Chapters XXXVI- XL- Sense and Sensibility


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Chapters XXXVI- XL- Sense and Sensibility

  1. 1. Sense & Sensibility by: Jane Austen Ana I. Torres AP English Aida Rojas
  2. 2. Chapter 36 A few days later, a big announcement shows up in the papers Mrs. Palmer has finally delivered her baby. Mrs. Jennings is immensely pleased, and is busy with her new grandchild. This leaves the Dashwoods on their own; theyd rather stay home, but everyone insists that they go and share with Lady Middleton, Lucy, and the elder Miss Steele all day, every day. Lady Middleton, doesnt actually like the Dashwood girls, and even Miss Steele, whos actually quite easy to please, doesn’t like the either. Mrs. Jennings, however, thinks its nice for all of her young friends to get to spend time together. She is really enjoying her time with her daughter Charlotte Palmer and her new grandchild. Another unhappy social situation arises: a friend of Fannys invites Elinor and Marianne to a musical party, thinking that itll be nice for Fanny. But Fanny doesnt like her sisters-in-law, and doesnt want them involved in her social circle. Marianne is now used to going out during the day and evening, and she gets ready for the party with the help of Miss Steele. She and Elinor are picked up by Fanny and Johns carriage, and all the Dashwoods go to the party together.
  3. 3. Chapter 36 Elinor isnt really that interested in the party, since she doesn’t like music very much. She passes the time by looking at her fellow partygoers including the unpleasant young man from the jewelers, who had stared so rudely at Elinor and Marianne as he ordered his idiotic toothpick case. The offensive young man comes over with John, and is introduced as the mysterious third Ferrars sibling, Robert. Elinor observes mentally that hes just as arrogant Lucy made him out to be. Robert takes it upon himself to explain to Elinor why he is so much better than his brother, Edward. He then goes on to ask her about her familys cottage in Devonshire, exclaiming that he just loves cottages. John, observing his sisters, meekly asks Fanny if they might have Elinor and Marianne come and stay with them, since Mrs. Jennings is so busy. Fanny tells him immediately that they cant take the girls away from Lady Middleton. John responds that this is hardly a good reason, Fanny says that shes decided that shed like to invite the Miss Steeles to stay instead. John is convinced and rest his case. He hopes that next year Elinor will be married to Colonel Brandon, and that Marianne will be their guest. The next morning, Fanny invites Lucy and Anne Steele to stay with them at their home in Harley Street for a few days. Lucy is perfectly happy, and is certain that this bodes well for her marriage to Edward. She shows Fannys note to Fanny becomes devoted to her new friends, and doesnt know what shell do without them when they leave.
  4. 4. Chapter 37 Charlotte Palmer is rapidly on the mend after the arrival of the baby, so after two weeks of attending her, Mrs. Jennings has a little more free time on her hands. She comes back home to Berkeley Street, and resumes her old habits. One day, Mrs. Jennings busts in on Elinor with lots of news items to tell. First of all, the baby is sick with some non-dangerous ailment called "red-gum“ the doctor stopped by to check it out. Fanny is ill, apparently the illness is emotional, rather than physical. Because of Lucy and Edwards secret engagement has emerged into the light of day. Miss Steele is the one to blame since she thought that since Fanny and Mrs. Ferrars liked Lucy, they wouldnt mind the marriage, so she told Fanny all about it. The Steeles were kicked out of the Dashwoods house, and now everythings is in a state of chaos. Its now Elinors task to tell all of this to Marianne without upsetting her too much. She tries not to dwell on her own feelings, and figure out to make Marianne deal with it in a calm manner. Elinor knew about it for the last four months, Marianne seriously couldn’t believe it, how could Elinor possibly have kept all of this for so long? Elinor tries to explain herself; though shed wanted to tell others, she couldnt without breaking her promise to Lucy. She had loved Edward all along, but she wants him to be happy, even if that means that he must marry Lucy.
  5. 5. Chapter 37 Marianne is shocked and dismayed that shes been so cruel and ungrateful to her sister; the two comfort each other for their heartbreaks. Marianne swears that shell never forgive anyone involved in this debacle. She also promises to be discreet, and she always has Elinors back. For the first time, Marianne actually holds her tongue, and her behavior this makes Elinor feel stronger. The next day, John comes to visit. He tells them that Fanny is doing very well, but that Mrs. Ferrars is having a really rough time. She feels totally betrayed. Mrs. Ferrars sent for Edward, and upon his arrival, informed him that he had a choice; he could either be wealthy and on good terms with his family, or he could marry Lucy and be basically disowned. If he chose to marry Lucy, his mother would do her best to prevent him from succeeding in his chosen profession as a clergyman. ,Edward was not to be bought off; he did the right thing and said he would marry Lucy. Mrs. Jennings thinks hes done the right thing . John is shocked by this response, since he cant imagine him doing such a thing. In the end, Edward was sent away from his mothers home, never to return. Nobody knows where hes gone, or what hell do now. All of the money that was supposed to go to him will now to go his younger brother, Robert.
  6. 6. Chapter 38 Mrs. Jennings, Elinor, and Marianne all think that Edward did the right thing in sticking by his fiancée, Lucy Steele. The two girls are both proud of his integrity, despite their own sadness. No word arrives from Lucy or Edward. Elinor and Mrs. Jennings go to enjoy the weather in Kensington Gardens (Marianne stays home, worried that shell see the Willoughbys). Elinor, left on her own after Mrs. Jennings finds a friend of hers, doesnt see She does run into Miss Steele, and is encouraged by Mrs. Jennings to "get it all out of her." Miss Steele wants to know first and foremost if anyone is angry at her. Apparently, Lucy got mad when Miss Steele broke the news to Fanny. Though now shes gotten over it. People have been shocked, as John was, by the fact that Edward chose Lucy over Miss Morton and her thirty thousand pounds; however, after a few days, he came to visit them to clear up matters. Right now, Edward is in London for the time being, but plans to go to Oxford to do some business soon. The Richardsons, with whom the Steeles are staying now, come by, and Miss Steele rushes off to join them, after sending her regards to Marianne along with Elinor. Elinor tries to figure out what she should think: Edward is going to marry Lucy, whenever he gets a job as a curate somewhere.
  7. 7. Chapter 38 Mrs. Jennings has a rather pessimistic view of how Edward and Lucy will be, and wonders if she might be able to help them out. The next morning, Elinor receives a letter from Lucy, basically thanking her for her discretion and for all of her guidance. She also wants Elinor to pass her regards on to everyone else. Elinor passes the letter on to Mrs. Jennings, as Lucy apparently intended her to.
  8. 8. Chapter 39 Both Elinor and Marianne are anxious to leave London and go home to Barton. Theyre invited to go visit the Palmers at Cleveland with Mrs. Jennings, and Elinor accepts Marianne has a different opinion, Cleveland isnt too far away from Willoughbys home. Since Cleveland is on the way home to Barton, they might as well stop there for a little while. Mrs. Jennings urges the girls to return with her to London after the Cleveland visit, but they insist that they must go home afterwards. Colonel Brandon stops by to visit after their plan is settled, and Mrs. Jennings sighs, asking him what they shall do once Elinor and Marianne have gone back to Barton. Elinor and Colonel Brandon go aside to speak in private, and Mrs. Jennings is dying to know what they say. She assumes that they could get married. Colonel Brandon is concerned about Edward and the cruel punishment inflicted on him by his mother. The Colonel has taken a liking to Edward, especially because of his friendship with the Dashwoods. He wants to offer Edward the job as a curate at Delaford, his country home. Elinor is surprised and overcome, shes incredibly grateful to the Colonel. Elinor agrees to deliver the news, Colonel Brandon is surprised by this development; hes not sure that the Delaford living is enough to support Edward and a wife. Its clear that the wedding will have to be in the distant future.
  9. 9. Chapter 40 The Colonel leaves and Mrs. Jennings pounces upon Elinor, demanding to know what happened between them. Elinor praises the Colonel, saying that hes an exceptional man. Theres a misunderstanding. Elinor says she has to write first to Edward (thinking of the curacy at Delaford), Mrs. Jennings figures that Elinor wants Edward to be ordained so that he can perform the marriage ceremony. As Elinor sits down to write her letter of good news to Edward, he himself shows up at her door. Shes totally shocked. Edward has come by to say goodbye, he is on his way out of London (to go work on getting ordained in Oxford), and wanted to see Elinor and Marianne one last time. Elinor delivers her good news about Colonel Brandons offer. Elinor assures him of Colonel Brandons good character, and says that hell be a great neighbor to have; he believes that Elinor is engaged to the Colonel. Edward asks for Colonel Brandons address, and goes off to thank him. Elinor resigns herself to the fact that the next time she sees Edward, hell be married to Lucy. Mrs. Jennings comes home, practically bursting with her untold secret (or her imagined secret about Elinor and Colonel Brandon). Elinor says that the situation has to wait two or three months while Edward gets ordained.
  10. 10. Chapter 40 Mrs. Jennings is shocked by this situation: is Colonel Brandon marrying Elinor simply to help Edward out? This question makes the misunderstanding clear, Elinor explains the facts of the situation to Mrs. Jennings, whos pleased by the news that the Colonel is helping Edward and Lucy. She still has hopes that Elinor and the Colonel will make a match.
  11. 11. Characters Elinor Dashwood  Robert Ferrars Marianne Dashwood  Mrs.Ferrars Mrs.Dashwood  Lucy Steele John Dashwood  Miss Anne Steele Margaret Dashwood  Fanny Dashwood Mrs.Jennings  Mrs. Charlotte Palmer Colonel Brandon  Lady Middleton Edward Ferrars
  12. 12. Setting Devonshire Berkley Street Cleveland Barton Kensington Garderns