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How to discover, distract and destroy - Sam Crocker

How to discover, distract and destroy - Sam Crocker






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  • So I prefer look at a bunch of keywords and see who appears where before I make a move.
  • Let your results do the talking.

How to discover, distract and destroy - Sam Crocker How to discover, distract and destroy - Sam Crocker Presentation Transcript

  • How to discover, distract and destroy @SamuelCrocker 1
  • HOW TO FIND YOUR TARGETS @samuelcrocker 2
  • Great data is expensive 3
  • However, there are cheaper ways 4
  • HOW TO FIND THEIR KEYWORDS @samuelcrocker 5
  • Check Meta Keywords 6
  • Keyword Theft 7
  • Spyfu 8
  • ...or you could just scrape every single one of their title tags.URL Title Trimmed Searches (Exact)http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/france7.html 1 Cheap car hire France - 7 seater, luxury, long term hire availablehire France Cheap car 1600http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/brest-boulevard-gambetta-guide.html Cheap Car Hire Brest 1 Cheap Car Hire Brest -Boulevard Gambetta France 720http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/nice-hotel-le-meridien-guide.html 1 Cheap Car Hire Nice - Hotel Le Meridien France Cheap Car Hire Nice 320http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/morocco.htmlseater, luxury, long term hire available Morocco 1 Cheap car hire Morocco - 7 Cheap car hire 390http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/hamilton-city-23-clarence-st-north-island-guide.html Hamilton City 1 Cheap Car Hire Hamilton City - 23 Clarence St - North Island NewHire Cheap Car Zealand 140http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/villach-ossiacher-zeile-50-guide.html Cheap Car Hire Villach 1 Cheap Car Hire Villach - Ossiacher Zeile 50 Austria 73http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/france12.html - 4x4, 7 seater, and long term hire car hire in France 1 Cheapest car hire in France Cheapest 58http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/panama.html compare car hire prices Cheap car hire in Panama 1 Cheap car hire in Panama - 58http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/italy.html compare car hire prices 1 Cheap car hire in Italy - Cheap car hire in Italy 58http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/italy9.html - Find the latest rental dealsEconomy car hire in Italy 1 Economy car hire in Italy 16http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/naples-via-miguel-cerva-guide.html Cheap Car Hire Naples 1 Cheap Car Hire Naples - via Miguel Cerva Italy 12http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/italy2.html - 4x4, 7 seater, and long term hire 1 Cheapest car hire in Italy Cheapest car hire in Italy 10http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/bari-downtown-guide.html 1 Cheap Car Hire Bari - downtown Italy Cheap Car Hire Bari -http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/bologna-via-cairoli-guide.html 1 Cheap Car Hire Bologna - Via Cairoli Italy Cheap Car Hire Bologna -http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/naples-via-piedigrotta-guide.html 1 Cheap Car Hire Naples - via Piedigrotta Italy Cheap Car Hire Naples -http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/brest-rue-kefanfurust-guide.html 1 Cheap Car Hire Brest - Rue Kefanfurust France Cheap Car Hire Brest 10http://www.carrentals.co.uk/car-hire/kosovo.html - Find the latest rental deals 1 Economy car hire in Kosovo Economy car hire in Kosovo - + Excel + API Instructions: http://goo.gl/fg1qU 9
  • FINDING SECRETS THE EASY(ISH)WAY @samuelcrocker 10
  • Easiest way to find this out is to ask them... 11
  • ... or become/pose as an affiliate 12
  • HOW TO STEAL THEIR THUNDER @samuelcrocker 13
  • Create alerts and quietly stalk... 14
  • Find Their Online PR Platforms: [Brand] + Press Release 15
  • ...Then Pounce and Steal their Spotlight 16
  • There’s nothing wrong with a bad press release provided the information is true. 17
  • HOW TO GO TOO FAR @samuelcrocker 18
  • Some people will do anything to win... 19
  • Distractions I’ve Seen •Mess with their analytics PANIC •Fake mobile site •Create a fake dev site •Send in head-hunters •Cease and Desist 20
  • Going overboard: Do not blog or tweet•PPC Trick – Quality Score •Got clicks?•A tamer version of codeinjection?•Bounce rate?•DDOS? 21
  • My view? 22
  • HIT EM WHERE IT REALLY HURTS @samuelcrocker 23
  • It’s about knowing their weaknesses... start here. •Social – are they proactive or responsive? •Linkbuilding – are they building links on an ongoing basis? •Email – are they doing it at all •Do they have a mobile site? Is it any good? •Is the well designed and easy to use? 24
  • Questions?Questions? @samuelcrocker samuel.crocker@omduk.com 25
  • Image Sourceshttp://geek-freemarketing.com/local-business-marketing/your-new-job-double-agent-why-you-should-spy-on-your-competition#http://www.totalapps.net/home/totalapp/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/apple_logo.jpghttp://www.google.co.uk/press/images.htmlhttp://freshtutorial.com/use-google-and-bing-same-time-to-find-the-best-search/http://www.zgeek.com/forum/gallery/showimage.php?i=35059&c=235http://csahf.blogspot.com/2011/01/great-game.htmlhttp://www.elitetrack.com/blogs/details/4062/http://www.ipadshouse.com/man-spends-five-years-in-jail-for-robbing-ipads/http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f9/Death_star1.png 26