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Question 2

  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for our documentary, double page spread and radio trail was males and females between the ages of 16 and 35. They would have an opinion on tattoos, either positive or negative, and they would be interested in knowing other opinions. We decided to aim our documentary at this age range because it is mostly this range of people who are interested in tattoos as it has become part of popular culture. The topic would also be very relevant to the people in this age group as a lot of them have tattoos and therefore will have suffered from the prejudices and discrimination caused by tattoos. We didn’t have a very specific target audience because there are a lot of different types of people which have an interest in this topic and it is very hard to pinpoint exactly who would like our documentary.
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE I believe we effectively targeted our audience because we created products which featured a majority of people within this age bracket. This would attract our target audience because they will feel like they can relate to these people. We also aired it on Channel 4 which is a channel aimed at the same age group. This means that most of the people watching that channel will be our target audience.
  4. 4. ANCILLARY PRODUCTS The double page spread and the radio trail were created in order to promote the documentary that we made. I think they both successfully did this. There are very clear links between the three products which effectively gives the products a type of ‘brand identity’. There are many examples of this such as using the images in the documentary and the double page spread or using the same music in the documentary and the radio trail. By giving the three products a brand identity, it ensures that the audience are able to make links between the products themselves which will promote the documentary.
  5. 5. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD The images used on the double page spread are also used in the documentary. This gives the audience an idea of what type of shots are going to be in the documentary and in turn, promotes it to the audience. It also is a good example of the brand identity that is running throughout the products.
  6. 6. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD The double page spread promotes the documentary in a very clear way. It uses a puff to indicate that the documentary is new. This attract the audience to the documentary because they will want to know more about it and therefore this will promote it. As well as this, it includes information on the dates, times and channel that the documentary is being aired. There is also information about an exclusive viewing on Channel 4OD. This will promote the documentary because it tells the audience how they are able to watch it. The exclusive viewing will make the audience feel like they are involved in something that others aren’t. Information about the exclusive viewing of Ink Epidemic
  7. 7. RADIO TRAIL An example of ‘brand identity’ used in the radio trail is that the music used for the documentary is the same as the background music in the radio trail. As well as this, the audio clips used in the radio trail all come from interviews and vox pops in the documentary. These things combined gives the radio trail the same ‘vibe’ as the documentary which allows the audience to have a preview of what the documentary is going to be like. However, we used a different voice for the voiceover in the radio trail. This could have hindered the brand identity and it could be unclear that it is promoting the same product.
  8. 8. RADIO TRAIL The radio trail also promotes the documentary in a very clear way. Firstly, the fact that it is very closely linked to the documentary enables the reader to get an insight into what the documentary is going to be about. As well as this, the audio clips give small bits of information from the documentary which will encourage the reader to watch it. The voiceover also tells the audience the time, date and channel that the documentary is being aired. These things combined will promote the documentary and allow anyone interested to watch it. Expert interviews Voiceover Background music Vox pops