Music Magazine Evaluation Question 1


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Music Magazine Evaluation Question 1

  1. 1. Name:Wendy Berry Candidate Number: Centre: 33435 Aquinas College AS Media Studies OCR G321: Foundation Portfolio Create the front cover, contents page and double page spread for a new music magazine
  2. 2. My Media Product
  4. 4. `I aimed my magazine at… Males and females aged 16-25 Working/middle class students and young professionals Who know what music they like… Use social media… Who spend money on… Who like to shop at… Who live in… Who might play an instrument… Influenced by… Q1
  5. 5. MyTargetAudience • My target audience will be students and young professionals that are both male and female aged between 16 and 25. • The genre for my music magazine will be rock with sub-genres of indie rock, alternative rock and soft rock. Bands who fall into these genre categories are quite rebellious so appeal to my target audience of older teenagers who want to be individual and rebel from a mainstream lifestyle. • My target audience will also be of that age where they start going to gigs and festivals. The bands that fall into the genre that I have chosen are mostly likely to play a lot of gigs and appear at quite a few festivals. Therefore, I will include information about upcoming gigs and festivals but also review previous ones. Q1
  6. 6. MyTargetAudience • I feel that my magazine would be similar to NME because they both have a niche audience. However, perhaps not by design the NME is aimed at and caters for a largely male audience. My audience research indicates that sizeable proportion audience feels that it doesn’t fully address the issues that these people are interested in, these people being female. In addition my research shows that there is a significant number of females with an interest in this area who feel that there needs and expectation aren’t being catered for at all and so chose not to buy or read any magazine. I aim to attract these females too. Q1
  7. 7. Primary Audience It is generally males that buy music and therefore music magazines. On the market there are music magazines that are aimed at males that buy alternative music. However the majority of magazines on the market that are aimed at females when it comes to music tend to focus on disposable pop e.g. X Factor winners and manufactured boy bands.There isn’t a magazine aimed at the audience of females within the age group 16-25 who our interested in alternative rock and this is a demographic that is overlooked. Q1
  8. 8. Demographic • The demographic for my media product is female indie, alternative and soft rock fans between the ages of 16 and 25. Q1
  9. 9. Audience Idols • From my research I found out that the biggest idol for my audience is the Arctic Monkeys and their lead singerAlexTurner. • Many readers of my music magazine will be aspiring musicians so as the Arctic Monkeys achieved success through their own efforts, they are perfect role models for my audience who will then idolise them. • The image of the Arctic Monkeys is also very inspiring to my audience as they dress very retro 50’s with slicked back hair, sunglasses and smart clothing however there still is that essence of a scruffy and rough look which is currently the main fashion for my audience. They also want to give the impression that if four ordinary lads from Sheffield can turn their image around then so can other aspiring musicians. 2013 2002 Q1
  10. 10. My Ideal Reader • The ideal reader for my product is someone who aspires to be like Haim, Lana Del Rey or AlexTurner.These are people who model themselves on these singers and will copy their hairstyles, fashion and style because they want to be like them.The ideal reader for my magazine are people who are very up to date with their music taste and constantly are aware of what’s going on in the music industry. • I have featured AlexTurner as my cover star and based my double page spread on him asThe Arctic Monkeys are the biggest idols for my audience and therefore I know my audience will be interested to read about him and his lifestyle. Q1