Trading at scale using technology and tools to drive paid search - Andy Mihalop


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Trading at scale using technology and tools to drive paid search - Andy Mihalop

  1. 1. trading at scaleusing technology and tools to drive paid search Andy Mihalop Head of Search & Biddable Media Platforms
  2. 2. Our challenge....  50 product channels  10 million keywords  400 campaigns  5 million negatives  Technology is critical
  3. 3. Building a scalable structure is the first step  Campaign structure that scales to 100% coverage  Updated frequently, accurately and easily  Will maximise Quality Score before bid-optimisation
  4. 4. Align strategy and technology  Understand the customer journey  Consider the head, mid and tail  Align bid-management approach  Understand your technology requirements
  5. 5. Paid search technology enables bid-optimisation at scale  Maximise ROI via automated bid-management  Drive workflow efficiency in campaign management
  6. 6. Moneysupermarket selected Efficient Frontier MANAGE BID SEARCH SERVE TRACK DISPLAY 728x90 Weekly Profit from ATTRIBUTE Efficient Frontier 468x60 300x250 OPTIMISE SOCIAL … PUBLISH Weekly Profit from … Rules-Based Tool CAMPAIGN MULTI-CHANNEL MANAGEMENT BID CAPABILITY OPTIMISATION
  7. 7. Bid-optimisation strategy across the demand curve Margin Portfolio optimisation maximisation Advertiser competition Generic keywords Brand + generic keywords Generic + modifier + location keywords e.g. car Brand keywords e.g. moneysupermarket e.g. Car insurance Ford Focus Leeds insurance best credit card offers Head Mid Tail Search query volume Predictive modeling enables advertisers to accurately forecast the impact of budget changes on conversions and key performance metrics
  8. 8. Use advanced campaign management to drive efficiency All feed columns become available for account structure creation and mapping Dynamically create keywords from product feed Integrate with Google Live Ads to update ads whilst preserving Quality Score Automatically create ad variations tailored to the ad group theme
  9. 9. Build your own tools in Excel to automate key tasks THEMY CRUNCHER Identifies themes in SQR’s for new keywords and negatives Takes an SQR and AdWords Editor keyword download, identifies searches matching to incorrect keywords and outputs negatives for campaign upload
  10. 10. Use API’s to facilitate data integration
  11. 11. Optimise beyond the click to maximise conversion Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4: Stage 5: Stage 6: Stage 7: Up from the Listening Listening to Listening to Listening Dominant Newbrochure-ware to SOME of some of what everything & acting in Species Super-Beingcrawl & off to your ALL of your your audience Real-Time a good start audience audience is saying is saying • Dynamic content • Focus groups • A/B/n testing • Multivariate • Multivariate • All others PLUS: • Automated Testing Testing Optimisation • Reliable • Heat maps • Nothing goes infrastructure • Know what your • Combined with live without • Optimal • On-line Surveys audience WANTS Targeting data to justify experience • You know what to do and WHY its existence for every your audience • Usability labs • Multivariate Testing interaction DID (analytics) and Targeting now • Enterprise data part of your day-to-day fully integrated • Across all channels operational into all digital and media processes touch points
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