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Big Site Seo Strategies
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Big Site Seo Strategies


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. David Naylor 29 th April 2009 Big Site SEO Strategies for A4UExpo 2009
  • 2. About Me
    • Owner of Bronco Ltd
    • Leading UK Search Marketing & Web Development agency
    • Service local, national and international clients
    • Industry leader in SEO for 12 years
    • Regular speaker at leading search conferences
  • 3. What is a Big Site?
    • Is a Big site one with 100,000+ ?
    • Same principles can be applied to any large inventory / content site
    • SEO very important for big sites who don’t have a brand name
  • 4. SEO – It’s Not Easy
    • Successful SEO involves a long term strategy, it is not quick, easy or cheap!
    • Or....
    • You could just pull some feeds together on a website, buy loads links to it, but guess what...
    • You’ll get banned!
  • 5. Choosing Your Affiliate Products
    • Avoid saturated markets
      • Makes SEO more difficult
      • Hard to differentiate between yourself and other affiliates
    • Choose niche markets
      • Makes SEO sustainable – it pays for the high cost
      • Less competing affiliates
    • David Naylor – Big Site SEO Strategies
  • 7. Choosing your domain name
    • Good SEO starts with a Good site
    • Ranking is more important than your brand name
    • Domain to include biggest keyword - costly
    • Try to pickup a clean dropped domain
    • Alternatively a domain with keyword and brand in - cheaper
  • 8. Seeding your domain name
    • Expired domains -
    • Ensure your domain is in Google
    • If domain is brand new –
    • Get relevant content on it
    • Get it seeded in Google
    • Start link building to domain while main site being developed
  • 9. Constructing the Site
    • Get the structure & template right
      • Use CSS to get the content at the top
      • H1’s in the right place
      • All good on page attributes
    • Ensure title tags are unique
    • URL structure to be keyword rich and canonical
  • 10. Site Structure
    • All pages to be reached via the home page
    • Avoid orphan pages
    • Good internal linkage with good anchor text
    • Try to even out the structure – like a tree
    • Breadcrumbs to organise the site structure
    • Include Blog / News for additional content
  • 11. Invest time in a Product Feed
    • Make it not look like a product feed
    • Add value to secure long term profits
    • Product pages need unique description and UGC
    • Import XML feed into your own database and add to it (developer required)
  • 12. Disguising Product Feeds
    • Add uniqueness to product page and site
    • Differentiate yourself
    • Hire content writers for info pages
    • Content Spinning for product descriptions
  • 13. Writing for Content Spinning
    • {DaveN’s Big Sites SEO, a Review| Review of Dave Naylor’s a4u expo presentation on SEO| David Naylor’s talk on SEO at the a4u expo – my views}
    • All these titles mean the same thing, but are all unique. Can use similar techniques for re-writing title tags/product descriptions
  • 14. Advanced Content Spinning
    • Can embed “ors” within “ors”
      • e.g. {{DaveN|Dave Naylor} delivered a {informative|boring} speech on SEO at a4u|At a4u, {DaveN|David Naylor} gave an {excellent|long} {talk|rant} on Big Sites SEO}
    • Can go one step further and incorporate product names – this makes it more unique
      • e.g. {Review of the $product|$product reviewed|My $product review}
  • 15. Content Spinning Software
    • Fairly simple to create yourself or free software
    • Don’t rely on ones that automatically replace words
    • Ideally you want 3 word strings to be unique
    • Write software that integrates with your site
  • 16. Pretend NOT to be an Affiliate Site
    • Search engines prefer original content over affiliates’ content
    • Important to not appear like an affiliate site:
      • 301 redirect to the affiliate link on the site
      • Bounce the user through while still getting affiliate revenue
      • Re-write descriptions
      • Re-write categories
      • Add your own content (general content on site too)
    • David Naylor – Big Site SEO Strategies
  • 18. Managing Product Feeds
    • Good system for updating the feed + site
    • Avoid overwriting product descriptions
    • Don’t discard old pages
    • 301 discontinued products to relevant new product
  • 19. Tracking Visitors
    • Track user’s clicks and “conversions”
    • Use Google Analytics to see traffic, keywords and analyse the funnels
    • Set up advanced segments to improve site
    • Entry pages, bounce rates, exit pages
    • Usability and Conversion Rates
    • David Naylor – Big Site SEO Strategies
  • 21. Manage your site in SERPS
    • Build a tool to track spiders accessing your site
    • Are all your pages being spidered?
    • Use Webmaster tools to keep an eye on 404’s
  • 22. Sitemaps
    • Breakdown your sitemaps into smaller ones
    • Use a sitemap index file
    • Ensure all pages in the site can be reached
  • 23. Know your Rankings
    • Check traffic driving terms
    • Check rankings – be careful
    • Target keyterms
    • Aim for long tail – large volume, targeted traffic, lower risk
  • 24. External Links
    • 1 st wave to homepage for the domain name from authoritative websites
    • 2 nd wave Page Rank links to home & internal
    • 3 rd wave deep links, keyword rich anchor text to many internal categories and pages
  • 25. Long Tail Ranking
    • Long tail is about the millions of keyphrases out there that will bring you a few visitors
    • Bring in most of your traffic
    • Easier to rank for long tail keywords than it is for 1 or 2 word keywords
    • Based on product titles and helped by unique content on the page.
  • 26. Make the most of SEO
    • Make sure you convert a high % of traffic
    • Split test landing pages
    • Test sales messages and calls to action
  • 27. Any Questions?
    • David Naylor – Bronco Ltd.
    • Blog:
    • Follow me on Twitter: @davenaylor