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How mobile learning is revolutionizing our idea of education and changing the way we learn.

How mobile learning is revolutionizing our idea of education and changing the way we learn.



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Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Presentation Transcript

  • How  it’s  revolu.onizing  our  idea  of  educa.on  By:  Alexandra  W   Image  by:  Sparktography  
  • What does aneducated personlook like?Image  by:  diking  
  • Do they have agraduation capatop their head?Image  by:  Hoersten  
  • Can they be seen inlecture halls – oneamong many?Image  by:  Ins;tute  of  Development  Studies,  Sussex  
  • Nowadays, they look likethis – someone witha mobile device in hand.Image  by:  liewcf  
  • Approximatelythree-quartersof the world’sinhabitants nowhave access to amobile phone.Image  by:  Yago1.com  
  • And by 2015……80% of people accessing the internet will bedoing so from mobile devices.Image  by:  Lady  Madonna  
  • With mobile technology nowmore accessible thanever before, mLearningis becoming more andmore relevant.Image  by:  kaddisudhi  
  • The idea of entering school at around fiveyears old and attending school institutions allthe way to university is a way of the past.Image  by:  Howard  County  Library  System  
  • How we learn ischanging.Image  by:  SaraiRachel  
  • In tablet owninghouseholds, 57%of children usedthem to accesseducational apps.Image  by:  nooccar  
  • There areover 3,400educational appsavailable fordownload inthe iTunesstore alone.Image  by:  mightykenny  
  • A large number ofthe apps aretargeted towardschildren betweenthe ages of 2 and5 – these kids arenot even in gradeschool yet!Image  by:  tom$  
  • Image  by:  Maxfear  Africa is acontinent whichcontains manydevelopingcountries.
  • Image  by:  Dominik  Syka  It now has more than650 millionmobile phone subscribers.
  • More people in Africa havea mobile phone than accessto electricity.Image  by:  CraKyGoat  
  • A project backedby Nokia in SouthAfrica aimsto delivermath lessonsvia mobile phones.Image  by:  jakeandlindsay  
  • The results – a14% increase inmath competencyamongparticipants.Image  by:  Guy  Fawkes  
  • Even amongseniors, 1 out of 6in the lowestincome categoryhave smartphones.Image  by:  flowercat  
  • Older people werefound to readfaster and with lesseffort when using atablet versus aprinted page.Image  by:  wilbertbaan  
  • And seniorsrepresent ademographic withthe time availabilityto take onlinecourses for fun.Image  by:  ToniVC  
  • So who really isan educatedperson?Image  by:  diking  
  • They can be kids.Image  by:  Luis  Roberto  Lainez  
  • They can bepeople indevelopingcountries.Image  by:  CIMMYT  
  • And they can beseniors.Image  by:  xbeSyx  
  • Through mobile learning,perhaps our idea ofeducated people will soonsimply be…
  • …this.Image  by:  Kevin  M.  Gill  
  • Insert sourcesSources:    •  hSp://www.fastcodesign.com/1669896/10-­‐ways-­‐that-­‐mobile-­‐learning-­‐will-­‐revolu;onize-­‐educa;on  •  hSp://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/hr2011.pdf    •  hSp://www.worldbank.org/en/news/press-­‐release/2012/07/17/mobile-­‐phone-­‐access-­‐reaches-­‐three-­‐quarters-­‐planets-­‐popula;on    •  hSp://www.nielsen.com/us/en/newswire/2012/american-­‐families-­‐see-­‐tablets-­‐as-­‐playmate-­‐teacher-­‐and-­‐babysiSer.html    •  hSp://www.educa;on.com/magazine/ar;cle/smartphones-­‐kids/  •  hSp://www.cellular-­‐news.com/story/46901.php  •  hSp://i3.`k.eu/en/system/files/INTERACT09_oldermobile.pdf    •  hSp://www.nydailynews.com/life-­‐style/health/tablet-­‐readers-­‐easier-­‐older-­‐people-­‐eyes-­‐books-­‐study-­‐ar;cle-­‐1.1261306    •  hSp://www.smartplanet.com/blog/bulle;n/africa-­‐has-­‐more-­‐mobile-­‐phone-­‐users-­‐than-­‐the-­‐us-­‐or-­‐eu/9053  •  hSp://www.cnn.com/2012/10/04/tech/mobile/africa-­‐mobile-­‐opinion    Note:  All  images  sourced  from  Flickr  with  Crea;ve  Commons  licenses.