the planed process in specification. First,following the process journal, I considered few options for font-creator website. From theresearch, I found the best website and learned how to use that web site. Then, Idownloaded the template, which that web site provide. I finished putting my design on thetemplate and submit. Then, I charged money and download the final product, which is thefont. Most of the steps that I took fit to the process specifications that I planned. However, Imistakenly missed one step, which was doing pre-view. To clarify, I did preview but I didn’tmake sure that preview shows everything that I expected. On the specification, there is astep for preview to check quality of the product. I missed that part because I didn’t see that 8
  9. 9. there were no holes. That results the 50% fail of my goal, which is making perfect eco-friendly font.REFLECTION ON LEARNING From the Personal Project, I learned variety things in many different aspects. First, Ilearned time managing skill by the project. The Personal Project is the project, which isdesigned by myself start from the end. It means that I have to mange all the time schedulewithout help to do not miss the deadline by myself unlike school assignments that havedue date and the reminders of the teachers. I missed few deadlines by my mistakebecause I missed my own deadline for research. One missing deadline messed up wholetimetable because all the schedules were delayed because of the first missing deadline. Irealized that time managing skill is very important skill because time management skillshould be used in every works. Learning this time management skill from the projectprobably help out all the tasks and assessments. Using time wisely will lead to well-organized and successful result of every task. Another skill that I learned from the projectwas the research skill. During researching the information, which the Personal Projectrequired to me, Not only research in broad fields, but also proving and judging of data wasthe crucial skill that I learned in this project. Most of the work in school asks me to doresearch but I was always not sure about reliability of the data from the Internet. All tipsthat I learned from the project will be used really usefully in all the schoolwork and tasks inmy life. From my AOIs, which are Environment and Human Ingenuity, taught me variousthings. First, from the Environment AOI, I learned that the environmental issue should beconsidered as the number one because it directly relates to the human’s life. It decides thefuture of human’s life because if the environmental issues do not resolve by human, whocause a all those problems, will cause the terrible disaster. Also, by focusing the 9
  10. 10. Environment AOI, I could aware that small and simple things like using eco-friendly fontwhen do print can make the difference and that small difference can affect world-widely.Secondly, Human Ingenuity taught me what aspects are need to be a creator. For being agood creator, the people should think creatively and tried to see in different point of viewwith others. However, thinking differently with others is the not only way to be a goodcreator. They should care variety of factors that their creativity can affect on. Such aseconomical beneficial and environmental beneficial are the examples of those factors. Iwould say Human Ingenuity is the meeting point of all the AOIs. By doing the Personal Project, I developed as a learner, too. I showed greatdevelopment on the aspect of a thinker. I was thoughtful when I faced with the problemsduring the project. I independently solve the problems and make my own responsibledecision. By my thoughtful attitude toward the project, I could lead my project withoutstruggling for a long time in one problem. For example, when I met the problem ofchoosing the tool to share my font with BISS community, I thoughtfully analyzed theproblem and possible solutions. I independently solved this problem by check what is themost familiar tool for BISS community and I took the responsibility of my decision becausethat decision is also a part of my project. Besides aspect of the thinker, I also improved asa communicator. During the keep touching with supervisor, I could be trained as acommunicator, who can understand and get the useful and helpful advice from the people.Also, during the process of getting feedback from BISS community made me as an activecommunicator, who can lead and control the communication by my need. Moreover, thePersonal Project trained me as a good listener because to know others opinion, listening isthe best way to understand them. 10
  11. 11. Appendix1. Eco-Friendly Font (p.3, 4, 6, 8, 9)•Font that makes impact of protecting the environment by its special holes.2. Wikispaces (p.5, 6, 7)•The Website provides service to make wikispaces page to the teachers and students.BISS uses wikispaces to make student’s portfolio and provide academical information.3. SurveyMonkey (p.5) •The website that provides fine service of creating the survey. SurveyMonkey provides free service to the people with normal account. To use more professional service, people should charge the fee. 11
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