India’s	  First	  NFC	  Solu2on	  Provider	         ©	  2012	  aTuch	  Inc.	  Confiden2al	  Informa2on.	  All	  rights	  re...
NFC	  Business	  Solu.ons	        ©	  2012	  aTuch	  Inc.	  Confiden2al	  Informa2on.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	  
Movie	  &	  Actor	  Ra2ng	  System	  »  Delivers	  real-­‐2me	  authen2c	  movie	  ra2ngs	  &	  reviews	  »  Ra2ngs	  by	 ...
Employee	  Performance	  Management	  »  Manages	  brand	  reputa2on	  of	  Corpora2ons	  »  Feedback	  for	  field	  Perso...
Sight	  Words	  for	  Kindergartens	  »  Interac2ve	  learning	  for	  children	  and	  adults	  »  Augmented	  learning	 ...
Building	  Directory	  /	  Augmented	  Reality	  »  Get	  building	  directory	  informa2on	  with	  just	  one	  tap	  » ...
Prescrip2on	  Drug	  Reminder	  »  Sets	  up	  alarms/reminders	  for	  your	  prescrip2on	  drugs	  »  Leads	  to	  incre...
Customer	  Loyalty	  Applica2on	  »  Cost	  effec2ve	  &	  Quick	  solu2on	  for	  SME’s	  to	  deploy	  »  Enables	  socia...
NFC	  Smart	  Posters	      ©	  2012	  aTuch	  Inc.	  Confiden2al	  Informa2on.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	  
Connect	  With	  Us	  »  Enables	  customers	  to	  connect	  with	  businesses	  on	  social	  networks	  »  Offers	  user...
Remember	  Parking	  Spot	  »  Helps	  drivers	  remember	  their	  parking	  spot	  with	  just	  one	  touch	  »  Enable...
Restaurant	  Menu	  »  Enables	  Users	  to	  view	  the	  menu	  of	  restaurant	  on	  their	  phones	  »  Users	  can	 ...
Store	  Specials	  »  Enables	  Users	  to	  get	  discount	  coupons	  or	  store	  specials	  on	  their	  phones	  »  E...
Virtual	  Open	  House	  »  Allows	  real	  estate	  agents	  to	  use	  one	  sign	  to	  showcase	  houses	  »  Connects...
1-­‐Touch	  Sugges2on	  Box	  »  Enables	  customers	  to	  provide	  quick	  feedback	  to	  businesses	  »  Significantly...
Please	  Tell	  Us	  /	  Recommend	  Us	  »  Quickly	  allows	  users	  to	  recommend	  a	  business	  or	  a	  brand	  ©...
Facebook	  Like	  Us	  »  Enables	  users	  to	  like	  facebook	  pages	  of	  a	  business,	  movies,	  brands	  etc	  w...
Smart	  Poster	  Manager	        ©	  2012	  aTuch	  Inc.	  Confiden2al	  Informa2on.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	  
Smart	  Poster	  Manager	  »  Enables	  businesses/marketers	  to	  manage	  their	  smart	  posters	  remotely	  »  Provi...
NFC	  Readers	  ©	  2012	  aTuch	  Inc.	  Confiden2al	  Informa2on.	  All	  rights	  reserved.	  
NFC	  Reader	  –	  4	  Types	  »  GSM	  /	  GPRS	  NFC	  Reader	  »  WiFi	  NFC	  Reader	  »  Ethernet	  NFC	  Reader	  » ...
NFC	  Reader	  –	  Use	  Cases	  »  Smart	  Posters	  in	  a	  mall	  »  Event	  Management	  »  Vo2ng,	  Polling,	  Ra2ng...
Thank	  You	  Please	  visit	  (India)	  &	  (US)	  for	                                 mo...
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NFC (Near Field Communication) Solutions - aTuch


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NFC (Near Field Communication) Solutions created and provided by aTuch Inc. ( /

Broadly, the solutions aTuch provides are -
NFC Business Solutions: These are cloud based solutions like movie/actor rating system, employee performance management system etc.
NFC Smart Posters: These include Facebook like us Poster, Remember Parking Spot Poster and more.

In addition to the above solutions, aTuch has created its own NFC Readers using Arduino NFC Shield which can be used to create a perfect environment for NFC deployment.

Upcoming Solutions - There are more solutions that is currently being worked on which will enable easy shopping in retail outlets and also a 'Word of Tap' platform which takes 'Word of Mouth' to a completely different level

aTuch is one of the pioneers in creating NFC Solutions for US and India.

For more information, please visit us at (India) & (US) or
Contact us on or

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NFC (Near Field Communication) Solutions - aTuch

  1. 1. India’s  First  NFC  Solu2on  Provider   ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  2. 2. NFC  Business  Solu.ons   ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  3. 3. Movie  &  Actor  Ra2ng  System  »  Delivers  real-­‐2me  authen2c  movie  ra2ngs  &  reviews  »  Ra2ngs  by  real  viewers  at  the  theatre  »  Enables  2cket  purchases  &  ra2ngs  for  individual  stars   NFC  Smart  Poster   Movie   Movie  Ra.ngs  Management  Portal   Video:  hOp://      ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  4. 4. Employee  Performance  Management  »  Manages  brand  reputa2on  of  Corpora2ons  »  Feedback  for  field  Personnel  e.g.  –  Technicians,  etc.  »  Builds  loyalty  by  providing  proac2ve  customer  care   Employee  Tag   Review  Page   Performance  Mgmt  Console   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  5. 5. Sight  Words  for  Kindergartens  »  Interac2ve  learning  for  children  and  adults  »  Augmented  learning  by  placing  card  next  to  related  physical  object   “Play”  Sight  Word  Tag   “Play”  Sight  Word  Video   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  6. 6. Building  Directory  /  Augmented  Reality  »  Get  building  directory  informa2on  with  just  one  tap  »  Get  Points  of  Interests  (POI’s)  with  visual  markers  on  your  phone   Entry  Door  Tag   Lalit  Building  Directory   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  7. 7. Prescrip2on  Drug  Reminder  »  Sets  up  alarms/reminders  for  your  prescrip2on  drugs  »  Leads  to  increased  drug  adherence  and  compliance   Smart  Drug  BoHle   Drug  Reminder  Applica.on  ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  8. 8. Customer  Loyalty  Applica2on  »  Cost  effec2ve  &  Quick  solu2on  for  SME’s  to  deploy  »  Enables  social  marke2ng  by  upda2ng  users’  FB  status  »  Enables  users  to  collect  points  at  various  outlets  with  one  card   User’s  Portal  showing  loyalty  points   Auto  FB  Update  &  Check  in   Merchant  Dashboard   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  9. 9. NFC  Smart  Posters   ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  10. 10. Connect  With  Us  »  Enables  customers  to  connect  with  businesses  on  social  networks  »  Offers  users  op2ons  to  connect  on   »  Facebook   »  Foursquare   »  TwiOer   »  Yelp   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  11. 11. Remember  Parking  Spot  »  Helps  drivers  remember  their  parking  spot  with  just  one  touch  »  Enables  quickly  check  the  rates  of  parking  directly  on  your  phone  »  Helps  locate  businesses  around  where  your  car  is  parked   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  12. 12. Restaurant  Menu  »  Enables  Users  to  view  the  menu  of  restaurant  on  their  phones  »  Users  can  save  the  menu  and  call  to  order  food  at  home  or  make  a  reserva2on  »  Users  can  also  share  the  menu  with  their  friends  on  facebook  etc.   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  13. 13. Store  Specials  »  Enables  Users  to  get  discount  coupons  or  store  specials  on  their  phones  »  Enables  users  to  share  the  coupons  with  their  friends  on  facebook  etc.   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  14. 14. Virtual  Open  House  »  Allows  real  estate  agents  to  use  one  sign  to  showcase  houses  »  Connects  with  poten2al  homeowners  by  providing  them  virtual  informa2on  of  the  houses  on  sale   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  15. 15. 1-­‐Touch  Sugges2on  Box  »  Enables  customers  to  provide  quick  feedback  to  businesses  »  Significantly  improves  the  sugges2on-­‐submission  experience  »  Enables  businesses  to  act  swinly  on  nega2ve  feedback   Video:  hOp://­‐tqLd9LLs&feature=plcp    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  16. 16. Please  Tell  Us  /  Recommend  Us  »  Quickly  allows  users  to  recommend  a  business  or  a  brand  ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  17. 17. Facebook  Like  Us  »  Enables  users  to  like  facebook  pages  of  a  business,  movies,  brands  etc  with  just  a  touch.   Video:  hOp://    ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  18. 18. Smart  Poster  Manager   ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  19. 19. Smart  Poster  Manager  »  Enables  businesses/marketers  to  manage  their  smart  posters  remotely  »  Provides  analy2cs  to  measure  the  success  of  a  campaign   Smart  Poster  Manager  Dashboard   Smart  Poster  Manager  ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  20. 20. NFC  Readers  ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  21. 21. NFC  Reader  –  4  Types  »  GSM  /  GPRS  NFC  Reader  »  WiFi  NFC  Reader  »  Ethernet  NFC  Reader  »  USB  NFC  Reader   Playlist  1:    GSM  NFC  Reader  Playlist   Video:      WiFi  NFC  Reader  ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  22. 22. NFC  Reader  –  Use  Cases  »  Smart  Posters  in  a  mall  »  Event  Management  »  Vo2ng,  Polling,  Ra2ng  remotely  »  NFC  Loyalty  Program  »  Providing  Dynamic  Content  to  Users  »  Ticke2ng  »  And  more…  ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
  23. 23. Thank  You  Please  visit  (India)  &  (US)  for   more  details     or     contact  us  on  or     ©  2012  aTuch  Inc.  Confiden2al  Informa2on.  All  rights  reserved.  
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