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Offline & Online PR - Andy Barr/10Yetis Offline & Online PR - Andy Barr/10Yetis Presentation Transcript

  • Propaganda 4U 10 Yetis Guide to Making You Famous
  • What Am I Going to Waffle About?
    • Background
      • Overview of public relations
        • What are the benefits
    • Why the media needs you
      • Making Yourself Accessible to the Media
        • Identifying a press release angle
    • Writing a press release
      • Issuing & following up a press release
        • Online Media Submission
    • Realistic Expectations
      • Make the Most of Media Opportunities
    • Online v Offline
    • Q&A
  • Our Background
    • Who do we work with?
      • Affiliate Sector
        • MyVoucherCodes
      • Wider Industry
        • IKEA
        • TotalJobs
        • MyProtein
    • Why people choose us
      • Marry online and offline media relations together
      • Early adopters of online marketing and media relations
      • Great track record in gaining media coverage
  • What is Public Relations
    • Early Origins
      • 1800’s
        • USA Circus Promoter
    • Not Got Much Better!
    • 1900’s
        • Propaganda in WW1 & WW2
        • Slowly adapted to be used in industry
    • 2000’s
        • Multi-billion pound industry
        • In UK, Public Relations Consultants Association saw incomes rise from £18m in 1983 to £401m in 2001
        • Heart of everyday life
    “ Let the public be fooled ” Phineas Taylor Barnum
  • What is Public Relations... continued
    • Today:
      • Product = part of the marketing mix
      • Corporate = defence mechanism
    • Place messages in the media
        • Internet
        • Newspapers
        • Television
        • Radio
    • PR should be at the heart of decision making process
      • “ PR-Centric”
    • Public relations is the practice of getting attention and shaping public opinion (CiPR Waffle 2007)
  • What are the Benefits
    • Three types of PR
      • Driving Sales
      • Profile/Awareness
      • Crisis communications
    • Greater impact than advertising campaign
      • Trusted source of information
    • Much more cost effective than advertising
      • Full page ad in national newspaper circa £30k
      • PR is less costly, with higher potential exposure
    • Search Engine Optimisation
      • Relevant links and traffic
      • High profile media links (BBC, Sky, MSN, Metro)
    • Potential To Go Viral
      • Social networking sites
      • Big Blog Trigger
  • What are the Benefits.... cont
    • No such thing as bad PR?
      • Controversy generates awareness
        • Littlewoods Discount Code Claw-back Story
        • Mercenaries 2 - Free Petrol
    • Beneficial if Handled Correctly
    • Can get quick results/action
      • Companies fear bad PR!
      • Shame organisations into action
        • Coca Cola Desani
        • 10p Tax U-Turn
    • Positive media
      • Motivates employees and impresses your customers
      • Great to put “as featured in” on your website and sales propaganda
    • I AM BIASED BUT...
      • Pound for Pound I believe PR Represents the Best Bang
      • for your Buck
  • Why the Media Needs You!
    • The papers need to fill space
      • Need your press releases
      • Tight deadlines
      • No budget for big research stories
    • The journo’s want to hear from you
      • Especially business owners over evil PR’s
    • Many national/regional papers today packed with press release driven stories... Have a look at the following examples:
  • Why the Media Needs You... cont
    • Metro (most influential paper in UK)
    • 1 – Refurbishment of Mr Benn (PR)
    • 1A – Pic to support Mr Benn
    • 2 – Keane (the band) PR stunt
    • Album on memory stick and not CD
    • Research driven story about dogs
    • Royal Mail survey from press release
  • Why the Media Needs You... cont
    • Regional London
    • 1 – Enron appeal press release (PR)
    • 2 – Clothing company PR Hot Tuna
    • 3 – Debenhams PR on sales
    • 4 – BP – Neg headline but release driven
    • 5 – PR stunt for Great Ormond St Hosp
  • Why the Media Needs You... cont
    • Regional Bristol
    • – Advertorial (boo-hiss)
    • - Airline Press Release
    • - Office move for company (PR)
    • Advertorial
    • Airbus PR
  • Making Yourself Accessible to The Media
    • Journalists Need Info Quickly
      • Make information accessible
      • Go over and above to help
    • Media Section on Website
      • Press Releases
      • Past Coverage
      • Business USP’s/Key Facts
      • Images
        • Logos
        • Key People Head Shots
      • Media Sheet
      • Contact Info
      • Case Study Information
  • Identifying a Press Release Angle
    • Several to choose from:
      • Business Milestone
        • Birthday, £m turnover etc
        • Key business win
        • New Employees
          • Good For regional especially
      • Survey Driven
        • 8 out of 10 cats
        • Use existing customer database to email out to
        •, affordable and reputable
      • New Product Launch
      • Some form of stunt
      • Piggyback on current story
        • Green (climate change)
        • Credit Crunch
        • Obesity
  • Writing a Press Release
    • Max 2 pages
    • Don’t sweat the headline – the papers do this
      • Clear, can be funny, not complicated
      • Needs to be noticed (maybe put part in caps)
    • 2 sentence summary under title
      • Often the only bit a journo reads and base their decision on
    • Opening para has the who, what, why, where, when, how info
      • 2 sentence paragraph
      • Contains all the key information
    • Second para has company name in
      • Not in first para
      • Change for online media
  • Writing a Press Release
    • Quote from you
      • Talk about how pleased you are
      • Maybe the problems that you company/product solves etc
    • Quote from 3 rd party advocate
      • Someone (not your mum) to say how good your business is
      • Supports what you say
    • Where more info can be found
      • Web address
    • Editors Notes
      • Contact info
      • USP’s
    • Supporting Photos? Mention them
      • Media has no budget for snappers
  • Issuing & Following up a Press Release
    • Always issue to print/broadcast media first
      • Less likely to use if they see story across the web
    • Finding Contact Info
      • Read mags/papers you want to target
      • Find journo names
      • Google them and you will often find email details
      • Avoid [email_address] or [email_address]
    • Best day to send
    • Personalise the email to the journo
      • Don’t mass send
      • Don’t BCC or CC them all in
      • Make the journo feel special
    • Paste press release into section under main body of email
      • No big photos
      • Don’t attach release
  • Issuing & Following up a Press Release
    • Dreaded follow up call!
      • Plan key Points
      • Find number on Google
      • Ask for named journo
    • Never ask if they received the release
      • Journo’s hate this
      • Ask, “what did you think of the release I sent over”
      • Or, “Is there any more information you need about the release I sent over”
    • If journo on holiday ask if there is someone else you could talk to about a story
    • Most journo’s are too cool for school!
      • Will always say they have not seen the release
      • Come across as grumpy – They are just short on time
      • Well known national media get upwards of 1500 emails a day
  • Issuing & Following up a Press Release
    • Tell them about the pictures you have
    • Awkward Questions?
      • Ask for deadline info & call back
    • Try and build relationship
      • Future comment opportunities
      • Potentially try and meet them
      • “ Forward Feature” opportunities
    • Keep calling to follow up
      • Suggest other related angles
  • Online Media Submission
    • Online release differs to off-line
    • Optimise online release headline for SEO
    • Move company name to para one
      • Headline & first para is often all you get
    • Online release submission sites
      • Daryl Wilcox is best for “real” news coverage
      • PR Web/Pressbox etc, only good for SEO
    • Relevant bloggers
      • Avoid the prickly ones
    • Use company Social Networking pages
      • Twitter
    • Business/consumer discussion forums
  • Realistic Expectations
    • Media sees many new brands/products come and go
      • No time to check information
    • Many ignore first story – to avoid being embarrassed
      • Exceptions are trusted/known brand associations
    • Launch release has limited chance of coverage
      • Good form of media introduction
    • Need to keep dripping stories to the press
      • Monthly
      • Careful not to saturate target media
    • If a story bombs move on and learn from it
      • Don’t try to re-launch it
  • Make the Most of Media Opportunities
    • You Only Get One Chance with Media
    • Keep calling to follow up
      • Suggest other related angles
    • Don’t be afraid to disagree
    • “ Sex-Up” your answers
      • Flowery soundbites
      • Quirky replies
      • Be memorable
    • Relax and have fun!
      • Journo’s want you to do well
      • Makes them look good
  • Online v Offline, Future Media Trends
    • Current Media Snapshot
      • Our Newspaper Sales Survey Said:
        • 22% of population don’t buy newspaper anymore
        • 18% only buy a paper at the weekend
        • Only 14 % buy a daily newspaper
      • Our Newspaper Reading Survey Said
        • 45% of people read a freesheet daily (e.g. Metro)
      • Our Top News Information Platform is:
        • 68% of people exclusively rely on internet for news updates
      • Where do people go online for their news?
        • BBC
        • GOOGLE News
        • SKY News
  • Online v Offline, Future Media Trends
    • Our Predictions
    • Possible consolidation of print media
    • Move to freesheet model eventually
      • When/if ad market picks up
      • Predict Sun is the first mainstream newspaper to adopt this
    • Online media becomes even more important
      • Growth in clients concentrating PR efforts on online media
      • Print editorial no longer the authority figure for consumers
        • Consumer use web for research
    • Growth in News/Feed Aggregators – as they become more mainstream
    • Greater reliance and demand for Micro News – Twitter Channels
    • Reputation management will become hot topic once Google Print is complete
  • Further Reading
    • All information mentioned in this presentation available from:
    • Thanks!