WordPress Optimisation Strategies
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WordPress Optimisation Strategies






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WordPress Optimisation Strategies WordPress Optimisation Strategies Presentation Transcript

  • WordPress Optimisation 40 tips, in 40 minutes, and then some questions!
  • Open Source
  • Open Source Apple
  • Open Source Apple CSS
  • Open Source Apple CSS SEO
  • Open Source Apple Geek CSS SEO
  • Open Source Theology Apple Geek CSS SEO
  • Open Source Theology IBMS Apple Geek CSS SEO
  • Open Source Theology IBMS Apple Geek CSS SEO Blogger
  • Open Source Theology IBMS Apple Geek CSS SEO Speaker Blogger
  • Open Source Theology IBMS Apple Geek Marketeer CSS SEO Speaker Blogger
  • Open Source Theology IBMS Apple Geek Marketeer CSS SEO Speaker Blogger
  • Open Source Theology IBMS Apple Geek Marketeer CSS SEO Speaker Blogger
  • Open Source Theology IBMS Apple Geek Marketeer CSS SEO Speaker Blogger Online marketeer
  • Yoast.com
  • Section #1: Speed!
  • 01 Tip Section #1: Speed Install WP Super Cache With GZIP enabled!
  • 02 Tip Section #1: Speed Move .htaccess directives to your server config (if possible) And disable .htaccess parsing.
  • 03 Tip Section #1: Speed Combine CSS files into one big CSS file Same goes for JavaScript, which should be loaded in the footer.
  • 04 Tip Section #1: Speed Use CSS sprites Ask your developer if you don’t know what this is.
  • 05 Tip Section #1: Speed Add a PHP opcode cache Pick one, all are better than having none.
  • 06 Tip Section #1: Speed Kill some plugins... And try to replace them for similar ones. Some plugins are god awful.
  • 07 Tip Section #1: Speed Still slow? Switch to better hosting. WestHost rocks, go to http://www.westhost.com/blog-yoast.html (yes that’s an affiliate link)
  • Section #2: SEO
  • 08 Tip Section #2: SEO Set Pretty Permalinks Why do people still forget this?
  • 09 Tip Section #2: SEO Switch Blog name and Post Title The format should be: post title - blog name
  • 10 Tip Section #2: SEO Give Robots directions Noindex wp-admin, login and register pages etc.
  • 11 Tip Section #2: SEO Write better titles Use HeadSpace2, or even All in one SEO.
  • 12 Tip Section #2: SEO Write good meta descriptions If you don’t, do NOT auto generate them.
  • 13 Tip Section #2: SEO Create proper pagination Using wp-pagenavi by Lester Chan, f/i.
  • 14 Tip Section #2: SEO Disable paged comments They suck.
  • 15 Tip Section #2: SEO Read & Implement everything in my WordPress SEO guide http://yoast.com/articles/wordpress-seo/
  • Section #3: Maintenance
  • 16 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Backup your database every few hours Use Lester Chans WP-DBManager plugin
  • 17 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Optimize your database every day Using the same WP-DBManager plugin
  • 18 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Backup your files every day Use WordPress Backup: www.blogtrafficexchange.com/wordpress-backup
  • 19 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Check your queries Use the Debug Queries plugin to check for plugins gone mad http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/debug-queries/
  • 20 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Run Akismet Kill those spam comments.
  • 21 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Check the referrers for comments http://tools.davidnaylor.co.uk/
  • 22 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Remove those nonsense widgets Technorati rank? Wel.... OK Blog value: nonsense.
  • 23 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Track your uptime Use Pingdom, or another tool, but be the first to know when your blog is down.
  • 24 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Check 404’s Use the 404 notifier: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/404-notifier/ and fix them using Redirection
  • 25 Tip Section #3: Maintenance Remove unneccesary meta info // Remove Really simple discovery link remove_action('wp_head', 'rsd_link'); // Remove Windows Live Writer link remove_action('wp_head', 'wlwmanifest_link'); // Remove the version number remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');
  • Section #4: Social
  • 26 Tip Section #4: Social Allow & encourage people to submit your content Use Sociable, damn it :)
  • 27 Tip Section #4: Social Doing newsletters? Add a refer a friend button on the thank you page!
  • 28 Tip Section #4: Social Or... Use my Comment Redirect plugin, and add the refer a friend there!
  • 29 Tip Section #4: Social Use WP Greet Box, even useful on “normal” sites.
  • 30 Tip Section #4: Social Make sure your comments are gravatar enabled.
  • 31 Tip Section #4: Social Do the Twitter thing. It’s an absurd traffic driver.
  • Section #5: Analytics
  • 32 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use Google Analytics (and my plugin for it)
  • 33 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use RSS link tagger rebelic.nl/rsslinktagger
  • 34 Tip Section #5: Analytics Track traffic coming from Twitter: yoast.com/twitter-analytics/
  • 35 Tip Section #5: Analytics Install canonical URL’s so your Analytics doesn’t interfere with your SEO
  • 36 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use comment redirect to track first time commenters
  • 37 Tip Section #5: Analytics Track comments as a goal! Use an onclick javascript with a minor delay.
  • 38 Tip Section #5: Analytics Track RSS subscribers the same way
  • 39 Tip Section #5: Analytics Start optimizing: which traffic leads to more subscribers? And yes that means forgetting about Digg.
  • 40 Tip Section #5: Analytics Use my blog metrics plugin Improve yourself each month!
  • 41 Tip Section #6: Shameless plug Bonus tip #41: Can’t fix it? Don’t have the time to? Hire me & my team to do it for you: joost@orangevalley.nl +31 6 24 555 808