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Successful Information Architecture - Richard Baxter
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Successful Information Architecture - Richard Baxter



Published in Education
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  • 1. SUCCESSFUL INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE A4Uexpo London 2010 Richard Baxter –
  • 2. INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE Photo by: Gregg Knapp
  • 3. NOT SO GOOD SITE ARCHITECTURE Page Rank Homepage 1/10 1/100 1/1000 1/10000 1/100000 Very weak pages at the bottom of the architecture 6 clicks to deepest level Low search engine visibility
  • 4. FLATTENED SITE ARCHITECTURE 0 1 2 3 No more than 3 clicks to deepest level Stronger pages at the lowest tier
  • 5. TIPS TO IMPROVE SITE INDEXATION External Links Page Rank Identify linked-to pages in the architecture and cross link to pages nearby
  • 6. KEYWORD RESEARCH IN SITE ARCHITECTURE • The power of keyword categories and sub-types Quality Price Branding Product Departing Destination Chronology “Compare cheap EasyJet flights from London to New York in June” • Group together search terms where each sub-category generates unique constructions: “Flights to Malaga in June” “Cheap Ryan air Flights to Malaga”
  • 7. MAPPING KEYWORDS TO CONTENT TYPES Homepage • Continents Generic • • “Cheap flights” • “Flights” Countries • Cities Destination • • “Flights to #” • “Cheap flights to #” Resorts • Route Islands • • “Flights from @ to #” • “Cheap flights from @ to #” Routes • “@ to #” • • “@ to # Flights”
  • 9. GLOBAL NAVIGATION • Use CSS styled DHTML – “cross-browser drop-down cascading validating menu” • Position close to the top of the page • Visible with CSS / JavaScript disabled in Web Developer Toolbar
  • 10. TIPS TO IMPROVE SITE INDEXATION pages Authority pass value to pages in their hierarchy only Linked to pages transfer value UP and Down but not ACROSS
  • 11. TIPS TO IMPROVE SITE INDEXATION Cross link to enhance and strengthen pages across as well as down Identify linked-to pages in the architecture and cross link to pages nearby
  • 14. MAKE YOUR CONTENT MORE UNIQUE WITH UGC Duplicate (900+ copies) Unique (Yay)
  • 15. SUPERCHARGED UGC Data Feed and Micro Format Optimisation in Google 09:30–10:30 Room 2-4 <div class="hreview-aggregate"> <span class="item"> <span class="fn">20Q Version 2</span> </span> <span class="rating">Rating: <span class="average">5.0</span> out of <span class="best">5</span> based on <span class="count">3</span> reviews. </span> </div>
  • 16. 5 UGC REVIEWS TIPS 1) Pull through review content and aggregate ratings to your category and home pages 2) If you have pages that expire (vouchers, products, offers) – keep the UGC for a rainy day 3) Limit the number of reviews that appear on a page and cherry pick the newest / oldest to display on your category pages 4) Make it really easy for users to give feedback 5) Use Microformats to mark-up your ratings and tell Google 6) Reward the top contributors (points, special discounts etc)
  • 17. OTHER USERS FOUND THIS DOCUMENT FOR • Adds uniqueness to the page • Internal site search data can be used to cross link
  • 18. BOILERPLATE COPY & UGC – CASE STUDY 1) Reworked the top 100 category pages to use unique content not boiler plates 2) Made UGC index able (previously hidden in JavaScript) 35000 30000 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 January February March April May June July August September
  • 19. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE Photo by: Tiago Cassol Schvarstzhaupt
  • 21. RULES FOR DUPLICATE CONTENT Issue Example URL Action noindex, follow all non-root queries eg: ?page=2. Make sure your Paginated and view links /page.html?page=10&view=50&sort= paging navigation doesn't create a ?page=1 link if you can avoid it Use print friendly CSS or rel="canonical" the original article URL. Print friendly links /page.html?printerfriendly=yes Don't block in robots.txt rel="canonical" the original URL and / or use hash tags in tracking /page.html?utm_source=a4uexpo&utm_medium=architectur code. Yoast's analytics for WP plugin supports hastags: Analytics tracking URLS e-session&utm_campaign=dupe-content Remove session id's, move to cookie based session tracking, don't /page.html?sessionID=56193246156354&language=en&mode issue the session id with user agent detection, use parameter Sessions in URL =line handling in WMT Check all internal links, implement a lower case redirect, Inconsistent case in URLs /page.html vs /Page.html rel="canonical" Subdomain canonicalisation vs Implement a 301 www redirect and set preferences in WMT Include or remove trailing slashes using a 301 - use most linked to URLs as a guide and link internally as consistently as possible. Use Trailing slashes missing /voucher-codes/dixons vs /voucher-codes/dixons/ rel="canonical" Make sure you have a link back to the "original article" as a bare miniumum. Syndication on your own network you could use a cross Content syndication domain canonical
  • 23. SPEED UP YOUR WEBSITE • Site speed is important for engagement metrics – 47% expect a web page to load in two seconds or less – 40% will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load – 52% of online shoppers claim that quick page loads are important for their loyalty to a site – 14% will start shopping at a different site if page loads are slow – 23% will stop shopping or even walk away from their computer – 64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with their site visit will go somewhere else to shop next time • [Pingdom] • business-benefit/
  • 24. FASTER RECRAWL WITH CONDITIONAL GET • Conditional get request answered with a 304 not modified response Last time I crawled this page was the 10th October…
  • 25. FASTER INDEXING AND DISCOVERY Channel Services Aggregators[sitemap url] XML Sitemap[sitemap url]
  • 26. THANK YOU! @richardbaxter