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Classroom management tools public


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. What is classroom management?Classroom management is all of the things that a teacherdoes to organize students, space, time, and materials sothat instruction in content and learning can take place(Wong, 1991).The First Days of School : How to Be an Effective Teacher by Rosemary T. Wong andHarry K. Wong
  • 2. 1) Class Dojo• Class Dojo is a behavior management program that is offered online and it is free.• Teachers can easily award positive (and negative) points for behavior in class in real-time.• The program gives teachers a behavior-tracking system that provides reports that can be shared with parent and administrators.Directions for how to use:
  • 3. 2) Timers• Timers are great for giving extra structure to a lesson. Whether for transition time, classwork time, or even a provided break, timers keep the teacher and students on track.• Timers with Music• Various Timers
  • 4. 3) Student Selector (Name Generator)• Put away the old popsicle stick technique. These sites provide an easy way to randomly select a student from your class.• Some setup is required, but once students have been entered sit back and watch the computer do the Student SelectorDartboard Student Selector
  • 5. 4) Google Forms• Easy way to get data or keep records in a convenient Keep track of logs and contactsDiscipline FormParent Contact2) Create a spreadsheet with student/parent informationStudent Information Form
  • 6. 5) Seating Chart• Great program to help create a seating chart. You can move students manually or can have the program randomly seat the students.Instant Classroom at (also has other great tools)
  • 7. 6) Awards and CertificatesAwards and certificates are a great way to encourage positive behavior in a class.This site makes it easy to personalize certificates.Senteacher.org ificates.php
  • 8. 7)• Share your screen with others so that they can feel more involved with the class.• Students can also be asked to share the screen so that you can look into what they are doing.(Not recommended for video since it is very jumpy.)
  • 9. 8) Drop it to me• Forget those jump drives being passed around the room in a hurry at the end of a project. Using dropittome, students can instantly send work to your dropbox account. No email or login is necessary for students.
  • 10. 9) Rubistar• Great resource for creating a rubric for projects and assignments.
  • 11. 10) Noise Meter• Tired of telling your students that they are being to loud. Let this program show them when they are getting to “excited” about your lesson.
  • 12. QUESTIONS?