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GABC 2013 - From briefing to dashboard
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GABC 2013 - From briefing to dashboard


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • "digital projects" iOS & Android, link with measurement protocol (Universal Analytics)"infuence on entire business"  link with measurement protocol, i.e. integration with SalesForce, cash register, the coffee machine, etc. (Universal Analytics)
  • Google Analytics Core Reporting API
  • Google Analytics Core Reporting API
  • Linear: ok for lead generation
  • Cyclical: ok for e-commerce
  • Multi-device link with Universal Analytics
  • Universal Analytics: only 1 cookieinstead of 5
  • Universal: different business units shouldworktogether, it's no longer the responsibility of either marketing or sales or IT or … It's the company'sresponsibilityAnalytics: type of project (web, mobile, social, …) doesn't matter anymore
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital analytics as a processFrom briefing to dashboard30 May 2013 | David Roose
    • 2. AgendaDefining KPIsData collectionDashboard examplesWhats next?
    • 3. My goal todayHow to set up a digital measurementframework with Google AnalyticsWhy?– Evaluate investments in digital projects– Influence of digital on your entire business
    • 4. Measurement protocol?"Hacking Universal Analytics - Tying Caffeine to Productivity"By "LovesData" on YouTubeROC (return on coffee)
    • 5. The set-up processDashboardsDatacollectionDefineKPIs
    • 6. Defining KPIs
    • 7. KPIsDirect impact on business objectives– Good / room for improvementNOT targets:– How much do I want to reach?NOT metrics:– There are 100+ metrics in Google Analytics
    • 8. List of metricsvisitors newVisits percentNewVisits visits bounces entranceBounceRate visitBounceRate timeOnSiteavgTimeOnSite organicSearches impressions adClicks adCost CPM CPC CTR costPerTransactioncostPerGoalConversion costPerConversion RPC ROI margin goal(n)Starts goalStartsAll goal(n)CompletionsgoalCompletionsAll goal(n)Value goalValueAll goalValuePerVisit goal(n)ConversionRate goalConversionRateAllgoal(n)Abandons goalAbandonsAll goal(n)AbandonRate goalAbandonRateAll socialActivities entrancesentranceRate pageviews pageviewsPerVisit uniquePageviews timeOnPage avgTimeOnPage exits exitRatesearchResultViews searchUniques avgSearchResultViews searchVisits percentVisitsWithSearch searchDepthavgSearchDepth searchRefinements searchDuration avgSearchDuration searchExits searchExitRatesearchGoal(n)ConversionRate searchGoalConversionRateAll goalValueAllPerSearch pageLoadTimepageLoadSample avgPageLoadTime domainLookupTime avgDomainLookupTime pageDownloadTimeavgPageDownloadTime redirectionTime avgRedirectionTime serverConnectionTime avgServerConnectionTimeserverResponseTime avgServerResponseTime speedMetricsSample appviews uniqueAppviews appviewsPerVisittotalEvents uniqueEvents eventValue avgEventValue visitsWithEvent eventsPerVisitWithEvent transactionstransactionsPerVisit transactionRevenue revenuePerTransaction transactionRevenuePerVisit transactionShippingtransactionTax totalValue itemQuantity uniquePurchases revenuePerItem itemRevenue itemsPerPurchasesocialInteractions uniqueSocialInteractions socialInteractionsPerVisit userTimingValue userTimingSampleavgUserTimingValue exceptions fatalExceptions+ up to 20 custom metrics
    • 9. Where to start?Apply a marketing modelto your main conversion type
    • 10. Marketing models: AIDAAttentionInterestDesireAction
    • 11. Marketing models: customer life cycleAcquisitionConversionRetention& growth
    • 12. Marketing models: otherIAB framework– Awareness, appreciation, action, advocacyAcquisition, engagement & conversion…
    • 13. Main conversion types: e-commerceTransactionsRevenue (per visit)Conversion rateAverage order value & sizeRetention rate: orders by existing clients…
    • 14. Main conversion types: leadgenerationConversion & abandonment rate– Also: lead to customer ("offline")Value per leadDrivers to registration process…
    • 15. Main conversion types: customerserviceOn-site search: refinements, exits & 0 result searchesCost-per-service option– Call-center vs. e-mail vs. online chat vs. self-serviceSuccessful support sessionsExit survey & page ratings:…
    • 16. Main conversion types: contentAd-based– Pageviews / visit– Average time on site– Click-through rate– Bounce rate– …Subscription-based– Subscriptions– Total subscriber base &churn rate– Subscription length &renewals– …
    • 17. Other important topicsMulti-deviceMulti-channelMicro conversionsBasic metrics
    • 18. Data collection
    • 19. What the basic tracking code does…Unique visitorVisitURL URLPageviewDIRECT
    • 20. Frequently used customisationsE-commerceEvent trackingCustom dimensions & metricsUser timings…
    • 21. E-commerce trackingga(ecommerce:addTransaction, {id: 308512033,revenue: 11.99,shipping: 5,tax: 1.29});ga(ecommerce:addItem, {id: 308512033,name: Product name,sku: BAY344241,category: Outlet,price: 11.99,quantity: 1,currencyCode: EUR});ga(ecommerce:send);Change currency
    • 22. Event trackingga(send, event, Basket, Add, LG LED TV 55LM615S 55, 2);
    • 23. Custom dimensions & metricsga(set, Total value in basket, 898.99);
    • 24. User timingsga(send, timing, Form, Fill in, 53000);
    • 25. Dashboards
    • 26. Native example
    • 27. Native example: advantagesEasy to configureShare & exportReal-time widgetsMore data available within a single clickGet a dashboard example
    • 28. Excel example
    • 29. Excel example: advantagesMore visualisation optionsCalculated metricsAdd notes, insights, to dos, …
    • 30. Google Docs example
    • 31. Google Docs example: advantagesData from multiple profilesData from other sourcesScheduling
    • 32. Integrated within your CMS
    • 33. Integrated within your CMS:advantagesWorkflow: content editor sees dashboard first, thenedits pagesFollows your unique business logic & structure
    • 34. Whats next?
    • 35. Digital analytics maturity modelJust search "cardinal path analytics maturity model" on Google
    • 36. Digital analytics maturity modelManagementObjectivesScopeExpertiseProcessTools
    • 37. SummaryDashboardsDatacollectionDefineKPIsUniversal Analytics
    • 38. Q&A
    • 39. Stay in touchDavid RooseTeam