Facebook, Twitter and Blogging: Secrets for more followers, more traffic and more $$$ - Dave Cupples
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Facebook, Twitter and Blogging: Secrets for more followers, more traffic and more $$$ - Dave Cupples






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    Facebook, Twitter and Blogging: Secrets for more followers, more traffic and more $$$ - Dave Cupples Facebook, Twitter and Blogging: Secrets for more followers, more traffic and more $$$ - Dave Cupples Presentation Transcript

    • Facebook, Twitter & Blogging: Secrets for More Followers More Traffic & More $$$
      Tweet it up! #a4uexpo
      Retweet, Comment, Share – LIVE!
      Dave Cupples
    • While in School in Australia age 15 in 1999 …
    • From University Assignment to Multi-Million dollar online store …
    • Low hanging fruit and Gaps in the Market
      Tactically choose what people are demanding, not just blindly creating content
      Invest your time, money, resources on the best opportunities -> the low hanging fruit
      Pick the GAPS in the market:
      ↑More Searches/Demand
      ↓Less Competition/Websites
    • SeoQuake for Firefox (Free)
      Tells PR, Alexa Ranking, Backlinks, Domain age
    • SeoQuake tells you how hard it will be to get on Page #1 in Google …
    • Keyword Research Tools
      will help you find
      gaps in the market …
      • Keyword Elite- http://fcow.co/KE
      • SEOSpyGlass– http://fcow.co/SG
    • Wordtracker - http://fcow.co/WT
    • Scrape Google Suggest
    • Übersuggest
    • Don’t just blindly create backlinks …
      Spy on your competitors and find their most influential backlinks
    • Yahoo! Site Explorer
    • Open Site Explorer - http://fcow.co/OS
    • Spy on competitors and find their best / most shared content
      PostRank Topics - Free http://fcow/co/PR
    • Question & Answer Sites
      Yahoo! Answers - http://fcow.co/YA
    • LinkedIn Answers - http://fcow.co/LA
      • Quora.com -> Social Q & A site for influencers who will share and retweet
    • Hidden Goldmines
      • Fiverr.com -> Social Marketing
    • How to build twitter followers from your competitors
      • automatically follow all the followers of another user (or by keyword)
      • Safe guidelines:
      • < 200 follows a day
      • < 100 unfollows a day
      • Wait 3 days before unfollowing
      Best Tool -> Tweet Adderhttp://fcow.co/TA
    • e.g. Weight Loss website – followers from @LitenEasyAU and @JennyCraig
    • Facebook Ads – Which Factors make the most difference:
      Source:Shoemoney.com 2010 (Facebook’s 3rd biggest Advertiser) - http://fcow.co/SM
    • Millward Brown Google Image Ads study
      1000 men and 1000 women
      Shown 5000 random image ads
      > 10 million clicks
      Cleavage – 75%
      Recognizable Brands – 10%
      Images Blended with content of website - 10%
      Everything Else – 5%
    • Shoemoney’s Facebook Ad Board Click Thru Experiment
      Made Ad Boards of actual Facebook ads, people asked to click
      Over 1 million total clicks
      Used ClicktaleHeatmap / Mouse tracking software -> http://fcow.co/CT
      Source:Shoemoney.com 2010http://fcow.co/SM
    • 61% of all clicks
    • 71% of all clicks on the page
    • Even when foreign language text was used and presented to US English audience …
      • Takeaway here is IMAGE makes by far the most difference
    • Types of Facebook Ads / Images which work best
      Photos of people consistently outperform logos -> Facebook themselves also say this
      Attractive women with big “personality”…
      Pictures illustrating the result / desire
      Ads which “blend” in with the look and feel of Facebook e.g. Dating ads ->“Browse my pics (42)”
      Image Source:Shoemoney.comhttp://fcow.co/SM
    • Cranking up Saturation + Contrast increases CTR (according to tests by aimclear.com), try free image tool IrfanView.com
      Image Source:aimclear.com
    • How to steal competitors customer information to laser target Facebook Ads
      Aged 35-50+
      High Income
      College / Grad School
    • How to Incentivize users to LIKE your Facebook Page using an iFrame Reveal Tab
      BEFORE clicking LIKE
      AFTER clicking LIKE
    • Free app - Static HTML: iframe tabs
      Tutorial -> http://fcow.co/IF
      iFrameEngine free iFrame reveal tab - http://fcow.co/HU
    • The Real Money from online Business is REPEAT Customers
      It is far cheaper to market to an existing customerthan to a
      new customer
    • First time customers
      Questions, Scammers, Timewasters,
      Hassles … NO TRUST
      Image:gottatopic.com & swing-smarter-baseball-hitting-drills.com
    • Repeat customers = Trust, Rapport, Relationship
      The value in a “business” is your list of people and the relationship you have with those people
    • If you send traffic straight to an affiliate offer -> you are leaving money on the table
      Capture lead via Email / Facebook -> market to them many times over
      Once customer opts in -> give good tips -> more trust -> more likely to follow recommendations and buy
      Good affiliate offers reflect lifetime customer value / ongoing commissions
    • $40 comm for $19.95 sale (200%)
      Possible by marketing on the back end -> selling many times over to existing customers
      Dating Tips Newsletter > 1 million subscribers
      Over $30 million sales per year
    • Spreets.com.au10 months = $40 million
    • Customer just placed their 89th order … their #1 customer has 246 Orders
    • Mint.com / Strongmail case study
      Large scale split test offering customers 3 different incentives to refer friends to join mint.com via email or various social networks
    • A – Competition to Win iPod Nano
      B – No incentive (control group)
      C – Beta access to exclusive features
      Source:strongmail.com - http://fcow.co/ST
    • How to supercharge email opt-ins
      You MUST give an incentive -> free eBook or video or digital content
      Email subscribe form BIG, BOLD, TOP RIGHT
      THIS is the business asset you are building!
    • Pop it up and force them to make a decision -> increases signups by 500%
      PopupDomination -> http://fcow.co/PD
    • PLR Products (ebooks/videos)
      Warrior Forum – http://fcow.co/WF
      Master Resale Rights – http://fcow.co/MR
    • Automatic Sharing by Users to Social Media – WP Plugins
      Sexy Bookmarks - http://fcow.co/SB
    • Sharebar - http://fcow.co/SH
    • Scheduling & Bulk Uploading Content from CSV datafeeds to your Blog
      CSV Pig (has Free Version) - http://fcow.co/CP
    • WP Robot - http://fcow.co/WP
      Create autoblogs from Amazon feeds, Clickbank, Youtube, Yahoo Answers -> translate / rewrite
    • Scheduling Facebook/Twitter Updates
      Tweetdeck (Free) - http://fcow.co/TD
      Great for twitter, schedule posts to multiple accounts, auto link shortening
    • Hootsuite (Best) http://fcow.co/HS
      Upload scheduled posts from Excel / CSV file
      Full Facebook links with image preview
    • Syndicating Content from Blog / RSS to Twitter
    • Syndicating Content from Blog / RSS to Facebook
      NetworkedBlogs - http://fcow.co/NB
      Step 2 - Syndication
      Step 1- Register a Blog
    • Automatically Syndicating your Content to Other Websites
      Zemanta – Firefox Add-on http://fcow.co/ZE
    • Automatically Submit to Multiple Article Directories & Blogs
      IM WishList Article Submitter- http://fcow.co/IM
      Free -> submit to 85 article directories
      Article Ranks - http://fcow.com/AR
      Free option -> drip feed spun / unique versions of articles to topic themed sites & blogs
    • How Social Media is changing the web
      Your audience now has an audience
    • Strategic Partnerships
      Find influencers with same target market
      Leverage off other databases
      Reciprocal email blasts
      Sharing on Facebook / retweeting on Twitter
      Start partnering with similar size and work up
      Interviews, Testimonials, Reviews, Comments
      • FollowerWonk.com – Find influencers in your Niche, search keywords in Twitter Bio
    • How Facebook and Social Media differ from Search Marketing
      Facebook says “find users before they search”
      Earlier stage of sales funnel
      Different approach -> more “soft” sell
      Give value first and create desire
      Not “hunting” but more like “fishing”
    • Social Media Fans are a lot like women …
    • Case Study – Aquabumps.com
      Started by an Australian surfer who posted
      photographs of Bondi Beach every morning …
    • Started emailing a few mates to cheer them up at the office …
    • Give value first, build up desire, credibility and trust, and the $$$ will follow
    • Keep in Touch
      Slides, Links, Tutorials on my blog:
      @FatCowBusiness, @DaveCupples