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Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
Xu Proposal Ef D2
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Xu Proposal Ef D2


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  • 1. Spatial analysis of forest resource change and policy simulations in NE China a proposal Jintao Xu EEPC, PKU November 3, 2008, Lake View Hotel
  • 2. Background
    • NE China, the key state owned forest region
      • 85 state forest enterprises in HLJ, JL and Inner Mogolia
    • Historically most important timber producing region
      • 1/3-1/2 industrial wood supply
    • With important ecological function
      • Ecological shield for NE grain bowl
      • Rich biodiversity
    • After 50 years of exloitation, suffering “two crises”
    • Currently under NFPP
    • Puzzles remain on way towards sustainable management
    • Reforming SFE will become policy priority in forest sector
  • 3. Issues
    • No good understanding on causes of the “two crises”
    • Debates mainly based on anectodes, lack of systematic investigations and reasoning
    • Lack of quality data on forest resources change
      • Mainly based on forest inventories (every 5-10 years)
      • Remote sensing and GIS tech lack of credibility and authority
    • Information on biodiversity almost un-existent
    • Need to establish linkage between forest resource change and management scheme, incentive package, national policy and governance structure so that clear understaning of causes of two crises can be achieved
  • 4. Objective
    • Establish quality database on forest and biodiversity resources change in NE state forest region
    • Identifying the impact of management practices / government policies on two crises in NE China
    • Develop a data base with multiple source and characteristics, as well as a decision making system that support policy simulation and policy making
  • 5. Research Activities
    • Database development on forest and biodiversity resources based on intepretation of stalite images and ground truthing
    • Survey on socio-economic and management scheme in NE China
    • Empirical analysis of impacts of management practices, policies etc on forest resoueces and economic performance
    • Designing governance structure that reduce cost of supervision and improve effectiveness of forest management
  • 6. 技术路线图 、 Gap Analysis PKU, CAS, SFA, IIASA Field Work PKU,SFA Database/Analyses PKU,CAS,IIASA Policy dialogue PKU,CAS,SFA IIASA Publication PKU,CAS,SFA IIASA 森林资源数据缺口分析 生物多样性资源数据缺口分析 林区社会经济数据的整理分析 模型框架设计和方法论学习 森林资源和生物多样性地面调查 社会经济和管理体制补充调查 新的遥感数据采集、解译、统计分析,相关信息的 GIS 技术集成 形成林地资源数据库以及人机对话的界面开发 绘制各类森林资源地图 建立多源数据集成的空间分析模型 国内和国际学术研讨会 与政府和其他潜在用户的交流活动 成果鉴定 论文、专著和应用软件包的推出
  • 7. Forest Area change 1988-2000 公顷 来源:中科院资源环境科学数据中心
  • 8. 1 公里栅格内各土地利用类型变化前面积、 变化后面积以及一级类型转换面积 林地面积变化矢量图 1 公里格网矢量图 GIS 环境下空间叠加 变化前面积最大类型 变化后面积最大类型 收缩型 扩张型 动态度图 一平方 公里栅格林地面积变化图斑提取与表达
  • 9.  
  • 10. Forest area based on satelite image and GIS tech ( Landsat TM/ETM ) 有林地 灌木林 疏林地 其他林地 图例 来源:中科院资源环境科学数据中心
  • 11. 调查方法:路线法,根据地形选择调查路线;各个类群相应的调查方法,如夹日法、样方调查等 以最快的时间找到最多的物种为目的。考虑生境的多样性:海拔跨度大、生境类型多样;
  • 12. 1km 栅格林地面积比例 林地 / 土地利用结构统计 林地面积变化的区域差异
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  • 15. Thanks