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Evaluation question 4 media

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages
  2. 2.  The first thing we did is do research into documentaries using different media technologies such as computers.  We also did some research on our topic and genre which was knife crime through the use of apple mac’s as we needed to get familiar with this type of media technology.  When using computers and mac’s for researching, we came across a number of websites. One of which was YouTube, the website allowed us to understand the typical codes and conventions of documentaries. Research
  3. 3.  We also used BBC and Sky TV channels to analyse different documentaries such as panorama which was one of the main media texts we focused on.  To research and analyse radio trailers we would have to listen to different radio stations such BBC radio or Capital FM so we had a good understanding of radio trailers.  For our double page spread we simply used computer and apple mac’s to research different magazine articles that would relate to our own. Research
  4. 4.  Blogger was really important in our planning stage as we were able to share and connect ideas with each other online without having to meet up.  Similarly we used mobile phones to connect to each other and contact the people we needed for interviews in our documentary.  To contact the Police officer and arrange an interview, we had to professionally email them which made it formal. Planning
  5. 5.  Microsoft was essential for our planning and research as we used software’s such as Microsoft word and PowerPoint to display our idea’s for our documentary.  Similarly we used online programs and websites such as Slideshare and Scribd as this was a simple way to illustrate your ideas online which we then used to upload on blogger. Planning
  6. 6.  For our documentary, one main digital technology which was really important was the Canon Camera, it provided us with effective and clear shots which we were able to use in our documentary and magazine article.  We also used different camera accessories for different purposes. These included headphones so we were able to check the sound quality/levels and a tripod so the camera was positioned properly and steady.  We also used a microphone we recording some of the vox pops and interviews for our documentary. The microphone allowed us to target certain sounds such as peoples voices which meant they were very clear. Construction
  7. 7.  We used Final Cut Express to edit and create our documentary.  The first step we did when opening up final cut express, was to insert all the footage and sound. We did this by Log and transferring all the data. Construction – Editing Documentary
  8. 8.  Of course adding text in our documentary was significant. We did this by using the text tool Final cut express and picking specific style of text depending on the shot. We used this for our captions and statistics. Different text styles We were then able to edit the text by editing the font size and colour for our final shot Construction – Editing Documentary
  9. 9.  We placed and linked everything including, all the footage, text and sound together using a sequence. This made it more organised and easier to edit the documentary. As you can see we also added some background music to make certain scenes more entertaining Construction – Editing Documentary
  10. 10.  To make our documentary more appealing and appropriate we used different video filters for different purposes. We were also able to open the video filters on the same window, so we can edit and see the footage at the same time Construction – Editing Documentary
  11. 11.  We used colour corrector to change the colour of certain shots, like the cell wall from outside a police station where we changed the colour to black and white so it looked more intimidating. We were able to change the colour levels so the footage looked like it had better quality Construction – Editing Documentary
  12. 12.  We also used the directional blur tool which enabled us to blur some of the footage so other aspects like the text could stand out. We used this mainly for the background footage of our statistics so the information could clearly stand out Construction – Editing Documentary
  13. 13.  We also used different video transitions throughout different shots so it caught the spectators attention, one of which was the cross zoom. You can watch this transition in action through our documentary on YouTube from 2:40 to 2:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME9H-ojK_ds Construction – Editing Documentary
  14. 14.  We were then able to change the speed levels of our footage through the speed tool under the modify button: The speed tool allowed us to slow some of the pace down of the footage which we did, through decreasing the percentage from 100% to 70% Construction – Editing Documentary
  15. 15.  After completing the editing and finishing the documentary we exported it on final cut express as a QuickTime Movie.. We were then able to upload this on YouTube so we could all see and use it. From YouTube we then finally uploaded it on blogger Construction – Editing Documentary
  16. 16.  To make a double page spread for our magazine article we used Adobe InDesign The first step after we opened up InDesign, was opening up a text box using the text box tool. We made them equal so the columns looked professional. We then started typing up our article inside the text box Construction – Magazine Article
  17. 17.  We used Drop cap in our article as we researched that this was a typical code and convention which most articles used. Drop cap When picking a font, we kept in mind that it had to be as professional as possible but also match the tone of our documentary which was serious. It also had to be consistent throughout the article. Construction = Magazine Article
  18. 18.  Throughout our article we decided to use quotes which would stand out from the rest of the information so it could catch the attention of our target audience. Since the quotes had to stand out we edited the colour to red as this was the same colour of our title and it matched our theme. Construction – Magazine Article
  19. 19.  When then placed the main image after we finished the article This is how we inserted the image Construction – Magazine Article
  20. 20. To get the best quality image, we made sure it was the perfect fit. We did this by fitting the image proportionally to the frame so everything looked organized. We added 2 more subsidiary images next to our main image so it gives a small glimpse of what to expect from our documentary. Construction – Magazine Article
  21. 21.  We created another text box for our masthead and rotated the angle to make it look more unique and eye catching We decided to pick a bold font that would stand out. We also chose the colour of the font to be red which matched the theme, this showed consistency throughout the article. Construction – Magazine Article
  22. 22.  We additionally added captions because when researching magazine articles this was another typical convention, this would help promote our documentary. we again made sure the font was the same as the rest of the article so there was consistency throughout the article. Construction – Magazine article
  23. 23.  In order to promote our Documentary we had to create a radio trailer using clips from our documentary. Since the radio trailer only used sound, we picked certain clips that had the most effective sound on final cut express. Since the radio trailer only needed sound we got rid of any unnecessary video footage Construction - Radio Trailer
  24. 24.  Sound is everything for a radio trailer which meant the sound levels were significant in making a successful radio trailer. Therefore we edited some of the sound levels so everything was clear. Here we made sure all the sound levels were equal as this was important for our target audience After we finished editing the radio trailer we exported the radio trailer as a music file (.aif) Construction - Radio Trailer
  25. 25.  When completing the evaluation I uploaded all my work on Blogger as it was easy to access.  I presented most of my evaluation through Microsoft PowerPoint as it was very effective and It had a lot of great tools such as a chart tool which enables me to create a graph.  After completing my presentations I used Slideshare to embed my presentations so I could later upload and present on blogger. Evaluation
  26. 26.  Prezi was another online program which I utilized as I thought it was a very unique and creative way to present my evaluation.  After burning my Final documentary on to a DVD, I was then able to watch my documentary for analysis which I could use for my evaluation.  I also used an Apple Mac, to take print screens of my editing phrase for my products which would help for evaluating at my construction stage.  Throughout my evaluation process I used a computer to take different screenshots, including footage from YouTube, power point and various websites. I Additionally used a computer to save images from the internet which I have used in my evaluation. Evaluation