Questionnaire 2 overview


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Questionnaire 2 overview

  1. 1. Questionnaire General Responses from our Questionnaires feedbackDo you think that the documentary contained suitable footage regarding the subjectmatter?‘Yes – relevant background footage and Vox pops’‘Yes because the footage related to the topic’‘Yes, it explained stereotypes well’‘Yes as it spoke to a variety of ages’Do you think the subject matter was appealing?‘Yes, it was relevant to our age group’‘Yes because many people can relate to it’‘Yes because it focuses on current issues’‘Yes because it is not an issue that is brought up a lot’Did you think that the background music was relevant to the content of the documentary?‘Yes, it kept it flowing’‘In some parts, but not the formal interviews’‘Yes, it links to the target audience’‘It was relevant but a bit distracting because it was so fast’What was your favourite part?‘The title was cleverly edited’‘The part where different people held up their stereotypes’‘The montage of the people holding up the cards’‘The interview with Du’aine’What was your least favourite part?‘The Vox pop with the man in the street at the start was a bit hard to understand’‘How there were several formal interviews’‘It was all good’‘Transitions’How did you find it? E.g. funny, serious, boring etc?‘There were funny elements but the general tone was serious’‘It had appropriate funny aspects and was interesting’‘Some parts funny and others interesting’‘Entertaining’What did you think of the choice of interviewees and Vox pops?‘Good and a range of people’‘Good – varied’‘There was a nice amount of Vox pops’‘Good, but didn’t understand why there was a Psychologist’
  2. 2. Does the magazine article appeal to you?‘Yes colourful and interesting images’‘Yes, it is eye-catching and the images are good’‘Yes, put together well’‘Yes it looks very good and the font fits the style’Did the radio trailer appeal to you?‘It grabs your attention because it is funny’‘Yes, it is funny and clearly tells the audience what the documentary is about’‘It kept you listening to all of it’‘Not really, I couldn’t take it seriously’Is there anything that you especially like or dislike about the magazine article?‘Text could stand out more’‘The images I liked and the masthead’‘The colours are really good, well set out’‘I like how the image goes over the two pages’Would you want to watch the documentary after reading the magazine article?‘Yes’Would you want to watch the full documentary after watching the introduction?‘Yes’Would you want to watch the documentary after hearing the radio trailer for it?‘Yes’‘No’‘Maybe, sounds different’Please share any other comments regarding the documentary, Radio trail and MagazineArticle here:‘Documentary was good and suitable people were used’‘It was very good and suitable for the subject’‘Respect to Kyle for being a ‘chav’ – very funny and very good’
  3. 3. Did the documentary contain suitable footage? Yes Was the subject matter appealing?252015 Was the subject matter10 appealing? 5 0 Yes No Was the Background music relevant? Yes Partly
  4. 4. Was it funny, seious etc? 10 Was it funny, seious 8 etc? 6 4 2 0 Serious Funny141210 8 Yes 6 Maybe 4 No 2 0 Would you watch the Would you watch the Would you watch the documentary after reading Documentary after hearing documentary after the Magazine Article? the Radio Trailer? watching the Introduction?