Chapters I-V Sense and Sensibility


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Chapters I-V Sense and Sensibility

  1. 1. Sense andSensibility
  2. 2. Chapter IOld Gentlemen, owner of Norland Park, invites his nephew andfamily after his sisters death.Mr. Henry Dashwood is the legal inheritor of the Norland estate.He has one son by a former marriage and three daughters with apresent wife.His son, John Dashwood, was already rich and had no need ofinheriting Norland, unlike his three half-sisters.When the Old Gentlemen dies, his will indicates that all hisinheritance goes to John Dashwood.
  3. 3. Henry Dashwood becomes disappointed and ill after thisdecision and asks his son to make a promise.Since he cant help his current family, he wants John to help hisdaughters and his wife financially, to which he accepts payingeach one a thousand pounds a-piece.After his father death Mrs. John Dashwood arrives suddenlywith their 4-year child and established herself as mistress of theestate.Mrs. Dashwood doesnt like her ungracious behavior and wantsto leave as soon as possible.Her eldest daughter, Elinor, advices her mother to keep calm andtry to live for a time with this new change, as mere visitors.
  4. 4. Chapter IIMrs. John Dashwood debates strongly with John about hisdecision to help his half-sisters financially.She is being selfish and manipulative in every form.John argues that it was his fathers promise.Mrs. John Dashwood tells him that it was too much money theywere "taking" from there son to give to his half-sisters and that hisfather wasnt thinking straight.He is then convinced that five hundred pounds is more thanenough.
  5. 5. Mrs. John Dashwood keeps insisting to not worry about them,since they will receive ten thousand pounds for their fathersdeath.She also tells him that paying them annually will bring them inpoverty.John is greatly convinced that what his wife ask of him and tellshim is the right decision.
  6. 6. Chapter IIIMrs. Dashwood is preoccupied and doubts that the promisebetween Henry and John will ever be made for the sake of herdaughters.At the moment, Mrs. Dashwood is also pensive in a new andvery close relationship between Elinor and Mrs. JohnDashwoods brother, Edward Ferrars. Mrs. Dashwood believes his not handsome and his mannersrequired intimacy to make them pleasing.Edwards mother and sister expected him much more from him ifhe wanted to obtain a huge inheritance.
  7. 7. Mrs. Dashwoods second daughter, Marianne, thinks thatEdward isnt complete enough for her older sister.She becomes to debate with her mother, her main reason beingthat Edward doesnt have much interest in her drawings.Mrs. Dashwood defends Elinor in this debate.
  8. 8. Chapter IVDuring the mother and daughter debate, Elinor enters defendingEdward.Marianne keeps quiet and doesnt want to offend her sister whenshe realizes Elinor is secretly in love with him.When Marianne points out this hidden love, Elinor tries to retractany positive comment from him.Elinor explains she wont demonstrate Edward love for the fearof not receiving the same.
  9. 9. Later on Mrs. Dashwood recieves a letter from Sir JohnMiddleton.It was offering her and her three daughters a small cottage of theirown called Barton Cottage in his property in Devonshire.Mrs. Dashwood didnt think twice and responded the letter withgreat joy to leave Norland as soon as possible.
  10. 10. Chapter VMrs. Dashwood was very content when she told Mr. and Mrs.John Dashwood about her new home.John was the only one to be preocupied about how far they willbe.Mrs. Daswood acknowledges that she will be leaving far fromNorland and that will seperate Edward and Elinor, which wasnther intention.She also acknowledges the possibility that her daughters wontreceive the payment from their half-brother.Marianne is lamenting hugely the fact that they will leave soontheir home.
  11. 11. CharactersOld Gentleman: First owner of Norland Park, after his sister dieshe invites Mr. Henry Dashwood and his family to live with him.Dies ten years later than her sister.Mr. Henry Dashwood: Had a son with a first marriage and threedaughters with his actual wife, cared allot for his family. Makes apromise with his son before his death, to take care of them andpay for them.Mr. John Dashwood: cold hearted, selfish and easily manipulatedby his wife. He inherits everything from the Old Gentleman afterhis death. Doesnt fulfill completely his fathers promise.
  12. 12. Mrs. Dashwood: Careful and loving mother of three daughters.Doesnt inherit anything after her husbands death and doeseverything she can to help her daughters.Elinor: Nineteen year old daughter of Mrs. Dashwood. She wasvery understanding and had a good judgement, good hearted andhad self-control. She acted as an advisor for her mother.Marianne: Not yet seventeen, daughter of Mrs. Daswood.Sensible, clever, eager, generous, amiable, and interesting. Shereally cared for Elinor and was concerned in her relationship withEdward.
  13. 13. Margaret: Thirteen year old daughter of Mrs. Dashwood.Good-humored but thinks she knows much about love.Mrs. John Dashwood: Wife of John Dashwood and sister ofEdward Ferrars. Selfish, snobbish, and manipulative, she cameto Norland Park as soon as Henrys funeral ended. She caredmore for her son than Johns sisters.Edward Ferrars: Comes to Norland Park and creates a strongrelationship with Elinor during his stay. Nsible and friendly butgreatly reserved and not so handsome.Sir John Middleton: Relative of Mrs. Dashwood who invitesher and hers daughters to his cottage to live.