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As a part of the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre's 5 Year Anniversary and Book Launch celebration week we prepared a slideshow that highlights some of our accomplishments over the past five year as well as testimonials from people we have worked with in the past. Have a look to see some of what we have done!

For more information about TAEC visit www.taeclaos.org or www.facebook.com/taeclaos

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TAEC 5th Anniversary Slideshow

  1. 1. The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre FIVE Years 2007 - 2012
  2. 2. TAEC is a wonderful resource that brings to lightthe rich living heritage of Luang Prabang WorldHeritage town. We greatly appreciate our workwith TAEC in the past, particularly ondocumenting traditional children’s games innorthern Lao PDR. - Montira Horayangura Unakul, UNESCO Bangkok
  3. 3. Advocacy & Livelihoods CollectionsDevelopment ResearchEducation & Outreach Exhibitions
  4. 4. The Traditional Arts & Ethnology Center is amore than a museum, it is a breathing and livingresource and research center dedicated toeducating the public about Laos’ ethnicdiversity, cultures and traditions. We so proudof your achievements over the last five yearsand we wish you even greater success in thecoming years. - Shui Meng and the Saoban Team
  5. 5. ExhibitionsSplendour and Sacrifice From Courtship to Kinship 2 Temporary
  6. 6. I admire TAECs dedication to outreach andengagement with rural communities across Laos.I also appreciate that TAEC doesnt believe that allcultures should remain stagnant. Theyunderstand that cultures are ever-changing, andany given people reserve the right to adapt theirtraditions, clothing, or practices. - Gabriel Kuperman, Director, Luang Prabang Film Festival
  7. 7. Awarded theAmbassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation for two research andexhibition projects 7 permanent exhibits 1 off-site exhibit
  8. 8. CollectionsHave over 400 artefacts from 30 differentethnic groups, preserved for future generationsLocally appropriate international standardcataloguing system and off-site collectionstorage roomCollections staff trained in theUS, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam
  9. 9. TAEC is an incredible achievement and a valuablecultural resource for Lao and humanity. The wholeTAEC team and vision is an inspiration and I feelprivileged to be able to contribute and learnalongside them. Bravo! - Jacinta Brown, Conservator
  10. 10. Public Programmes Published the book, “Cultural Diversity in Lao PDR: stories from the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre” in 2012 Co-organised the Ethnic Cultural Festival with the Department of Information and Culture in 2010, a 3 day event of musical performances, ethnic food and handicrafts, children’s games, and activities Supported the Department of Information and Culture in conserving and exhibiting Buddhas in Vat Visoun with support from the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation Hosted 4 ethnic youth interns for 3 weeks in 2009
  11. 11. Happy five-year anniversary to all of our friends atTAEC! We have greatly enjoyed working with youand seeing the excellent work you have done toeducate people about the history and rich cultureof Laos’ ethnic minority groups. We wish you allthe best and look forward to many more years ofsuccessful collaboration! - Karen B. Stewart, U.S. Ambassador to Laos
  12. 12. Advocacy and Livelihoods DevelopmentHosted community resource persons for 1 weekMember of Fair Trade Laos and Lao Handicraft AssociationPerformed concerted handicraft training to 10 villages
  13. 13. We decided to work together from then on and ithas been my privilege to assist them on numerousresearch trips, and also spend time working withthem at their own home base in Luang Prabang. Itenriched my life and taught me a lot of thebackground of the things I merely took pictures of. Ihope to continue working with them for a long time.I wish them well for the next 5 years! I hope toattend the 10 year anniversary, having to miss out onthis one. - Kees Sprengers, Photographer
  14. 14. ResearchConducted major research project with UNESCO on Traditional Children’s Games in 2010 Two staff trained in the Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Field School in Thailand Have a Board of Advisors of 10 anthropologists and culture experts
  15. 15. Congrats to Tara and the TAEC team! I am proud thatVFI was (minimally) involved with TAEC at the verybeginning and even more impressed with the highquality, professional services of TAEC, on par withmuseums one would see in westerncountries. Whenever a friend or colleague heads toLuang Prabang, I always highly recommend they visitTAEC, and all are happily surprised with they find. Atrue diamond in the rough that more people need toknow about! - Rick Reece, Executive Director, Village Focus International
  16. 16. TAEC has become one of the best if not the bestinstitutions dedicated to the preservation anddissemination of knowledge regarding the diversepeoples living in Laos. In just five years, it hasbecome internationally renowned. I am proud to bepart of the Centre.- Dr. Linda McIntosh, TAEC Advisor and Textile Specialist
  17. 17. Happy Anniversary TAEC! And enormous thanks forsharing the extraordinary culture of the traditionalpeoples of Laos with your visitors. Through yourthoughtful and creative displays and programs youenrich all of our lives. - Victoria Vorreiter, The Resonance Project
  18. 18. Tara & Khoun, over the last five years you have builtup with thoughtfulness, taste and dedicated work atruly amazing place, I am looking forward to the nextfive years and your next five shows! - Rik Gadella, General Director, Pha Tad Ke