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Mobile Commerce: The Mist has cleared
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Mobile Commerce: The Mist has cleared


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Kevin Edwards, Affiliate Window, Christopher Loonan, zanox …

Kevin Edwards, Affiliate Window, Christopher Loonan, zanox

a4uexpo Barcelona 2012

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • mobile is not phonemobile isthenew PC
  • Transcript

    • 1. A4U EXPO EUROPEzanoxGroup | June 2012
    • 2. AGENDA• Mobile Landscape• Performance Barometer o Spain o Italy o Scandinavia o Germany• The Complete Picture o UK 2 SOURCE:
    • 4. Mobile is not about Phones Mobile is the new PCSOURCE: Asymco 4
    • 5. • There is a disproportion between viewership & ad spend • Money follows the eyeballsSOURCE: KPCB 5
    • 8. GLOBALCOUNTRY PERFORMANCE SOURCE:• UK & Scandinavia have the most mobile transactions• EU East is experiencing the largest growth in the mobile space 8
    • 9. GLOBALDEVICE PERFORMANCE iPad iPhone SOURCE:• Over 50% of all mobile transactions come from the iPad• All smartphones on average generate the same revenue per transaction• Android recently surpassed iPhone in terms of transactions 9
    • 10. GLOBALDEVICE PERFORMANCE SOURCE:• France & Germany are „iOS countries‟ with 80% of their transactions• Spain leads Europe in Android based transactions (over 30%) 10
    • 11. SPAININDUSTRY PERFORMANCE (YoY Jan - Apr) SOURCE:• Spain‟s mobile growth out-paces the zanoxGroup across all industries 11
    • 12. SPAININDUSTRY PERFORMANCE SOURCE:• Answers the question: “Which industries lend themselves to mobile best?”• Financial Services and Retail & Shopping mobile advertisers receive a higher percentage of m-commerce transaction than via e-comm 12
    • 13. CASE STUDIES 13
    • 14. DATING Claim: o Transactions on mobile devices need to be kept simple o Payment walls are a major barrier on mobile devices Facts: o Leads make up 87% of their mobile transactions o In 2011 people spent nearly 48% more via e-comm than on mobile o However the gap has reduced to only 23% in 2012
    • 15. DATING 87% Transactions are leads 3.3x More mobile revenue in 2012 40.6% Increase in mobile revenue per lead 95% Transactions from iOS 7.56% Mobile traffic in IT Dating sub-Industry 151% Increase in mobile revenue share Dating >8 min Users spend more time on mobile device sub-Industry Dating (Italy) ElitePartner Device Usage Device Usage
    • 16. TRAVEL Claim: o People use their mobile device when they have an immediate need Facts: o Most transaction happen in less than 8 min
    • 17. TRAVEL <8min Average conversion time on a mobile device 4.0x More mobile revenue in 2012 195% Increase in mobile revenue share 43.5% Higher publishers earnings per transaction on a mobile device however the rest of the industry is experiencing reverse developments 4.6% Mobile traffic in SE Flights sub-Industry >42min Average Conversion time for e-commerce 90% iOS Devices dominate the area Flights sub-Industry
    • 18. REAL ESTATE Claim: o The key to mobile marketing is matching intent with localization Facts: o Advertiser found mobile „sweet spot‟ resulting in publishers earn more, despite tough economic climate
    • 19. REAL ESTATE• Mobile Advertising will be successful when combined with localization & intent
    • 20. REAL ESTATE 484% Increase in revenue share 5.7% Higher publishers earnings per transaction on mobile device New Mobile optimized websites 3.1% Mobile traffic in DE Real Estate Industry 59% iOS has majority share Stable Overall sub-industry growth Real Estate Apps Average time spend on a realtor app is sub-Industry 16 min compared to other apps of 4 min
    • 21. OTHER INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Furniture Health & BeautyCTR CTRMobile vs. Tablet vs. Desktop Mobile vs. Desktop1.92% 1.59% 0.93% 15.07% 4.06%Conversion Rate Conversion RateMobile vs. Tablet vs. Desktop Mobile vs. Desktop1.69% 3.19% 3.71% 2.58% 6.54%
    • 23. Our data references over1bn clicks......and nearly 28m salesfrom 1,300 retailers
    • 24. OPPORTUNITY: 2011 INTO 2012 9.3m 405k 23.7m 518k
    • 25. % MOBILE TRAFFIC: JAN 2011 – APR 201214%12%10%8% 4.2m clicks in Apr 20126%4%2% 45% Increase in share 437% Increase in share0%
    • 26. SALES GROWTH: 2011 TO 2012
    • 27. CONVERSION RATE: 2011 TO 2012
    • 28. TRUE MOBILE MEASUREMENT8%7% Clicks Sales6%5% 287%4%3%2% 125%1%0%
    • 29. MOBILE DEVICE SPLIT (SALES)70% Iphone Ipad Android Blackberry Other60%50%40%30%20%10%0%
    • 30. MOBILE DEVICE SPLIT (CLICKS)60% Iphone Ipad Android Blackberry Other50%40%30%20%10%0%
    • 31. DAILY SPLIT OF SALES MOBILE VS. DESKTOP Mobile % of sales Desktop % of sales8.0% 95.0%7.0% 94.0%6.0%5.0% 93.0%4.0%3.0% 92.0%2.0% 91.0%1.0%0.0% 90.0% Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday *w/c 13th February 2012
    • 33. THE TRACKING THREAT £132k Worryingly, the In lost commissions in May 2012 figure could be £2m much higher... Commissions lost in 2012 (allowing for growth) £27m Revenue unattributed to affiliate marketing
    • 34. THE TRACKING THREAT • Cashback, loyalty and reward sites have to serve up interruptive messages • Stifling mobile innovation • Advertisers trading on affiliate good will and free traffic
    • 36. UNDER THE BONNET 3-4% of sales through (non iPad) devices Email affiliate >8% of sales >20% of Bespoke mobile sales strategies
    • 37. REPORTING REQUIREMENTSHEIGHTENED •Advertiser: Validate pending commissions •Advertiser: Archived commissions •Publisher: Transactions •Focus on m.commerce
    • 38. THE NEW DAWN OF MOBILE• Affiliates are becoming multi-channel: – Understand the range of activity• Incremental sales or minimising lost traffic?• Reporting requirements heightened• Tracking is a serious threat• Prioritise, test and optimise• Who knows how big mobile could be…? 13.06.2012 | zanox | mobile update
    • 39. GRACIAS Kevin Edwards Chris Loonan Strategy Director Director of the Mobile/Social Incubator Affiliate Window AG 39