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Supersize Me Essay Supersize Me Essay Document Transcript

  • Using Supersize Me as a basis, identify the ways in which American society is represented,both positively and negatively. In doing so, analyse the ways in which the producer utilises stylistic devices in order to create meaning for the audience.Supersize Me is a documentary which highlights the impact fast food has had on Americansweight and health. The documentary follows Morgan Spurlock as he tries to prove that thefast food industry is responsible for the rapid weight gain of Americans. Supersize Metargets middle class C1 adult Americans and more importantly parents who should see whatfast food could do to their children. Morgan Spurlock tries to prove this by undergoing anexperiment where he only eats food and drinks sold at McDonalds, three times a day for an entire month. The opening of Supersize Me is designed to grab the audience’s attention by showing a group of children singing songs about fast food. The ironic fast is that most of the children included in this group shot seem to be overweight and this could be because of how much fast food they consume. The documentary goes on to show some graphics that illustrate to theaudience how obesity trends among American adults have changed over the years. Bydoing this it immediately shows the audience thatMorgan Spurlock has substantial evidence to provethat America is rapidly becoming the world’s fattestcountry.Supersize Me highlights many negative aspects ofthe American society to the audience. The mainthing Morgan Spurlock is trying to show is howbadly fast food can affect your health. He does thisby showing how a diet of only McDonalds can quickly make your health deteriorate and yourweight increase. Morgan Spurlock also investigates how the food served in the schools inAmerica is also influenced by the fast food industry. This highlights another negative aspectof American society because it shows how the problem of obesity many eventually startspreading to children and causing their health to deteriorate as well. I think by showing howeasily schools allow the children to buy unhealthy products for their lunch, is intended toshock the audience and mostly parents into changing the way their children eat and the wayschools feed them.Although, Morgan Spurlock shows two schools where the food is unhealthy and processed,he goes on to show how one school who helps delinquents get an education. SoHowever, Supersize Me also shows some positive elements of the American society to theaudience.
  • The documentary also uses many technical and stylistic devices to emphasise their point.For example, instead of using boring speech when they are trying to explain whatMcDonalds chicken nuggets are made of, they have chosen to edit the footage and insert acartoon which illustrates their point in a way which will grab the audience’s attention. Thecartoons seem to be a good way of giving the audience a visual indicator to emphasiseMorgan Spurlock’s point but also keep the audience interested in the documentary.During editing, Morgan Spurlock has also used cutaways to separate sections of thedocumentary. These cutaways show artwork which involves McDonalds in some way. Bydoing this, it shows how much McDonalds and the fast food industry in general haveimpacted and influenced American society in a negative way. Again, this helps to emphasiseSpurlock’s point that the fast food industry is taking over and affecting people’s health morethan they realise.