Chapters  XVI-XX Sense and Sensibility
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Chapters XVI-XX Sense and Sensibility






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Chapters  XVI-XX Sense and Sensibility Chapters XVI-XX Sense and Sensibility Presentation Transcript

  • Sense and Sensibility Chapters 16-20By: Rolando J. onteverde Díaz
  • Chapter 16
  • Characters Main Minor• Marianne • Sir John• Mrs. Dashwood • Mrs. Jennings• Elinor• Edward Ferrars
  • Main Events of the chapter• This chapter begins with Marianne crying over the departure of Willoughby. She was unable to sleep that night nor eat and woke up with a headache which meant pain to her sisters and her mother.• Marianne wanders through the village of Allenham and spent this evening the same way consoling herself by playing piano-forté and singing as well as reading books.• Mrs. Dashwood spoke to Elinor about having secrecy with the correspondence but it could not be maintained if it were to pass in Sir John’s hands. They wanted to know if Marianne was engaged to Willoughby.• Elinor suggested asking marianne directly on the basis that, being her mother, this question could not offend her. Mrs. Dashwood replies that she would never force a confession out of her.
  • Main Events of the chapter (Cont.)• One evening, Mrs. Dashwood picked up a volume of Shakespear and said that they never finished Hamlet and that Willoughby could not finish it either. They postpone the reading untill Willoughby arrives but, she states, months may pass before he comes.• Marianne replies that he’ll be back within a few weeks.• One morning Mariane joined her sisters in their usual walk. She tried to wander away but Elinor prevented it. They walked to the entrance of the valley, beyond that entrance layed a road in which a man came riding on horseback. Marianne thought that it was was Willoughby, but, it turned out to be Edward Ferrars. He walked with the sisters to Barton.• To their surprise, Edward is distant and reserved.• Marianne and Edward engage in a conversation in which Marianne asks how Norland looks.
  • Main Events of the chapter (Cont.)• Edward asks if the Middletons are pleasant people and Marianne replies that they are not.• Elinor states that Middletons are respectable and states that Mr. Ferrars had been very friendly with them.
  • Setting, important dates, places, mood, atmosphere• Setting: Allenham village• Important dates: N/A• Places: Barton, entrance of the valley• Mood: anxious• Atmosphere: Intimate
  • Contributions to the story line• Marianne mistaking Edward for Willoughby reflects her despesperation during his absence.• Mrs. Dashwood’s mistake reveals that Marianne is well aware of Willoughby and his arrival.• Edwards’ arrival shows us his distance with Elinor as a lover.• Marianne’s response to Edwar’s question regarding the Middletons shows a sense of ingratitude in her.
  • Chapter 17
  • Characters Main Minor• Mrs. Dashwood • Margaret• Elinor• Marianne• Edward
  • Main Events of the Chapter• Edward enters Barton and received the kindest welcome from the family members. He acts cordially but is still distanced from Elinor.• Mrs. Daswhood asks Edward what aare his mother’s views on his future. He responds that he hopes his mother is now convinced that he has no talent.• Marianne states that money cannot buy happiness and starts arguing with Elinor whether it can or cannot provide happiness.• They described their future expenses at Combe Magna.• Marianne says that if she had a lot of money she would buy music and books while Elinor would be interested in print shops.• Elinor calls Marianne as very earnest,eager and talkative but not merry.We learn that Edward is very shy.• Marianne called Edward reserved.
  • Setting, important dates, places, mood, atmosphere• Setting: Barton cottage• Important Dates: N/A• Places: Combe Magna• Mood: Conversational• Atmosphere: Intimate
  • Contributions to the story line• Mrs. Dashwood’s question about edward’s future lays the foundation for an argument between the two sisters in which their position on money as a substitution for happiness.• We know learn about Marianne’s interest in books and music as well as Elinor’s interest in print houses.• Barton is the perfect place where a conversation is bound to begin.• We know see the relation between Elinor and Edward.
  • Chapter 18
  • CharactersMain Minor• Elinor • Sir John• Marianne • Mrs. Jennings• Edward • Margarete
  • Main Events of the Chapter• Elinor notices that Edward isn’t enjoying his visit.• Elinor, Marianne and Edward met together the next day for breakfast.• Edward says he will go out to the village to see his horses.• When he returns he praises the countryside in a conversation with both Marianne and Elinor stating that it is a fine country because it is beautiful and functional.• Edward explains that he prefers landscapes that are completely beautiful.• Marianne notices that Edward was wearing a ring with a plait of hair in the centre.• Edward says that the hair belongs to his sister Fanny.• Marianne and Elinor notice that the shade of the hair is different from Fanny’s and resolve to believe that it was Elinor’s hair.
  • Main Events of the Chapter (cont.)• Marianne thinks the lock of hair was a gift from Elinor while Elinor thought that Edward stole it from her.• Elinor resolves to see if the shade of the hair matched hers.• Sir John and Mrs. Jennings come to visit because they heard that Edward was visiting and invites them for tea and dinner the next day.• Marianne asks who will dance and Mrs. Jennings scolds her because she thought that since a nameless person is gone nobody could dance thus making allusion to Mr. Willoughby.• Edward teases Marianne with Willougby and She hopes that both of them will get along.
  • Setting, important dates, places, mood, atmosphere• Setting: Barton cottage• Important Dates: N/A• Places: Barton, and the country side• Mood: Embarrassing, contemplative• Atmosphere: Intimate
  • Contributions to the story line• We know know about Edward’s ring symbolizing his love for Elinor.• Lays the foundation for the next set of events in the next chapter.
  • Chapter 19
  • Characters Main Minor• Edward • Sir John• Mrs. Dashwood • Lady Middleton• Elinor • Mrs. Jennings• Mrs. Palmer • Mr. Palmers• Marianne
  • Main Events of the Chapter• Edward remains at the cottage for a week and his spirits improved greatly.• He had to leave the cottage even though Mrs. Dashwood pressed him to stay. Edward says that he had to go to Norland or London.• Mrs. Dashwood knows Edward is financially dependant on his family and she noticed his ring.• She advises Edward to seek a profession in order to occupy his time.• Edward says that his own nicety and the nicety of his friends made him that way. He says that he preferred the Church but his family did not approve it.• Edward leaves Barton Cottage and everyone becomes sad• Marianne handled her feelings by seeking silence, solitude, and idleness.
  • Main Events of the Chapter (cont.)• Elinor chose to sit down in the drawing-table and busily employ herself all day.• Elinor receives a visit from Sir John, Mrs. Jennings, and Lady Middleton accompanied by a gentleman and a lady.• Mrs. Jennings explains who the visitors are (Mr. and Mrs. Palmer).• Margaret and Mrs. Dashwood come downstairs to meet their guests.• After the introductions were made, Mrs. Palmer quickly praised the Cottage while her husband ignored her.• Marianne arrives and Mrs. Jennings asks her if she had gone to Allenham.• Mrs. Palmer now comments on the drawings of the room.• Lady Middleton leaves and Mr. Palmers stands and notices some flaws in the room and also leaves.• Sir John asks them to spend the next day in the park.
  • Setting, important dates, places, mood, atmosphere• Setting: Barton cottage• Important Dates: N/A• Places: Norland, London, Oxford, and Allenham.• Mood: Playful• Atmosphere: Informal
  • Contributions to the story line• Introduces new characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Palmer.• Gives us information on how Edward did not want a profession and how his character interacts in the future with Elinor.• Gives us an insight into the relation between Mr. and Mrs. Palmer.• Shows us the difference of character between Elinor and Marianne.
  • Chapter 20
  • Characters Main Minor• Mrs. Palmer • Sir John• Mr. Palmer • Lady Middleton• Mariane • Mrs. Jennings• Elinor
  • Main Events of the Chapter• The Dashwood sisters show up at Lady Middleton’s house.• The sisters tell Mrs. Palmers that they cannot go to London.• Mrs. Palmers asks her husband to convince them to go to London but he doesn’t pay attention and talks about the bad weather and how Sir John doesn’t have a billiards table.• Mrs. Palmer comments on how she knows Willoughby since they live nearby and says that he is a handsome man.• Sir John observed with regret that there were only eight in his party and asked his lady about the Gilberts.• Mr. Palmer displays an ill bred manner towards his in-laws and his wife is condescending towards her husband’s attitude.• Elinor concludes that Mr. Palmers wanted distinction and that he married a silly woman.
  • Main Events of the Chapter (cont.)• Mrs. Palmers asks the Dashwood sisters to come with her to Cleveland on Christmas.• Mrs. Palmers assures them that Mr. Palmer likes them very much.• She then says that she knows Willoughby although she never met him.• Elinor is know curious to know what Mrs. Palmer knows.• Mrs. Palmers says that she met Colonel Brandon one day and asked him if he knew if one of the members of the new family in Barton is going to marry Willoughby. She said that he looked as if he was telling the truth.• She says that Willoughby has a very good reputation in Somersetshire.• Mrs. Palmers claims that Colonel Brandon wanted to marry her but she is happy with Mr. Palmers.
  • Setting, important dates, places, mood, atmosphere• Setting: Lady Middleton’s house• Important Dates: Monday morning in bond street (Mrs. Palmers met with Colonel Brandon)• Places: Cleveland, Devonshire, Somersetshire, Combe Magna, and Weymouth• Mood: Curiosity, Jovial• Atmosphere: Informal
  • Contributions to the story line• Gives us information on Mrs. Palmers and Colonel Brandon’s acquaintance.• Shows us the dynamics between the Palmers and Charlotte’s family.• Gives us information about Willoughby and his whereabouts.• Tells us about Elinor’s curiosity about Willoughby and her caring for her sister.• Tells us that Mr. Palmer is running for Parliament