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IAB academy - web analytics

  1. 1. IAB ACADEMYWeb Analytics
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Technical basics• Obtain insights• Stimulate action• Additional tools
  4. 4. DefinitionWeb analytics is themeasurement, collection, analysis andreporting of Internet data for purposes ofunderstanding and optimizing web usage.Source:WikipediaInsightsAction
  5. 5. Bottom-line• We use web analytics to:– Understand whats happening online• Website• Campaigns– Act upon those results• Optimise website• Spend media budget differently• Find most efficient creative material
  6. 6. Two disciplines in one• Measurement & collection– Technical: be able to trust your data• Analysis & reporting– Gain insights– Advise on possible next steps• 80/20 rule
  8. 8. Different techniques• Technical possibilities– Server logs: 1995– Counters: 1995-1996– Pixel method: most used today– Hybrid: server logs + pixel tags– Mobile analytics– Other
  9. 9. Pixel tags• 1x1 transparant pixel points to server• Server executes measurements• Cookie to identify unique visitors
  10. 10. Free vs. paid tools• Free tools– Basic requirements– In-house knowledge– No integration• Paid tools– Advanced requirements (high maturity)– Specialised services: implementation, analysis, etc.– Integration– Data ownership
  11. 11. Basic processunique visitorvisitpageview
  12. 12. Common mistakes• Some pages arent tagged (the right way)• Campaigns arent tagged (redirects)• No configuration is done (internal traffic)• No ones responsible / looks at the results• No segmentation or context (isolated view)• No business objectives defined
  14. 14. The challenge comes down to• Data: terabytes• Excel reports: gigabytes• PowerPoint files: megabytes• Email with insights: kilobytes• One business decision based on actualdata: priceless
  15. 15. The Trinity MindsetEmpowers you to:1. Understand the customer experience soexplicitly that2. You can influence the right customerbehavior which will3. Lead to win-win outcomes for the companyand its customers
  16. 16. The Trinity MindsetAt the centerActionableinsights &metrics
  17. 17. The Trinity MindsetActionableinsights &metrics1. Behavior (intent):- KPIs- Segmentation- Search- Click density2. Outcomes:- Orders- Leads- Etc.3. Experience (WHY):- Testing- Usability- Surveys
  18. 18. The Trinity MindsetIn other wordsTraffic Site1. Behavior$2. OutcomesMore / bettertrafficOptimised site $$3. Experience
  19. 19. KPI• Key• Performance:– Impact on business objectives (company)– Actionable• Indicator:– Drive communication– Deeper analysis
  20. 20. Segmentation• First-time vs. returning visitors• Traffic channels: direct, search, campaign• Mobile vs. desktop traffic• Visited a product page or not
  21. 21. Types of KPIs• Acquisition• Conversion• Retention & growthCompared with a shop
  22. 22. Acquisition• Unique visitors• Visits• % new visits• Pageviews• Average time on site
  23. 23. Retention• % return visits• Number of log-ins• Frequency: # of visits per visitor• Recency: # of days since last visit
  24. 24. Conversion – e-commerce• Revenu & orders• Average revenu per visit• Average order size• Average order value• Order / buyer conversion rate• Frequency & recency• Retention rate (% of orders by existing clients)
  25. 25. Conversion – content websitesBased on advertising:• Pageviews per visit• Average time on site• Advertisement click-through rates• # of visits with– Time spent higher than x minutes– More than x pageviews
  26. 26. Conversion – content websitesBased on subscriptions:• Subscriptions• Active subscriber base• Average subscription length• Renew subscription
  27. 27. Conversion – lead generation• Conversion rate• Abandonment rate• Drivers to registration process• Value per lead• Lead to customer conversion rate
  28. 28. Conversion – customer service• Average cost-per-service option– Call-center– E-mail– Online chat / self-service• Successful support touches• On site search effectiveness– Searches & search refinements per visit– Exits from search results pages– Search results pages returning 0 results• Exit survey results• Page ratings
  29. 29. Create dashboards forCEOMarketing DirectorHuman Resource FinanceCampaigns ContentPress and PRProduct ManagementSales MerchandisingAnalyst
  31. 31. I want more visit(or)s!• Run campaignsdirecttraffic49%searchengines27%referringsites24%SEOAffiliates /link building
  32. 32. • Get more links / request partnership fromsimilar sitesI want more visit(or)s!
  33. 33. Conversion rate• Is 0,5% high?• Where do visitors drop off?
  34. 34. Conversion rate• What else is there?
  35. 35. Homepage• Dont focus on it too much• Expensive real estate: site overlay
  36. 36. Site search• High volume searches with bad results• Searches with 0 search results
  37. 37. High bounce rate• For pages / keywords with a lot of trafficNames of thepages / keywords
  38. 38. Bad landing pages• High traffic & high bounce rate = bad!
  39. 39. ExperimentButton leads toform, then to downloadpage
  40. 40. Experiment
  41. 41. ExperimentAbsolute: +1,5%Relative: +25,3%
  43. 43. Survey – task completionKampyle, 4Q, etc.• Were you able to complete your task?
  44. 44. HeatmapsClicktale, Crazy Egg, etc.
  45. 45. Five second test
  46. 46. Google Website Optimizer
  47. 47. Google Insights for Searchcrisis Figures areup again
  48. 48. DoubleClick AdPlanner(Google)
  49. 49. Google Keyword ToolHow many searches forkeyword x per month?Spy on your competition:which keywords areassociated with their website?
  50. 50. Google Keyword ToolUS Belgium Netherlands0.0000.0010.0020.0030.0040.0050.0060.0070.0080.0090.010Number of branded searches per capitaIAB most popular in Belgium
  51. 51. ANY QUESTIONS?
  52. 52. Stay in touchDavid RooseEmakina/Perform team leaderdroose@reference.bewww.linkedin.com/in/davidroose