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Workflow demo

Workflow demo






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    Workflow demo Workflow demo Document Transcript

    • What is Workflow?In the competitive world Business Process today Involve getting many type ofinformation to multiple people …. Accordingly to rules that are constantly changing …..oracle workflow let you automate and continuously improve the business process.To do this oracle provide us with a tool called as Oracle Workflow BuilderWhat is this Tool Oracle Workflow Builder?Oracle Workflow Builder is a graphical tool for creating, viewing, and modifyingworkflow process definitions. It contains a Navigator window and the Process windowBefore we talk about the navigation window and the process window lets us talk aboutthe major future and definition of Oracle Workflow The Major Future of Oracle Workflow are 1. ORACLE WORKFLOW BUILDER. 2. ORACLE WORKFLOW ENGIN 3. WORKFLOW DEFINATION LODADER 4. COMPLETE PROGAMMATIC EXTENSIBILITY 5. ELECTRONIC NOTIFICATIONS 6. ELECTRONIC MAIL INTEGRATION 7. INTERNET ENABLE WORKFLOW We do have oracle workflow architecture. Let us not defined this as a developer we should have the knowledge of it andwhat so it does. U can go through the User or Developer Guide for the definition.What does this Process Window and Navigation Window of Oracle WorkflowBuilder Tool Contain?So to define the workflow process oracle workflow builder provide us with somecomponents and activity Process. Navigation window contain all this components/activity/Process.These components activity process are dreg from Navigation window to the processwindow and are assembled to form the process diagram.Know we can define workflow as ….the process diagram (or the process) that iscreated by activities / Components Depending upon our business flow. (UsingOracle Workflow builder tool)
    • Note: Oracle workflow builder tool comes as Standalone workflow builder andEmbedded version of workflow.So let us not talk about the version …..We have some idea of what is workflow and Workflow builder so let us defineWhat is Process , Activity and Componentsprocess Depending upon the business requirement and the process or the Business Flowhow the business to be driven (requirement) we have to assemble or create the workflowdiagram.(with some components/activity) and this process diagram is refer to as Process.This process can be broken in to much process or sub process again depends upon thebusiness requirement.For example if say we make a LOCAL/STD/ISD call by the time it get connected to theno we have called we can make this as a single process or many process or the subprocess.Activities An activity is a unit of work that contributes toward (the accomplishment) tocomplete the process.An activity can be a notification, a function, or a process. A function activity calls a PL/SQL stored procedure or some external program to perform an automated function. (Note Function will have input parameter and result paremater--- these parameter are nothing but attributes) A process activity is a modelled workflow process, which can be included as an activity in another process to represent a sub–process. A notification activity sends a message or information to a workflow user. The message may simply provide the user with information or request the user to take some action.Components Can be the message and attribute.*********************************************************************** Item Type Activity + components with Process saved as Item Type.Activities ComponentsNotification MessageFunction/Procedure AttributesProcessLookup Type and Roles (Users)
    • So when u defined the workflow (i.e when we assemble the components and activitiesto from the workflow u may use some standard result type as Boolean (Yes /No,Approve /Reject ..etc ) these can be defined as Lookup types.Oracle workflow defined some standard activities and lookup types they areAnd/Or ActivitiesComparison ActivitiesCompare Execution Time ActivityWait ActivityBlock ActivityDefer Thread ActivityLaunch Process ActivityNoop ActivityLoop Counter ActivityStart ActivityEnd ActivityRole Resolution ActivityNotify ActivityVote Yes/No ActivityMaster/Detail Coordination ActivitiesWait for Flow ActivityContinue Flow ActivityAssign ActivityGet Monitor URL ActivityConcurrent Manager Standard ActivitiesExecute Concurrent Program ActivitySubmit Concurrent Program ActivityWait for Concurrent Program ActivityDefault Error ProcessWe do have some standard error process and activities you can use to create acustom error process. You can assign an error process to a processactivity. If an error occurs, the error process informs Oracle Workflowhow to handle the error. See: Default Error Process.Suppose say u have to defind the activity say procedure the takes the input/outputparameter that have to be passed when the workflow is lanched. Then we respresentthese parameters as Components. Called as attributes.Or say u make use of standard activity SetItemUserKey that have 3 input parameter andthe parameter are passed when the workrflow is lunched
    • What are Roles and UsersTo know about the roles and users see the link.http://metalink.oracle.com/metalink/plsql/ml2_documents.showDocument?p_database_id=FOR&p_id=615685.999let us not defined the User and the Role . (Role is nothing but group of user’s)let us assume the we have only the user and proceed further.So can any one tell me what are the minimum components that are require to defined the WorkflowOne ProcessOne Start ActivityOne End ActivityOne User
    • So what is the importance of workflow?****************************global settingand configuration of WFMAIL.CFG****************************************************************************************
    • Creating the Process
    • Creating Function
    • CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE body wf_emp_levASPROCEDURE validate_emp(itemtype in varchar2, itemkey in varchar2, actid in number, funcmode in varchar2, resultout out varchar2)AS l_eno number; l_eno_id number; l_days number;begin l_eno := wf_engine.GetItemAttrNumber (itemtype => itemtype, itemkey => itemkey, aname => EMP_ID); l_days := wf_engine.GetItemAttrNumber (itemtype => itemtype, itemkey => itemkey, aname => DAYS);--Validates the empno select empno into l_eno_id from emp where empno =l_eno;--Update the lev_days update emp set lev_days = l_days where empno = l_eno;
    • resultout:=T; return ;exception when others then resultout:=F; return;end validate_emp;end wf_emp_lev;/launching the Workflow through APIAttaching the workflow to a formIf the API is written in the form the we can see the in themenu TOOLSWORKFLOW STATUS the status of work flow (there may be some profile setting that we may have to see)Any Doubt Reach me at :- kamal.love@gmail.com