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  • 1. M y e – l e a r n i n g e x p e r i e n c e b y A l e j a n d r o P o b l a n o R o d r í g u e z
  • 2. Describing yourself First, I reviewed the parts of the body, whit this websites
  • 3. Colors With these websites I reviewed the colors
  • 4. Creation of a Blogger With this homework I learned to use new programs
  • 5. Description of a place of Mexico In Voic e thread I used the present
  • 6. Multimedia library With Hippocampus reinforced my reading
  • 7. Just for fun This exercise helped me so that in the future it can read faster than now
  • 8. Stories With these 2 exercises I reviewed my reading
  • 9. Project of the day of deads In the dead project by day, we used the programs of Springdoo, Evoca and Bubbleshare
  • 10. Thanksgiving Questionnaire With this homework I learned a little one of the greater celebrations in the USA
  • 11. Project of Christmas holidays Here I reviewed the writing in past
  • 12. Creation of a brochure With the brochure I reviewed my writing and I put my creativity on approval
  • 13. Animal trivia When responding the questions I understood more some words
  • 14. Valentine´s day In February I made an activity referring to the day of San Valentine
  • 15. Telling time This activity helped me to learn to listen to more fast
  • 16. Description of fun pictures With this homework it reviews my writing
  • 17. Practise the past tense I reinforced my reading and writing with this homework
  • 18. Blast the rocket With this game, I put in practice the verbs
  • 19. English bites In the videos I practiced listening faster Questions about English bites I put the writing and reading on approve