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Radio trailer research
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Radio trailer research

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  • 1. Radio Trailer Research
  • 2. Research into existing trailers • After listening to several examples of radio trailers we decided the most effective ones used various clips from the documentary to create the basis for the trailer. • The length of the trailers vary from 30 seconds to one 1 minute long • They use the most shocking and controversial quotes directly from the documentary to gain the interest and attention of the audience • The trailer ends with the title, date and channel for the documentary, we used this style model to create our trailer. • By ending the trailer with the key information such as the date time and channel, it is the last thing the listener hears, hence the most memorable
  • 3. Our radio trailer • By basing our work on these examples it gave our trailer a sense of authenticity and effectively targeted our demographic. • We wanted to mimic the conventions commonly used in radio trailers, so we began by arranging various clips from the documentary taking the key quotes and editing them so they are short and overlap the next quote • This technique is effective as it almost sounds like a thought process in someone's head with each thought overlapping the next • Although it does sound disconnected and seems to make little sense for the first few seconds it is all linked when the voice over states the name, topic, date, channel and time of the documentary at the end • This then gains the listeners interest as they are compelled to then watch the documentary to understand the topic more