Elliot Hardy evaluation question 2


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Elliot Hardy evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Elliot Hardy
  2. 2.  Our target audience was 16 – 34 year olds, similar to BBC Three so we decided to air it on this television channel. We decided that a documentary about teen drinkers should mostly appeal to appeal to teens and this would spread across both the main task and ancillary tasks: Radio trail and double page spread article. Therefore, the radio trail would be aired on Radio 1 due to the age range being similar to BBC Three of 16 – 34. However, RadioTimes does not have the same so I feel that we could have chosen a alternative magazine.
  3. 3. To maintain consistency throughout all the products we had to ensure that they related to each other in a number of ways. In this scenario, using the same house style, layout, font, and images in both the magazine and the documentary tasks. As each of the products have to promote one other in a „synergy-like‟ situation. A professional house style was kept throughout the two documents; having Abadi Light MD font to maintain continuity. Also, the same image used to ensure that the audience would know the two are related when watching/reading them both. Pull quote used in doc
  4. 4.   To main professionalism, formality and continuity we decided that the radio trail would intrigue the audience by using extracts from the documentary once it was finished. We also re-used the backing track from the documentary created on GarageBand. Extracts featuring in the radio trail are one where we asked the audience how old you must to drink alcohol. Then the vox-pops were introduced giving estimates and then an extract saying “We‟re led to believe that drinking from a young age can lead to alcohol abuse later on in life.” This quote in particular has been used in all three tasks; featuring briefly as a pull quote within the article.
  5. 5.  To conclude, I felt as though all three of our constructed media products were beneficial in promoting each other mainly the two ancillary tasks to promote the documentary however it could work in the opposite way. The two ancillary tasks didn‟t necessarily promote each other but they did relate vaguely. The main relations across was each ancillary task toward the documentary and came across formally and professional. With this consistency I believe we obtained a synergic link and sent the correct message, expressed throughout our products.