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Programr overview2
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Programr overview2


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 2. MISSION, FOUNDERS, CURRENT FUNDING To disrupt IT Education by empowering IT Trainees to learn, practice & master IT Skills 24x7 anywhere Collectively bring to the RAJESH MOORJANI table 30+ years of IT experience (right from coding SANTOSH SURVE to managing big engagements DILEEP DHARMA like Symantec, Microsoft, Altiris, DoubleClick, Sungard) Angel Funding : $200,000
  • 3. THE PROBLEMLearning to code is not easy, requires lots of practiceDevelopment environment setup getting more & more complexMaintaining an IT Lab is an expensive affair for IT colleges & institutesIT Books impart theory, no easy way to practiceWidening gap between graduate’s skillsets & IT industry requirements
  • 4. LAB IN THE CLOUD: 24x7 access to a programming lab anytime, anywhere at negligible cost, no install required! ONLINE IT COURSES PLATFORM: Comprehensive platform to author & deliver IT courses and assess students Programr is CODING CONTESTS PLATFORM: The World’s Platform to host online coding contests Online Lab EMBEDDED LAB FOR IT BOOKS: for Learning Platform to make IT books interactive with 1-click runnableProgramming examples Languages
  • 5. Programrs USP: Our Cloud IDE Multiple Files 10+ supported Right-click opened in Editor technologies Menu • Java Embed Link • C++ Syntax • J2EE Highlighting • Flash Project Tree • Flex • PHP • SQL • JSCompile & AutoComplete • iOSRun Buttons • AJAX • Swing • C# Backend Compiler Error in Output Pane • Virtualized • Secure • Scalable Code, compile & run all types of apps! (console programs, webapps, database apps, rich media apps, games)
  • 6. The Programr White-labelled Course Delivery Solution  Course authoring & management  Code Editor  Tests & assessmentsCourse Theory Page Course Code Example  Auto-correcting exercises  Projects  User management & roles  Detailed reporting  Community features  Forums  Comments  MessagingCourse Objective Test Course Programming  Realtime communication Exercise  Screen sharing  VOIP  whiteboard  Text chat  video chat  CertificationsCourse Dashboard Faculty Interface
  • 7. Benefits for IT StudentsFrictionless coding experience – No hassles of any installsLearn IT Skills from wherever you areStudy any time of dayGet 24x7 lab access
  • 8. Programr Offerings Free Paid (White-labelled Solutions) Digg for programmers Powering IT Institutes to go Youtube of programs online Code Challenges Coding Contests Revolutionize IT Books Online Labs for Universities and Colleges Coding Contest platform
  • 9. MARKET OPPORTUNITYIT Book Publishers Universities & Colleges Large IT InstitutesGovernment IT IT Enterprises Job portals Initiatives
  • 10. Key Milestones Clients TNW Review shot Alexa ranking to($ 80mn company) 32,000 200,000+ programs executed($ 6.2bn company) 1200+ Contributed Projects (Founded by Bill Liao, Cofounder 30,000 Facebook fans LAUNCHED in Sep2011
  • 11. “REVIEWS Programr is helping wannabe coders to get to grips and develop their skills using a different approach. Read it Here“ Programr changes all that by letting you do everything in your browser window.“ Read it Here Programr is a one-stop platform for programmers where even a beginner can become a programming guru through building, testing, sharing and improving.“ Read it Here At Programr you can code, compile & run your programs right in the browser and share them with the world. Other users can then study, discuss, vote and even enhance your app further. Programr also offer courses and certifications to IT students. Read it Here Programr enables people who have no prior knowledge of such languages learn all there is to know using their computers, in the comfort of their own rooms. Read it Here
  • 12. Client Pipeline Pearson’s Educational Publishing and Technology Division Indias largest Association of Software and Service Companies Pearson’s Distance Learning Initiative Online marketplace for IT courses One of the world’s most popular developer site ETH Education to Home, run by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar – celebrated supercomputer genius One of the fastest growing IT institutes in India Aptech One of India’s leading IT institute with 300+ branches Persistent Systems , one of India’s leading IT Enterprises
  • 13. Thank You!
  • 14. APPENDIX
  • 15. EXISTING CLIENTS INDIA 300 course licenses Founded by Free Service. Bill Liao (Partner Barter deal for IRELAND at SOSVentures), Content, Cofounder Certification & References of INDIA 1000 course licenses pilot across 6 colleges
  • 16. COMPETITION HP Virtual Labs for Education Services Dell Virtual Labs