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  1. 1. Financial Concepts & Solutions "Helping people with their 'dash'..."
  2. 2. Agenda What is “Financial Planning”? Why is it important? Who is “Financial Security Concepts”? Who’s helping you with your “dash”? How can we help you? -
  3. 3. What is Financial Planning? If you were planning a road-trip, what’s the first thing you would need to decide? Your Destination!
  4. 4. Road Trip Where am I going? Destinations How will I get there? Road-Map What will get me there? Appropriate Vehicle What if something goes wrong? Safety devices / back-up plan Financial Plan What are my goals and dreams? Retirement, Business succession, education How will I get there? Financial Plan What will get me there? Saving and Investment Planning What if something goes wrong? Insurance Planning
  5. 5. Commitment Last year, how much time did you spend planning your vacation? Last year, how much time did you spend devoted to your short and long range financial planning?
  6. 6. Did you know….. … ..62% of Americans age 65 or older have retirement income of less than $25,000 a year? … ..only 30% of Family-owned businesses will transfer successfully to the next generation? … ..the leading cause of foreclosure in America comes as a result of a long-term disability or catastrophic illness to a household wage-earner? … ..less than 50% of all wage-earners own any form of life insurance and less than 15% own enough to maintain their family’s standard of living if they died prematurely? Why Is It Important?
  7. 7. And there’s more….. … .. When it was created, Social Security was only designed to last until a retiree’s age 69. Today, if you live to 69 in good health, you might possibly live at least another 20 years! Do you have enough set aside to live that long? … ..More than 20% of people eligible to contribute to a 401k elect not to ? … ..Waiting as little as 5 years to contribute $2,500 to an IRA can cost as much as $212.43 in monthly retirement income – or $51,000 over your lifetime if you retire at age 70? Did you know….that you can control all of this?
  8. 8. So again…What Is Financial Planning? Never before have the financial choices been more complicated and, at times, overwhelming. In addition, the time available to address these issues seems to be more limited. Financial Planning is the analyzing of your goals and dreams, creating the road map to achieve them and, finally, implementing those plans.
  9. 9. What Is a Financial Planner? Most importantly, a listener A guide Someone who answers your questions Someone who simplifies the complex Someone who can help you with all of your financial options Someone who will work with you, now, and in the future
  10. 10. Who Needs Financial Planning? Anyone who is serious about achieving their financial goals. The amount of money you have is irrelevant. Planning is about goals and dreams, not what you have now. Your age is irrelevant. Today is a good day to begin…tomorrow not quite as good. Whether you are married or single or have kids or not is irrelevant.
  11. 11. Who is “Financial Concepts & Solutions”? A Financial Planning Boutique that offers a “goals-based” approach to financial planning…. - We’ll dare to ask you : If today were January, 2009, what are a few things that would have had to have happened for it to have been a successful period of time in your life? - We’ll dare to ask you : If today were January, 2021, what are a few things that would have had to have happened for it to have been a successful period of time in your life? - We’ll dare to ask you : If you could write the text of your tombstone, what would it say? Are you living your life in a way that supports that? - We’ll dare to ask you : What are you waiting for?
  12. 12. And now the important question…. Who’s helping you with your “dash”? We inspire and empower our clients to achieve their financial dreams, goals, and objectives so that they and their loved ones will live better, more fulfilled lives… Your Name Born - Died Your Life
  13. 13. So, what is your dash? That’s right….it’s your life….the time between ‘Born’ and ‘Died’. We want to help you plan, so that you can get the most out of your dash . You don’t control when you are born and you certainly can’t control when you die….but you ABSOLUTELY can control the time you spend in between.
  14. 14. How can we help you? Listen as you tell us what is important Work with you to prioritize Find shortfalls in your planning Help you develop a road map Help you find and compare solutions Implement the necessary plans to meet your goals
  15. 15. We appreciate you reading this… We do appreciate your taking time to read this and we hope you will take time to work on your “dash”. Thank you.
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