What information should i include on my magazine


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What information should i include on my magazine

  1. 1. What information should I include on my magazine cover?
  2. 2. What I need to consider: • Title of Magazine. • Title of film. • Strap line • Date, Issue number, price. • Website. • Cover lines. • Tagline • Barcode • Banner - images
  3. 3. Title of Magazine: I have to include a magazine title on my magazine. This helps people to know what the magazine is called. Seeing as I don’t own a real magazine company I will have to create a title. I have looked at a few film magazines for inspiration, for each one I have looked at the typography in the sense of font style, colour and size: -Bold lettering, part of the film title is incorporated into another part of the title. -Text is large and it is the first thing that the readers eyes are drawn to. - Title is behind the character in the Sherlock Holmes one, could suggest power? Importance? in the role being played. COMPARED TO the one with the characters face which is a black and white image which is placed under the magazine title. This could also suggest something about the character.
  4. 4. My ideas: I tried typing in words into an online thesaurus to see what words would come up. There are a few ideas that I got from the words.
  5. 5. Cinematics Cinematics Cinematics Cinematics Font: Charlemagne Std Font: Lithos Pro Regular Font: Trajan Pro 3 Font: Aharoni Colour: Red. I chose red as it will stand out the most on my image as it is black and white. Therefore, using red will make it eye catching whereas colours such as black and white will blend into the image.
  6. 6. I currently have the idea of having a play on words with cinematic’s and changing it to cinematix seeing as my film is aimed at teenagers of 15 years or more and therefore, in the professional world, an advertisement for a film is likely to be on a magazine whose main readers are the target audience for the film (e.g. in this case = teenagers). Cinematix Cinematix Cinematix Cinematix Font: Charlemagne Std Font: Lithos Pro Regular Font: Trajan Pro 3 Font: Aharoni
  7. 7. I had intended to use either the Charlemagne Std, Lithos Pro Regular, Trajan Pro 3, Aharoni font but then when I got onto Serif Draw Plus X5 I noticed that it didn’t have the fonts that I wanted to use on there except for Aharoni.
  8. 8. How each font looks on the magazine cover: This is what Aharoni looked like: Bodoni MT Poster Compressed Font I decided on in the end:
  9. 9. Why did I choose the Bodoni MT Poster Compressed font instead of Adharoni? I feel that this font is more dramatic, and will help my magazine to stand out among other magazines.
  10. 10. Title of film: I have to include the title of my film ‘The diagnosis’ on my magazine cover. I will have to decide on the appropriate font and colour to make it eye catching and more appealing. I looked at some other film magazines for inspiration: The film titles are either in the middle or slightly lower than the middle in order to catch the attention of the reader. The colour of the font stands out despite being on top of the main image.
  11. 11. My decision The Diagnosis The Diagnosis The Diagnosis The DiagnosisThe Diagnosis The Diagnosis Trajan Pro 3 Cordia New Vani
  12. 12. Serif DrawPlus x5 doesn’t have the Trajan Pro 3 font available so I had to see how the others looked on my magazine cover. Vani font. Cordia new font.
  13. 13. In the end, I decided to use the VANI font and make it italic. I felt that this font had the ability to give readers an insight into the film as it is edgy and could imply something to readers. This links to Roland Barthes idea of the Symbolic Code which looks at symbols and connotations and meanings of things.
  14. 14. The Date helps the buyer to see whether this is the most latest edition of the magazine. Issue number highlights how often the magazine is issued, the higher the number, the more often it is issued. I will choose a low number seeing as my magazine would be new on the market. Price informs the customer of how much the magazine will cost, I have looked at a few magazines such as Empire and total film and I feel that a price between £3-£4 will be most appropriate as they seem to be the price range that most film magazines stay within. Straplines are almost always used in magazine covers, it is an introductory headline below the masthead describing the magazine. It is the selling point for that particular magazine. Strapline example. Ideas: - The worlds greatest film magazine. - Film magazine like no other. - The movie magazine at the heart of the action. What I’ll put on my magazine: Date: May 2014 Price: £3.90 Issue number: Issue 12 Straplines:
  15. 15. Strapline/selling line. Date, issue number & price.
  16. 16. Most magazines include a website which allows readers to go online and gain further information about upcoming films etc. Tagline is used to engage the interest of the reader. Often use of words are: ‘Exclusive’ ‘Sensational’ which gives the reader the idea that the magazine has high compliments.
  17. 17. Strapline/selling line. Taglines. Website.
  18. 18. These highlight the main articles that are inside the magazine and are often referred to as the selling lines. Ideas: (left side) – Exclusive! Leonardo di Caprio in his new role. PLUS! The latest from Ryan Reynolds. Gossip girl drama. Lord of the rings special effects secrets revealed. Cover lines.
  19. 19. Cover Lines Cover Lines
  20. 20. Pull quotes: On the cover lines, I will include pull quotes based on a film that is being advertised on the magazine. Pull quotes are enlarged quotes that are put on magazine covers, this catches the attention of customers, encourages them to purchase and gives them an insight into the contents of the magazine. Potential pull quotes: “The Ring has awoken, it’s heard its masters call.” Pull quotes This quote can be put above the advertisement of the free poster inside the magazine. http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2012/05/08/55715-top-20-quotes-from-the-lord-of-the-rings/ I looked up popular quotes from the lord of the rings which could be included on my magazine cover.
  21. 21. • Banner - images The Barcode on a magazine allows people to purchase a magazine, this is always on the front of a magazine as full page advertisements are put on the back of magazines and therefore, to avoid ‘interrupting’ the advertisement at that back that businesses pay a high amount for, the barcode is placed at the front of the magazine. Barcode :
  22. 22. Some magazine covers have a banner at the bottom of them. Within the banner there are images that are either related to the film being promoted or another film. I am going to include a banner on my magazine cover, it will include images of the settings that are visible in my trailer but also other places that I would have used to film the entire film. Banner:
  23. 23. Banner.
  24. 24. My Magazine Cover as a JPEG.