Proven Strateges Earn More  R O I From Your Paid Search
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Proven Strateges Earn More R O I From Your Paid Search






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Proven Strateges Earn More R O I From Your Paid Search Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Proven Strategies to Earn More ROI from your Paid Search Campaigns a4u expo by Sri Sharma, Managing Director
  • 2. About Me
    • 6 years in PPC, Online Professional since 99
    • Paid on CPA
    • One of the largest UK and International PPC Affiliates
    • Love my PPC 
  • 3.
    • Agenda
    • Increase Quality Traffic
    • Increase Conversions
    • Decrease Costs
    • Increase Commissions
  • 4. Increase Quality Traffic # 1
  • 5. Find New Keywords Build extensive new keyword lists
    • Google Sets
    • Keyword Discovery
    • Google Keyword Tool
    • Hitwise
    • Merchant Feeds
      • Raw Feed ‘acme navy blue formal cotton shirt size 13’ gives long & short tail keywords
  • 6. Brainstorm new keywords for a campaign Google Sets
  • 7. Find Competitor Keywords Outsmart competitor keyword strategy
    • Google Website Trends
    • Google Keyword Tool
    • PPC Bully
    • KeyCompete
    • SpyFu
  • 8. Find related competitor sites, keywords and traffic trends Google Website Trends
  • 9. Find keywords from competitor websites, trends and get Adgroup structure ideas Google Keyword Tool
  • 10. Find Keywords From Your PPC Campaigns Find hidden keyword gems
    • Keywords from your affiliate sales reports
    • Google SK tool
    • Google Adwords Search Query Report
    • Campaign related marketing collateral
  • 11. Find which keywords are generating sales and replace broad/phrase match reliance ! Keywords from Affiliate Sales Reports
  • 12. Compare your campaign to your site, find new keywords and add them your PPC Campaign Google SK Tool
  • 13. Find Keywords From Your PPC Campaigns Find hidden keyword gems
    • Google Adwords Search Query Report
      • shows search queries your broad/phrase match keywords triggered: add exact matches
    • Marketing collateral – find keywords in posters, banners, people search for them!
  • 14. Create Mispells & Keywords Combinations Extend your Keyword lists
    • Rapid Keywords
    • SEOBook Keyword List Generator
    • RevenueWire Keyword Manager
    • Fat Fingers – eBay typos
  • 15. Create keyword mispells Rapid Keyword
  • 16. Create keyword mispells, combinations and it’s free! RevenueWire Keyword Manager
  • 17. Improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) More traffic, more sales
    • Create adcopy relative to the Buying Cycle
    • BUT for sales generation, focus on transactional adcopies and test based on EPC
    • Be different to competitors
      • Say ‘Save 25%’ if others are saying ‘Save €20’
    Awareness Interest Education Comparison Purchase Laptop computer Laptop info Laptop reviews Acer laptops Acer Aspire 4935
  • 18.
    • Is your keyword commercial? Check out MSN Adlabs commercial intention tool
    • Google Adwords Search Query Report – find new negatives regularly
    Add Negative Keywords Stop paying for poor traffic
  • 19. Increase Conversions # 2
  • 20.
    • Read a good landing page optimisation book e.g. Sitetuners book
    • Use Google Analytics
      • Drill down to keyword level
      • Track internal site search
    Increase Landing Page Conversion Increase traffic and sales
  • 21.
    • Like CrazyEgg and see where people are clicking – is it clickable?
    Use Heatmaps Improve site click through rate
  • 22. Increase Landing Page Conversion Improve traffic and sales!
    • Run multivariate tests and start simple e.g. Use Google Optimiser
    • Deeplink smart e.g low value generic products to shopping cart
    • Don’t assume what your competitors do is right/better/good
    • Follow the full sales funnel in your approach
    • Be relevant for the user!
  • 23. Synchronise ! Think differently and Find more sales !
    • With merchant promotion
      • Be fast off the mark to test new copy
    • With other marketing channels
      • Pickup keywords from merchant copy in magazines/papers/posters/display ads
      • Search is great for closing the deal!
    • Fast Changing Markets
      • Use Google Alerts, Yahoo Pipes to get news alerts and react through your PPC
  • 24. Test Ad Scheduling Increase your activity at peak times
    • Pull sales data from your affiliate network
    • Compare to Adspend
  • 25. Optimise by Ad Scheduling Increase your relevance & profit !
    • Increase exposure for Thursday using Google, MSN adscheduling
    • Create bespoke campaigns for peak times with tailored adcopy and landing pages e.g. around Payday
  • 26. Test Geo-targeting Increase your activity in key locations
    • Pull sales data from your affiliate network showing geographic location (you may need an IP to location tool eg ipligence)
    • Compare to Adspend
  • 27. Optimise by Geo-targeting Increase your relevance & profit !
    • Create a seperate campaign for London e.g test ‘London’ in adcopy
    • Target keywords e.g. ‘hotels in London’
  • 28. Test Demographic Targeting Understand your audience
    • Ask merchant for demographics of your purchasers
    • Use insight tools e.g. MSN Adlabs Demographic Predictions
  • 29. Target Your Audience Demographic Improve your relevance & profit !
    • MSN Adcenter and Google Content Network allow demographic targeting
    • Test bespoke adcopy and landing page copy e.g. Adcopy ‘ladies boot cut jeans’
  • 30. Decrease Costs # 3
  • 31. Decrease CPC (Cost Per Click) Spend less, increase your profit
    • Granular campaign structure, keep it tight!
      • keywords, adcopy, landing page
    • CTR is the biggest factor in Quality Score
    • Reduce reliance on more expensive broad & phrase match keywords
      • If bidding on [green shoes size 10], add [blue shoes size 9]...
      • Add exact match keywords over broad/phrase
    • Be relevant for your user
  • 32. Time Saving Tips Spend less time, increase your profit
    • Use Google Adwords Editor and MSN Adcenter Desktop
      • Functions to grouping keywords & creating tight adcopies
  • 33. Save a lot of time and generate more sales! Upload Google Campaigns to Yahoo & MSN
  • 34. Time Saving Tips Spend less time, increase your profit
    • Aggregate commission and adspend data e.g 3 rd party Affmeter (untested)
    • Create internal reports that let you see impressions -> clicks -> conversion rate -> EPC per keyword profile (geo location, time/date of sale, demo)
  • 35. Increase Commissions # 4
  • 36. How to Increase Commissions Create a long term partnership
    • First drive results for your merchant & affiliate network partners
    • It’s about relationship – build credibility as a trusted partner
    • Write simple proposals for commission rate increases & bonus incentives for driving more sales
    • Innovate to find different search channels and negotiate what you need to make it work for you
  • 37. In Summary Increases your ROI & Profits # 3 Decrease Costs # 4 Increase Commissions # 2 Increase Conversions # 1 Increase Quality Traffic
  • 38. Thanks ...and Get in Touch
    • Email : [email_address]
    • Call: +44 (0) 203 008 8321
    • Tweet me: @srisharma
    • Our tips are: