How a Content Marketing Can Help [Statistics]


Published on is a content marketing agency. This presentation offers statistics proving the effectiveness of content marketing and social media marketing and how inbound marketing can help any business.

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How a Content Marketing Can Help [Statistics]

  1. 1. aWiserStart with
  2. 2. Why Use Content Marketing?
  3. 3. Why Use Content Marketing?
  4. 4. Why Use Content Marketing?
  5. 5. Why Use Content Marketing?
  6. 6. Why Use Content Marketing?
  7. 7. Why Use Content Marketing?
  8. 8. Why Use Content Marketing?
  9. 9. Why Use Content Marketing?
  10. 10. Why Use Content Marketing?
  11. 11. Why Use Content Marketing?
  12. 12. Why Use Content Marketing?
  13. 13. How Can We Help? Get Your Content Program Off the Ground Running Start Yours Customized Program… Write Intensively Choose train Employees Customized Qualified and have monthly Policies refresher training Employees
  14. 14. How Can We Help? No time for Content Marketing? We can create your Content!Professional Blogging•20 blogs each month•52 microblogs•Answering questions and comments related to the blogs onsocial media up to 90 interactionsSocial Media Management•Seek more subscribers•Post 52 microblogs monthly using content curation•Manage all comments on the three large social media sites up to1000 interactions per monthPresentation Production and Viral Marketing•Create one eBook per month and propagatepost to eBook sites and on 3 social media sites•Create a Photoslide correspondent to the eBook and disseminate•Create a standard video of the presentation and post to YouTube
  15. 15. How Can We Help? No time for Content Marketing? We can create your Content!Video Production•Develop videos that can be beneficial. Both polished and unpolished video•Write video description and disseminate in the top four social media sites•Answering questions and comments related to the videos on social mediaup to 90 interactions Social Media Facelift •Build up to 3 FaceBook page tabs •Build Twitter and YouTube customized channels •Build a great WordPress custom designed site for the blog Email Marketing and Retention Programs •Create up to 5 automated email campaigns •Create custom landing pages for each of the email campaign •Create micro-websites as needed to support complex campaigns
  16. 16. How Can We Help? Need Help with Overflow Work ? We can collaborate with your team!Provide a la cart assistance Consult on future needs and manage expansionProvide research and manageeditorial calendar for your staff
  17. 17. A La Cart Services Our Services We Can Consult and do Everything or Just Help You as Needed! Help Only WhereManage Everything Needed
  18. 18. About is owned and operated by and was started because of the current trend in contentmarketing and social network media distribution.We saw a need for a very complete service that took us from just being a wiser solution for people to being the proper wayto get started on the internet.We aim to become more than just a website development company and more like a partner or a department inside ourclient’s business that wisely produces the website, Facebook Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Syndication, SocialNetwork Media, and the increasing requirement for rich media such as video content and video marketing.From website design and website development to content marketing, social network media production and videoproduction we aim to become the affordable professional content provider for our clients.
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