Innovative AdMedia Design with Google Gadgets
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Innovative AdMedia Design with Google Gadgets






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Innovative AdMedia Design with Google Gadgets Innovative AdMedia Design with Google Gadgets Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction Affiliate Marketing with Google Gadgets.
    • 1. What is a Gadget ?
      • Anatomy of a Gadget.
      • Mashing things up!
      • More than iGoogle …
    • 2. What are Gadget „Ads“ ?
      • Anatomy of a Gadget Ad .
      • Gadget Ads VS Rich Media
      • Google‘s Content Network
    • 3. How to get Traffic ?
      • Build creative gadgets!
      • The Gadget directory.
      • Promote your Gadgets!
      • See some numbers …
    • 4. How to make Money ?
      • Try AdSense and PPC.
      • Promote your website.
      • Publish without a website!
      • At last: Gadget AdServers!
    • 1. What is a Gadget ?
    • Google Gadgets can contain small applications, little websites or advertising media, they are implemented on iGoogle and various other platforms.
    Anatomy of a Gadget Simple XML example: Gadgets are XML files with meta data and a content area. fleurop_gadget_200x200.xml Gadgets are rendered into HTML frames hosted by Google servers:
    • 2 types of content:
    • HMTL - content in gadget spec, rendered by Google
      • Layout : HTML / CSS Design
      • Logic : JavaScript (libraries provided by Google)
    • URL - frame pointing to your URL, not rendered by Google
      • Layout : HTML + CSS hosted externaly, not cached.
      • Logic : JS (no IG library usage), PHP, ASP, Java, JSF, etc.
    Anatomy of a Gadget, more details … … about XML Gadget specifications.
    • 3 major parts:
    • 1. <ModulePrefs> - characteristics (title, author, size, etc.)
    • 2. <UserPrefs> - definition of the stored parameters
    • 3. <Content> - programming logic, HTML, CSS, JS.
    • Usefull Gadget.* API features:
    • <Require feature=&quot; analytics &quot; /> Gadget tracking with Google Analytics.
    • <Require feature=&quot; flash &quot; /> Implementing and caching flash elements.
    • <Require feature=&quot; ads &quot; /> Specials for Gadget Ads (interaction-tracking, etc)
    • <Require feature=&quot; tabs &quot; /> Pre-designed Gadget navigation.
    • <Require feature=&quot; drag &quot; /> Some „drag & drop“ functions.
    • <Require feature=&quot; grid &quot; /> More graphical stuff provided here.
    Anatomy of a Gadget, more details … … about built-in Gadget functionality.
    • Gadgets are cached ! Cache TTL can be set.
    • Remote content and images are cached, too.
    • Cookies allowed within Gadgets! 
    • API functions to fetch remote content:
    • _IG_FetchContent (url, func)
    • _IG_FetchXmlContent (url, func)
    • _IG_FetchFeedAsJSON (url, func, n_entries, get_summry)
    • Any kind of remote content is accessable !
    Mashing things up! Whatever ! RSS feeds Weather data Geo-Targeting & Maps Product data ZX webservices Flight Infos Hotel Rooms TV programs News Blogs Other APIs
  • More than iGoogle … all kind of websites other social networks iGoogle startpage
  • More than iGoogle … More Google containers : Google Browser Toolbar 5, Google Desktop Sidebar, Google Sites and
    • 2. What is a Gadget Ad ?
    • Gadget Ads: “The introduction of this new Advertising format provides advertisers and agencies worldwide with an imaginative, dynamic way to interact with consumers.” September 19, 2007 by Susan Wojcicki, Google Prod. Manager
    Anatomy of a Gadget Ad link to homepage current price in EURO show previous item show next item product image product title deeplinks to product page All products (XML feed) shown within a single Gadget Ad!
    • 2 more examples: Product search inside a Gadget Ad …
    Anatomy of a Gadget Ad search field “ send request” button pre-filled, content-sensitive! search results: (product name, image, price, deeplink, etc.) search results API call: ZX webservices DB call: Google base
  • Gadget Ads VS Rich Media sponsored slide ( )
  • Google’s Content Network
    • How to use Gadget Ads in my AdWords account?
    • Manual activation, contact your account
    • manager and send him the XML-file
    • Available only for content network
    • Verify your Gadget Ads via GGAE
    • Support both cost-per-click and cost-per-impression pricing models
    • Additional Gadget Ad specifications:
    • No cookies allowed in Gadget Ads 
    • Only standard banner formats (IAB)
    • Images and external files have to be cached.
    • 3. How to get Traffic ?
  • Build creative Gadgets!
    • 1. Re-search: What are the best performing Gadgets right now?
    total = 4.973.726 users on iGoogle DE Source :
  • Build creative Gadgets!
    • Re-sults (Things, that work):
    • Mashups : Google services & APIs
    • News : Newspapers, sports, etc.
    • Daily new : Every day something new, ie jokes, quotes, tipps, horoscope, etc.
    • Tools: Notes, Calendars, etc.
    • Geo-related: Weather forecast, maps, etc.
    • Re-build or Re-peat:
    • Improve existing gadgets -> open source.
    • Use free content (jokes, quotes) or DBs.
    • Redesign existing gadgets -> make it neat!
  • The Gadget directory
    • Gadgets can be published (released) in the Gadget directory:
    • Manual process: Up to four weeks till visible in the directory.
    • Check your Gadgets number of users here, separated by Google TLDs.
    • Add description, title, thumb and screenshot -> improves “CTR”.
    • Gadget directory connected to iGoogle -> generates traffic!
    • iGoogle is a new traffic channel within Google !!!
    • Google USA: More than 30% of all Google surfers use iGoogle! (No values for other countries available yet).
  • Promote your Gadgets!
    • Don’t rely on the Gadget directory only:
    • Tell your friends to get first users (recommended before publishing)
    • Give your gadgets a home (website).
    • Promote it via SEO and/or SEM.
    • Communicate with users (comments, etc)
  • See some numbers …
    • Performance April 2009 (so far):
    • 1.120.857 PIs (!!!)
    • 52.288 unique visitors
    98,9% referral from Google, not organic, not paid search! Other websites implementing Some of my gadgets
    • 4. How to make Money ?
  • Try AdSense and PPC
    • … about the performance:
    • Try other PPC programs (i.e. amazon, ebay or
    • AdSense DOES work – users click on the ads AND are not rejected by them!
    • CTR could be better …
    AdSense earnings, April 2009 (so far):
  • Promote your website!
    • Create a gadget to drag traffic to your website – INDIRECT monetization!
    • “ Window” to your users -> direct messages possible.
    • Creates additional traffic -> CPM, CPO & AdSense earnings rise!
  • Publish without a website!
    • Gadgets ARE little websites!
    • Get international and FREE traffic!
    • Try making up creative Gadgets
    • especially for a single affiliate
    • program!
    • Fit it to the customers / target group!
    • Try simple but funny concepts!
    Ever thought about generating traffic or revenue without having a website online? Example (incomplete), “The World of Warcraft gold price Gadget”!
  • At last: Gadget AdServers! mouse over … now imagine what is possible with PostView , iSales & friends, implemented directly on iGoogle’s start page  …
  • Thanks for Your attention! Q & A Denis Maibaum , Global Product Manager AG | Stralauer Allee 2 | 10245 Berlin T: +49-30-509 691-8007 | Mobil: +49-174-3380093 Email : [email_address] Web : Blog : Skype : [email_address] Twitter :