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IAB academy - web analytics
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IAB academy - web analytics






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IAB academy - web analytics Presentation Transcript

  • 1. IAB ACADEMYWeb Analytics
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction• Technical basics• Obtain insights• Stimulate action• Additional tools
  • 4. DefinitionWeb analytics is themeasurement, collection, analysis andreporting of Internet data for purposes ofunderstanding and optimizing web usage.Source:WikipediaInsightsAction
  • 5. Bottom-line• We use web analytics to:– Understand whats happening online• Website• Campaigns– Act upon those results• Optimise website• Spend media budget differently• Find most efficient creative material
  • 6. Two disciplines in one• Measurement & collection– Technical: be able to trust your data• Analysis & reporting– Gain insights– Advise on possible next steps• 80/20 rule
  • 8. Different techniques• Technical possibilities– Server logs: 1995– Counters: 1995-1996– Pixel method: most used today– Hybrid: server logs + pixel tags– Mobile analytics– Other
  • 9. Pixel tags• 1x1 transparant pixel points to server• Server executes measurements• Cookie to identify unique visitors
  • 10. Free vs. paid tools• Free tools– Basic requirements– In-house knowledge– No integration• Paid tools– Advanced requirements (high maturity)– Specialised services: implementation, analysis, etc.– Integration– Data ownership
  • 11. Basic processunique visitorvisitpageview
  • 12. Common mistakes• Some pages arent tagged (the right way)• Campaigns arent tagged (redirects)• No configuration is done (internal traffic)• No ones responsible / looks at the results• No segmentation or context (isolated view)• No business objectives defined
  • 14. The challenge comes down to• Data: terabytes• Excel reports: gigabytes• PowerPoint files: megabytes• Email with insights: kilobytes• One business decision based on actualdata: priceless
  • 15. The Trinity MindsetEmpowers you to:1. Understand the customer experience soexplicitly that2. You can influence the right customerbehavior which will3. Lead to win-win outcomes for the companyand its customers
  • 16. The Trinity MindsetAt the centerActionableinsights &metrics
  • 17. The Trinity MindsetActionableinsights &metrics1. Behavior (intent):- KPIs- Segmentation- Search- Click density2. Outcomes:- Orders- Leads- Etc.3. Experience (WHY):- Testing- Usability- Surveys
  • 18. The Trinity MindsetIn other wordsTraffic Site1. Behavior$2. OutcomesMore / bettertrafficOptimised site $$3. Experience
  • 19. KPI• Key• Performance:– Impact on business objectives (company)– Actionable• Indicator:– Drive communication– Deeper analysis
  • 20. Segmentation• First-time vs. returning visitors• Traffic channels: direct, search, campaign• Mobile vs. desktop traffic• Visited a product page or not
  • 21. Types of KPIs• Acquisition• Conversion• Retention & growthCompared with a shop
  • 22. Acquisition• Unique visitors• Visits• % new visits• Pageviews• Average time on site
  • 23. Retention• % return visits• Number of log-ins• Frequency: # of visits per visitor• Recency: # of days since last visit
  • 24. Conversion – e-commerce• Revenu & orders• Average revenu per visit• Average order size• Average order value• Order / buyer conversion rate• Frequency & recency• Retention rate (% of orders by existing clients)
  • 25. Conversion – content websitesBased on advertising:• Pageviews per visit• Average time on site• Advertisement click-through rates• # of visits with– Time spent higher than x minutes– More than x pageviews
  • 26. Conversion – content websitesBased on subscriptions:• Subscriptions• Active subscriber base• Average subscription length• Renew subscription
  • 27. Conversion – lead generation• Conversion rate• Abandonment rate• Drivers to registration process• Value per lead• Lead to customer conversion rate
  • 28. Conversion – customer service• Average cost-per-service option– Call-center– E-mail– Online chat / self-service• Successful support touches• On site search effectiveness– Searches & search refinements per visit– Exits from search results pages– Search results pages returning 0 results• Exit survey results• Page ratings
  • 29. Create dashboards forCEOMarketing DirectorHuman Resource FinanceCampaigns ContentPress and PRProduct ManagementSales MerchandisingAnalyst
  • 31. I want more visit(or)s!• Run campaignsdirecttraffic49%searchengines27%referringsites24%SEOAffiliates /link building
  • 32. • Get more links / request partnership fromsimilar sitesI want more visit(or)s!
  • 33. Conversion rate• Is 0,5% high?• Where do visitors drop off?
  • 34. Conversion rate• What else is there?
  • 35. Homepage• Dont focus on it too much• Expensive real estate: site overlay
  • 36. Site search• High volume searches with bad results• Searches with 0 search results
  • 37. High bounce rate• For pages / keywords with a lot of trafficNames of thepages / keywords
  • 38. Bad landing pages• High traffic & high bounce rate = bad!
  • 39. ExperimentButton leads toform, then to downloadpage
  • 40. Experiment
  • 41. ExperimentAbsolute: +1,5%Relative: +25,3%
  • 43. Survey – task completionKampyle, 4Q, etc.• Were you able to complete your task?
  • 44. HeatmapsClicktale, Crazy Egg, etc.
  • 45. Five second test
  • 46. Google Website Optimizer
  • 47. Google Insights for Searchcrisis Figures areup again
  • 48. DoubleClick AdPlanner(Google)
  • 49. Google Keyword ToolHow many searches forkeyword x per month?Spy on your competition:which keywords areassociated with their website?
  • 50. Google Keyword ToolUS Belgium Netherlands0.0000.0010.0020.0030.0040.0050.0060.0070.0080.0090.010Number of branded searches per capitaIAB most popular in Belgium
  • 52. Stay in touchDavid RooseEmakina/Perform team leaderdroose@reference.bewww.linkedin.com/in/davidroose